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“‘Misandry’ Is A Feminist Issue,” Say Transactivists I Mean MRAs February 5, 2010

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this made me laugh and laugh.  transwomen (like the MRAs and fundies) love making rules for women and feminists to follow.  we are supposed to suck their metaphorical (and actual) dicks, or be outed as “transphobic”.  we are supposed to accept their constructed, fake fuckholes as “female organs,” as vaginas, and appreciate it as “ironic” when they appropriate our experience, and steal our work.  mm-kay. 

now, according to the transactivists, feminists are supposed to take on “misandry” as a feminist issue.  are they serious?  yes, yes they are.  they are very serious.  all the fucking time.  and that makes it even funnier: have you ever heard an internet transwoman say something that wasnt unintentionally funny?  i havent.  and i doubt i ever will, particularly after reading this, which nearly gave me a stomach cramp:

Could Bindel’s trans-phobia be fuelled by her open misandry? Is the idea of someone born with external reproductive organs becoming a woman so anathema to her? Does Bindel in fact take any responsibility for murder and violence towards trans people by the words she has published?  (thanks polly).

this is in response to feminist author julie bindel, who has dared speak out against transpolitics, which is the same thing as “murder!” apparently.  (that bitch!  lets rape her!)  but speculating as to whether bindel’s “transphobia” is fuelled by her “misandry” is like pondering, in all seriousness, “could bindel’s hooswhit be fuelled by her glod?”  because theres no such fucking thing as a glod, and a “hooswhit” is just some letters put together.  similarly, theres no such thing as misandry, and “transphobia” is just some shit the transactivists made up to bash women and feminists over the head with, when we dont want men in dresses transwomen in our washrooms (if they wanted to address something that *did* exist, they could try addressing the problem of rape and the men they are afraid will rape them, if they use the mensroom.  but they never do).

but even if it did exist, only a fucking MRA, a fundie, or a transactivist would say that misandry was a feminist issue.  when someone misinterprets the aims of feminism as being “anti-sexist” instead of “removing the boot of capitopatriarchy from womens necks” its inevitably one of them, too.  this absolutely screams “waht about teh menzzzzz?” but ten or so years ago, feminists werent falling for it.  now, thanks to the fucking sex-pozzies, the third-wavers and transpolitics, this mens rights garbage has taken center stage.  mens rights has taken center stage, within the feminist movement!  think about this, people. 

i admit i left feminist studies behind for most of the last decade, due to having other shit to do.  and when i came back, it took me a short while to get back up to speed.  i was there, once i realized what all this cis-business really was.  this is mens rights rhetoric, packaged up with a pretty pink bow.  thats all it is.  its the same disingenuous doublespeak that has oprah thinking that boys and men are “falling behind” girls and women, and that even if this were so that its not fair.  its the same shit that has fathers rights groups crying “sexism!” when the statistics show that women tend to get custody of children when they divorce.

because what the MRAs conveniently ignore is that when girls and women are successful at anything, its because they work damn hard for it.  you know, its earned, rather than unearned.  people lavished with unearned privileges dont know any better, they just dont.  and in so-called custody disputes, most mothers dont have a fucking choice when MOST FATHERS DONT WANT FUCKING CUSTODY ANYWAY.  the kids would be orphans if the mothers didnt step up, because men have *never* stepped up to the plate in this regard, and they arent starting now.  too often, when men fight for custody in a divorce, its a fucking tool of domestic abuse by a vengeful ex-husband who had undoubtedly been abusing his wife during the marriage as well. 

this is whats passing as “sexism” now?  in what universe is a lack of reasonable options, and being the target of abuse considered a privilege?  this topsy-turvy inversion of reality absolutely requires an MRA worldview.

as feminists have long been aware, men’s rights activists (MRAs) have appropriated the language of feminist discourse to acheive their own dubious ends, but they never really understood it.  they talk about “sexism!” and things “not being fair” but this is coming from privileged, largely white males who havent the slightest fucking clue what “unfairness” really is.  we saw through it then.  we arent seeing through it now, but its the same appropriation of feminist discourse, and the transwomen are misusing and misreading it, just like men always have. 

