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This is Gruesome? July 2, 2010

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again, here is something i accidentally viewed on the mainstream interwebs.  and again, its an xray of somethings insides.  yes, somethings insides.  bones and such.  but would anyone call this “gruesome”?  really?  why yes, yes they would:

Gruesome 3-D images of the insides of snakes, alligators and tarantulas have been captured with a new high-tech procedure.  The digital images show for the first time the complete digestion cycle of a Burmese python, including how the animal adapts its internal organs in preparation for a big meal and during digestion until the snack has vanished.

come on now.  gruesome?  its a snake digesting a rat.  it makes me think that there are people in this world who really dont know what gruesome *is*.  or at least, they draw completely inconsistent conclusions when viewing extremely similar material.

as i posted last week:

not gruesome.  fun!  taboo!  but not gruesome.  no, not at all.  even when this woman’s spine is misshapen, and she is clearly going to have foot problems later in life, if she doesnt already.  but the snake is perfectly healthy.  so is (or, was) the rat, really.  it lived a full life, free from objectification undoubtedly, with its little rat feet unbound, and its spinal alignment intact until the bitter end.  ew!

i grant you that something about the first one (the fresh-meat hue?) gives me that visceral “yuck” feeling.  but the contortionist in the fuck-me stilettos gave me pause for several days.  i feel manipulated!

this is a topsy-turvy world we live in, in case anyone missed it, or didnt get the memo.  up is down.  black is white.  pornography and the sex industry that harms actual women every single day is cool and refreshing (or something?)  but a snake having a meal is disturbing.  mkay.

speaking of inverted realities, heres something i lifted from berryblades place, although i have seen this sentiment other places as well (its completely normal in the funfem circles now, and i look forward to berryblade ripping it to shreds as promised):

Radical feminism is just as damaging to society as chauvinism and misogyny.

oh sure it is.  its just as damaging.  to society.  for anyone who needs them, i will give you two guesses as to what stone-cold insanity started this feminist-internet meme…but you really only need one.  it was obviously a TRANSWOMAN, or a MAN.  same thing.  because what is SO OBVIOUS (you are outing yourselves, darlings) is that whomever actually believes this shit cannot possibly have the faintest notion what misogyny even is…and they think that MEN are “society.”  see how that works?  granted, i dont have a fancy imaging machine to get inside the transwomens heads…but i dont need one.  heres whats clearly going on inside the mind of a man or a transwoman who is trying desperately to manipulate feminist language to achieve their own dubious ends (and its dizzying, truly):

MAN:  the feminists get really mad when men are being misogynist…therefore when feminists make *me* really mad, its because they are being misandrist!

TRANSWOMAN:  the feminists get really mad when men are being misogynist…therefore when *anyone* makes me really mad, they are being trans-misogynist!

fail, fail, fail, fail.  see, the important part of that sentence is “men are being misogynist.”  thats what feminists are responding to (well the radfems are anyway) with this whole feminism-thing.  the important part of this sentence is NOT “when someone makes me really mad.”  but the men and transwomen dont understand what misogyny is, and they cant replicate our legitimate offense.  the only thing they can replicate is the anger, and the words.  they are pissed off at radical feminists, sure, but they are just going through the motions when they act as if theres anything more to it, than that.  they are mad.  who cares?  not me.

i will leave you now with the best (worst?) example of mansplaining i have ever heard, and like most mansplanations, its the perfect example of an up-is-down, black-is-white reality: a sex-therapist on MSN mansplaining to women how porn is *really* just like a pedicure, so their husbands watching it shouldnt make these women feel like they want to barf their fucking guts out and divorce the bastards and never have PIV again…even though it does.

