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Buffy the Animated Series…That Never Was September 22, 2009

Posted by FCM in entertainment, pop culture.
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i love buffy the vampire slayer.  i have seasons 1-3 on my i-pod, and am waiting impatiently for the rest of them to be released.  they keep me company on my commute, along with my other bffs mulder and scully.

this animated series would have been a great addition to my collection…it wouldve been nice to have SMG add her voice to the mix, but whatever.  its good to hear their voices again, isnt it?  heres an interview with jane espenson and eric wight, members of the creative team that was working on the animated show.  its a good read.

any comments about the feminist messages in buffy are welcome.  i could google it and list some of them here, but i would rather see what you all think.  personally, i always had a problem with SMG’s obvious dieting:  no matter how physically strong buffy was supposed to be, i couldnt help but notice that when she turned sideways, she practically disappeared.  willow was pretty, well, “willowy” there for awhile too.  even spike seemed to be unnaturally thin (he was also dead, which is a decent excuse).

so have at it.  watch the video.  bask in the young energy, big brains and humor that was “buffy the vampire slayer”.  ah, buffy.  its nostalg-eriffic!



1. Undercover Punk - September 24, 2009

Buffy ROCKS.

I’m not into vampires generally, but one of my feminist friends is. I think you’ll like this too.

2. Undercover Punk - September 24, 2009

Um…I don’t think that worked.

Try this link: http://blip.tv/file/2261825/

factcheckme - September 24, 2009

this was awesome UP. heres the link to the creator of that video explaining his work. http://www.wimnonline.org/WIMNsVoicesBlog/?p=1272

i too thought twilight was a poor excuse for a vampire romance…although its a pretty typical example of one. buffy really broke that particular mold, and for that i am so grateful. seeing twilight, after having seen all seasons of buffy (most eps repeatedly) it was weird to see the female character (bella) being so weak, and yes i too thought that the vampire edward cullen was stalkerish and possessive. that this aggressive, entitled male sexuality was supposed to pass for romance within the context of a sexual relationship was disturbing, particularly knowing that its target audience is young/teenaged girls. that he had a “murderous desire” for her was stomach-turning when we view it within a context of domestic violence (a context in which we all live, and a context within which this storyline was written, has found incredible success). buffy wouldve dusted him, for sure. thanks for the clip!

3. Imaginary - June 19, 2010

I really really hate Buffy. I used to love it, but I couldn’t get over the a) glorification of pedophilia and stalking with Angel and b) Spike being made into a martyr after attempting to outright rape Buffy, which has to be one of the most triggering things I’ve ever seen. I mean, I trusted that show to be at least somewhat feminist and then Joss Whedon just threw that shit out and made Spike into a saint afterwards.

Joss Whedon is an asshole and I can’t watch Buffy, even season four and five which were my favorites because of Willow and Tara, simply because I know what’s coming. Joss Whedon thinks of womin as sex bots, just from a slightly different angle.

factcheckme - June 19, 2010

yeah, i think joss made it crystal-clear where he stands when he made “dollhouse.” if it wasnt already clear. but i still love buffy, i cant help it. there is so little choice, is probably what it boils down to, more than anything. i mean, everything else on television is about as mentally (and visually) stimulating as a fart joke.

interestingly, LOGO (the GLBTQQALOL aka. the almost exclusively transwomen’s channel) has begun showing reruns of buffy, in order to attract young female viewers. because, you know, only hip young fun-fems are invited to the trans-party, nobody that actually thinks things through, as a general rule.

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