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Moron Slutwalk October 2, 2011

Posted by FCM in feminisms, liberal dickwads, logic, PIV, politics, pop culture, rape.
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when i first sat down to create this graphic, my intent was to show why liberal men and self-identified feminist men seem so interested in slutwalk: why are they participating at all, whats in it for them?  clearly, they are participating because their own male privilege and power is being challenged (this is why they get involved in most things…also note their rage when their participation is itself questioned) but in the case of slutwalk i think its very clear where this challenge is coming from.  this is liberal mens entitlement to womens bodies being challenged by more “conservative” mens ideas about women and “sex.”  namely, that conservative men think women in general shouldnt dress like sluts and whores for men in general, because under conservative sexual politics womens sexuality is confined to their reproductive servitide to one man at a time within the context of marriage.

conservative mens own use of prostitutes of course needs some examining here, but the one thing they always say when they get caught is that they have “sinned.”  isnt it?  they are flawed and faulty human beings who have run afoul of their own values.  not that theres anything wrong with their values (according to themselves) just that they couldnt (chose not to) personally adhere to them, when using prostituted “common women” for sex.  well looky there, ive examined it!  that was easier than i thought.  and that now-infamous toronto police officer who advised women to stop dressing like sluts if they wanted to stop men raping them was an expression of conservative sexual mores, that threatened liberal mens entitlement to have girls and women dressing as slutty as fucking possible, for liberal mens pleasure.  this was a clash of liberal mens and conservative mens respective brands of rape-culture.  this is what liberal men are protesting, when they get involved in slutwalk.  mystery solved.

but what this graphic also revealed, i think, is that slutwalk cannot possibly challenge “rape culture” because it happens in the friction and overlap where 2 rape cultures collide.  the existence of rape culture in itself didnt precipitate the need for slutwalk: the 2 brands of rape culture being incompatible with one another and creating friction and overlap at one point is what created this “emergency.”  and protesting this emergency (of 2 brands of rape culture being incompatible with one another somewhat on some issues but not creating enough static to undermine either one of them) is what gave rise to this.  men creating conflict between and amongst themselves, as to the proper use of womens bodies within patriarchy and within a male-centric PIV-as-sex paradigm that colonizes and kills women for mens pleasure, and increases male power and increases womens submission to men.  warring factions of slaveowning men, disagreeing somewhat on the proper use of their sexual slaves, would not be an inaccurate description of whats happening here.

the message here is not that theres anything wrong with rape culture as such: the message seems to be that liberal mens brand of rape culture is better than the alternative brand, but is that really true?  conservative women dont seem to think so: they seem to think that theirs is better, or at least that there is no escaping rape culture so its better to be the property of one man than all men.  so theres even some disagreement amongst the sexual slaves as to whats the better deal under this inherently oppressive regime.  a feminist analysis of course would reveal that all brands of rape culture are still rape culture.

there is friction and overlap here, but its all very much within the context of rape culture, and it all very much supports (and comprises) rape culture as such.  on the ground, i have no doubt that this would all seem very confusing for women who are fucking sick and tired of all of it, of knowing men are salivating when we walk by and that its because we are on the menu, and the dinner bell is always ringing.  this happens no matter how or even whether we are dressed.  the cognitive dissonance here must be paralyzing, and this is in fact what we see: this post entitled “post slutwalk anxiety” reveals quite a lot.  second-wave feminists not being welcome (gee i wonder why?); issues of “consent” being brought up, which is rape-culture language and benefits men and causes extreme anxiety in women, even in the context of this allegedly empowering exercise; and the issue of there being severe consequences to resistance, and the fact of any resistance to rape culture at all being incompatible with womens real lives, no matter how liberally they identify and how deeply they are involved and invested in liberal politics.  there is a reason this is happening in the context of slutwalk.  it doesnt mean what they are being told it means, and what they want desperately for it to mean.  it doesnt mean that.  but clearly, its not meaningless.  slutwalk — and mens participation in it — just mean something else entirely.

and it *is* stunning, the complexity and the audacity do have that effect.  but it doesnt have to be paralyzing.  it doesnt have to be this way.  some “feminism” does actually make sense.  and we will be there, supporting them, when women have an a-ha moment and realize what all of this means (and what it doesnt).  and this does happen.  radical feminists have always performed this function — to support women and womens interests as a sexual class around the world, no matter what — and we always will.


