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Are You A FauxGressive? August 26, 2009

Posted by FCM in liberal dickwads, politics, race.
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are you a self-identified liberal democrat?  do you refer to women as “bitches” and refuse to see your own white or male privilege?  if so, you are in serious danger…of being a fauxgressive.  read on, if you dare.

are you a privileged, white male who believes he is sensitive to race and gender issues…and demonstrates his “sensitivity” to his own male privilege by dominating every discussion on race and sex? if you are black or another minority, do you treat women as if they are second-class citizens?  uh-oh!  you might be a fauxgressive.  read on….. 

do you regularly use the words bitch, feminazi, or welfare queen…or complain about paying child support…but you pride yourself in being racially sensitive, and would never, ever think to use the N-word in public?  mmm, thats not good. dont you see the contradiction?

regarding feminists and feminism, have you ever used the words “misandry” or “militant”?  big fat fucking mistake, right there.  do you believe that feminism as a “concept” would be perfectly agreeable, if only feminists themselves weren’t so (fill in the blank)?  if so, you are not a feminist, feminist sympathizer, or a progressive.  you are an asshole.

do you often say derogatory things about women, using gendered insults (bitter, shrill) and sexual slurs (cunt, whore)?  or, when someone calls attention to your white, male privilege, do you assume they are women, and sexually humilate and degrade them in response?  bad news, dickcheese.  you are about this close to being a goddamn date rapist.  you may as well be a republican.

regarding black people, do you believe that as long as something places them in a flattering or positive light, it’s not racist…even when it clearly is? (Obama Chia Pet comes to mind…..)  do you routinely declare questionable racial and sexual material unoffensive to blacks and women?  sounds like a white guys perspective, to me.

so…are you a fauxgressive?  be honest.

it’s beyond time that these fake, fauxgressive democrats be taken out to the woodshed and had their collective asses beaten. unfortunately, the democratic-establishment women’s groups aren’t too keen on doing it, for the same reasons that the sexist male leaders of the black civil rights movement are immune to criticism of this type. “we are all dems, and we need them.”

with friends like that, who needs enemies? this is not a rhetorical question.  fuck you, you fauxgressive, misogynist pricks.

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