indeed, to accuse a feminist of being a “misandrist” is the worst kind of cliche: an anti-feminist one.  for all their talk about being “outed” and how scary that would undoubtedly be, these transwomen out themselves every fucking time they open their mouths.  the only people they would fool with their MRA doublespeak would be anti-feminist fuckwits who dont know any better (aka “normal people”), but they want to hang out with feminists, instead.  why?  this is not a rhetorical question.

not unrelatedly, the only “lovers” transwomen are fooling with their fake fuckholes are ones that dont use their hands.  again, anti-feminist fuckwits who dont know any better (including statistically the poor, the uneducated, and the just-generally-bad-lover types).  because fake vaginas arent organs, and they arent attached to anything.  only a fucking MRA wouldnt know whether theres a cervix in there, or not, because he never bothered to look.  and only a fucking transwoman would agree with the MRAs in that regard: that it doesnt really matter, anyway, because vaginas are just fuckholes, and are only good for one thing.  but again, at least the online transactivists dont want to hang around the uneduated MRAs who would probably accept them *and* their fake fuckholes.  why not?  this is not a rhetorical question.

unless and until i discover some compelling evidence to the contrary, this is my working answer: because infiltrating, assimilating, and ultimately rewriting and dismantling feminism has been the MRAs goal from the beginning, and transwomen and their allies are fucking MRAs.  thats why.  we have to open our eyes to this reality.  i dont think it would be an exaggeration to say that, literally, everything depends on it.


1. earwicga - February 6, 2010

Lol! A fundamentalist using the word fundie as a criticism. Feminism has never been based on ignorant hatred, nor has it ever been.

2. Sam - February 6, 2010

I love it when people accuse me of “misandry”, because even as a raving-loony-man-hating-fat-lesbian-feminist, I do enjoy a laugh! What, I hate men, the people who rape, murder and oppress women and *benefit* from it, all while doing exactly what the hell they want, as they have done since the year dot? And this comes as a surprise to them?

Expecting feminists to waste time and effort convincing trans people/men that they aren’t misandrists (I wish someone had told me I hold institutional power over men, I must have missed that memo) frames perfectly how un-feminist trans activists are. With all the feminist issues on this earth, only male privilege could come up with this shit.

They spend so much time here and on other radfem blogs arguing the toss, but shit like this just proves exactly what the radfems have been saying all along.

3. pmsrhino - February 6, 2010

Thank you. When the whole Bindel thing was going around the feminist blogoshpere I pretty much just stopped with the internet that day. I was so tired of every post screaming “TRANSPHOBIA!” and I was like “Why? Because she didn’t accept the trans definition of what a woman is? Because she dared call transwomen what they (generally) are – dick wielding men (rest of the time they are just mutilated men) in dresses?” I mean shit, it was so frustrating. It’s so wide spread. How did the feminist movement fall into this man made trap? How can these people not see that favoring transwomen over born women is detrimental to born women? How can they believe that gender is not a social construction? Pretty much no one feels comfortable in the gender society thrusts upon us based on our bodies, and nothing can fix that (not even surgery), only changing society and getting rid of the patriarchy can. How are MRA issues suddenly our issues? Yes, the patriarchy affects us all, but destroying the patriarchy does not mean allowing men to keep their unearned privilege or favoring them in cases such as divorces (child custody and alimony). And, honestly, the kind of damage the patriarchy does to men and boys is not near the types of damage it does to women. Patriarchy may shove men into violent little boxes, but it’s the women who get beat up, who get raped, who get their children taken away from them and given to abusive husbands, who are outcast from society when a man rapes them because of that violent box. Men may feel unhappy and uncomfortable because of the patriarchy, and yeah, men fight wars and kill each other because of a dangerous masculinity. MRAs tell us this all the time. So why are the MRAs yelling at feminism and women to change, when they should be directing that frustration at the patriarchy and themselves? Because in the end patriarchy benefits them more than it hurts them.

Patriarchy always hurts us and never benefits us, even when we become the female chauvinist pigs that men want us to be. Women all over the world are killed by patriarchy everyday, while men do nothing to stop it. This is why it is so hard for me to accept men into the feminist movement. Dresses or pants, surgery or no, men are men with male privilege and they do not want to help us (best they can do is stand back while women do what needs to be done). It has been shown over and over again they do not care about our issues, our problems, because their issues are always more important. Always.

