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Biophilia vs Necrophilia November 9, 2011

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mary daly envisioned a “biophilic” future where men would exist on the periphery.  this is because men, in any and all observable ways, fetishize, revel in and endlessly manufacture death, disease and misery.  not life, or anything compatible with life, and especially not anything compatible with life for girls and women.  men simply could not be included in a biophilic future, because their very presence (and certainly their centrality) would turn it into something else.  whether this is hardwired or not is irrelevant: anyone with sense(s) can see, hear, taste, touch, smell and intuit that men constantly and deliberately manufacture death.  some of them literally stick their dicks into corpses, but frighteningly this isnt even the most necrophilic thing they do, is it?  or is it?  i dont know.

meanwhile, women get on with the endless task of preserving and improving life, such as it is.  ironically, at present, in addition to attempting to just get through the day themselves and caring for children and others, womens life-affirming caretaking duties include caring for and expending resources on men, where men of “sound” mind couldnt possibly care less about such things, and in fact denigrate life-affirming practice, and actively seek out the opposite.  when men become frail or wounded, largely or completely as a result of their own necrophilic values and practices of course, they become womens responsibility.  not taking into consideration the extra-caretaking thats required in a world where men actively harm themselves and everyone, mens cost-benefit analysis is terminally flawed.  but they continue to lie about that.  one lie of many, undoubtedly, but its a big one.  because it enables them to make statements like “preventative” and “beneficial” and “harmless” and “we cant afford not to” all of which are rooted in an analysis of cost.

as an illustration of biophilia versus necrophilia, consider this: recently i saw a segment on the travel channel about a tokyo restaurant called “alcatraz ER” which is designed to resemble a psychiatric hospital or prison block, depending on which review you read.  judging from its name it was undoubtedly intended to resemble both.  i wont include any images of the place because i dont want it fouling up my pretty blog.  this “theme restaurant” pretty obviously represents a necrophilic fetish, and necrophilic practice: you cant even order a cocktail here without the possibility of it being served to you in a decapitated head, from which you are to remove the beverage with a large syringe and inject it into your mouth.

its clearly necrophilic, but look what they also do with it: its combined with food and drink.  combining a love of death with stuff thats life-affirming too, but thats not the weirdest part.  i cant even imagine being able to maintain an appetite for food in that place, let alone think about eating anything, or having a satisfying meal.  indeed, the reviews seem unanimous that their food isnt even that great, but seriously, who would or even could eat in a place like this, and why?

of course, combining life and death this way reminds me of something.  a necrophilic context from within which we are supposed to engage in pleasurable, life-affirming (or life-sustaining) activity, with the foreseeable consequence being to arrest your appetite and stunt your enjoyment of something thats supposed to be (and might otherwise be) life-sustaining and enjoyable, and social.  and acting like its all in good fun, when in reality the context (of “psychiatric hospital” in this case) has particular significance to women and is politically offensive, palpably gross and death-fetishistic to anyone who is paying attention.  and the food isnt even that good.

you might even consider engaging in some mental or physical exercises to increase or maintain your appetite in preparation for this sicking meal, but thats not required either.  blinders might help, and they might not.  you could choose to not go.  i mean, its a free country right?  right?  right?  right?  right?  right?  right?

now imagine the above scenario, except where the food isnt that good (or maybe its even enjoyable to some people, some of the time, not really the point though) *and* it could actually make you extremely ill, or kill you.  and you could choose to take a dangerous pill or wear an uncomfortable device of some kind to counteract those effects, before you sat down to the table, if you wished.  or not, whatever.  either way, noone really cares what happens to you.  its completely and totally irrelevant.

bon appetit!



1. FCM - November 9, 2011

seriously, its imagining the loss of appetite, combined with the thought of the taste/feel of the food in my mouth at the same time (sans appetite and while being emotionally rattled by the environment) that makes me so sick about this whole thing. its so palpably gross.

can you imagine it?

