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New Year, New Nicked Videos and Citrus-Themed Clip-Art January 1, 2011

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this is the final scene from monty pythons “the life of brian.”  interestingly, it reminded me of…fun-feminism!  yes, it did.  i wasnt even looking for this video, i thought perhaps the parrot sketch or the ministry of silly walks would properly ring-in the new year.  i dont know, i was just looking.  but the crucifixes with the sun gleaming behind them seemed appropriate to the season…and the absurd, baseless optimism and complete refusal to recognize certain brutal realities spoke to me more.  call me crazy!

and this one…well this isnt exactly new, since i have posted it here before…but again, it kind of fits.  its the best use of a treadmill i have ever seen.  and with millions of people set to engage in their annual rituals of self-loathing (aka. “new years resolutions”) starting TODAY (ok, maybe tomorrow) and billions of mostly-womens consumer dollars about to be thrown into the weight-loss and fashion industries’ coffers as you lose, lose, lose…then gain it all back…i invite everyone to take a deep breath, and consider “resolving” to JUST.  NOT.  just consider it!  thats all i ask.

next, in 2010 we saw…the first million-dollar appraisal on the US-version of antiques roadshow!  it featured a collection of jade that this womans father brought back from a military appointment in china.  i dont know why, but i am absolutely fascinated by this show.  people bringing in all their shit, not having any idea of its value, and then having someone else, some hyper-credentialed “expert” assigning peoples treasures their objective worth, and filming the owners responses.  now thats good television.

and this is a tribute to (golden girls, maude, mamas family) actor rue mcclanahan, who died in june.  there are several tributes out there and this one, although it isnt the “best” with regards to either video or audio, actually made me cry.  the vidder made a personal tribute to her at the end, but i had to strain to hear it, and i could still barely hear what she was saying.  and it actually moved me to tears, anyway.  it surprised me, and warmed my tiny shriveled heart.  and below that is the final scene from the “golden girls” series finale, and then part 1 of the pilot to “the golden palace,” which was a spin-off that i completely forgot ever existed.  the rest of the pilot is available on youtube, for anyone who wants more.

enjoy, and happy new year!



1. FCM - January 1, 2011

ok there was a copyright problem with the treadmill vid (HA!) so i found another link, should be working properly now.

also, the snow on the life of brian clip is cracking me up. all the snow on all the outdoor clips has been very enjoyable actually, i thought. wordpress will kill my joy “on or about jan. 4” when they take the snow away. oh well.

2. FCM - January 1, 2011

heres a link to the last video intermission. i highly recommend “text message breakup.”


3. zeph - January 3, 2011

I love the new clip art. I want that class of lemonade, it looks so delicious.

Happy New Year.

FCM - January 3, 2011

hi zeph! thanks, and happy new year to you too. do you want to add your url to your sign-in info so people can click on you/find your blog? its up to you of course. but i am updating my blogroll along with making other changes/maintenance stuff around here, and want to include the radfem blogs ive missed.

4. zeph - January 3, 2011

Thanks, factcheckme. I would be happy to go on your blogroll. 🙂

FCM - January 3, 2011

Ok but you’ll have to include your url. I have only ever found you by accident. If you include it in your sign in info, along with your username and email, your name will hyperlink and people can click on you and find you that way.

5. Sargassosea - January 3, 2011

Ssea’s 2011 wish: more links to more radical feminists!

6. zeph - January 4, 2011

Thanks, FCM. Maybe I will think about it. I am used to my little backwater. I love the place you have made here though, it is a real bastion of radicalism.

FCM - January 4, 2011

ok zeph. whatever you like. i have found your blog two or three times by clicking through on other peoples blogrolls, but always forgot how i got there! backwater indeed. i dont blame you for wanting to lay low, although i am not sure how much traffic it would generate for you, having your link here? even the most heavily-trafficked radfem blog probably gets less hits a day than oh say a blog dedicated entirely to onion-flavored snack foods, or to a skin disease shared by 6 people in ohio. dirt and 9/2 perhaps being the exceptions, but even then. we are a pretty well-kept secret unfortunately.

7. Miska - January 4, 2011

I must say, I do kind of like the radfem blog secrecy. It’s cozy, y’know? And I can pretend we are planning a top secret radical revolution.

In other news, airports are the most boring place known to womankind. Thank gawd for wireless internets: I can take the feminazi blogosphere wherever I go!

FCM - January 4, 2011

I think its cozy too, especially now that the transactivists, fun fems, mansplainers and mras have pretty much stopped commenting here. Guess they do value their own time afterall, and realized that they were completely wasting it on me. Took long enough!

8. Sargassosea - January 4, 2011

Cozy is nice and pretending to plot bloodless revolutions it tops! But I do wish that it was easier for (more) like-minded brilliant women to be able to find these spaces. Although it occurs to me that only the most tenacious and true-of-heart feminists actually put in the time to find us, so that says something.

And speaking of Nazis, it’s alright by me if the gang would prefer to use the logical initials for my handle, SS, because it’s not like I’ve never been called a feminazi before 😉

9. Undercover Punk - January 4, 2011

I like this New Year miscellaneous post!!

Sargassosea, I think you should be SSSS. Like S^4! 😉 I never wanted to be UP or UCP, but that’s what happens when you have a long name, isn’t it?

I wish I felt cozy, sisters! Damn. Backwaters. I need to un-link my blog or something. Go underground. Maybe I just need to put some deep water pics up over at UP. Yeah, that would be more astrologically appropriate. And I love the new clip art, FCM. Especially the one with the blue background just under the blog roll (glad to see I’m still there!).

Also, LOVE Golden Girls. Love. Love. Love. And adore. Forever.

And finally, omg, FCM, we are soooo watching Antiques Roadshow marathons for days and days at the RadFem Compound post-revolution!! Ahahahaaaa!! I LOVE that show too.

Happy New Year!

10. joy - January 5, 2011

I am definitely resolving to “just … not.”

Though I’ve always thought “New Years’ Resolutions” were lame and fed capitalism, anyway. I suck at keeping them. This one I already keep.

11. gallusmag - January 5, 2011

Wow- you put me on your blogroll! I can’t tell you what a freaking honor that is. I read you all the time but I’m never clever enough to comment. All I ever have is “YES! That’s RIGHT! That makes SENSE! It’s all so CLEAR to me now!”.
Much love.

FCM - January 5, 2011

Just to clarify, the only reason I even have a blogroll is that I get bored easily but am also extremely lazy, so I like to have things I can easily click on, for my own convenience. My only criteria really is that when I click on it, I often find that its been updated, and it doesn’t bore me to death. Which is why its pretty short. And its why I occasionally remove things, and rarely add things. That’s all it means.

FCM - January 6, 2011

damn, wheres sheila? she probably wouldve thought the hot flash crack was funny.

and hey UP, and happy new year to you too! antiques roadshow marathon it is. love love love that show.

12. Sargassosea - January 6, 2011

Hey! I have hot flashes (accompanied by nausea – woo hoo) every day! It’s like having morning sickness for a year, and counting! It totally bites!

But the joke was appreciated nonetheless 🙂

FCM - January 6, 2011

Ha! Glad someone appreciated it. Also, I have a new post up. Enjoy!

FCM - January 6, 2011

Omg. I’ve given myself an earworm.

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