I’m glad there are still some women writers like Bindel out there who call it like it is. But I’m sad that they are inevitably kicked out and outcasted from the movement with cries of “TRANSPHOBIA!”

factcheckme - February 6, 2010

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh this is rich. the MRAs are reading and whining about this article over on reddit. guess they dont want to be compared to transwomen…although i had intended to insult transwomen by comparing them to MRAs. two birds and all that. watch the MRA and transactivist commenters in action…and ON THE SAME SIDE as victims of my femi-nazi hate:


go check it out, earwiga. i am sure you will fit right in.

factcheckme - February 6, 2010

Patriarchy may shove men into violent little boxes, but it’s the women who get beat up, who get raped, who get their children taken away from them and given to abusive husbands, who are outcast from society when a man rapes them because of that

exactly. they are so concerned about the negative affects on *them* that they dont consider (or dont consider important) the affects on women or children, OR the ways they benefit from it and women dont. this is exactly the mindset thats being used when they (inevitably!) bring up “the draft.” men are blowing themselves up in the wars THEY WAGE, *AND* they are getting paid for it, with medical and other lifetime benefits to boot…and women (and primarily girl children) are getting raped, tortured and murdered. BY THOSE VERY MEN, in times of war *and* in times of peace too. the thing the MRAs focus on: *some* drafted men *might* rather be doing something else. oh, goodness gracious me. the men arent being asked their preference, by other men. meanwhile, on the other side of the island…….you get my drift. many people reading this, wont. oh well.

factcheckme - February 6, 2010

I love it when people accuse me of “misandry”, because even as a raving-loony-man-hating-fat-lesbian-feminist, I do enjoy a laugh!

this made me LOL. welcome, sam! thanks for posting.

4. SheilaG - February 6, 2010

Why do transwomen bother with radical feminism, why do men want to derail feminism? Just what contributions do transwomen ever make to the feminist movement? They could be making significant contributions, by telling women how to overthrow male supremacy, how it works from the inside, but they don’t. They want to invade Michigan, they want to invade rape crisis centers, they want to ruin lesbian drop in groups, they want to hit on lesbians in our own bars and I hate that.

When you are not on a level playing field, and get things handed to you, you actually begin to believe this is based on your superior self. I see this all the time with heterosexual couples and our social position vs. lesbian couples. The meager resources we do have, and I do mean meager would make most heterosexuals cringe. Same thing with men and their social position vis-a-vis women.

So let’s carry on, keep the feminist fires burning, and maybe just maybe third wavers, fun sex pozies etc. will finally learn the hard way, which is actually how most straight women learn as well IMHO.

5. SheilaG - February 6, 2010

We are in an ideological battle sisters. Women get conned into letting every damn interest group into the party except ourselves. Remember, patriarchy has trained women for eons to serve men, serve everyone but themselves. We have to put ourselves first, and be aware that everyone steals our energy for every cause under the sun…

factcheckme - February 6, 2010

and it *is* a con, sheila. thats exactly what it is. transwomen AND MEN (duh) think that all it takes is a few tears to have their way with women, throw on a little shame-and-blame too cause they like to see us squirm, and if that doesnt work theres always threats, intimidation, and violence. but the same old tactics should alert us to the fact that its the same old fucking sham it always was. and its just as you say: women, trained to serve men, who continue to be made to serve men only, and to favor *their* interests and what benefits them over our own interests, and what benefits *us*. and the blatant sadism there is telling: the guilt tripping and the “its hurrrrts!” its just absolutely disgusting.

6. FactChecker - February 6, 2010

This would be funny if you weren’t right about trans women being MRAs. One of them even admitted it:

7. SheilaG - February 6, 2010

When women really get that they have got to stop serving men, we’ll have the revolution. Women, stop serving men, stop catering to them, stop being sympathetic to them. Focus your energy on women, create women’s spaces, and stop stop stop this catering nonsense. It’s painful for me to watch women do this day in and day out, painful!

8. thebewilderness - February 6, 2010

It has been my experience that men who identify as transwomen are hands down going away the most notorious mansplainers on the interwebs.
All day, every day, they mansplain on feminist blogs all about how women are responsible for what men do.