1. FCM - October 2, 2011

click on image to view full size.

2. Mary Sunshine - October 2, 2011

{{{ FCM }}}, once again you have surpassed yourself, when that can hardly be imagined possible.

This post is an intellectual joy.

Happily, particle physics is able to struggle along without you.


3. Hecuba - October 2, 2011

Thanks FCM for succinctly explaining how and why those libertarian men are at war with right-wing fundamentalist men. I’ve long known that men war against other men for control over women but on this occasion I didn’t recognise the obvious. Women as usual are men’s pawns because women exist only to serve men 24/7 and this includes being men’s disposable sexual service stations.

Only difference is whether or not women are publicly owned by all men or whether women are privately owned by one or more male family members!

Then too many so-called respectable religious fundamentalist men are just as libertarian as their left-wing male colleagues – only difference is the right-wing men hypocritically want to own women privately but also have sexual access to other women publicly without their hypocrisy being discovered. Then too these right-wing men commonly blame the prostituted woman because she is so powerful that she always seduces the poor man and he poor male is always ruled by his penis and never ever engages in ‘agency and choice’ does he?

So male supremacy reigns supreme and women continue to wonder why what they experience within Male Supremacist Systems is not what Male Supremacist Systems claims? Radical feminists have long uncovered the propaganda and double speak male supremacy but because we speak the truth we are demonised – not the men who support and profit from the male supremacist system.

FCM - October 2, 2011

oh, and the onion part answers the question: for those men who are or seem legitimately “upset” about all of this, and about what the now-infamous toronto cop said, what could they *possibly* have to be upset about? 🙂 i died laughing when i came across that onion graphic. i wasnt looking for it.

4. reversemirror - October 2, 2011

“this was a clash of liberal mens and conservative mens respective brands of rape-culture. this is what liberal men are protesting, when they get involved in slutwalk. mystery solved.”

Thank you, because I was struggling to work out what was bothering me about the whole Slutwalk movement, and had kind of previously put it down to being uncomfortable with people suggesting the term “slut” is worth “reclaiming”. This however nails it.

5. SheilaG - October 2, 2011

No wonder radical lesbian feminism is the most reviled of all the feminisms on earth. Makes perfect sense to me.

Great job with this post. I always wondered why I found most male rock and roll music suspicious as a child…. it was my inner revulsion at female sexuality sold on the auction block of liberal men!

6. mechantechatonne - October 2, 2011

I’ve been lurking here for a week or so, and tried to post once, but was apparent unsuccessful. I’m 22 and I’ve been feeling a bit lost with regards to how to make a relationship with a man “work.” Every man I meet makes it blatantly obvious they’re looking for a domestic and sexual servant, and the idea doesn’t appeal to me at all. I had been spending time in liberal “feminist” spaces, but they’re suggestion that I wear more lipgloss, get pissy and try to prosecute when men rape me at frat parties and learn not to pout when they call me a whore for doing them the favor of sleeping with them seemed rather insufficient to me. I wound up here from the comment section on Rage Against the Man-chine. I have never posted there, but I did quit a bit of reading.

This makes a ton of sense. I was feeling rather leery about this “slut walk” thing myself, but mostly because it just seemed like a dubious thing to me. Having men not call us sluts seems less helpful to me than having men not rape us. The idea that women are having a slut walk so they can not have men use “they were dressed like a slut” as an excuse for raping them seems to woefully miss the point. We all know that rapists rape women regardless of what they’re wearing, or how physically attractive they are. Knowing that, it seems incredibly unhelpful to frame the issue the same way men do and pretend what we are wearing is really relevant. Liberal feminists seem to be saying that what’s oppressing women is clothing, night time and nasty words, which is an incredibly acrobatic exercise in refusing to name the agent.

