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The Consent Condom: Misogynist as Fuck August 27, 2009

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“science may not be sexy, but then again, neither are [rape] accusations,” says inventor david morrow. indeed.

the idea is this. guys: find a woman you want to have sex with, and somehow get her to agree to go somewhere private with you. get her to give her consent to sexual intercourse. to memorialize the deal, hand her this handy “consent condom.” the “high-tech” wrapper records her fingerprints, as well as the date and time of the encounter. so that you will be able to prove your “innocence” at your rape trial. when she accuses you of rape. huh?

first of all, if anyone even so much as hinted that they wanted to obtain my fingerprints as “proof” of my prospective consent to what was to come, i would very rightly wonder what was about to happen to me.  i probably would take a very solemn inventory of my life, say a lamenting goodbye to my mother in my mind a la “the blair witch project” and wonder what the fuck had possessed me ever, ever be in a closed room this asshole, in the first place.  and assuming i hadnt been roofied yet, i would bolt like a gazelle.

lets be honest here.  what would possess someone to take such a defensive stance and a clinical approach to a sexual encounter that hasnt even happened yet…unless he had previous experience with rape accusations, in the past. 

and seeing as how all rapists deny that they are rapists, a man denying that he has committed a rape and saying that he was a “victim” of false accusations really has no net effect, does it?  if i even suspected that there had been a problem in that area, he may as well have committed the rape for all i care about his denials.  maybe i would grab that latex affront to the female gender on my way out, if i was thinking straight, and not using both hands in self-defense.

heres the link to the original article. there is another website cited to at the bottom of the article itself, and the source article appears to be written in japanese, which explains a lot. sorry, but it does.