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Attention Women: That Uneasy Feeling In the Back, Middle, and Front of Your Mind Is Because of Germs. Yes, That’s It. Germs. May 22, 2010

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satisfying womens understandable desire to throw money at it and hope it goes away, since 1918.

yes, thats it. the *sponges* are going to hurt you. the *sponges* might make you sick. hold on, let me take my birth control pill and don my uncomfortable shoes while i wash this sponge in bleach…

and this one is just hilarious. i mean really. statistically speaking, this asshole is going to be this womans biggest problem, particularly the very obvious fact that he cant keep the stallion in the corral.

i am so, so sorry. really, i am. but that sick, worried feeling you experience daily is probably *not* about the germs afterall.



1. factcheckme - May 22, 2010

this is intended as a part 4/open thread following the intercourse series. enjoy.

heres part 3, links to parts 1 and 2 are within.


factcheckme - May 22, 2010

Had to add 2 more vids. The last one is funnier, but the first one is more chilling. The middle one is mostly filler.

2. polly - May 22, 2010

Oh dear. Dear. Dear. Darling your body is simply teeming with bacteria! Fact! There are ten times as many bacterial cells in your body as your own cells!


And unless you’re performing surgery, or preparing food to be eaten raw, it really, really doesn’t matter if you have them on your hands (you do anyway) cos you have this stuff called skin. Oh and an immune system.

Give me strength.

factcheckme - May 22, 2010

yes to skin and immune systems polly. although it does gross me out to know that i am walking through human feces and sputum daily and then tracking it into the house…but i have also heard that the more germs you are exposed to, the better it is for your immune system actually. so i try not to think about it, especially the sputum. god that shit makes me sick just looking at it. (sputum = frequently infectious respiratory secretions hacked up and spat onto the sidewalk).

you know, its bothered me for years that women are sold products to make them (us) feel “protected” but guess what? germs and odors arent our biggest concern really. at least, they arent a direct threat to our immediate health and wellbeing, like men are for example! or PIV. or stress. or the numerous chemicals and products (in point of fact) that we put on our bodies to “protect” us from being unnatractive, to men. we know we are unsafe on so many levels…so we buy products that promise to protect us. we are hungry so we buy “mousse” for our hair, and use pineapple avocado scrub in the shower. my freaking medicine cabinet used to be more delicious-looking than my fridge, most of the time. but strangely, the uneasy feeling never goes away, no matter how many allegedly protective products you buy. and you cant eat soap, no matter how delicious it smells! which is the whole point of course. its a substitute for what women arent allowed to eat, lest we get fat. or you know, get too much enjoyment out of life (or any, at all).

and its all very, very expensive. that, too, is deliberate.

3. SheilaG - May 22, 2010

Expensive deliberate… straight women don’t stand a chance!

factcheckme - May 22, 2010

hey sheila…did you ever find your mary kay versus IRA article? i wanted to tell you that i think about you now sometimes when i am shopping. LOL i dont buy cleaning supplies anymore, which wasnt a huge drain on me since i dont actually clean that much, but hot soapy water with some white vinegar works wonders, and its practically free. you can easily spend a hundred bucks restocking all your cleaners when they all run out at the same time. now, i dont.

4. SheilaG - May 22, 2010

I’m going to have to search the files for Mary Kay vs. the IRA. It was so shocking adding up all those numbers FCM. Maybe it got to me more, because I never bought any of that stuff ever, and have never worn make-up in my entire life. So just doing the research on this floored me.

Ads directed at straight women must be a new tool of the devil… well not so new. Playboy was a vehical for advertising to upwardly mobile men. The development of porn was an ad vehical. Worth knowing this. Sell cars, sell women, same thing. Sell make-up, sell germ killing sprays…

factcheckme - May 23, 2010

there is alot worth knowing about advertising. i never thought of porn as an advertising vehicle, but the truth is that its the only reason that televisions exist: to sell you things. same with magazines. same with newspapers. its not about entertainment or learning anything even. although with some porn, i do think the intent there, whether on behalf of the creators or the consumers or both, is to train men to rape. this is nothing new, was it catharine mackinnon who gave examples of this?

regarding advertising aimed at women, “protection” and “nourishment” are the themes that carry the day, and move women to spend, spend, spend. they feel vulnerable and in need of protection…but as modern, empowerfulized women, they dont know *what* they could possibly need protection from. body odor? germs then? ok, that must be it. *that* must be why i feel so vulnerable. and lets face it, if we are so hideous or smelly that we cant get any man to hire us, or rent us an apartment, we are in danger, grave danger. but looking at the big-picture, we are only vulnerable in the first place because of men, and what men do to us.

and all the shit in our medicine cabinets promise to “nourish” our skin and our bodies, but what so many women really need to do is to fucking eat something, instead of wasting into properly weak targets for male abuse. but…there it is. we are supposed to be consumers, but we arent supposed to eat anything. gotta get us to spend it somehow. and pineapple and chocolate smell so delicious in the shower when you are starving! its all so sick, it really is.

protection and nourishment, indeed. if women could figure out where our desire for protection and nourishment are *really* coming from (no, we are not imagining it, there is a huge gaping void there), and how to really *be* protected and nourished, without wasting money on anything that wasnt directly remedial of our vulnerability and hunger…well that would be a revolution indeed.