2. SheilaG - November 9, 2011

The trifecta of brilliant, brilliant and WOW! Just when I think someone can’t write about Mary Daly better you did it!! Quite possibly the very best explanation of this complex Daly idea.
Made my day!!!!!

FCM - November 9, 2011

thanks sheila! and its obvious that im talking about PIV at the end there, right? ok good. 🙂

3. SheilaG - November 9, 2011

Not to be too horrific here, but think of that gag reflex and what men force women to do in sex acts. “Deep Throat” and what that one porn movie did to men’s ideas of further degrading women.

You can’t tell me that women enjoy this. Anymore than women would enjoy BDSM. Again, men want women to be “forced” to “enjoy” being degraded, or fettishized. When men fettishize, they get women to believe that this is “love” or “attention” that they give to women.

It’s a real con game. Think of what male pigs actually do… the hot dog eating contests, the awards for eating the most steaks at one setting… actual plaques on the wall of a Phoenix, AZ restaurant commemorting these “contests” going back decades! Men proudly winning the contests!

That is not enjoyment of food, it is not even about the enjoyment of sex. It is the pure enjoyment over women’s powerlessness, women’s degredation, getting off on Playboy bunnies… the learned helplessness of women; this sexually excites men.

The worship of death. What proves this? Well, how many times do we see images of christ on the cross? How many times do we see statues of christ rising? Now if you’re a christian, what would be most significant is christ’s rising from the dead… the happy ending so to speak. But that’s not what men get off on, they get off on the S & M torture, they meditate and prey (oops pray) to christ on the cross. That’s the necrophila that Mary Daly wrote about, because the genius of her work is unraveling the necrophilic origins of christianity, and the dismemberment of the goddess. Then she melds this with the secular attrocities, the necrophila of medical experimentation on women.

Despite all this “evidense’ and it’s right in our faces ALL THE TIME, women still believe men love them. This is what so shocks the lesbian mind… to watch women fall for the trap again and again and again, and what can we do? As much as we produce some of the most brilliant analysis imaginable, and Daly was a radical lesbian feminist philosopher, this hold on the female mind or the patriarchal mind bindings as Daly would posit is hard to dislodge.

Sad for me, is that straight women can break through the barriers to radical feminist consciousness, but the lesbian mind posits the love of women, and our horror at what men do to women. The lesbian is about the love of women, which is the positive part of the equation.

It is biophilia of the most profound kind. One needs the happy ending, because the horror of men forcing women to “like” things they naturally hate is a shocking torture tactic all its own.

FCM - November 9, 2011

until mary daly made the distinction, and called attention to mens “necrophilia” their obvious love of death was acontextual. now its not, i get it. and she talks about intent too, and makes the very solid point that if you know whats going to happen and you keep making it happen, that the result is intentional. it seems so obvious, but for some reason its not.

it makes sense that they want to kill women both literally (in body) and figuratively (by reducing us to domesticated fembots). it makes sense that what they think of as “sex” and an act of love directly causes the deaths of a half a million women a year and then some (thats just the global maternal mortality rate last time i checked. doesnt even count rape or rape/murder) and that it causes disease and trauma-bonding. it makes sense that het partnerships kill womens spirit and our creativity and our sexuality. that mens classic art and books revolve around fucking children and corpses and abusing women and killing us. and it takes so much energy to merely survive and caretake (and to be biophilic even in principle) in mens necrophilic culture it really obviates the need for an alternative, because men arent going to change the way they are. creating this will prove to be easier for some women than for others.

4. SheilaG - November 9, 2011

It’s so true that something as seemingly “obvious” like “the result is intentional” suddenly hits you on the head like a falling piece of space junk. That men knew when they sent up hundreds of satellites, that what comes up…. But they did it anyway, knowing full well the result.

Or that we could wipe out the oceans, or keep up with the climate destroying programs, over farming, trying to create more and more ways to kill viruses hat only mutate. All of these results are now known, but again, they just want to vaccinate more… guardasill anyone?