For many guys porn is basically a 30-second spa day, complete with happy ending: It feels good, relieves stress and functions as a quick little treat — kind of like scarfing down a bag of Gummi Bears in the middle of the day. It doesn’t mean we’re not interested in having “a real meal” with the woman we love, but sometimes we’re in the mood for a snack.

thanks for mansplaining that, doctor!  whatever you do though, dont make me post a shelley lubben video here, to restore the equilibrium to the room…okay youve twisted my arm.  here ya go:

i might dissect this skydaddy religious-nonsense someday (its trademark shelley lubben) but its not going to be today.  because what this woman is saying makes a hell of alot more sense than anything the fucking sex therapists, the mainstream interwebs, the MRAS, and the transwomen are saying, even though she is under the impression that theres a giant invisible man living in the sky, who has an opinion as to whether she does porn.  thats saying something.



1. sonia - July 3, 2010

That’s the only downside to the gains that previous generations of feminists made. Now, men use those gains to claim equality and on that basis they claim oppression and the ridiculous assertion that you can’t just blame men for patriarchy and the ills of the world.

Just cause you *pretended to* enfranchise women about five minutes ago doesn’t mean you can start griping. You have about 10000 years of hell to go through before I’m even trying to hear word 1.

factcheckme - July 3, 2010

jeez sonia. you read my posts before they are even finished. i made a few edits, nothing major, but you know. i am a chronic editor of my own work. BTW welcome back to the radfem blogosphere! drop a link here if you want. shall i go to the trouble of adding you to my blogroll? i gave up on polly about 2 blogs ago.

LOL about blaming “just men” for patriarchy. bc if not men, obviously that only leaves women, animals, vegetables, and inanimate objects to blame for something that benefits men, and fucks (many times literally) everyone and everything else. poor teh menz, its all so unfair (to everyone except them).

2. sonia - July 3, 2010

sorry chiquita. I always drop in right after you post. I swear I do not stalk you.

add me if you want, that would be cool. I think I rip the thing down when I feel myself getting too invested in the blogosphere, though. something about thinking in a group drives me a little nuts. but-this time if I cop out I’ll just leave it up so people can reference it at least.

3. berryblade - July 3, 2010

Hey FactCheckMe thanks for adding me to your blog roll 🙂

And fuckin’ hell this mentality annoys the living shit out of me – I’m still working on my super-duper long and awesome rant about how much sex-pos & and tranny lovin’ annoys me. The thing is – it’s just their male privilege shining through yet again, as they are convinced the sun shines out of their fucking neo-vaginas, and because they have one, they are all of a sudden an expert on matters that concern us with a labia, clitoris, cervix, uteri and high balls, I mean, ovaries.

I think it was in Germaine Greer’s “Whole Woman” that I read as soon as they make uterine + ovarie transplants mandatory for trans “women” the fad would dry up over night.

factcheckme - July 3, 2010

yes, i could have added a bit about the sex-pozzie shit too…its absolutely a topsy-turvy inversion of reality. yet another example. mscitrus hit the nail on the head twice that i have seen, here are links:

http://mscitrus.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/ignore-the-man-behind-the-curtain-nsfw-image-for-point/ (sex poz only makes sense conceptually if you believe that we as a culture are “sex-negative” which of course we arent)

http://mscitrus.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/pornography-white-womens-liberation/ (sex-poz as “liberation” only makes sense for white women whos chastity has been enforced historically, whereas nonwhite women have a very different history on that issue dont they?)

factcheckme - July 3, 2010

also, i added a bit to clarify that berryblade intends to rip that idiotic sentiment to shreds, and NOT that she agrees with it. sorry bb if that wasnt clear. i am looking forward to your post.