5. SheilaG - May 23, 2010

Protection and nourishment… a good summary. As for porn being an ad / consumer vehical, that was how Playboy and Penthouse got their start. Now of course they are selling rape culture, and turning teenage boys into rapists in training.

I think women might need more protection is they are living with men, experience more fear in daily life. My income isn’t dependent on men, I can completely avoid them and still pay the bills. There is not that economic insecurity, there is no one to shape my body into something beautiful. I don’t see women’s physical appearance as a deciding factor the way men always do.

So really, if there are no men to please, there is no reason to get all those products, or to be too worried about food all the time. The plainness of life eludes many women, who might be brainwashed by very sophisiticated advertising directed at women, designed to make women feel insecure about their very selves… that’s worth millions and billions in useless product sales to women who have been conditioned by starvation (spiritual that is) and made into the perfect buying machines, the delivery system of male money, just as cigarettes are a nicotine delivery system.

It’s horrifying, but just watch women in a mall, and you’ll see all you need to see. Mary Daly mentioned this as well, women being conditioned by patriarchy and then attacked for being superficial…

6. FemmeForever - May 23, 2010

Don’t forget this gem, too.

7. polly - May 23, 2010

There’s a lot of evidence though that sterilising everything is the worse thing you can do in health terms (I know it’s not strictly the point of the post, but germ paranoia rilly annoys me). We rely on being exposed to low levels of bacteria/viruses to keep our immune systems working properly. There’s a lot evidence that the humungous rates of childhood asthma now, are to do with children not being exposed enough to childhood diseases.

But yes there’s a metaphorical aspect to it to. It’s about the level of fear that women are supposed to live in about every damn thing, to stop them thinking about other shit.

factcheckme - May 23, 2010

oh noes, the old “if you dont buy this you will get fat” routine. another madison avenue classic. well, i hadnt heard that one before, but actually if you have allergies (and i do) the worst thing for you is an old matress and old pillows. not because of germs though, its because of dustmites. i dont know if there are matress covers that will completely eliminate dustmites from your bedding, or not, but the ones that are completely impenetrable (waterproof) arent breathable so they arent comfortable, like wearing rubber pants. i should sleep in a hammock.

factcheckme - May 23, 2010

yes its an interesting aspect of all this polly, that what we are doing with all the cleaning is actually making us more sick, and more vulnerable. when thats exactly what we are trying to avoid, and the opposite of what we are told these products do. talk about false advertising, but thats nothing new either. lysol used to be marketed as a douching solution in fact, and it was also alleged to be a contraceptive. all false. and yes, made everything in that department much, much worse. can you imagine?

factcheckme - May 23, 2010

polly, i want to read your new blog! but i am not on the guest list. and chicks dig me is protected too now, WTF? is theres something i should know about regarding security issues? or are you just sick and tired of the trolls?

factcheckme - May 23, 2010

also, regarding lumpy matresses…the lump in the bed you should be most worried about is your husband! FACT!

8. polly - May 23, 2010

I will try to add you FCM.

9. polly - May 23, 2010

You are supposed to be able to get breathable mattress covers that also block dustmites FCM, but the best thing to do is to air your bed as much as possible. Don’t leave the covers on in the morning, throw them on the floor (another reason to do this is that it’s the opposite of being the perfect housewife). When you change the sheets, take them off in the morning and don’t put them back until you go to bed.

10. polly - May 23, 2010

Utterly coincidentally, there’s a piece about the “hygiene hypothesis” here.


11. Monique - May 23, 2010

Who told me that I did not need to re-read myself before to post?
Or that she could feel my sexy accent?
I just wrote a very long post on the other thread and when I read it, I am afraid nothing looked like a sexy accent, it was totally unintelligible and painful to read.
Should I post it again?

Now regarding the present topic.

It reminds me the nocebo effect. It is when people can feel unwell when an advertising tells them a type of food or product is likely to damage their health.

Of course, it is all about conditionning and creating the need.

I would like so much that they think to create such advertising about men this time, men who will be considered as germs themselves, and that they try to sell us a spray with great virtues to eradicate men, because it is a necessity, men are a danger and are everywhere, even when you don’t notice and they are a threat to your health and freedom.
So please spray!

I am sure it would work.

