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Sadistic? Check. Controlling? Check. Hate being laughed at? Check! (A Male Privilege Checklist) August 6, 2011

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men have been dressing up in womens clothes for centuries, as comedy.  it was always meant to be funny (because misogyny is funny) and now some men are doing it with straight faces and they demand that we all keep straight faces too.  its sadistic and controlling, is what it is, to change the rules right in the middle of the game *and* to say somethings not funny (or not funny anymore) just because they say its not.

hmm, sadistic and controlling.  and…hate being laughed at (unless they are trying to be *intentionally* funny of course.  more of that control-stuff).  what does all of this sound like, to you?

now heres a couple of classic clips where men dress up as women, as comedy.  you better not laugh; its not funny anymore.  its not, because they say its not.

and heres one specifically making fun of transwomen.  stop laughing.  its not funny.  because they say its not.

heres one with a man performing femininity.  badly.  strangely, no transwomen seem to want to perform *this* kind of femininity, so i guess its still funny?  i dont know, you be the judge.  but laugh at your own peril mkay?  the transactivists might decide ANY DAY NOW that they want to perform this kind of femininity too, and at that very moment, making fun of men who do this badly will cease to be funny.

and heres one of my personal favorites.  it is!  its a dood that dresses up and plays almost all the female parts himself, and its funny.  of course, real women get to play the hot chicks, cause you know, everyone can spot a man in a dress at a million paces and men in dresses arent part of the rape class so arent really sexy.  women are sexy, men pretending to be women are funny.  at least, this is the way its worked for centuries, people.  centuries!  (or decades, whatever, i dont know when real women were first allowed in theater at all.  my point is that men want to change the game NOW.  men pretending to be women are really women.  dont laugh!).

and all of this is very harmful to men, and definitely not to women.  and women are to blame for all of this, even though men are the ones doing it and they have been doing it (and making money off it) for literally centuries.  got that?  good.



1. FCM - August 6, 2011

i actually dont know when they started letting real women into the theater at all. anyone?

2. Loretta Kemsley - August 6, 2011

It’s pretty silly, isn’t it, when such a small segment of men think they can order women how to feel about them. It isn’t even as if they have any real power, expect the male privilege power still floating around in their head while they try to claim they are real women.

If they aren’t turning loose of that accustomed male power to dominate women, then why should women consider them women? Do we get access to that male privilege power? Do they share it with us even after they borrow our clothes and physical characteristics? Nope? Well, there ya go

So, as far as I’m concerned, we will continue to decide what we find funny and what we find ludicrous. Men thinking they can emulate or become women is ludicrous. Men being stupid on stage while they pretend to be women. Well, the reason it’s funny is the same reason why men can never lop off parts and become women: they get it all wrong.

FCM - August 6, 2011

yes, they do think they can tell us how we are supposed to feel about them, whether we are supposed to be attracted to them, or take them seriously (or laugh at them) its all supposed to be scripted, by them. what we can *never* do is criticize them. never. or laugh at them, when they want us to be taking them seriously. our emotions and our perceptions exist only to validate them, and for no other reason. radical feminist criticism of trans politics is chapping their entire hide, and this is clearly why. they cannot stand women having our own perceptions of them, for one single second. this is true across the board of course, and *thats* the reason we know they are men, and they always will be. you cannot change your sex, but you also cant really change your gender can you? i mean really. at least men dont seem to be able to, its so obvious. entitlement (and telling women what to perceive) is mens domain, it always has been.

3. thebewilderness - August 6, 2011

Margaret Hughes 1660 was the first in England by Royal Charter.
In the civilized world women had always participated in the arts.

FCM - August 6, 2011
4. KatieS - August 8, 2011

The Monty Python “I want to be a Woman” made me spew coffee. (And that’s not a figure of speech, it just happened). Hilarious! You need to put a “do not watch while drinking coffee” warning on it.