It is the oldest surviving con game known to humanity.
“It was the womans fault. She gave me that apple. All I did was eat it”.

factcheckme - February 6, 2010

i like to think its funny *because* its true, factchecker. in my “gallows humor for dummies” book they said thats what the people likes.

factcheckme - February 6, 2010

just as an FYI apparently the MRA/trans combo is a ratings favorite. my stats are sky-high today. also, as an FYI my first trans-critical post “sorry sex-positive transwomen” has had the highest stats of any post here. about 10,000 page views, which for this humble little blog is quite a lot. the MRA/trans posts are also the ones that get tagged on the social networking sites, twitter, reddit etc. whereas, for example, the “dora the explorer” post, which addresses issues of girlhood, only has a few hundred views, by comparison. i am not a statistician, but these numbers are telling me more than i need to know about the motivations and interests of most people who pass by here. so my thanks to the “minority” of evol radfems, trolls and lurkers who read the “other” stuff too. carry on!

9. delphyne - February 7, 2010

Trans has consistently been the issue used to marginalise radical feminists and call us bigots and transphobes so we can be safely ignored on other issues like rape, pornography and prostitution. It’s totally been a political tactic, it’s just a shame that women involved in politics (feminism) don’t spot it.

So you end up with fucked up scenarios such as the pornpimp Barry Deutsch of Amptoons being welcomed and linked to by mainstream feminists because he’s always willing to offer a friendly space to his fellow men, I mean transwomen (and actually he has consistently provided a platform for MRAs to attack feminists too), even though his his website was sold to a pornographer and promotes links to sites like BangBros, MILF and Fleshlight and even provides reviews of them. On the other hand mainstream liberal feminists refuse to even acknowledge either the existence of radical feminists or our arguments, unless of course they are calling us bigots and “transphobes”. Not agreeing with trans politics is regarded as far more unacceptable than plain old-fashioned woman hatred and sexual exploitation.

I think some women are truly scared about what will happen to them if they aren’t pandering to men, so the ex-men in frocks solve that problem for them.

factcheckme - February 7, 2010

re: fear, i think there something there too delphyne. its a scary thing to be a feminist, a real feminist, because in order to get there you have to face some horrific facts about men, and about sex with men. as a recovering fun fem, i can honestly say that if i hadnt met my partner before i transitioned as it were, i would be pretty much guaranteed to live a life completely without love, attention or affection from a man, ever again. and thats a scary thing for a straight woman to face. knowing what i know now, i wouldnt be interested in even meeting any new men for any reason, or having piv-sex with one of the bastards, someone who by definition would feel entitled to it, and not give a moments thought to the ways its problematic for me, and not for him. someday i might write about my relationship with my partner, and the ways that we are actually *more* compatible now than we were before, when i was a free-wheeling fun-fem and wanted to get laid all the time. but i know hes the last one. if something ever happens to him, or to us, theres not going to be any more intimate partnerships for me.

its also a horrific, traumatizing realization to come to, for those that do come to it, that we are women, living in a rape culture. its fucking horrifying to completely embrace and examine the implications of that. its hard to do, but if women and feminists arent doing it, who will? noone, thats who. and it absolutely must be done. the easy way out is to become sex-pozzie ourselves, and i fell for that for years. but its a cop-out that only benefits men, not us. this is some scary shit, indeed.

10. lefemmeferal - February 7, 2010

Gah, the entitlement, it burns. This is a great blog post, with excellent comment convo illustrating exactly why trans activism does NOT belong in feminism.

factcheckme - February 7, 2010

just gave this place a makeover. LOL. hope you enjoy the new theme…you all are the ones who have to look at it! the admin screen still looks the same, in case you wondered.

11. SheilaG - February 7, 2010

I don’t know, it’s not that scary to me seeing men for what they truely are in their public behavior. I always imagined that they actually must be awfully charming in the home, because otherwise why would women persist in marrying these public idiots. When some idiot man gives a public speech, and says over 8 sexist things in it, I often go up to women privately and ask them if they want to confront the guy as a group on his sexism. Straight women, well, they shrug their shoulders and say, “Oh men just say things like that.” I really get tired of the sheer cowardice out there, and lifetime radical lesbians like myself just can’t believe this most of the time.