4. SheilaG - July 4, 2010

I think the clip from the former porn actress is heartbreaking. This is what men do to women in porn. If people can’t get the attrocities of that industry with this testimony, they are simply not human.

factcheckme - July 4, 2010

of course it was sheila. there are a dozen more like this one on shelley lubbens youtube channel (but a lot of them have poor audio unfortunately, as they were taped at some kind of convention). the things they say are the same. alcohol and drugs, unwanted pregnancies and abortions, multiple STD infections, etc, etc etc. single motherhood, PTSD, and recovery for drug and alchohol addictions is where these women end up post-porn, and by definition of course they are still very young by the time the industry has used them up and spat them out on the street in this damaged condition. can you imagine trying to get a real job after that? NEITHER CAN THEY. they cant even imagine it, because they dont even feel human anymore. and as this woman said “i see men differently now.” yeah no shit right?

its really not surprising either is it that they turn to religion after leaving the industry? of course, many porn-actors and sex-workers (like many people…and they are people. oh yes they are) are religious to begin with. deeply religious. and they think they are going to burn in hell for what they are doing, but need to do it to survive. they are zombified, soulless drug addicts walking around, thinking that god is disappointed in them. think about it! just so men can use them for a masturbatory aid. then later, imagine having some of the same awakenings that radical feminists have had about men, and PIV…but being religious at the same time. they cant be feminists, and probably dont know any in real life. so they go running back to the only community that will have them, begging for “forgiveness” and begging for pampers for their babies.

its fucking horrible. and this sex therapist is telling women (who clearly know better) that porn is harmless, like gummy bears. fucking assclowns. its like living in bizarro world. it really is.

5. SheilaG - July 4, 2010

Actually FCM, that’s the problem with feminism. As far as I can see, feminists really don’t have the resources that churches do to help women who got out of porn. The only MEN I ever hear condemning porn regularly are on right wing christian radio hosts. And the only men I ever hear confessing to porn addiction are born again christians on these same radio shows. They have whole porn recovery ministries out there. But it’s all a “personal” issue, it’s not institutionally dealt with, and certainly “good patriarchs” are like slave owners who are “kind” to their slaves. Slavery (male supremacy) is never questioned, it’s just made good or bad.

I never hear anti-porn men in outrage on Amy Goodwin’s show “democracy now” which is very male. One wonders at NPR’s inability to really cover this industry and all its evils vis-a-vis women.
I don’t think Amy Goodwin ever does shows on feminism, to my knowledge. So we need to contact liberal shows, and say, hey it’s time to expose what the porn industry is doing to women.

I’ve tried my entire life to get women away from drugs, and to try to get women serious about a financial future. It is not easy. We hear about the disasters after the fact, but feminism might as well be Pluto as far as most women are concerned.

So if you are a young woman, and you might be a single mother, and you don’t have any skills or barely a high school education, believe me, the predators are out there. It might start with working in a bar, then a cocktail waitress, then some sleazy guy offers you a “job” “in pictures” and this kind of stuff is all over the place.

You still have a very hard time finding a place you can go week after week to be with other feminists, who will go to bat for single mothers, or who access to real jobs. We have yet to build up companies that hire over 100 women, and create profits to pay them well. We never talk about creating a truly woman friendly economy. Sure we have the billionaire Meg Whitmans of the world, but did EBay really do something of benefit to women who need well paid jobs, even if their education and “skill level” is a bit lower?

The churches step up, and they do help these women. I don’t like the fundamentalists anymore than anyone here does, but I don’t have jobs for women either. Churches provide material aid to women exiting porn, they have a whole ministry to ex-porn/prostituted women in Los Angeles, to a degree that no feminist organization to my knowledge has ever come up with.

Is radical feminism a drop in group every day of the week? Heck, just finding a group of lesbians — a very large group– can only be found regularly at bars and clubs. It’s a very sad reality, that once upon a time, we created the spaces, and we created jobs, but now? Well we’ve got Internet commentary, but no buildings, no foundations to handle say 100,000 women who are single mothers and who need a $60,000 a year income. That’s what we’ve got to start getting a little more real about.

factcheckme - July 4, 2010

well it doesnt help that so many “feminists” are sex-pozzie. they are at home watching porn and having PIV with thier nigels, and dont see a fucking thing wrong with it, in the first place. the feministings and feministes that sell ad space on their blogs (and the feminist majority etc) are the only ones who have any resources, and they are buying and watching the stuff, and even dabbling in the industry as an empowerment exercise! for fun! gah. fuck them all.

