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The Conservative “Conversation” about Misogyny is Misogynist as Fuck August 28, 2009

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never, ever trust a conservative to appropriately and accurately identify, dissect, or respond to misogyny.  thats a piece of free advice.

ESPN sportscaster erin andrews was video recorded while she was in her hotel room walking around naked while ironing her clothes etc. the video was apparently taken through a hole drilled in her wall and was then uploaded to the internet. whoever did this was clearly a misogynist prick. and the response and feigned-outrage of misogynist conservatives in response to this blatant misogyny is dizzying.

for some reason, some conservatives are under the mistaken impression that USA Today sportswriter christine brennan is not only a feminist, but also speaks for all women and all feminists when she resorted to misogynist victim-blaming, saying about the incident and its victim:

She doesn’t deserve what happened to her, but part of the shtick, seems to me, is being a little bit out there in a way that then are you encouraging the complete nutcase to drill a hole in a room.

progressive male bloggers have also blamed the victim for allegedly making her own situation worse, which really is no surprise afterall, from the liberal left who created “playboy” and its “top 10 conservative women we’d like to hate-fuck”:

I like how nobody is discussing the fact that this video was on the Internet for something like four months before Andrews had the incredibly stupid idea of suing it offline.  […]  As terrible as the quality is it was impossible to say who it was for certain, right up until Andrews proved the maxim that brains and beauty do not mix. Can anyone honestly argue that she didn’t do more to violate her own privacy by creating a media frenzy over an obscure and unknown video than the peeping tom did by creating it?

so the stage is set:  one woman, and many, many self-identified progressive men engaged in misogynist victim-blaming when a woman is sexually violated by a man.  enter the faux-outrage of the misogynist right. again, based on the comments of one anti-feminist woman and a bunch of victim-blaming misogynist “progressive” men, the conservatives ask a question unfathomable in this scenario to an actual, thinking human or a feminist: why are “women” and “feminists” such fucking shrill, jealous, catty bitches as to say something so misogynist about erin andrews. no, the irony is not intentional. the misogynist right also refers to the victim herself as “naked” and “hot” in the same breath as they are calling the women who criticized her sexually-charged career choice “catty” and “hissing”.

and where is the criticism of the male progressives? (cue crickets).  apparently, it better serves the conservative narrative regarding feminism as ugly dykes attacking pretty christian houswives to position women against women in a cat-fighting scenario.  its also sexy as hell, isnt it?  or is it that misogynist men have been given enough shit lately for their indefensible top-10 list…and the facts that it was a man who vicitmized her, and almost exclusively men who then googled and downloaded the offending video.

so what we have here is bitching and moaning about misogyny, by a bunch of demonstrated misogynists, who refer to women as catty and hissing, while referring to victims as naked and hot. ok. they have taken an example of misogynist victim-blaming, and used it as a way to bash feminists and feminism, rather than bashing misogynists and misogyny. its mindboggling, truly.  do they even hear themselves?

to claim that a woman who engages in misogynist victim-blaming is a feminist is patently absurd. if she self-identifies as one, that doesnt necessarily make it so. even if there were some homogenic definition of what it means to be a feminist (there isnt), i can tell you without a moments hesitation that misogynist victim-blaming is not a behavior that most feminists engage in.

moreover, any conservative women who particiapted in this “discussion” of feminism and misogyny should be ashamed of themselves.  conservative women take full advantage of the social and political rights all american women currently enjoy, the rights that feminists have gotten them. but in order to suck up to their conservative base, who are no friends to women either, conservative women in the public eye publically shit on feminists and belittle their message, and their achievements with this faux-outrage aimed way, way off-target. then all anti-feminists equate babyish little-girl behaviors, like the “catty” comments of both male and female observers with feminism instead of misogyny, to be dismissive of feminism.

its a sickness, truly. its dishonest, its pandering to the misogynist, anti-feminist conservative base. and its a lie. its fully a lie to engage in these behaviors and feminist-bashing. you should be ashamed.