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Is Eminem a Transwoman? August 29, 2010

Posted by FCM in entertainment, feminisms, gender roles, health, liberal dickwads, PIV, pop culture, self-identified feminist men, thats mean, trans, WTF?.
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i knew i wasnt done with old eminem and his newest hit.  i knew it!  i knew that once i uncoiled from the fetal position and got up off the floor after seeing his new video for the first time, i would actually have something to say.  and after reading undercover punks latest, i knew what it was.  oh yes i did. 

now, i suspect old eminem himself would really, really fight me on this one (if i looked like megan fox he might even give me some of that sexxxay dangerous male attention before he “ironically” murdered me for being so uppity) but i think i may have cornered him here.  you see, i strongly suspect that eminem is, in fact, a transwoman!

i posted old em’s latest video here.  as we might recall (unfortunately its rather hard to forget) he waxes poetic about male sexual violence against women.  aka.  “domestic” violence.  in his latest work of art, he paints us a picture of an “abusive relationship” thats not real.  as in, he literally fantasizes about it.  he has two young female hotties domestic violence victims backing up his version of events, which appears to be that male violence against women is incredibly sexxxay, its not that bad, and its just as emotionally painful for the perpetrator, as it is physically painful for the victim.  got that?  good.

now.  undercover punk has repeatedly posted a quote from transwoman and transpolitical poor-me martyr extraordinaire, the male-assigned-at-birth who renamed himself “julia serano.”  cause hes a lady!  and it is absolutely the most egregious line of trans-bullshit i have heard to date.  in fact, it drives me mad, absolutely mad, and white-knuckled with rage, every time i read it.  again, we see a MAAB fantasizing and waxing poetic about male sexual violence against women:

When I was a child, I was sexually assaulted, but not by any particular person. It was my culture that had his way with me. And when he was through, he carved his name in my side so that I’d always have something to remember him by. It’s the scar that marks the spot where my self-esteem was ripped right out of me. And now all that’s left is a submissive streak that’s as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon.

thanks, julia!  in case anyone is rightly wondering what the living breathing fuck he is talking about here, old julia is telling us how emotionally painful it was for him to grow up male, in a world that is systematically hostile to females.  oh, someone get me a tissue, i am welling up.

he is also making a disingenuous parallel, between womens physical pain at the hands of sexually abusive men, and mens emotional pain, inflicted on themselves, due to self-hatred, patently irrational and unchecked rage against girls and women, and poor-me martyrdom.  got that?  good.

again, according to both julia serano and eminem, mens emotional pain, inflicted on themselves through their own fucked up attitudes about women, and their obsessiveness, perceived ownership of women and violence…is the same thing as womens ACTUAL, PHYSICAL PAIN, inflicted on women, BY MEN.  its just as bad.  in both cases, we see MEN, WAXING POETIC ABOUT RAPE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, AND PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR AND TRAUMA, things that only affect men as the perpetrators of these things *on* other people. ie. womens issues

so why the shared perspective, and shared compulsion to minimize female suffering at the hands of men, between eminem and julia serano?  this is a serious question.  is it because they are both transwomen?

of course, these things are only sexxxay and romantic from the perspective of the perpetrators, not the victims.  ie. from the perspective of men, not women.

see, from the perspective of the victim, male sexual violence is EXACTLY as poetic and beautiful as swallowing your own teeth when some MAN beats your fucking head in, and you live through MOST OF IT.  its EXACTLY as romantic and sexxxay as inhaling pieces of your own fucking skull and choking to death on your own blood, where the only person that knows what happened to you is the coroner, because mostly-surviving your own head-bashing and fighting back during it, is the ONLY WAY pieces of your own teeth and skull can wind up in your lungs, and only coroners really know that, because they see it with some regularity.  of course, thats IF they even find your body.  ie.  its not sexxxay, at all, for women.  quite the opposite.

and these things actually happen to women.  whereas men (and transwomen) fucking mentally masturbate to the image, and make disingenuous parallels between that, and their own “emotional pain.”  and of course…some men actually DO THIS TO WOMEN, in real life.  and its thanks to real-life murderers of women that transwomen like eminem and julia serano have such poetic, artistic images to mentally masturbate to.   and both julia serano and eminem both literally owe murderers and obliterators of women their livelihoods, dont they?  i mean, without real life violence against women, where would either one of them be?  unpublished, living in their mothers basements, without the ability to organize their thoughts, is my guess.