12. Monique - May 23, 2010

Even if just water in it…

13. Monique - May 23, 2010

Even with just water in it… I meant.

14. Miska - May 24, 2010

we are hungry so we buy “mousse” for our hair, and use pineapple avocado scrub in the shower. my freaking medicine cabinet used to be more delicious-looking than my fridge, most of the time.

Good point, that. I remember whenever I would browse through The Body Shop in my teens, I would walk out feeling hungry … it was all Nectarine-this and vanilla-that.

I’ve never been big on either cleaning products or personal care products. But that could just be laziness. Clean enough is good enough in my book, ’cause bacteria is everywhere, no matter how much you clean, and a lot of it is – zomg – harmless. Not that the advertisers would ever let on.

Lately I’ve been getting annoyed by all the advertising pressure to switch to “green” products. It’s just another guilt trip for women, who are all bad mothers and bad human beings if they dont coat their houses with a layer of earth-friendly disinfectant. Not that I have anything against environmental mindfulness, but since women are the buyers of most household products, it means the burden largely falls on us.

As does the burden of buying organic seasonal produce grown within a 100km radius of one’s house and sold at the fair trade farmer’s market. I dunno. These latest “going green” and “think global, act local” trends strike me as just another way to fill women’s lives with anxiety about “doing the right thing”, and distracting busywork. But then, I am feeling especially cynical today.

15. Miska - May 24, 2010

Also, polly, I want to read your mysterious new radscum blog too!

factcheckme - May 24, 2010

yes about the green products miska. lemon juice and vinegar are about as green as you are ever going to get, and they clean very well. but they are practically free, so noones ever going to tell you to use it! relatedly, i just purchased a new bed because the old one is getting a big hole in it, and we are getting a king size this time (yay!) so needed a new frame too. i did buy a “green” frame because we are going to be sleeping on it, and i hate the noxious fumes that come out of alot of cheap pre-fab furniture. but you know, i am thinking about my health and my sleep…whereas all this go-green nonsense right now is supposed to make you feel anxious, and like shit, as you say. theres a time and a place you know?

if you watch the second video all the way through, you will hear the host very clearly lamenting that its “one more thing” she has to do every day, and another thing to worry about. shes right, thats exactly what it is, and the burden will always fall on her, not on anyone else. maybe if we gave up most of the other timewasting, expensive shit we also do, we would have the time and money to buy locally etc, but nobody is suggesting that we give up anything, just that we add more and more to the list.

i do love you when you are cynical miska!

factcheckme - May 24, 2010

also, i should add that the cucumber-avocado-pineapple body scrubs etc arent just food-scented, but they are HEALTHY food-scented (cheese-doodle face scrub anyone?? i dont think so). women who are starving themselves dont eat at all, or when they do eat, are eating very unhealthy foods (slim-fast, cigarettes-and-alcohol etc). average and overweight women are eating like crap too, and using unhealthy diet products and food-substitutes. the good personal products actually have these real food ingredients in them, and the really good products you get in a spa treatment acutally are just smashed-up avocado and sour cream, egg yolks etc. most women would be better off EATING these healthy foods, rather than using them on their faces and hair. but…you know, that would actually be good for women, and it would make sense. i wonder how clear many womens minds would get, if they were eating properly. oh noes, not that!!

16. pmsrhino - May 24, 2010

Ah, germs. I like to believe that my combined habits of almost never washing my hands and being a perpetual nail biter since I was a wee young lass have given me a superhuman immune system (or turned me into Bruce Willis ala Unbreakable). Because, you know, germs are good and it makes me sad deep down inside when moms are told they HAVE to buy all these products to protect their children and ALWAYS have hand sanitizer on their persons or else they’re a bad mother (since, you know, it’s actually healthier for the children to build up immunity to stuff at a young age). It’s always equated with being a bad mother/wife, isn’t it? The media has to guilt us women into buying all these products so we can be good mothers and wives, because if we don’t buy them and our children/husbands get sick then, well, it’s all OUR fault, right? When, sadly, it’s the fact that all these germ killing products are everywhere that most people haven’t built up any sort of immunity to the bacteria and whatnot that we come across every day and that germs and bacteria are getting stronger against antibacterials and whatnot.

On a side note, my all time favorite professor ever had this to say about children, if she and her partner ever had any: “I will feed my children a cup of (good) dirt because it’s good for them.” My favorite bit of child rearing advice ever.

factcheckme - May 24, 2010

Pmsrhino, the though of you biting your filthy fingernails as a child made me lol. What did your parents say? Mine are both healthcare professionals, and my mom was a bit of a germophobe when it came to other peoples germs. It might not be a coincidence that I am allergic to everything under the sun.

