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It’s Concern-Troll Bingo! October 17, 2009

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i love, love, love these troll-bingo cards.  i found this one at “A Second Thought.” 

take your bingo marker and a few lucky charms with you next time you visit a thread about abortion, child support, or rape, because thats where the concern-trolls reside.  check off the milquetoast, banal and cliche “concern” sentiments as they are rattled off, and win validation of your suspicions that there are many, many rape apologists concern trolls out there, masquerading as human beings, and “liberals.”  ugh.

my favorites are the variations on “you make feminists/feminism look bad.”  oh, ok!  if that were the truth, and i were really damaging the movement with my words and actions, wouldnt anti-feminists and misogynists support me, and try to get me to say more?  instead of attempting to intimidate and silence?  its a headscratcher i know.


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