and importantly, the common theme among transwomen like eminem and julia serano is that male violence and female pain really arent that bad.  eminem makes this clear when he sets his unusually violent lyrics (even for him, and thats saying something) to images of sexxxay sex between skinny white kids who dont have a bruise or chipped tooth between them.  it tickles!  and serano, along with every other transwoman and trans-ally on the planet, actually believes that MAABs can trans-cend their pasts, including their social conditioning, as men.  which by implication also means that FAABs should be able to trans-cend our pasts too.  you know, the ones where most of us have been traumatized and permanently psychologically and physically damaged by aggressive, entitled men.  get over it already!

and that part is fucking ingenious, it really is: while mainstream males like eminem are telling us that male violence against women isnt that bad, self-identified “male feminists,” transpolitics and queer-theory all claim that we can transcend our pasts.  which is a nice thought.  but what we apparently arent supposed to recognize is that the new rules of the new game, according to them, is that FAABs should just forget about what MAABs have done to us.  which benefits all MAABs including transwomen, gender queers and “male feminists” directly, because you know, they are all men, and all want unquestioned, unfettered access to women, and womens space.  no matter how much some of them try to pretend they arent “male,” or that MAAB itself is a meaningless category.

so…in the case of old eminem, do i really think hes a transwoman?  no, i dont.  really, i think its pretty clear that julia serano is a man, and always will be.  and of course…that transwomen (and all MAABs) out themselves as aggressive, entitled, dangerous, and male, every time they open their mouths.  yet none of them, even in the interest of “passing” as something else, will ever just shut the fuck up.  just like the fucking men they are.


1. factcheckme - August 29, 2010

i feel better now. heh.

2. SheilaG - August 30, 2010

Ping ching… sound of nail being hit yet again 🙂
Cracked up at Eminem the transwoman LOL.

factcheckme - August 30, 2010

Thanks Sheila! I’m here all week!

3. Imaginary - August 30, 2010

POW! This kicks ass! Can someone make a banner that says “Eminem is a Tranny”? I think that might hurt his widdle male feewings.

factcheckme - August 30, 2010

Hmm. Well, hurting wittle male feewings is kind of my specialty. But banners are not. Although WordPress just added “print” and “email” buttons at the bottom of the page, so flyers and radfem spam are both real possibilities now. Have fun!

4. thebewilderness - August 30, 2010

I think I was about five when the parental unit informed me that it hurt them to beat me with a stick more than it hurt me.
Talk about adding insult to injury!

They don’t say these things to convince us. They say them to convince themselves. Liars don’t care if you believe them or not. All they care about is that you not call them on their lies.

5. sonia - August 30, 2010

LOL. This is my last comment on trans-biotches, because I’m on strike on the issue- but I srsly have to say that you are so right, and the only reason doods are into cutting off their dicks and pretending to be women is because they enjoy the sadistic little world they’ve set up sooo much between males and females, and love that martyrdom sooo much, they even want to experience it from the victim side.

6. berryblade - August 30, 2010

” will ever just shut the fuck up. just like the fucking men they are.”

And that’s all I ever want from men, to shut the fuck up. Another fucking brilliant post FCM.

7. mscitrus - August 30, 2010

Omfg FCM, you are right on. What is with men saying their emotional pain compares with women’s real physical pain and trauma? Seriously, every man who’s ever hurt me has had some variation on this.

My FTM ex: Calling me a rapist hurts my feelings, you can’t understand how hard it is to live with that label.
My exfriend: I feel so bad whenever you bring up how I groped you, I just can’t handle it.
My exfriend who defended above exfriend: I feel so guilty for defending him now that I know he’s molested another girl (because if its just me, whatever!), you can’t understand the pain of the guilt I have to live with. It hurts so much that you say I defend rape.

And guess what I did after they said that shit? I felt guilty so I shut up about whatever they did wrong and comforted them. That’s the whole point: look at meeee, me, me, turn the spotlight on meee, not on the fact that I’m totally in control of whether or not I rape you, so I don’t have to feel bad about it because I could just NOT DO IT. Just don’t do that misogynist shit and you won’t feel bad. And thank you Sonia and FCM, martyr is the word I’m thinking of. They are such fucking drama kings, I mean jeez.

factcheckme - August 30, 2010

Omg msc thats terrible! These assholes should be ashamed of themselves, absolutely ashamed for derailing the focus off of what they did, and shaming YOU for calling them on it. It’s unconscionable, it really is. And of course, men’s emotional pain is never even legitimate either, they bring it on themselves, and then act like they’ve been victimized. It’s a double-derail!