6. SheilaG - July 4, 2010

FCM I hear you. Weird but true. Don’t know what’s up with sex pozzies or drug culture advocates. I’ve hated the whole mess for over 30 years now. Even most crazy lesbians wear on my last nerve.
I try my best to set a good example with young women, who do need to be listened to, but even I get discouraged. You don’t clean up your act by say age 34, and waste your intellectual development years on this nonsense… no a pretty sight when the next big recession comes along.

Maybe my group just had too much competitition and a really terrible job market through the 70s, we learned, we didn’t have time for sex pozzie nonsense, clubs, drunken bashes or fun feminism. We were focused on creating a viable lesbian feminist culture pretty much free of children, and hetero anything. It was a good system, it was grounding, real and dynamic. Too bad now.

7. sonia - July 5, 2010

It would be great if there were another word for women who are feminist but not sex-pos. I guess that’s why there’s ‘radfem,’ but it’s still annoying that white-middle-class-dude-lovin-dude-values-havin whatever it is that they’re shopping around on feministing gets to have that name. ‘Feminism’ may have started out as a white middle class woman thing but the idea was that it was eventually supposed to create some unity. Feministing is so lite and faux there’s not much there except the desire for a fashionable does of fuck you. speaking as a person who has a considerable does of fuck you, it’s not at all the same thing as feminist values, which require a real examination of class, race, and lifestyle to boot. but u said it best with ‘fuck them all,’ FCM.

8. sonia - July 5, 2010

I can spell the word “dose.”

9. Monique Louicellier - July 5, 2010

Dose, Sonia ?
Ok, warning, long comment below about the topic of the last comments (long as always, sorry, my ass will be soon kicked by Femonade..).

So by the way, I struggled these days to try to get a room for a speech at a Women’s Rights conference which will be held in Paris in September, it is what remains of real non sex-pozzie (=queer) feminism. They invited only one lesbian speaker, she is a queer (she is a radical feminist.. Sounds not to have the same meaning overseas, but let’s face it, in France, they were just a not very active academic elite by the past but are now traitors and allies with queers to whom they dispensed all their theories).

They said they were overbooked to let me speak. I told them:

Then remove the queer and let me speak. you are blind, you say it won’t happen and still let them come, but sex-pozzies and queers will successfully get rid of feminism.

They master tactics: *appear feminist and shout our slogans **disinform, *** infiltrate massively, so all that is necessary to send us directly to the grave.
The only ones to take the streets, by imitating our past fights cause it paid for us, are the queers, they mix their slogans in ours, influence mentalities and politics, are invited in political and international affairs schools, organize kiss-in, marchs and misinformations, create associations coming from nowhere, influence youth mentalities and radicalize our conservative enemies against us, as nobody can set us apart from them anymore, their provocations like sadism or porn promotion having nothing of a sound provocation as well.

Real feminists and lesbian feminists, you won’t find them easily, or they would have launched a movement again since long, but with no more place of our own anymore, it is lost, thanks to radical lesbians of the small elite who confiscated our places too, leaving them occupied by other women (not feminist ones, but for example migrants, this only because of the subsidies to withdraw of it)…

Even you straight feminists can only squawk from the comfort of your home like an ambulance with no active role anymore, and are attacked from everywhere by sex-positive feminists who claim the legacy of these radical lesbians. Sorry for the observations.

But I will come and stay outside to protest. And will even have to time to come with support, I have been well trained in my youth in the biggest political lesbian feminist movement that history and you seem to have forgotten since, and even for your commemoration of 40 years of feminism in France. 300 lesbians, 30 at each meeting, 2 or 3 times a week, which were free and open, making our feminist Women House be alive without asking for any subsidies thanks to our own lesbian parties and cafetaria which benefits went directly to pay for the rent, thanks to a strict organization, honesty and discipline (even we relied too much on our strong leader who later failed..), 8 other associations benefing of our work for maintaining the place. We were are well organizing marchs, protests and taking the streets, asking for law changes, coming in mass to support our lesbian friends in court when they sued their rapists. See if we could recreate that without queers, anarcha (anarchists are macho), or intellectual radical elite…

It lasted 10 years and nobody replaced us since.