Mary Daly pointed out the foresisters who had already done this work… read Matilda Joslyn Gage… 19th century, light years ahead of Susan B. Anthony, too threatening even to Susan, so Matilda gets written out of the feminist canon. Yet her words read like yesterday’s headlines about coaches raping boys… and that’s boys men are raping. Football, sacred, locker rooms, and the guys are raping 8 year old boys. The act is witnessed and reported and ignored.

Yet, to really grasp necrophilia / biophilia is to literally have a vision of a better world, and Mary Daly’s last book outlines this world. She literally hear the words of a cloverleaf. This may sound silly to our ears, but the depth of her knowledge came from the natural world, from her connection to all life.

I once had the pleasure of talking to one of her old grad students, and she told me Mary would go to a zoo, and spend an hour just looking at a gorilla, and the gorilla would look back at her. The grad student had the distinct impression that Mary was having a deep and highly meaningful connection with the gorilla.

Her source of knowledge and power were spectacular, and this is the hope she gives women. I believe that this is her message to us.

But first, we have to put it out there, we have to make it clear that when men had PIV sex with women in 1720, they knew full well the act could eventually lead to death, but they did it over and over and over again. They won’t stop because their idea of sex is about control, about their own selfish desires, it is not about the pleasure, security or protection of women. That in and of itself is chilling.

5. SheilaG - November 9, 2011

P.S. Just so jazzed about this post FCM, because Mary Daly is SO out of favor even with lesbians… ugh… we’re infected with fun feminism too… not fun 😦

That said, I was talking to one of our reps on the east coast yesterday… work stuff.. when he brought up the Penn State football sex scandal/child rape by Sandusky. Then he mentioned the outrage of the catholic priests raping kids… pause on phone…perplexed voice… “Hey celebit men… I kind of get how they’d be out of control, but what about the football coach?” “Don’t you get what the similarity is?” I asked him. Pause on phone… “It’s about all male environments and how out of control men are in ultra male supremacy… it’s why priests are out of control, and the military and wall street… men are the problem and the structures they create.” Silence on the phone… he had NEVER made that connection before.

Don’t know the guy, just a rep on a phone but even rather mild manner men haven’t a clue either.

Women know, however. Women know, and it’s about denial, or trauma bonding. Why isn’t trauma bonding standard info out there, because we know the answer to “why didn’t she just leave him?”
“How could she love an abusive man?” Trauma bonding… PIV bonding… needs to be put out there so women know what this is and how it works. Could PIV really bond you to a man? Does it physiologically change you? I wouldn’t know the answer to this, but I bet millions of women can report on this.

FCM - November 9, 2011

i would say that PIV changes you in the same ways that any act of death-defying changes you, and bonds you to the people you are with, like in war. certainly no less, and probably more since this happens to us from the time we are very young until we are very old. how long did the vietnam war last? how many years is a tour of duty or 4 tours of duty? less that a lifetime, assuming you survive it. at least their sickness is somewhat recognized and treated, although even war vets know that recognition, official diagnoses and treatment of PTSD was too long in coming, and that treatment doesnt always work.

6. mechantechatonne - November 10, 2011

I’m currently reading Pure Lust, but I’m making it through rather slowly because the text is so dense and layered that I find myself reading over passages over and over. As soon as I read about the relation of Christmas traditions and defilement of the Goddess I felt sick to my stomach. Taking the symbol of the Goddess, the living tree and then killing it, bringing into the home and dressing it up. So very, very gross. It made me think of the movie “Cabin by the Lake”. In this movie a serial killer drowned women and dressed up their corpses in what he calls his underwater garden.

FCM - November 10, 2011

i think i spent at least 3 months on pure lust. not that it took that long to read, but i kept putting it down, and i know i read at least one other book if not 2 in the meantime. i think whatever way you end up reading and digesting her is probably fine, as long as you read it. put it in, and let your mind chew on it. its all you can do with anything really. and its totally worth it with mary!