8. Undercover Punk - August 30, 2010

LOVE IT!! Exactly. TRIVIALIZING female experiences is the theme. MEN don’t seem to understand how FUCKING OFFENSIVE it is. Which is proof that they HAVE NO IDEA WHAT LIVING AS A FEMALE IS LIKE. And that they lack basic empathy. Among other critically human characteristics. Like shutting the fuck up!

In procedural matters:
Thanks for the personalized ping-back, FCM; they don’t work @ UP. Well, every once in a while a pingback will come through (and yes, I know about the internal settings), but usually trackbacks and pingbacks just don’t work there. I used to be MAD about it, trying to fix it all the time, but now I love the quiet. Even though this is one pingback I would’ve liked…oh well! So thanks for the manual version. 🙂

9. SheilaG - August 30, 2010

Gaslighting and displacement of blame are old patriarchal standards on the hit parade.

10. joy - August 30, 2010

mscitrus, maybe we were friends with — er, I mean, raped by — the same people!

My abusive male partner always insisted -I- was hurting -him-, or that we abused each other equally. Because I fought back either in direct defense against his offense, or as a preemptive strike when I saw it coming.
And of course, he NEVER raped me! And it hurts HIM just SO MUCH whenever he hears that I told someone what he did to me! How could I be so cruel?!
Then again, he is truly delusional, as in medically diagnosed as such.

My best-friend-turned-rapist cried tears when I told him he’d raped me … because it hurt HIM so much that I would say something like that.
Note that he never denied that he did it — just said he didn’t know he was doing it when he did it (ie, does not know that fucking a half-conscious girl = rape).
He just wishes I’d have shut up about it and not brought it up again. And how could I ruin HIS life like that?!

My favorite was the time I spent a day with another friend, telling him about what had happened with these other douchebags, then went home with the intention of cuddling for emotional support. (This was just before I realized that all men, not just men I didn’t know well, were scum, and was willing to grant some of them the benefit of the doubt.)
You can guess what happened! And the very next day, he informed me with much gravitas that (you won’t believe this) -I- had in fact raped -him-! Because he was so drunk that he didn’t realize what was happening until he woke up “having sex with” (raping) me.
So naturally it must have been my fault, for getting in my bed and not (apparently, or at least this is the conclusion I’ve drawn) pummeling him to death with a two-by-four.
The only way I think I could have prevented “raping him” was (other than having become a separatist before I met him … blast, hindsight always = 20/20) by pummeling him to death with that two-by-four. Given that I was not the rapist at all, HE was. But try telling HIM that.

Also, for the record, all of these men are supposedly countercultural men. As in, proud records of antiwar protesting, student organization, general “radicalism.”

Men know exactly how to destroy women’s credibility, by saying WE are in fact the perpetrators, or by breaking us down until we either comfort them or snap.
If we comfort them (the normal human reaction to seeing someone’s pain), then they can say, “See! It mustn’t have been so bad! You lying cunt.”
If we snap and cry, they can say, “See! She’s just hysterical, and maybe doesn’t even know what really happened.”
If we snap and scream or get cold, they can say, “See! She’s just a bitch, and probably just making it all up to hurt us.”

They know exactly what they’re doing. They may not be spelling it all out for themselves this way, but they know at least subliminally how to get themselves off the hook — and put women right back on it.

And they claim women are the liars and manipulators. THAT’s irony.

11. joy - August 30, 2010

Oh, and I’m not even cataloguing all the instances I’ve experienced of (what I call) “casual rape” — the sex that men have by lying and obfuscating or simply not communicating the truth in order to get women to say “yes.”

All of my casual rapists will never even hear that I realize they raped me. They’d be really confused: “But you said ‘yes’! (Or at the very least didn’t say ‘no’!) *So what* if I failed to tell you I was in a committed monogamous relationship with someone else the whole time, or that I was a junkie or alcoholic, or that I was taking pictures of you and giving them to my friends, or that I was [insert shitty stupid behaviors here]. You said ‘yes’! Neener neener neener, I can’t hear you!”

So there’s no point at all in my even saying anything.

Separatism is really working out well for me, you know? I wish I’d thought of it sooner. Like, when I was twelve.

Also, I’ve long thought that Eminem is closeted gay. Like, so closeted he doesn’t even know he’s closeted. So you may not be far off, FCM.

12. mscitrus - September 1, 2010

“mscitrus, maybe we were friends with — er, I mean, raped by — the same people!”
Oh lord, it sure sounds like it! Though I think that might be because men are just so boring and uncreative they all use the same excuses. 😛 I didn’t even mention the guy who said he learned what it feels like to be raped, because I was “raping him with my opinions.”