It is urgent to let speak the feminist survivors, who according to queers, are more prude and needing a good lay than ever, are just feminazis oppressive men-haters, retarded feminist or lesbian feminists stupidly attached to their identities.. Let the post-modern pigs drivel! And let us speak!

Feminism is DEAD, thinking otherwise is being naive, it only existed because we gathered in our own places and that we went in the streets organizing protests and because we convinced more and more women, not only a small bunch of intellectuals or already convinced women.

The French radical lesbians at that moment did not go to the streets to claim for our rights or protest against rapes or meet in number or come to our meetings or in support in the courts, they were just writing their books or thinking how to get the grip on our places, how to archive our documents and us, how to discuss somewhere else than with lesbians or women who were not scholars themselves. They succeeded while we were scattered by unemployment, loss of free places, and double-edged gain of lovers available outside of the activists groups thanks to our own fights. French radical lesbians are still there, greedy, cold, opportunist, holding places, not doing anything, discouraging any will and having got rid of many lesbian feminists, worse radicals all have turned queers or best allies of queers now.

So, we don’t need commercial, we don’t need entertainment, we need a real movement again, we need a political party in fact, because we are nothing else than political women, we need a party away from traditional parties and queer manipulations, only focused on feminism which nature is political, we need a feminist party and a lesbian feminist party.

But for that we need to go to the streets and not to stay inside our ivory towers, and internet is not enough, everybody is isolated on purpose and plugged to propaganda-TV or to an internet that only glues people and pads information out while procuring a fake feeling of freedom.
We need better, and not bask into internet but liberate women from the modern imprisonment of forced individualism, give them a freedom of speech again, the desire to take the streets again and to meet IN REAL LIFE.
We especially need to adopt a strict policy against manipulations, infiltration, well-off elites and opportunists, it is the war with them, it is very serious, this even before to have places of our own where to meet for political purposes.

And I garantee you that if it is not the queers anymore who accomplish that but real feminist lesbians for example or real feminists who are not just asking for equality with pigs but denounce and help to the rise in awareness, realization and revolt, as soon as we will be active together outside of the internet, things will begin to take a U-turn in the population and in upper-circles.

But it needs to roll the sleeves up, find a big enough place, manage it to run durably with extreme wariness, discipline and without ever any subsidies, find solutions together, cope with alienation and poverty together, and then recruit non-politicized yet women, directly from the street if needed and we’ll of course need to, as if we were door-to-door representatives, and convince them, I can’t see any other solution.

Because as said Sonia, the only equality we have between women and men nowadays, is a strange one where the pigs remind us every day that they are our equals now but want to dominate us though, like when young guys sit down in the bus and refuse to give up their seats to women, older women, women with babies, worse with the fear and passive approval-brainwash coming from the victims themselves *it doesn’t matter, them too (the guys) have a right to sit*.
Well, nothing really changed, men are still making 9 out of 10 business managers, 94 % of criminals, and almost 100 % of rapists. But they do not seem to have a bad reputation, because even lesbians run after their sperm to procreate… And cradle seems to be the best female accomplishment again.

Anyway the actual etiquette requires indifference, hands-off, autism and individualism… while men and capitalism will be able to continue their propaganda and work on their muscles in peace, relying more than ever on women, on victims of globalization and animals and nature to still accept to be treated as economic, domestic, sexual and reproductive things, slaves, victims, cattle, subhumans for the maximum benefit of their one-way pyramid of power, for the strongest and maybe for the terrible ego of emotional cripples (said Solanas) at origin and end of all this shit and now… Especially if we are on top of our defects a women, born in the wrong class and color or country, like Joy knows very well for three of these *defects there*, and me only for two.
Now we can just die or we must organize together.. What do you choose ?
Nothing is impossible, representatives do it from nothing with no money as well..
Revolution need only a few determined and organized people.