7. Sargasso Sea - November 10, 2011

I’m looking at my copy of God the Father (or I thought I was, evidently it’s been buried under a pile of crap I need to file because the gov/corps demand that I be able to prove myself 880 ways to Sunday) but I know it’ll be worth the wait…

Biophilia is where it’s at! 🙂

8. SheilaG - November 10, 2011

PIV just wasn’t a part of my life at all. I found men so disgusting, so uninteresting… to this day I don’t know why het women go through PIV, I simply just don’t get it at all. And it kills you, it destroys you.. it colonizes you, and yet you just keep doing it… despite our most brilliant philosophers, our most brilliant lesbian community, and still you go for the penis. Lesbians, the lifelong types, the ones who never ever cared about men and boys… we still wonder why het women aid and abet the people who hate them, who will kill you, who don’t give a damn about you. Still, you have sex with the monsters and destroyers? We don’t get it AT ALL. WE really don’t.

You must know that lesbian separatists really are the way out, so come join us~!

FCM - November 10, 2011

sheila due to PIV indoctrination, het women view PIV as “sex” and being penetrated by penises is the totality of “womens sexuality”. asking women to give up sex and sexuality is asking a lot, probably too much. they need to understand that the penis is not necessary for “sex” and that being penetrated by penises and by anything else has nothing to do with womens sexuality at all. im going to keep saying it until i get tired of saying it, and then i will keep saying it anyway until i literally cant say it again. hopefully it will matter.

9. SheilaG - November 10, 2011

PIV = Sex I guess is drummed into women and girls far more than I realized. So that explains a lot. And unlike the radical feminist writings of the past 40 some years, no one else really gets this message out there.

It’s a radical message, and I’ve told women that their marriages would end if they refused to do PIV with their husbands. They actually believe they have a choice in this matter and “choose” to have this kind of act. But they haven’t done what you did FCM, state that you won’t do PIV again. So most married women can say anything they like, but until this is put out there, they are just going along to get along, and it’s not a choice at all.

Most things are not choices at all, but people cling to this illusion I guess.

FCM - November 10, 2011

yes very much so. they dont know how PIV entitled men are, or how PIV entitled any individual man is or if their male partner would leave over it if his PIV entitlement is never challenged. how could they know? its silly to even pretend that they have access to that information, its unknowable until its tested. many women would be in for a rude awakening, which i am sure they have a sense about. they must, mustnt they? women arent stupid.

10. SheilaG - November 11, 2011

My 30 some year campaign is simple: women, never, and I mean NEVER put yourself at the risk of financial dependency. Always get good job training… college, trades, auto repair… but focus on it and get the training.
Do not live with men and make sure you control your living space. I know many lesbian couples who maintain separate residenses, and they seem the happiest.

Do not “put hubby through”… learn how to manage money, save it, invest it, and do NOT take money from men.

Economic self-sufficiency is absolutely essential. I’d even advocate girls not date boys at all until they are 18, and even then don’t let boys get in your way academically. Once you move in, one you get pregnant, you can pretty much kiss independence goodbye.

For 30 years I have said this, and for 30 years women still do this stuff.
I don’t know what it would take for women to get off the love and romance trap and become self-sufficient?

11. cherryblossomlife - November 12, 2011

Oh brilliant! Loved this:

“some of them literally stick their dicks into corpses, but frighteningly this isnt even the most necrophilic thing they do, is it? ”

and this was the pièce de résistance:

“either way, noone really cares what happens to you. its completely and totally irrelevant.”

FCM - November 12, 2011

well isnt this nice:

A historian has been arrested in central Russia after police found the corpses of 29 women, dressed as dolls, in his apartment, authorities said this week.

Police said the man is a well-known historian specializing in Celtic studies who authored many books and articles, and used to be a college professor at some point.


mary daly was wrong about men! waaaaahhhhhhhh!!