I think that I see men as sometimes benign at best, and just plain weird at worst. Maybe not having to live with them or get monetary support from them makes me see through the whole chirade.

Now we have all these straight women actually advocating for the right of transwomen to barge right into lesbian invented spaces like Michigan. You know, the lesbian who risked their lives to create these festivals that straight women can also come to. The male serving just makes my blood boil. What will it take?

12. SheilaG - February 7, 2010

P.S. Like the color purple background…

13. polly - February 7, 2010

I concur.

14. polly - February 7, 2010


I approved a comment from ‘a concerned citizen’ which had gone into spam. I then noticed that – guess what – when I pointed to the ‘Edit comment’ bit on wordpress, a file sharing program from ‘underworld appeared’.


factcheckme - February 7, 2010

thanks for the warning polly. i did the same thing when i first started here, and ended up with porn on my desktop. i am sure it was deliberate, rather than random spam, due to the kinds of people trolling here, and the rather specific references they make. i only check my spam folder occasionally now, thats how i find fishsticks’ and valerie keefe’s replies.

15. rhondda - February 7, 2010

Thank you, thank you for this.

16. polly - February 7, 2010

aI am absolutely certain it was deliberate FCM. I was targeted by the twits off twitter. Anyways I am now offline at home for the mo, am typing this on my friend’s
PC for security reasons. (sorry it’s a laptop, can’t use the mouse) anyway as a precaution peeps, the blog site should have been deleted,If it hasn’t steer clear of the address.Watch out for anything claiming to come from my wordpress account, it isn’t from me because I’m not accessing that account again. Also I haven’t sent any e-mails apart from to two people recently, so if you get an e-mail supposedly from me, it ain’t.

17. pmsrhino - February 7, 2010

@fcm re: fear: Omg. I think you’ve so accurately stated how I have been feeling now a days. I was a big fun fem too for the longest time. And when I started reading up on anti-porn lit and stuff like that I started to realize how fucking scary dudes and rape culture are. I met my bf online, which made it easy to get to know each other and not have any sexual pressure on either of us. Because of my past I’ve always been great friends with guys but had never been comfortable with sex or other intimate activities. And I think if I lost my bf for whatever reason I wouldn’t have another intimate relationship. Maybe if another online relationship presented itself, but physically dating some dude I didn’t really know or spending time alone with them would scare me to death. It’s just too dangerous and the pay off isn’t worth it. I could just buy a vibrator and be much happier.

And yet it’s still scary to think that. It’s not easy to be a straight woman in this world. And I can understand the women who go with it, because it is easier to just have the sexism roll off your shoulder and ignore things that make you angry. My bf is the greatest guy I know and I still have to just ignore things every once in a while. But it’s different for women to take the easy route and for the feminist movement itself to take the easy route. I would think that if the feminist movement turned from sex positivism and worked towards a more radical fem agenda then I think it would become easier for women to stand up for themselves. To speak out against the sexism and idiocy, even the smaller infractions. But when women see the easy way in life and the feminist movement is constantly saying “yep yep, that way is good and empowering. Here’s a stripper pole to help” then it makes it that much harder for individual women to fight back.

18. violet - February 7, 2010

If you scroll down the link Factcheckme gave, you find this little gem at the bottom:

4 Feb, 8.15am
Male to Female Transsexuals are often shocked at their new treatment as females- not given respect in DIY shops, overlooked for promotion etc etc.. and in my experience many if not before, become feminist pretty sharpish.. It’s very unfortunate that the Bigotted feminists of Julie Bindels ilk refuse these feminists a space in the feminist circle, It’s wrong.”