So Sheila, you are right, but it is not too bad or too late, the failure we experienced have good explanations. We need to be back in real life with who is sincere about it.
And it is what I will do here in France.

10. berryblade - July 5, 2010

Sheila, it must be so heartbreaking to see so many young girls and womyn tentacled by the idea of sucking dick for freedom 😦

11. Monique Louicellier - July 5, 2010

Sorry to disturb here..
Is anyone of you willing to do anything like gathering, meet, and do any concrete and visible political resistance outside of the internet where you live?
And will anyone of you answer to this (my) question?
I have a strange feeling that anything I am posting there, nobody replies or almost nobody.
Just to let you know I am not anonymous and my email is monique.louicellier@yahoo.com. I am interested to meet and make plans for organizing something with any European, US is too far for me, but not UK or any other european country..



12. SheilaG - July 5, 2010

Yeah berryblade it is horribly depressing to see what these young women are doing. And the porn and ad industry is out there 24/7 with this funfem porn loving propaganda. Go to lesbian clubs and you can tell the lesbians there because they are all dancing in spike high heels, picking up women for one night stands, and then wondering why their life is so empty.

I think a lot of it comes out of very bad home lives, and when I dig a little they really got messed up as kids and teens.

It’s really hard to get through to most women actually, straight women are very skitish, very fearful of radical anything these days.

Did anyone seriously believe that 5000 years of patriarchy wouldn’t present a huge obstacle to women. And if we can’t even share across generations or honor the work of the past radical feminists, we are in constant anti-feminist activism against each other.

13. sonia - July 5, 2010

yes, dose. I misspelled it twice in my comment which was mildly retarded. thanks for grasping that with such speed.

14. SamC - July 6, 2010

“Radical feminism is just as damaging to society as chauvinism and misogyny.”

I love this. Seriously. This is the perfect example of the lack of understanding of the very rudimentary basics of feminism that abounds in fun-fem land.

For most men, a good proportion of trans-women (at least 99% of those that comment on feminist blogs) and fun-fems, “misogyny” is just about women’s hurt feelings that men don’t think they’re “equal”. And because radical feminism sometimes hurts the feelings of men, trans-women and fun fems, it must be *just like* misogyny. Oh boo hoo, my poor delicate emotions, I just can’t cope with all this radical feminism that calls me out on my bullshit misogyny, privilege and massive sense of entitlement.

I mean, on radfem blogs, trans-women have openly stated as fact that fab-women are not raped, murdered, beaten, abused and denied services and healthcare just because they’re women. What the fuck? What sort of dick-swinging man bubble do you have to exist in to be blissfully unaware that for a large proportion of the world’s women, being denied education, sold as a “wife”, raped and forced to have children, and if that doesn’t kill them, being denied adequate health care, THAT’S LIFE. And me refusing to accept trans-women as exactly the same as me (despite all of the evidence to the contrary), or refusing to accept that porn is “fun” and “empowering” (Shelley Lubben had some great fun by the sounds of it! *vomit*) is “just as damaging as misogyny”… yep. Me hurting the feelings of the poor menz, fun-fems and trans women is “just as damaging” as more women in the world being killed by men than are killed by war, famine, cancer and road traffic accidents – in other words, MISOGYNY.

If that doesn’t display a massive sense of personal entitlement and a disgusting display of privilege, I don’t know what does.

Re “real life” radical feminists organising together… I just don’t know. I mean, great idea (obviously) in theory, but my life, (and that of many others) financial situation, responsibilities, work and all, don’t really leave much time for me to organise a revolution. Trying to keep a roof over my head is reasonably time consuming as it is. And of course there’s then the lack of radical feminist organisations to join, and if you create your own, the risk of meeting any old lunatic from the internet who may or may not be who you actually think they are. I mean, we have the feminist theory which is solid but I do wonder, realistically, what more exactly can I do, on a large scale. I try not to be defeatist but really, I’m just some woman commenting on a blog.

factcheckme - July 6, 2010

It’s all so laughable isn’t it? I mean if it didn’t make me want to puke my fucking guts out. It’s such a gross display of entitlement that it has actually made me nauseous on occasion, especially when I attempt to engage the asshole who thinks this way, and he actually defends it!