17. pmsrhino - May 25, 2010

I don’t ever recall my parents really ever saying anything about it, actually. Hygiene wasn’t something that was really stressed in the house. Plus the nail biting kind of runs in the family so it would have been pretty hard for my parents to get me to stop nail biting when they were doing it too. Dunno if nail biting is something that can be genetic but my family’s making a hard case for it, lol.

And I’ve known alot of neat freaks in my lifetime and they have always been the people who get sick alot or were allergic to everything. My anecdata may not hold up in court but it definitely hasn’t made me start stocking up on had sanitizer and gallons of antibacterial soap. 😛

18. Monique Louicellier - May 25, 2010

About the power of mind and conditionning:

I put a lot of weight lately. Even 5 kgs, almost 1 stone, in the past 10 days only, and I was already overweight and suffering in my health, like problems with the knees.. I was doing what I could to make a diet, but at a moment could not respect it, was so hungry and over-ate, broke the diet. Every time it was the same story.
With a burn-out, it is said we can easily take weight in addition..
I thought I was lost and nothing could help, I had never been so fat in my life and I had no solution. I could possibly continue to put weight and die of it.

Suddenly I had a bright but simple idea: and if I was over-eating, feeling hungry, at the point I believed I would die if not eating a bit (a lot) more, it was because I considered food as a pleasure, and because I needed so much comfort, once beginning to eat, I would not like to stop the comfort, so even if I had prepared a ready to eat portion of food obeying to a diet or just normal proportion people are likely to eat, I would continue the pleasure as always considering food as a pleasure.

But I considered that this hunger feeling (when you feel as you are dying if you do not eat), will never kill me nor damage my health if say I had all in all taken enough food in 3-4 days, this even if I did not eat at all during 2 days, or/and ate a minimum of food.

Also I decided to stop considering food as a pleasure and as a support for my problems, as obviously it would never be and it will never help. And it is obvious all these advertising are there to trigger the connection you do between food and pleasure, which is able to make you want so much to eat the advertised food and as quickly as possible or each time you will see the bait, this even if your stomach is already full.

Also I resisted the hunger feeling that disappeared quickly and did not bother me so much the next days, present sometimes but later and later and not so difficult to make go, and I lowered my ratios drastically, with only minding to have enough food all in all over a few days, but not preparing a meal anymore, not minding really what I would eat, even convincing me that if food was bad at my taste, good punishment for me (to have wanted to take it as a replacement solution for a therapy) and it really did not matter, as I had not to consider it as a pleasure anymore but as a survival necessity only, as if I was on a desert island and had to ration me.

And it worked, in a week I have already lost these 5 kgs, without being blocked to exercise with what I would have considered in the past an almost empty stomach, and I am even no more tempted by temptations (while at the fest in my village, I noticed they were selling very appealling and cheap food, but I did not succumb), I have no problem with food anymore since and am happy to eat but not willing more (well since a week..) and I hope to reach a balanced weight soon.

So you see the power of indoctrination and desire that advertising or education can place in us.

factcheckme - May 27, 2010

food is a funny thing. i never had a weight problem at all until grad school, and never had any problems with food either. but along with the weight gain i was having other weirder symptoms, gi symptoms and swelling of feet, hands, abdomen, face, really everything. it was horrible, i felt horrible for about a year before i figured it out. i was having allergic and/or sensitivity reactions to food. i posted about that in the “news you can use” post. theres a growing body of research supporting this, and i even saw an article on msn recently which means its mainstream now. a doctor was quoted as saying that weight gain is a sign of allergic reactions to food, because when you are reacting allergicaly you swell up and retain water. take out the “big 8” foods that by themselves, are responsible for some 90% of all food allergies (or something) and see how you feel.

anyway, it makes me sad to know that people are dieting and dieting and starving themselves and its not fucking working, because even if you eat only 1000 calories a day, if you are eating even trace amounts of something you are allergic to, you could still gain weight. and in case anyone is wondering, slim-fast and other diet foods are absolutely chock-full of allergens from the big-8 list, the most common probably being wheat, soy, and nuts from what i remember about diet products and their evil meal replacement bars, shakes, etc. OH and artificial sweetners make you bloat! they are poison, really. stay away from those at all costs. also a favorite ingredient in diet foods.

just an FYI. diets suck.

19. Monique Louicellier - May 28, 2010

This morning I felt terribly bad, tired, swollen again and the change I have made to my diet was to drink a whole bottle of diet soda with sweeteners yesterday and to still add sweeteners in a yogurt !!
Ok it may be due to the weather, anxiety or anything else but I will try not do that again, by the way it was once again a attempt to have more pleasure from food, thinking it would be of no consequences, but this attitude is forbidden to me. Otherwise I am eating quite good stuff, less processed as possible, fresh salad and tomatoes from the market, bread, apples, eggs, traditional stinking cheese, veggie soups.. But it is true we never know exactly what we are eating, how the chickens or cows are fed..
I will be better tomorrow!

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