7. Luckynkl - October 2, 2011

Summed up:
Conservative men think women are private property.
Liberal men think women are public property.
Radical Feminists think women aren’t property at all.

8. SheilaG - October 3, 2011

Lucky, that is the best summary I’ve read in years!

All men think women are property of some kind.

9. Linda Radfem - October 3, 2011

Brilliant. It was bothering me too that men were suddenly so keen to support women’s activism but it didn’t quite click with me why.

It works both ways for both groups of men, of course. Liberal dudes often still want a personal domestic slave and conservative men buy prostituted women. They all manage to have the best of both worlds.

10. ybawife - October 3, 2011

As a 2nd waver I know the price one can pay for allowing men to join feminist campaigns. At Greenham we kept the rule NO MEN! and fell out with other feminists because they wanted their nigels to ‘join us’. What they actually wanted to do was steal our ideas, our intelligence and our creativity. Also our unique way of protesting. That was gettting results.

They were livid about that, these ( so called) liberal guys hated us as much as the conservative male establishment that took great pleasure is attacking us and attempting to rob us of our right to protest and arresting us as roughly and as violently as possible, being hemmed in by huge mounted police will always make me shudder in the recollection.

Currently UK Feminista and other feminist on the rise groups want ‘men to join the struggle’. Like asking a lion to round up the sheep!!!!!!! These womon just don’t get it!!!!!!

We have our own Herstory that tells us that the menz while faining support, are actually looking to make choices about who to F*** in the easiest way possible, all in the cause of feminist progress of course.

We’ve been there before, many times and it always ends the same if you let the menz any where near the feminist project. Time womon woke up……and identified the enemy!

11. yttik - October 3, 2011

I like how those diagrams overlap each other, FCM.

It does seem like right wing men are saying something like, you have the right to fulfill your God given role as a woman….. by having sex with me. And the left wing ones are saying, you have the right to “empower” yourself as a woman and fulfill your natural purpose… .by having sex with me. WTF is the difference?

Also, after you have sex with me, you can donate all your unpaid labor to my social causes. The Right might make you work for the ladies auxiliary or something, but the Left also has their various political agendas you get to donate your free labor to. One slutwalk I was looking at also had advocates for animal rights, socialism, anti capitalism, environmental issues. It rubbed be the wrong way, like can’t women just have one protest for women’s rights without having to almost apologetically advocate for every other social cause too? I mean, women are not a “social cause” or “an issue,” we’re half the human race.

FCM - October 3, 2011

yes, women are always supposed to declare our loyalties to political groups by fucking men in those political groups. transwomen demand this of women too, which is not really a surprise: its been said too many times to count that the real test of women divesting themselves of their (made-up) cis-privilege is whether they will fuck someone who is trans. and this includes lesbian FAABs fucking MAABs who still have their dicks, but who self-identify as “lesbians.” not to derail my own thread into trans politics, but im just saying. this is mens favorite manipulation and political power-play. this is what “pussy-power” really is, and how its used, and what men expect from women who are politically active. “politically-active.” what does that remind you of? for women only of course. not for men. they would never be or be expected to be fucked by men for any reason, let alone a political one. women probably wouldnt demand it from them either. as i understand it, feminists are pretty tolerant of gay men afterall, including their right NOT to fuck us.

FCM - October 3, 2011

this also applies in everyday dealings NOT in the context of political organizing of course. sexual politics are always implicated in every setting.

12. Mary Sunshine - October 3, 2011

We’re going to have to start calling our movement and marches FemalesNotMales. Males now *own* the word “feminism” through their trauma-bonded minions. Like “slut” it’s a word that’s impossible to reclaim.

95% of females will never be with us. But we can make gains without them as long as our message and our naming systems are crystal clear. If we allow ourselves to be dependent on “winning over” the minions, or to say to ourselves that our goals must be acceptable to “all women”, we lose.