It is much funnier than the others. Why? It is not minstrelizing women, it is mocking pretense and irrational entitlement. Classic. Keeper. Hilarity.

5. pmsrhino - August 8, 2011

That Life of Brian clip always makes me laugh because I’ll be damned if it isn’t hilarious how easily they condense the trans argument and why it doesn’t make sense into a few minutes. 😛

FCM - August 8, 2011

YES i agree that the life of brian clip is the funniest, for the reasons you say. AND that the others really arent funny at all. because of the misogyny. “misogyny is funny” and minstrelizing women is what makes this genre popular, but whats actually “humorous” about it from a womans perspective? the premises for the movies arent FUNNY…tootsies premise is apparently starving male artists…who cares? the premise for “some like it hot” is apparently mafia violence…whats funny about that? nothing. but they were comedies, see? and in the first monty python clip, we have a faceless brute murdering mary queen of scots, over 2 episodes of a radio program. har!

when *i* watch these clips (on mute preferably) the only thing thats “funny” to me is how much these men in dresses TRYING TO BE FUNNY, actually look like transwomen. its just striking to me how they want people to laugh one minute, and the next they want to be taken DEADLY SERIOUSLY but their behaviors are exactly the fucking same. its more their wanting to dictate others response to them (especially womens response to them) and how THEY want to orchestrate and choreograph the show, and dictate the audiences proper response too. its so controlling. and its so obvious that they are really men. i mean really.

FCM - August 8, 2011

and srsly, that LOB clip makes me laugh and laugh, for real. it really is the best one. and yes, theres no minstreling involved, just politics.

FCM - August 8, 2011

ok and the text-message breakup one is funny. it is!

FCM - August 8, 2011

ok and the michael keaton one is a *little* funny. isnt it? so heres how i would rate them, in order of being funny (AS INTENDED, as i say transwomen are unintentionally funny, and so are men in drag IMO)

1. stan wants to be a woman
2. text message breakup
3. mister mom
4. all the rest of em (really NOT funny as intended, unintentionally only and in the context of trans criticism)


6. KatieS - August 8, 2011

I never found the minstrelizing women stuff funny, even as a young child. I was uneasy with them. I also never found the “abuse of women” bits on tv as a child (see esp the Honeymooners old tv clips) I found them terrifying. These are threats to women, meant to keep us in our places.

If you ever do older tv shows on your piv on tv, you could do the Honeymooners and All In The Family (Archie Bunker). Those portray more overt degradation of women which was once acceptable, though Bunker was meant to hold a mirror up to it more than the Honeymooners. PIV is in there, too.

FCM - August 8, 2011

yes the old “to the moon alice” etc references to domestic violence are really threatening, and i never found them funny even as we were obviously expected to laugh at them. i dont find PIV references funny anymore either as they are obviously a threat too, but the laugh-tracks belie this dont they? its really sick, the amount of “orchestrating the response” that goes into mens entertainment. its all about control, and creating and manipulating perception, even womens perception. we are supposed to see everything out of *their* eyes. including taking them seriously NOW when they say they SERIOUSLY FEEL LIKE women.

did you watch the mr mom clip? would you say he was “minstrelizing” even though he never dressed up (well except in a utilitarian apron)? what about text message breakup, did you find that threatening?

what i like about text message breakup is that hes making fun of his ex bf. and he totally slams him, including outing him as someone who “plays with his asshole in the shower.” totally humiliates him by telling his “secrets,” the ones that women are required to keep for the duration of the relationship, to make men look good (even when they arent). its one of my faves, but noone else is required to like it. 🙂

7. KatieS - August 8, 2011

I think that the text message breakup is funny in that it is about retaliation. There are other messages in there, but overwhelming retaliation is “over the top,” part of the humor, but somehow justified. Like, most doods wouldn’t get why that’s a problem unless it is that over the top message from so many people, like “it takes a village.” Not threatening because such a strong community response. Also funny.

