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Human Sex From the Inside Out – Real Live Humans Boinking in an MRI Machine (Video NSFW) August 28, 2009

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this is a black and white video posted on New Scientist made from pictures taken in an MRI scanner of a heterosexual couple having sex. the original study was called “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Male and Female Genitals During Coitus and Female Sexual Arousal”.

i link to both here because frankly, i am still trying to wrap my mind around the study. so, comments are most definitely welcome here. let me know what you think!

whenever a “study” is done, particularly one addressing a sexual subject, you have to wonder why it was done, in the first place.  who was asking the questions, why did they want to know, and how were questions were framed?  the first thing i noticed was that the wording of the study seems all wrong to me: they make it obvious that they are going to be studying intercourse and female arousal, separately, and in that order. and damned if thats not exactly what they did.

interestingly, these scientists seem to have studied sexual intercourse completely or mostly devoid of either female or male arousal. they used eight couples for the intercourse study, and most of the men were only able to achieve partial penetration, even after taking viagra. only one man was able to get it up on his own and achieve full penetration, which tells me that except for that one man (he was a street acrobat who was used to performing publicly) the guys werent even turned on, at all. not that many people would be, considering the environment. 

note that this study was done before, and apparently separately from, the study on female arousal.  the women hadnt even become aroused yet.  after taking MRI scans of unaroused male and unaroused female genitals during intercourse, the men left and the women stayed in the MRI manually stimulating their own clitorises, for the study on female sexual arousal. pictures were taken of the womens genitals after stimulating themselves to arousal, after continuing to a preorgasmic state, and then again 20 minutes after acheiving orgasm.

so after all these scientists went through to get the funding, equipment etc, and not to mention the heroic efforts and what must have been extreme discomfort of the subjects, we still dont know what legitimately aroused male or female genitals look like during intercourse. isnt it very likely that this would present a very different picture?

interestingly, the study was done multiple times with multiple couples, and only the missionary position was used.

so what have we all learned from this study? we have some pictures of aroused female genitals before and after the women had orgasmed, but the orgasms were only “superficial” according to the women. which again, is perfectly understandable, considering the situation. we have one man that seemed to be aroused enough to have “adequately penetrated” an unaroused woman. and largely, we have many pictures of unaroused, flaccid men trying to have intercourse with unaroused women.

still trying to see how most of this is relevant, or advances our understanding of…sex. or at least, anything even remotely resembling what most people experience when they have sex with each other.  and yet, after all that, the video is still undeniably NSFW.  watch it, and tell me its not unsettling for that reason.  it doesnt really show a whole lot.  there are no boobs, no butts, and no facial expressions.  its all internal, so theres no body hair, no fluids, and no sound.  its not even in color, and its obviously a bunch of still pictures, pieced together to make a very short, blurry video.  i know i wouldnt want my boss walking in on me while i was watching that at work.  and yet, i cant adequately articulate why that is.  can you?