FCM - October 3, 2011

its difficult to imaging giving up the word “feminism” though. that might be a word we CAN reclaim, *if* its one we made up and owned in the first place? i actually dont know the history of the word.

13. Mary Sunshine - October 3, 2011

Somebody like Sheila Jeffries would know the history of the word. But here’s the thing: the second wave was not originally called “feminism”: it was called Women’s Liberation. *That’s* the phrase that grabbed the female mind. That’s the phrase that males and male-bonded women hated. It was the academically-placed women in the WLM that substituted “feminism” for “Women’s Liberation”. It sounded less threatening, and limited the meaning of Liberation to “equality”.

OK. We’ve seen where “equality feminism” has gotten us. Fucking screwed. (Bess Hungerford is reading the book about that.) Also the blog post (somewhere?) “Why Men Love ‘Sexism'”.

We need the word wham! FEMALE in there. Keep saying female, female, female. We’re not trying to win “hearts and minds” here. We’re trying to win the Female Intelligence that’s already there, and looking for us. We don’t have any more time to lose.

FCM - October 3, 2011

“men love sexism” was noanodynes post on the HUB:


i like “womens liberation.” we have been reminded several times to say that instead of “feminism” but at least *i* keep forgetting. feminism is easier and everyone knows what it means….which is kind of the problem now. they associate it with fun-feminism. but if the term originated in academia, i guess they deserve each other?

14. SheilaG - October 3, 2011

Women’s liberation is not about winning anyone over. It is about freedom.
I think women waste way too much time trying to “win over” men, for example, and we can all see what a waste of time that is.

Mary Daly said it best: “Even if I was the ONLY one, I’d still be a radical feminist.”

95% of women worldwide don’t want this, don’t know about it are too afraid to embrace radical feminism. Freedom is very very scary to an enslaved population. Trauma bonding, PIV, economic controls, social coercsion, media MAN-ipulation, family controls, and being raised to be selfless with no identity at all other than to serve men. This is the life most women on the planet lead.

Only the very few even question hetness from an early age, or know from an early age that men are not the answer.

It goes without saying, that liberation is not a popularity contest, and throughout history, all movements for male freedom are miniority events.

A day or so ago, a 22 year old woman commented here, realizing that PIV with males would make her house servant or a sex object. We’ll see if this brave woman can really come to terms with freedom at the wonderful age of 22. Thanks to this blog, I think a lot of young women are going to have ample warning, and ample info on what freedom and liberation really are all about!

15. Sargasso Sea - October 3, 2011

Go Ms. Sunshine!

FEMALE is key. It doesn’t get more basic, easy, simple, straightforward than that.

At this point it seems to be good propaganda.

A one word campaign: FEMALE

16. mechantechatonne - October 4, 2011

I don’t think it’s true that 95% of women don’t want feminism. I think it’s true that they don’t want to lose the scraps they already have. Men toss women crumbs, and some women are so afraid of losing the token appeasements to even admit that they’re just being mollified. More women will join the movement when they realize that there are other ways to live. When they realize that a body doesn’t need orgasms to keep functioning, and if you want one you can get one all by yourself. When they have an option of cooperative female companionship that isn’t marred by divisions created by men to isolate them. When you feel your only choices are to live by yourself with your cats and go hysterical (or have your vagina “grow back together” or whatever they’re saying will happen if women don’t have sex) or have a Nigel, if you’re not a fan of constantly struggling alone you have to find some sort of way to think that indenturing yourself to Nigel is appealing.

You hear a lot of people acting as if sex is like eating or breathing, and you don’t hear anybody saying you can go without having sex. I think the notion that a person has to find someone to have sex with in order to be functional, fulfilled and happy is a big obstacle for heterosexual women being willing to really see their Nigels for what they are. It makes sense that women that feel they have to have sex with men want to think well of those men, because nobody enjoys sleeping with someone that doesn’t care about them. It’s just like how a lot of people don’t vote or watch the news because they can’t do much about it, seeing things that you can’t fix does more harm to your happiness than good. I have enjoyed some of the sexual encounters I’ve had, but after reading some radical feminist work and really thinking about the way I’ve been treated, what’s going through their minds, and what comes out of their mouths I wouldn’t take one Nigel back, not for all the orgasms in the world.