12. SheilaG - November 12, 2011

waaaahhhh — Mary Daly did define necrophia in one of her books, both the metaphor for patriarchy itself and the actual sex acts men do to dead bodies. Even most liberal feminists thought she went too far, yeah right…

13. mechantechatonne - November 13, 2011

I find it bewildering why people keep saying Mary Daly and Dworkin go too far in their assessment of men and the consequences of rule under them while men keep on consistently proving them right. If there was any doubt that men were screwing women over with the danger levels of the pill, the refusal of men to take the equivalent should have been a giant red flag. If there was any doubt that PIV was enforced and not just one of myriad equally acceptable options in the patriarchy then the fact that men say they’re not having sex if they don’t get it should have shut that right up. If there was any doubt that men have an obsession with mutilated female bodies then the slasher genre wouldn’t be a whole fucking genre and they wouldn’t make advertisements with women that appear to be dead. If the Catholic Church hadn’t made it apparent that men will support men’s rights to stick their penises into anything they want including children, then maybe Penn State would indicate it. But no, still all of this shock and awe like they don’t know what time it is.

They make this stuff so obvious, they don’t even bother to hide the depravity in secret anymore, yet so many women refuse to see it.

14. SheilaG - November 13, 2011

I think that is what is perplexing… men are a complete waste of time, and I have written them off as moral beings… that’s a given.

But what is it about women so deeply in denial all the time. Just saw a news clip of Mary Matalin defending Herman Cain and saying that there is a grievance industry (feminism). That was when four women had already come forward, two cash settlements had already been handed out, and still this Republican who has plenty of air time is a shill for woman hatred?

So the only thing I can figure, is that women are so enmeshed with men, that it is hard for women in a situation like this to see clearly how horrifying men are, how the acts of degredation, child molestation, cover up, and pornography somehow exist all on their own.

For every porn dog out there, for every molester out there, there are women married to these men. Because, sickening as it is, men can actually be an eye witness to the rape of a boy ( a boy mind you ), and still have cognitive disonnence because the Sandusky creep is “such a great guy” or Paterno is such a “great guy.” Well all these men appear to be “great guys” to the world at large.

But the thing is, women feel so threatened, so numb, that they just have to tune out. When I confront het women who let sexist comments go in public meetings, they say things like, “Oh I just don’t listen to it, or I just tune it our, or I was thinking of something else.”
This happens all the time, so I was curious as to what was actually going on in their brains… and they were male identified and male pleasing, and really were dependent in some emotional way on men.

So until we all break through this, and it’s going to be a huge challenge for non-lesbians to wake up, because the het woman is in the fish tank swimming in water, and lesbians are walking around in parks. We can see the fish pond and the water, but the women who enmeshed in male pleasing, living with men, and deeply emotionally dependent on male approval aren’t going to be able to face the truth.

Even men who WITNESS boy rape can’t face the truth.

15. Nemesis - November 13, 2011

ahh, what a breath of fresh air to have found you Racy Lusty wimmin out there in the Pyrospheres / Metamorphospheres talkin about Mary Daly!! I am a Lesbian and I LOVE her, she has had such a powerful impact on my life as has Sonia Johnson & Julia Penelope (Call Me Lesbian , For Lesbians Only)….in SJ’s latest book “The Sisterwitch Conspiracy” Sonia elucidates an old story, believed by many indigenous wimmin, that the Whole Universe is Female, of course and that maleness in all species is a mutation that has taken is most grotesque form in the human male. and like all mutations, y’s will eventually disappear ………we should be so lucky….! maybe the rapture will happen an jezuz will harvest the planet of all males an all XX’s that wanna go with them, leaving behind the Race of Racy wimmin & Lusty Leaping Lesbians!!

thanksxx so much to ALL of you’s, i Love coming to this womyn only space and reading you, you are a healing balm to my scorched Soul

FCM - November 13, 2011

i think that to men, all men, the lives of women and children are basically irrelevant. we are objects to be used and thrown away, and it is not immoral in their universe to abuse us that way. its simply irrelevant, it doesnt matter one way or the other, and has no bearing on anything one way or the other. us being literally absent from the male value system is the only way you can reconcile the apparent fact that men can be considered “good guys” when they are rapists and abusers of women and children, and we all know that men are in fact seen this way despite what they do. we dont exist. women standing up and demanding to be included in the male value system is a turd in the cornflakes, a wrench in the works. this is seen as very unjust of us, as if we are wasting their time and diverting the focus off of important things. male entitlement runs this deep and this wide. demanding that we not be raped by men is very audacious and bold, and inconvenient and how-dare-we.