I normally have little time for Julie Bindel (or indeed Bea Campbell, who has a thread going in The Guardian defending Julie). However I feel that she is correct (as Femonade is) to raise concerns about how transexualism is taking over feminist discourse, and I thank Femonade for so clearly articulating the concern I was beginning to feel about such things as ‘CisPrivilege’ and the shouting down of women who have concerns about having transpeople accessing women’s personal spaces such as toilets, changing rooms, rape crisis centres etc. I also had an utter *head-desk* moment re: CharlieKX’s assertion about transwomen becoming feminists after transition. Because, like, despite apparently being women ‘mentally’ since they’d been born, despite going through complex and expensive surgery to transition, despite all the demands to be accepted as ‘proper women’ it hadn’t actually occurred to them that, prior to their ‘passing as women’, women’s complaints about sexual objectification and discrimination Might.Actually.Have.Some.Basis.In.Reality.

factcheckme - February 7, 2010

if a transwoman wasnt a feminist before she transitioned (and as essentialist men, NONE OF THEM FUCKING WERE) then it would be the stupidest thing in the world to believe that they suddenly became feminists after. most women arent even feminists, but we are supposed to believe that essentialist men are, just because they self-identify as women? is that part of the SRS too? is there a suppository for that? come on. the ones that are shoving themselves into the feminist movement now are only doing it because they want something from us. not because they are or ever were feminists, or care about women or issues that affect us. they only care about issues that affect THEM. just like the fucking men they are.

it takes work to get educated on the issues, and you absolutely have to train yourself to critically think. but men believe that they can gain access to spaces and credibility with people just because they are fucking men. now they are pulling this shit with feminists, and the only thing that surprises me is that the feminists are falling for it! transwomen are demanding unearned privileges, and we are giving it to them! for fucks sake. this town needs an enema.

19. donteatthefishsticks - February 7, 2010

I don’t think anybody has ever claimed that being trans necessarily made one a feminist. Like you said, most people are not feminists. The stuff about trans infiltration of feminism, well, that’s not a new idea and this is not a new debate. Of course “the system” is going to assimilate and absorb (and “dismantle” if you will) any kind of movement that aspires to revolutionary change, and feminism is no different in this regard, so you’re right about that.

factcheckme - February 7, 2010

theres nothing revolutionary about what transwomen are trying to do. they are demanding that women give them unearned privileges, including access and credibility. just like you always did, when you were men. this isnt progress, unless you are looking at it from YOUR perspective: whatever limitations were on you before, you seek to destroy them. including destroying women and feminists if you have to. just like fucking men, and more specifically, just like MRAs have always sought to do. what you conveniently ignore, of course, just like the MRAs, is that its not women who are limiting you, in whatever ways you might feel limited: its OTHER MEN. but you dont take it up with men. this is the same old shit, fishsticks, nothing revolutionary about it.

PS. i dont think either the MRAs or transwomen will be successful in destroying either women or feminists in the end. but i see very clearly that they are trying, and share that agenda as well as the language and MO. i am just calling bullshit when i see it, and this stinks to high heaven. I SEE YOU.

20. SheilaG - February 8, 2010

I think women have a hard time knowing that they created feminism, and that now they have to defend this political movement from men who wish to undermine it for their own MTF purposes. Women by nature are way too open to everyone. Women have to say no, and keep the gates locked and the walls high.

MTFs, if they are sincere, will actually get this, and start working on issues that they should have been working on all along pre-transition.
But again, they aren’t women, they just have had their bodies cut up to imitate a male idea of who women really are, just as non-transwomen do as well.

I recall reading awhile ago, that during the Montgomery bus boycott, blacks who rode buses were socially ostracized. It was brutal, and unknown to history largely. This type of discipline is what is required to change even something as simple as segregated bus seats.

I don’t think men pretransition really know what they are in for when they become women. Of all the MTFs I’ve talked to, they often seem incredibly clueless about the real life position of women in American society. They say they wanted to be women, but they didn’t have much curiosity as to the social position of women. It continues to be weird how they DON’T get this, and it shows when they comment here as well.

So my comments aren’t theoretical at all, they are based on talking to well over 50 transwomen, many of whom showed up in lesbian spaces, and a few who actually tried to undermine lesbian feminism with their male centered logic. The diss is real.

factcheckme - February 8, 2010

sheila, i dont even think that men can give their doctors “informed consent” to SRS surgery, because the men are literally unable to imagine what its going to be like to be perceived as women post-surgery. they do not know, and they cannot know. from the medical angle, its completely unethical for that reason. i think the temptation to cry “TRANSPHOBIA!” is because as you say, they just didnt expect that things would be that hard for them once they got what they *thought* they wanted. but yes, it really is that hard. but its not because you are trans. its because you are no longer getting unearned ANYTHING. of course, they demand that women give them unearned privileges, but they dont demand it from men. because they finally get what women have been saying all this time: men are dangerous, and they are better avoided. and they dont take well to demands, at all.

