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Attention Lefty Liberal Men: If You Wouldn’t Say it to a Black Man, Don’t Say It to Me (Or to Any Feminist) August 28, 2009

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admittedly, i am no MLK, jr.  but similar rules of engagement apply, lefty liberal men, when dealing with women and feminists. 

many good, lefty liberal dickwads dont know the first thing about either race or gender issues.  but they know that there is a thing called “racism” and that its a problem, and that racist behaviors are not socially acceptable.  while they might not “get it” on any profound level, they at least get the basics: dont embarrass yourself by proclaiming your ignorance that racism exists and its a problem, and dont lob racist insults at black men. 

furthermore, the same gender-appropriate behaviors apply when speaking to a black man as when speaking to any man:  dont tell him that he is voicing his concerns about racism “too loudly” or that hes being too emotional about it, no matter how over the top emotional he becomes.  male anger is perfectly fine, and not even an “emotion” at all, but for those that feel they must: call him a crazy asshole if you want to, particularly in the company of other lefty liberal men, because you guys are secretly racist as hell and you know it.  just dont call him anything racially-specific.  and definitely dont tell him he is being woman-like in any way.  he is a man, afterall (lefty liberal dickwad men have to remind themselves of this from time to time, but they do at least make the effort).  racial slurs are off the table, certainly for anyone claiming lefty credentials, and they should be.

but sexual slurs and gendered insults are routinely used to denigrate women and feminists, by self-identified lefty liberal men, and they are getting away with it.  everyone tells women and feminists that their anger is unnacceptable, that they are too emotional, and its perfectly fine.  women themselves may not even notice or object to the fact that “bitch” and “whore” are both gender-specific and sexually-charged, the use of the words is so woefully commonplace.  lefty liberals of all races, classes and orientation are blatantly demonstrating their own misogyny, and they arent being called on it.  why?

theres a reason that black activists are relatively well-respected in the community, and why their message is relatively-well received.  its because black activists are primarily men, and because black civil rights benefit men (black men). no one expects any man to “tone it down” when he is demanding to be respected as a human being. but people expect women to do it all the time. in fact, its common to tell feminists that they are “preaching to the choir” and to tone down the message so that the misogynists will better hear them. the implication being that privileged white men will be ever so willing to give up their privilege, if we would only ask nicely. but no one willingly gives up privilege, no matter how nicely they are asked. it doesnt work that way.

no one told MLK jr or any black male leader that they were preaching to the choir. in point of fact, more than one of these black leaders, previously and currently, are actually ordained ministers, and they are literally preaching, to the choir and the congregation, as well.  the “preacher” credential is highly respected, and gives male activists more license to speak, not less.  but anti-feminists and others are demanding that women and feminists reinvent the wheel, and deliberately ignore and avoid tactics that are known to work in garnering oppressed peoples their civil rights.

namely, flat out demanding them, rather than begging for them. and ginning up their own base as a way of building the movement, as opposed to sucking up to their oppressors to win them over.

women and feminists are used to talking about tough subject matter, but the parallels between the black civil rights movement and feminism have been taken off the table and are not to be discussed.  unfortunately for women, its primarily men, and primarily lefty liberal dickwad men who benefit from feminists self-censoring in this way.  there is a disconnect there, leaving said lefty dickwads thinking that its perfectly OK to lob gendered insults and sexual slurs at all women, while still claiming their spot in the hip, liberal “left” without ever having to examine misogyny, their own or anyone elses.  all women are being denigrated here, and this is therefore a feminist issue.

silencing ourselves and each other on this matter is unacceptable, and anti-feminist.