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Swallowing Semen Shown to Have Radical Health Benefits for Men? August 27, 2009

Posted by FCM in health, liberal dickwads, WTF?.
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heres something i never though of, before (either as a sexual being, or as a writer of coherent headlines). “is oral sex good for your fetus?” oh, and noes.

the results seem to be inconclusive, but the good news is that coaxing your 9-months pregnant wife to give you a BJ just got a little more “sciencey!” hooray for science!

on the flip side….if there was a study done that conclusively showed drastic health (or other) benefits to men, from swallowing semen, would they do it? perhaps its more important here to point out that, to my knowledge, the question has never been presented, let alone studied, although there is no reason to think that there wouldnt be just as many health benefits to men from swallowing semen as there reportedly are to women. we are all human, afterall.



1. aladydivine - September 25, 2009


And yet they see no sexism in this. No homophobia either…

fuckin hate the world sometimes.

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