factcheckme - February 8, 2010

imagine what the world must look like to a transwoman who has just transitioned. regardless that they believe they “feel like” women, they have no clue what its like to be TREATED LIKE a woman, because as boys and men, theyve never been. imagine standing there with your pretty new dress and/or freshly cut neovag, feeling all empowerfulized and sexy.

but things arent as hunky-dory as you had imagined they would be. its as if the dinner bell has rung, and YOU are on the menu. imagine feeling this way, for the first time and not knowing why. no wonder they made up a new word to describe it: TRANSPHOBIA! because it feels completely new to them. but its not new, boys. its not fucking new, at all.

21. SheilaG - February 8, 2010

Today, I had an interesting teachable moment. I asked a neighbor across the street to help me lift heavy cut leaves and grass in water logged Hefty bags up into the large trash can. My partner has never been able to lift heavy things. He was nice, and came over to help, thinking he would do this all by himself, but I said, “Hey, it really is too heavy for one person, and we can do it with ease together…one…two… three…lift.” Men don’t realize that they can actually work together with women as complete equals, and that the work actually becomes easier for everyone involved.

This is the great lesson that MTFs have to learn: just exactly how women are treated day in and day out, and how if they are lesbian, they don’t just want men to take over everything, even something as simple as heavy lawn cuttings.

Like the book “Black Like Me” that had such an impact on my life, becoming a woman is nothing at all like men imagine. And you’re right FCM, no man can ever give “informed concent” to transitioning.
Unless there is more of a training program, there will be these bitter men who will be on the receiving end of sexism for the very first time in their lives. Now they are “women” and lesbians hate their rapist/sexist guts, straight women think they are ugly as sin, and whammooo, they could be raped on the streets of a big city by some man who might mistake them for women.

Since no men actually know the reality of sexism day in and day out, this shock of acculturation causes them to scream “transphobia” when really what they are experiencing is sexism from a female point of view. And, the UNFAIRNESS” of it all, they are now dressing as pretend women in a pretend fashion statement that sexist gay men have invented in the first place. So even their idea of women’s clothing is the fake invention of men. All they now see is a house of mirrors view of femininity, and I don’t think most men can withstand the shock of this realization. These angry entitled people are as dangerous as white parents raising black kids. The black children are not taught survival skills in a racist world, just as MTFs are not taught survival skills in a sexist and male dangerous world. SURPRISE!

factcheckme - February 8, 2010

dressing as pretend women in a pretend fashion statement that sexist gay men have invented in the first place.

thanks for addressing this aspect of it sheila. the fetishistic and reductionist “woman” that MTFs are trying to pull off, and they whine and complain when noone else accepts it, has nothing to do with “woman” at all. the dress-up aspect of it is similar to drag queens and yes, sexist gay men who think women are nothing but mannequins on which to hang pretty clothes, and walking fuckholes to be fucked by men. of course, if *they* (the sexist gay men) want to think of THEMSELVES as walking fuckholes to be fucked by men, i dont really care. but to add this aspect of gay male sexuality to thier characature of “woman” is disingenuous at best. piv-sex is problematic for women, in ways that its not problematic for either gay OR straight men. it pisses me off that ALL MEN see women this way, and dont see any problem with piv-sex between women and men, at all.

22. SheilaG - February 8, 2010

As I said, patriarchy is at its core, a house of mirrors. Nothing is real, everything is reflected back at men twice their size. Men don’t actually experience reality in my opinion at all, and women get turned into (sometimes willingly sometimes against their will) enablers in the male fun house.

Ever have the experience of being in a room full of women who are having a whale of a good time. Suddenly a man walks by, and instantly, it’s like all the women turn down the sound on the TV. Then when the men are gone, the women come back to the fun.

So this dress up nonsense strikes me as part of the whole deal with transwomen, because they haven’t experienced women in non-colonized spaces, largely because they are still male.