17. The Masked Lily - October 4, 2011

Oh FCM! Thank you for yet another fab graphic! Everything that was unsettling me about “slutwalk”.. I was at first kind of happy to see women acknowledging “rape culture”, but how the fuck do they deal with the cognitive dissonance?

In all of the pictures I’ve seen from the walks there’s maybe been one or two without a man in the picture. The rapists parading around with the raped..

There’s no way that most of these women don’t know, deep down, that rape culture is also forced heterosexuality and the pressure on women to be ~*~*sexually active*~*~ aka, willing rape victims/blow up dolls..

And so they tell themselves well maybe these men walking with us are good men, feminist men? But really, those men who participated were just policing the women, right? Their very presence keeps the women from feeling the power of WBW-only space.

ugh. and the men know it, too. it’s so conditioned in us, to cower around men, and for them to do whatever they want. defying that conditioning takes real courage..

18. Noanodyne - October 4, 2011

I understand your point, mechantechatonne, but you’re equating the entire concept of “sex” with what is actually just a sub-genre where a guy sticks his dick in something and gets off. “Sex” is the entire human experience of intimate sensual touch that includes many, many things that don’t involve penis-IN-something.

When all women figure out that sex is a whole wonderful array of experiences that involve the whole body and mind, not just the dick getting stuck into something, and then demand that they have those experiences regularly and as often as they want, and in combination with saying no to anything they don’t want, don’t enjoy, and don’t get pleasure and joy from, THAT will be a revolution all on its own.

FCM - October 4, 2011

so, im still thinking about this graphic, and whether or not it really is a “venn diagram” or just a diagram (it could also be both). if its a venn diagram, the purple area would show “overlap” and would be the shared qualities of both the red and the blue: what they have in common. this might seem to conflict with my analysis that the purple area indicates “friction” and incompatibility, rather than compatibility? its a small point, to those who think the diagram is just a diagram and works to illustrate the post (basically that the purple area represents a trainwreck, which it most certianly does); but a rather large point to folks to dig on venn diagrams and logic proper. i am still thinking on it. for now, i would say that just because there seems to be friction “on the ground” doesnt mean that the overlapping area indicates “incompatibility” in a logical sense. when dealing with people and groups of people, true overlap and shared space could still generate friction to those in the middle of it, as well as to those on either side. like the concept of “biracial” for example? i dont know, im still thinking about it.

and i think its obvious that there *is* overlap between rape cultures: what they share is the PIV-as-sex paradigm (for one thing) and enforced heterosexuality and dom/sub. the fact that liberal men ultimately want one domestic and reproductive slave and still benefit from the conservative institution of “marriage” seems to indicate overlap, as does the fact that allegedly “conservative” men routinely use “common women” for sex. the question for this diagram would appear to be “does slutwalk happen” there? i might do another post just on this: working title “moron venn diagrams.” LOL

FCM - October 4, 2011

they also share the legal construct of “rape” and both sides agree (or act like they do) that rape is a bad thing to do, although their reasons for believing it surely differ. as this whole thing was kickstarted by a comment regarding rape made by a cop, this particular “shared quality” between rape cultures (the legal construct of rape) seems like a good place to start evaluating the purple area, slutwalk, and how this whole thing happened.

FCM - October 4, 2011

not coincidentally, UP is currently discussing the legal construct of rape over at her place. the feminist sparks. they fly. 🙂


FCM - October 4, 2011
19. thebewilderness - October 5, 2011

The women are of course absent, except where the conflicting messages they are bombarded with from men cause so much cognitive dissonance that they act out, and slutwalk happens there.
At least that is how I read the diagram.

FCM - October 5, 2011

yes thats it TBW. these arent womens values or womens value systems, and these men and their systems do not protect or even consider womens interests at all. this is mens world, and women are suffering on both sides (and in the middle).