And oh lord, being told *you* were raping him? My ex did the same thing. Although that wasn’t because he was drunk, but because I was very forward about initiating sex with him, because if I “took the lead” I could maybe get to pick how he fucked me and when it happened. (read: not anally) 5 bucks says if you HAD pummeled him with a 2 by 4, he would have called you a crazay abusive bitch. God knows thats what men called ME the times I did fight back.

“Men know exactly how to destroy women’s credibility, by saying WE are in fact the perpetrators, or by breaking us down until we either comfort them or snap.
If we comfort them (the normal human reaction to seeing someone’s pain), then they can say, “See! It mustn’t have been so bad! You lying cunt.”
If we snap and cry, they can say, “See! She’s just hysterical, and maybe doesn’t even know what really happened.”
If we snap and scream or get cold, they can say, “See! She’s just a bitch, and probably just making it all up to hurt us.””

This, this SO MUCH. They totally take advantage of women’s capacity for empathy. And yup, when I flipped out, suddenly I was just CRAZAY so I was exaggerating for attention or needed therapy or whatevs. This is why when a dude says a woman hurt him or was abusive, I’m more than a little suspicious. Can we become WRAs and whine about false allegations now..?

The best phrase I’ve heard for someone as closeted as Eminem seems is “so deeply closeted” he can see Narnia. [/my bad sense of humor]

13. factcheckme - September 5, 2010

ok i made a small edit to include:

so why the shared perspective, and shared compulsion to minimize female suffering at the hands of men, between eminem and julia serano? this is a serious question. is it because they are both transwomen?

just in case i made that leap, without informing anyone else. i hope that was clear?

anyway, i am not writing anything new this week, because the “on credibility” thread has taken on a life of its own, and quite a lot has been written over there by myself and others. and, because hardly anyone has apparently even seen this post yet, due to allegedly pro-feminist male hugo schwyzer, and his compulsion to TAKE THE ATTENTION OFF OF THIS POST, WHICH WAS ABOUT FEMALE SUFFERING, AT THE HANDS OF MEN, and instead turn the attention and discussion onto him, and his ego, and how men are supposed to be allowed to participate in feminist discourse to whatever extent THEY deem appropriate, and they should be trusted to make that judgmement themselves. because would never even THINK to attempt take center stage in feminist spaces, and within feminist discourse. cause they are, like, mindful of shit like that. and stuff, and things. the irony, and the audacity, stun.

that is all.

14. SheilaG - September 5, 2010

To focus one’s attention 100% on the suffering of women– the life and death of women is really the foundation of feminism. Radical feminism says that women are killed, abused, and degraded by men, and that men claim to “love” women. The perversity of Eminem is that he says the perpetrators of this destruction of women should be paid attention to and that it is about male pain.

We no, radical feminism posits that women are in relationships with killers, torturers, and that male sexuality itself actually KILLS women. That’s right, the sexual acts of men KILL women, KILL as in KILL. Now what part of this equation is so hard for men to get– that they are so callous and clueless as to believe they have committed these crimes against women, and that they are still allowed to teach women? Or that they are allowed to make these videos, and promote themselves as artists, when really they are like patriarchal woman hatred promoters.

The central issue is, Eminem kills his wife, and this is “art.” It is all about him, and the woman is erased because her life is nothing. If that is not a definition of male obscenity, I don’t know what is.

And any man who objects to this commentary and always wants the attention on him, and NOT the actual victim, well that is the very definition of male obscenity and narcissism in the world. Radical feminism simply states that women are central, that our oppression is very real, and that killing, raping, and having sex with students is NOT symbolic– it has real social consequences, and it really does ruin women’s lives.

The penis, male sexual acts… ruin women’s lives.
No symbol here— just deadly real stuff.

15. SheilaG - September 5, 2010

I believe that men are so deluded that they just can’t grasp who they are and what they do to women.
Can’t grasp it, can’t bear it when radical feminists point this out to them on THEIR feminist blogs, because well they’re men, and they ban women, because THEY CAN”T HANDLE THE TRUTH– and the truth is, if all women told this truth and it was widely published, men would be out of work, they would not be hired, they would be in prison in number so large, that it would boggle the mind.

Think of it— every man who has ever raped a woman in any way ever suddenly has a big letter R appear on his forehead, and this could not be erased ever. The R would brand the man a rapist, and a K would appear for KILLER. Would you hire a man for a job if he had an R or a K on his forehead, and we could all verify that no mistake was ever made. That no amount of begging or pleading could erase the crimes against women.

