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Don’t Blame Feminists for Your Misunderstanding of Roe vs. Wade: We Never Said Men Shouldn’t Have a Say in the Abortion Debate August 27, 2009

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its a misunderstanding that many people make regarding the meaning of Roe and its progeny, and frankly I am getting tired of hearing about it.

the real reasons that spousal and parental-consent laws, without a work-around, are illegal are not to exclude concerned parents and male partners from the discussion. its really very simple.

in a good relationship, the spouse or parent will of course be consulted in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. that goes without saying, and theres no reason to state as much in our abortion laws. but very clearly, the matter needs to be addressed, as often as its being misunderstood: in a nutshell, abortion laws giving women the ultimate decision-making power are meant to protect women and girls in unhealthy relationships, where the spouse/parent would not have her best interests at heart.

in a healthy relationship, partners will of course discuss the issue and both will have a say. in a bad relationship, or in the event that the girl is carrying her own fathers child for example, the fathers input is irrelevant. it must be irrelevant, if girls and women are going to have the right to abort at all. it is in these situations particularly that their judgment must be deferred to. and the woman will always be in the best position to judge the healthiness of her own relationship. her judgement must be deferred to there as well, and the only way to do that is to give all women the ultimate decision-making power.

if people are making the mistake of completely ignoring the fathers input within the context of a healthy relationship, then they are missing the point. and if they know better, but are whining about “fathers’ rights” in this context anyway as an anti-feminist backlash, they are being dishonest. but dont blame feminists in particular for the misunderstanding. if anything, feminists are the biggest proponents of egalitarian sexual relationships, where both parties’ voices are heard.


1. femspotter - August 27, 2009

Actually, I do think men should not get a say. Sure, if you’re in a relationship with the father of your unborn child and you want his input that’s your choice. But every time I hear a male politician or clergyman speak out against legal abortion, I roll my eyes. “You’ll never have to make that decision; therefore shut the f*** up!” I think to myself.


2. factcheckme - August 27, 2009

exactly right, femspotter. men get a say, to the extent that they are in a healthy relationship where the woman values his input. the fact that men do have a say in that context is often ignored because thats not the kind of input they want. what they really want is the “right” to control a woman who they want to dominate or are actively abusing, or control thier ex that they are no longer in a relationship with, at all.

whenever this subject comes up, its men complaining that they dont get a say in controlling their ex, or another woman who clearly doesnt want his input and doesnt want to be controlled by him. it usually has alot to do with whether the man wants to pay child support (men that want the woman to abort and she doesnt) or that the man is pro-life and he thinks that his politics and values are more important than hers. sorry, guys. not really feeling the sympathy!

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