The mr mom is minstrelizing behavior in that it shows a male unable to figure out simple things that women do, a common thing that males use to get out of taking responsiblity for tasks of daily living (including not being able to find their socks, but women should have a mental map of the whole house and where thing are at all times. But it is also showing that it’s a more complex/difficult role than going in to the office. That’s truthful for many jobs. I think that’s the funny part.

One underlying message is that males don’t get it in things requiring emotional intelligence or housework. Their brains don’t work right, iow. That’s true in many ways, but also it’s that they don’t pay attention to those things because they are considered beneath them. Not threatening, but frustrating and demeaning.

To add my own rant, it’s why things like the BP oil spill happen, too. These males are either unable or unwilling, or both, to process the details that might mean life or death for others, including the planet. Thinking about ecosystems and thinking about running a household while caring for kids have a lot in common.

FCM - August 8, 2011

yes funny how so many men are lining up to wear womens clothes, but running quickly away from performing womens work, including unpaid domestic work. and yes theres alot to womens work, including emotional and financial stresses (and project management aka. mental labor and multitasking) that men have no interest in mimicking either. its all about the clothing isnt it? and how they are perceived by other people. positively, at all times, no matter what. they fucking demand it, especially from women.

now im interested in looking at “comedy” and whats generally considered “funny.” there was an episode of “king of the hill” where the young son wanted to be a clown, and there were elements to that kind of funny. now i want to know more about comedy…or it is all “laugh when men tell you to laugh?” i mean, women know whats funny to us, and have excellent senses of humor (and wonderful laughs). but thats not what im talking about. we were supposed to think “exploding penguin” was as funny as “stan wants to be a woman” werent we? is that because each thing is equally funny to them? how is that possible?

8. yttik - August 8, 2011

The whole idea of performing “femininity” is pretty funny. I want to be a woman! Good, here’s the toilet scrub brush and a box of potatoes to peel. I mean really, they have no flippin clue about what being a woman is like! Cut your wages in half and double your workload. Presto, instant woman!

As to male privilege the one that always stands out for me is the selfishness, the obsession with one’s own issues. For example, a trans suffering the indignity of not being able to use a public restroom is the biggest human rights violation ever, women being raped and murdered everyday? Not such a big deal.

9. KatieS - August 9, 2011

Yes, yttik, and I resent the amount of time spent fighting the restroom issue when women are being raped, murdered, enslaved, and starving. I do think that the private space issue is a battle that has to be fought, for sure (or there will be more rapes and murders of women). However, it also represents a use of the time that women spent on issues that are male-created, by people who should be our allies. It is all about them controlling the dialogue, isn’t it. Just like in so-called comedy where they tell everyone when to laugh, as you point out FCM.

Males are frequently ridiculous while at the same time being quite unfunny. I don’t care to laugh at their harsh unfunny stupidity.

10. Noanodyne - August 9, 2011

Good idea to analyze what men think is funny. Include in that analysis the males who have claimed that women aren’t funny (and they are probably just the tip of the iceberg).

FCM - August 10, 2011

heres something we are supposed to be taking DEADLY seriously now….after like decades of this being used as humor:


11. fwancis - August 15, 2011

That part of Life of Brian always irked me because of its sexism (acknowledging women’s humanity is like so tedious! And menz who do so are feminized!). However, it’s pretty funny to watch it again since becoming trans-critical. Sad that so few will point out that trans live in a fantasy world where biological reality goes out the window and everyone takes crazy pills to support their delusion.

I got a good laugh out of Little Britain’s unconvincing transvestite Emily Howard (even if the show in general tends to be… uh… questionable). He acts a LOT more like transjender, from the ridiculous caricature of femininity he believes womanhood is right down to the fixation on the women’s restroom. I only wish that instead of acting out a Victorian stereotype, he acted out a pornstick stereotype like so many real life M2Ts.

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