23. Level Best - February 9, 2010

“. . .they haven’t experienced women in non-colonized spaces, largely because they are still male.”–SheilaG

That is brilliant. Men don’t really see women anymore than slave-owners really saw their slaves. We all, some totally unconsciously (probably), alert like startled wildlife when the men come around and aren’t quite ourselves at all.

Thanks, factcheckme. Thank you so much.

24. lefemmeferal - February 10, 2010

“As I said, patriarchy is at its core, a house of mirrors. Nothing is real, everything is reflected back at men twice their size. Men don’t actually experience reality in my opinion at all, and women get turned into (sometimes willingly sometimes against their will) enablers in the male fun house.”

Total WIN! I love your other comments as well.

Trannies DON’T WANT to know what it’s like to live in America without being constantly accommodated to, they truly DON’T WANT the good and the bad that comes with being a woman. They’re like all the other MRAs – they want it both ways and expect only women and feminists to accommodate to them – if that’s not total MALE entitlement I don’t know what is.

25. SheilaG - February 10, 2010

As I said before, patriarchy is a fun house for men, so if they had to look in an actual mirror, and not a fun house mirror, they literally would not know what to do. They’ve been conning women with this nonsense for eons. Maybe when you’re a lesbian you just see how nuts it is all the time, because you are not indoctrinated into the cult of penis worship, and having the oppressors literally living with you in your own home.

So the MTFs, therefore, don’t know who women are, and it doesn’t look like they are going to learn any time soon.

26. Nicky - February 12, 2010

Why do u think that what these MTF trans are doing to the feminist and women’s movement. They are doing the same thing to the intersex people using the same play book and same tactics that they used on feminist and women. That’s why Intersex people have a word for transgender people who barge into intersex space and that word is Colonization.What Trans are essentially doing is colonizing women’s space and intersex space and claiming some legit reason.

27. polly - February 12, 2010

Hi FCM, can i just announce I’m generally alive and 100% OK, but busy at the mo and have decided the internetz are too full of dicks (both literally and metaphorically) too waste too much time on.

factcheckme - February 12, 2010

polly! ur blog is gone. oh well. more internetz for me.

28. SheilaG - February 13, 2010

Men just colonize everything. It’s how you know that MTFs are still really men. The behavior reveals all. Now my next question, is why do lesbians partner up with transwomen? Just saw one of these situations on Oprah. So do the MTFs want to exterminate lesbian culture, and will lesbians be fools to go along with this, just as straight women are fools to live with men? Are women potentially fools for everything that comes along? Kind of feeling depressed of late seeing the destruction of so much feminist culture by these idiots.

factcheckme - February 14, 2010

polly, what happened anyway? email me if you want. i hate to see a good radscum leave the net, but i can understand why you would. i dont have time for this shit, but for some reason i do it anyway. on second thought…i might be right behind you. this is starting to bore me.

dont be a stranger!

29. m Andrea - April 21, 2010

For me it’s not so much boredom as it is frustration. And yet, the collective pressure placed on fauxfeminists and folks who are unaware of the existence of fauxfemes, IS having a positive effect. Apparently they do need to hear the same message a thousand times before they can understand the criticism, as opposed to what they want to assume.

It is normal and healthy to become angry at injustice, but they assume someone getting angry at men is “misandry” only because they can’t see the injustice. They think any inequality is due to the natural “differences” between biological sex and so no actual inequality exists. A transMAN, otherwise known as a male-to-female, is merely just another MRA who believes distinct “differences” exist between the biological sexes but in addition to that also wants to express his feminine side. It’s a continuum of misogyny, and transMEN are on the extreme edge.

It really is a situation where they want to have their cake and eat it too. As long as “differences” between biological sex is assumed to be inherent then that makes a great reason why no actual sexism exists, AND they get to express the various aspects of femininity which they perceive as beneficial.

Btw, one of the reasons I hardly ever post over here in particular, besides usually having nothing to say besides general agreement, is that this chat box is always funky for me. As soon as my comment becomes longer than the few lines of viewable space, the whole thing starts “revolving”. It’s not that my cursor starts jumping around, because it usually stays in one place relative to the comment, but that the entire comment “moves” so that, within the viewable chat box area, the beginning of my comment always wants to be visable. I’ll have to try firefox or Opera again, but I think those browsers do the same thing. My computer is wierd, and tech support can’t figure out why.

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