As for radfem organizing, I think safety and resources are the big issues, absolutely. I think we are several generations away from that, actually, and that its going to take a lot of work to even get there, to the beginning of an irl movement. And its going to have to start, I think, with women refusing to spend their resources (both time and money) on being fuckable, to men. Because after that, there’s nothing left. I was looking through a womens magazine the other day, and it was shameful, an absolutely shameful display of consumerism, and must-have grooming products on every page. Thousands of dollars worth of products. And for what? God. No wonder women don’t have any money, and have to work three jobs just to make ends meet. At this rate, nothing irl is even on the horizon, as far as I can tell.

15. Miska - July 6, 2010

MAN: the feminists get really mad when men are being misogynist…therefore when feminists make *me* really mad, its because they are being misandrist!

TRANSWOMAN: the feminists get really mad when men are being misogynist…therefore when *anyone* makes me really mad, they are being trans-misogynist!

Good point, that. It reminds me of ‘dog privilege’ actually, which is another example of transwomen misusing political language/concepts. Honestly, it’s so fucking obvious. Why do the majority of feminists buy into this nonsense? Are they just stupid, or willfully obtuse?

factcheckme - July 6, 2010

Yes, its exactly like dog-privilege miska. For anyone who wasnt around for that one, search “the fallacy of cis privilege” in the sidebar here, or “trans activitism is incompatible with feminism” over at miskas place (I think?)

factcheckme - July 6, 2010

As for why most feminists buy into these misappropriations and logic-fails, thats worth exploring i think. Clearly they are passifying men, and getting cookies for it. But the part that escapes me is why bother calling it feminist? Really, why? Is it literally just that feminism was the only corner that was off limits to men, and they decided they wanted in…and we let them? That’s what it seems like. Theres a lot of dick sucking going on here.

16. SheilaG - July 6, 2010

Perhaps we should tell women just how much money is wasted on body care products and make-up. I’m always talking to straight women strapped for cash, and it is positively weird how they won’t inventory the money they spend on this stuff. A lot of these women are single and not “dating” and the jobs they are in are not dependent on make-up.

Clearly, this economic incompetance is rampant. It doesn’t take much money to start a radical feminist group, or get 5-10 women together to pool resources and create a household, or even buy a house. Most straight women I know seem unable to get the concept of non-biological family cooperation. So we have huge numbers of women wallowing in poverity, always renting, and never getting that even in a terrible recession, there is collective action. We had this all the time, and lesbians still do this. That hetero brainwashing is so complete that it’s all survival all the time with women.

Even when I had few assets and low pay, I still built community with women. We still had small groups, we kicked out the obvious nut cases and enforced a few rules. It’s not that hard women.

17. Monique Louicellier - July 6, 2010

Congratulations Sheila.. That’s how it should be and how it worked for us and for straight feminists by the past. But frankly speaking, nowadays it is very hard, and even lesbians behave like straight women and you know that very well, don’t you?

18. SheilaG - July 6, 2010

Yes, Monique, agreed, we are living in a far more sex saturated crazy time than early lesbian feminism. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be discerning in our selection of 5-10 women to set up a house, share assets and build mini-community. It takes work, you need some revolutionary training courses, study, agreement on principles, but it would end poverty for women in the west one “house” at a time.

Granted there is far more insanity in the lesbian world today; maybe it was rose colored glasses, but our groups back in the day were very mixed — poor, middle class and rich women together. We didn’t have such an overwhelming number of drug addicts or alcohol abuse either. Again… dream… select.. find good women.

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