simply stated, most people do not have it in them to be audacious and bold. most women who are married to men have this part of them destroyed early on anyway, otherwise they might not marry in the first place. and then once you are economically dependent (forget emotionally, what a joke that is!) it becomes a matter of your own survival to deny what you are married to, and what you are dependent on. why would a woman rat out her husband for any reason if it means that the wife will be left homeless and vulnerable, knowing that she lives in a world where men rape homeless and vulnerable women? these are serious questions that need examining. women deny as a survival mechanism, and men make sure that us protecting them is closely connected (or exactly equal to) to us protecting ourselves.

16. Witchwind - November 15, 2011

Hello, hope you don’t mind me bumping in here. It’s great to have read everything, this was a fascinating thread! I wish I had conversations like this every day.
I’ll always remember the first time I read about Mary Daly’s coining of patriarchy as necrophilia and rapism. Reading Daly feels like flowing through a singing river, everything makes perfect sense. I so love the way she writes, and how you feel she’s talking to you and and other women in person, it feels like reaching a beginning of what homeland would feel like.

I’m pretty sure if every single women had the opportunity to see the world differently, to understand, connect the dots, gain consciousness about the extent of women’s hatred, ithey would quickly or gradually cease divesting energy, work, emotions, their bodies (etc) to men. Perhaps at first they would be more choosy about when and where, and then gradually separate entirely from men. Whenever you give the appropriate space and real choice, possibility to think, it is evident that women would free themselves from men. No women has any interest in patriarchy.

Before becoming feminist/lesbian, men would fuck me because that’s what I was taught i should do to gain approval. Of course it felt horrible and humiliating, but until I stumbled accross writings that explained why and how I felt wrong, until I was able to understand patriarchy, there was no way I would have freed myself from being fucked from men. Or perhaps I would, but much later and after being much more damaged and worn out, maybe after having given birth to children and being cannibalised by a “husband”. Only until I could formulate and understand what was happening to me, and understand, above all, that this wasn’t natural or given and that it could change, could I start resisting. Before I had no means, no way of explaining, no reassurance that other women lived the same. I don’t actually see any difference between hets and lesbians, because before being a feminist and then a lesbian I was het, and that’s the default mode for women in patriarchy, even for most lesbians today (who seem to have their own version of porny funfeminism or funlesbianism). I think internet is really the solution to diffuse the truth about patriarchy so women can see the light, because unlike books it doesn’t need to be published, printed, bought and sold. We need to reach as many women as possible.

Anyway, sorry for the long post.

17. Witchwind - November 15, 2011

“i think that to men, all men, the lives of women and children are basically irrelevant”

Actually, while our lives may be irrelevant and disposable, they are completely obsessed with us, we’re detrimental to their patriarchal fiction and we’re detrimental to their survival as men, us having the monopoly over reproduction of human life (parthenogenesis does exist). They just so desperately want us and themselves to believe we’re irrelevant and that they are gods – that’s why procession is so important to patriarchy. Without sickening, head-banging, circular, deafening repetition of the lie, without the constant re-playing of rape and war-like sadist rituals against women, without the erasure of memory through trauma, rupture, violence, dis-membering and death, there would be NO WAY we would take in the patriarchal LIE, farce, reversal. We’d just laugh at them.