20. an email about slutwalk « smashesthep - October 5, 2011

[…] reprinted my response here. It certainly doesn’t go beyond the brilliant analyses by FCM and Meghan Murphy, FCM’s graphics at SCUM-O-RAMA, and Dworkin’s _Right Wing Women_, […]

21. The Masked Lily - October 5, 2011

“Women’s liberation is not about winning anyone over. It is about freedom.”


FCM - October 5, 2011

its really stupid that we have to keep reminding people what our goal is. every few years or so some mainstream news outlet does an “expose” on how women today are more miserable than ever, and then blames feminism. they also use evidence of feminists being bitter bitches, as a fundamental flaw in feminism, or proof that its not working. but feminism isnt about “happiness” per se, its about womens liberation from men and mens sexaulized violence. its infuriating. and we are pissed off because male supremecy is still winning. duh!

22. SheilaG - October 6, 2011

As long as patriarchy can “hide” the servitude of women, the abuse of women, the murder of women by men… well, it’s ok with them to constantly blame the forces of freedom and women’s liberation. Blame everyone but the men who do this to women, and the men who do everything in their power to prevent women from having peace and freedom.

The male war on women globally must be hidden… the usual “people were raped” “children were killed” “a woman was murdered” leave out the key words “by men” and you consider to hide the slavery and degredation of women. Make rape fun and sexy, make the porn industry about sex and not hate speech against women…. never let on that women aren’t free, and if women do get a modicum of freedom, then blame unhappiness on the fact that women are getting paid more, or have more control over their bodies.

Patriarchy is like smoke and mirrors, it flourishes because it is the only oppression on the face of the earth where the oppressed LIVE with the oppressors, and have penis shoved into them, and are made pregnant by the oppressors. The rape of Nanking… well that was the actual rape of Chinese women by Japanese men… a city doesn’t get raped, women do BY MEN.

23. cherryblossomlife - October 14, 2011

“The rape of Nanking… well that was the actual rape of Chinese women by Japanese men… a city doesn’t get raped, women do BY MEN.”

So true! The city wasn’t raped at all, was it. It may have FELT like the city was being raped TO THE MEN in it… because their pride was hurt or something.. but the city itself wasn’t raped. Neither were the men. Just the women. The author of that book managed to invisibilize what was done to women by his title alone.

FCM - October 16, 2011
24. doctressjulia - October 17, 2011

‘A day or so ago, a 22 year old woman commented here, realizing that PIV with males would make her house servant or a sex object. We’ll see if this brave woman can really come to terms with freedom at the wonderful age of 22. Thanks to this blog, I think a lot of young women are going to have ample warning, and ample info on what freedom and liberation really are all about!’

I have, at the age of 36, sworn off PIV forEVAH. I have been quite outspoken about it. Is it a coinkydink that within the last two weeks, two men who I was ‘friends’ with have shown their true colors and flipped out on me about it? It was in essence, ‘So, I’ve been ‘putting in my time’ in the Friend Zone, pretending to care about you, and you’re never gonna let me stick my dick in you?!’ Yep. ZERO CHANCE. I was very clear about it. I watched their faces fall into stony apathy, as the facade of ‘friendship’ fell away. ‘God fucking dammit’, I thought, ‘I’ve been fooled again’. No more.

FCM - October 17, 2011

Julia, that’s a solid point: so much time is wasted on men and friendships with men when they have something else in mind entirely OR they cant stand to be around someone as militant and woman-identified as you have to be to get where you are. They might support you in your feminism as long as its the fun kind, but the real thing sees and dissects and criticizes and undermines male power. This they cannot have. So good riddance, and congrats. 🙂

FCM - October 18, 2011

i have created a brochure on MS word for anyone who is attending the OWS demonstrations and wants to hand out some radfem OWS literature. its a draft, but this is what i have so far. anyone who wants this as a word doc, please contact HUB via the contact form on the front page. thanks

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