What would happen to all men worldwide? And what would it look like to men who actually have no R’s or K’s on their foreheads. How many men worldwide would truely be honorable? Now that is a philosophical question that would actually interest me. But get this R and K are not “symbolic” they are real.

factcheckme - September 5, 2010

things get very scary when you start to imagine the actual depth and breadth of mens harms against women. and recognize that its not just a few “bad seeds” who are causing all the harm, but men collectively, as a class. if men were made to account for their harms, almost no man would be left out. this is due of course to PIV and the actual, tangible harms against women, due to dangerous male sexuality that places us in harms way, as a matter of course. but even if we removed the harms from PIV itself, and included only rape and murder, it would be a rude awakening for most people. who do we think is committing all the rapes and murders of women in this country, and around the world? homeless virgins? of course not, which means that many if not most rapists and murderers of women have jobs. many if not most of them are going to be sexually partnered with women too. aka. they are relatively “normal” men. scary ay?

any man that re-creates scenes of domestic abuse of women as “art” is literally fantasising about it, even if they arent drawing from thier real-life abuses of women. this in itself is incredibly revealing. its all very sexy for them, obviously. for the women, not so much.

16. delphyne - September 6, 2010

It’s not symbolic at all. Hence Kim’s slashed wrists:

“In the context of Eminem’s work—which includes fantasies about raping his mother and assaulting underage girls, among other things—the material on this most recent album seems almost innocuous. However, it also calls to mind an ugly incident from his past. In May of 2000, Eminem released a song entitled “Kim,” about kidnapping and murdering his wife. Later that year, when she attended one of his shows, he nearly killed her with it.

“I asked him before the show if he was going to play that song, and he said no,” Mathers said, in a 2007 interview for 20/20. He played it anyway. “Just watching everyone else just singing the words and laughing and, like, jumping around in, like, approval of… just, I couldn’t take it.” She went home and slashed her wrists.”

Get this one too about Eminem’s attitude to freedom of speech, or at least the right of his victim to speak:

“And when Kim Mathers began to speak to the press about their relationship, and how he’d hurt her, Eminem took her to court. Unbelievably, the man who had written songs about this woman which climaxed with shouting “bleed, bitch, bleed” now wanted to prevent her from making any “derogatory, disparaging, inflammatory and otherwise negative comments” about him. ”


17. berryblade - September 7, 2010

What would happen to all men worldwide? And what would it look like to men who actually have no R’s or K’s on their foreheads. How many men worldwide would truely be honorable? Now that is a philosophical question that would actually interest me. But get this R and K are not “symbolic” they are real.

I guarantee there would not be a single one without at least an R on their heads.

any man that re-creates scenes of domestic abuse of women as “art” is literally fantasising about it, even if they arent drawing from thier real-life abuses of women. this in itself is incredibly revealing. its all very sexy for them, obviously. for the women, not so much.

Yes yes yes! Don’t know if you’ve seen bonerkiller dot blogspot dot come (it’s on my blog roll) but she recently made a post about “alt” porn and how so much of it is just graphic glamourisation of violence against womyn (when it’s not depicting it directly.) And this is considered ALTERNATIVE to the mainstream obsession with violence against womyn, I don’t get it.

My heart goes out to Kim Mathers, it really does. Eminem is a wife-beating, womon hating piece of shit. I didn’t even know about the slit wrists, that’s terrible 😦

18. berryblade - September 7, 2010

Also, fuck, the comments on that article are VILE.
“she hit him first”

“they’re both abusers”


19. joy - September 19, 2010

mscitrus, I’m sorry we share experiences. They are sucky experiences.

Also, guarantee that if I’d pummeled that dude with the two-by-four, I would have done it until he didn’t get up any more. No complaining any more from him.

20. SEVAS TRA – T.R.I.C | anti social butterfly - September 23, 2010

[…] I will just link to my favourite three entries of hers at the moment:  The similarities between Eminem and transwomen (both are oppressed by their maleness, apparently,) on footbinding, chivalry and rape (and how […]

21. FAB Libber - October 26, 2010

A brilliant post FCM. The ridiculousness of the lie is exposed when used in other scenarios (esp if both the perps & victims are men).

Torturer: It hurt me more than it did [the tortured]
Murderer: It hurt me more than it did [the murdered]

factcheckme - October 27, 2010

thanks FAB libber. this post didnt get as much play as it might have, if fucking hugo hadnt hijacked the discussion, and taken the attention away from DV and put it on HIMSELF, instead. see the “on credibility” thread for more on that.

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