18. SheilaG - November 15, 2011

“i think that to men, all men, the lives of women and children are basically irrelevant” FCM so nails part of it

“Actually, while our lives may be irrelevant and disposable, they are completely obsessed with us, ” witchwind gets the second half of this patriarchal formula.

men are obsessed with women, with our bodies, with exploiting us and sexually using us… that is men. So to men, women are interchangable parts and disposable objects. Oddly enough, this callous view is also combined with the “irreleant’ part… on the golf course, in the locker rooms at the super bowl, at the strip clubs, board rooms (Bored), supreme court before women got on it…. those male only universities at oxford hundreds of years ago, the vatican…. those men like making all the rules, owning all the women…. oh forgot the mormon church…. they get to have all these wives and become gods on their own planets after THEY (men) die… I’m not kidding, that is mormon theology…

So it’s both… think of the stalker obsessed with Angelina Joli or Jodi Foster… obsessed, crazed… then think of the men at the vatican… evil, secretive, woman controlling from afar, womanhating but a lot of them celibate or self-hating gay closeted jackasses like J. edgar hoover…

Once you know the game, the either/or, the necrophilia… Sandusky showering with a boy… well it’s the purest form of evil to come to the earth… but to awaken women to the evil, to the deception requires space… space to think like witchwind… and btw witchwind there are thousands of thriving lesbian communities all over the world, powerful, lesbian worlds, Michigan, Portland, Tokyo, Toronto…. powerful lifetime lesbians who never once fell for the penis cool aid. We chose from the get go, and we built lesbian nation. Mary Daly was from our tribe…. she spoke directly to radical lesbians or women open to this message of freedom. Don’t be victimized by the garbage funfem lesbian commercial culture, there’s so much more. The very best groups are not overtly visible, and require introductions, but we’re out there. Remember, Mary Daly awoke to this knowledge in the 1950s and early 60s all by herself…. and as she always said, she is a cognitive minority of one… that is the strength of the lesbian feminist greats, the foresisters born in the 1920s, who had more courage, more insight and more inventive courage than almost any woman alive today! That’s the legacy of lesbian nation, never forget it, and share it with the women enslaved, the women who don’t know, or are too trapped to escape… share it on blogs, in coffee shops, at the laundromat… but share it!

19. Witchwind - November 15, 2011

Thanks for the nice reply, SheilaG! I wish I could go to all these lesbian nations right away!
There’s quite a few lesbian separatist communities down here too, but those I’ve come accross are either just interested in going by with their own lives, relax and generally withdraw from the world (which is not much use anti-patriarchy-wise) or believe that patriarchy doesn’t affect them anymore whilst reproducing full-blown patriarchal mechanisms (sm, violence, rape, gender-roles, porn, etc. – this is mostly the younger generation), or both.

The legacy of lesbian nation & culture is tremendous and it really does give me strength whenever I feel a bit down or something, to know there’s other women out there and who were there before me, something is there, already weaved, on which I can rest.

What I meant though about lesbians / hets not being so different, is that all women under patriarchy are unfree or enslaved to some degree. We may not be fucked by men anymore, but the dayly existence of patriarchy is a mindfuck in itself. the lesbian separatists I know for instance have all suffered male violence to some degree (and mostly male sexual violence) before becoming lesbians, and still suffer from the consequences today, even as separatists (PTSD, emotional / physical wounds and trauma, etc) – as a result many continue to project this unhealed violence on themselves or on other lesbians, often their partners, despite doing their best to get rid of patrarchy in their lives. Internalised misogyny and division between women seems to stem very deep too. Not to mention the erosion of women-only spaces, poverty, etc. Of course it’s nothing compared to the constant violence and rapism of a man with whom you have to live with every day, life is sooo much better without them!!. On a more cheerful note, (sorry if all this sounded depressing) i’ve also met the most wonderful women/friends and it’s been the best thing ever! : D

20. SheilaG - November 17, 2011

Witchwind— keep focused on the lesbian nations that cross your path.
Avoid the stupidity of the fun femm types and get a solid education in the lesbian feminist classics. Never settle!

21. Witchwind - November 17, 2011

ok : D thanks for the message

22. Crucial D - December 1, 2011

I was speaking to a friend of mine a couple of years ago about my lack of interest in PIV or any type of sex and she said, “aw, your poor husband.” Apparently the ring on my finger means that i’m just a f*ckhole. anyway, she proceeds to tell me that she doesn’t even feel right asking her husband to wear a condom because she would feel bad for him not being able to experience sensation. *barf*

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