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Ongoing, To Far November 26, 2011

Posted by FCM in authors picks, feminisms, meta, radical concepts.

radical feminists go too far.  we are big green meanies and dont take many things into consideration, including mens feelings, individual (usually western, educated) womens “lived experience” and even, sometimes, practicality.  yes its extremely impractical to expect that anything radical or fundamental is going to occur in our lifetimes, if at all, to really change anything of substance for girls and women around the world.

it might be that its impossible at this juncture to change anything at all, after several thousand years of patriarchy and women-abuse which has created, among other things, way too many people.  there never shouldve been this many people alive at the same time.  and this includes, obviously, way too many men.  deny that at your peril, and the peril of logic and reasonableness.  the problem of “too many men” is inarguable in fact, if we accept that “overpopulation” is real.

if it werent for mandatory PIV and rampant use and abuse of female bodies globally, by men, this would never have happened.  but it did happen, and the problem of “too many people” when coupled with the “PIV-as-sex” paradigm is self-perpetuating.  it might really be too late.  we must accept this as a possibility, mustnt we?  i mean really, we arent stupid.  we must understand this on some level.  radical feminists not only accept it on some (or every) level, but we act in accordance with our understanding of it.  so do all women though, i think.  even the fun-fems seem to know this: its too late, we are too far down that road, better make lemonade out of lemons.  just dont rape us mkay?  please?  we will make it as easy on men as possible to accomplish the not-raping, including saying yes all the damn time to just about everything, but we must insist (please and thank you) that XYZ.  and so they do this.  very similarly to right-wing women as a matter of fact, liberal and mainstream “feminist” women are constantly making lemonade.  capitulating to men.  trying to make things…better.  its harm-reduction, i get it.  and it is necessary.  like putting a cast on an already-broken leg, or putting down salt and sand on the ice, they treat and prophylocate constantly.  i see what you are doing.  i see you, and i hear you.  yes.

but if we can accept that it is possible that it is too late, that we are too far down that road, that there are simply too many people and too many men, that the change we need the most is what we are least likely to get, whats the harm in a feminist “going too far” by anyones standards?  demonstrate the harm, if you can.  we live in a world where men rape babies, where the most acceptable, vanilla “sex act” can kill you (if you are female) and where not being traumatized by it, or too traumatized to function, or not dying from it, is the best any of us can hope for.  many of us cant even aspire to that, its too late for that too.  and still, there are those who call feminists terrorists.  feminists are terrorists.  when you succeed at getting your head around that one, the rest is kind of easy.  because if you cant go there at all, there is no such thing as going too far.  once youve put your toe in those waters, youve drowned.

not that most of the asshats who say dworkin “went too far” ever read her, but they say this about her anyway.  its accepted that dworkin “went too far” if not when she damned pornography and pornographers, then definitely when she criticized intercourse.  oh noes!  well, there are those of us who think that, for all she did and said, even about intercourse, that dworkin didnt go far enough.  there are those who think jessica valenti went too far with her brand of strawberry-gelatin i mean feminism, but what does that mean?  if dworkin and valenti have both gone too far, then that phrase is literally meaningless.  to further demonstrate this particular meaninglessness, lets continue down that road.  along with valenti, and dworkin, there are some who think valerie solanas went too far too.  valenti and solanas in the same sentence?  really?  yes.  in fact, considering what we are really dealing with here, and the meaninglessness of the phrase “going too far” when it comes to feminists and what we say and what we do, i can reasonably say that no feminist that we know of has ever gone far enough, let alone having gone “too far” and further, none of us ever will.

certainly, if youve read or heard about it, its very likely a capitulation of some kind.  there are laws against inciting imminent violence afterall: if it incited imminent violence, it wouldnt be published in the first place, or would be successfully challenged, and would instigate a chilling effect on like-minded speakers.  and even if any of us did speak in a way as to incite imminent violence, and even if there was actual violence in response, it still very likely wouldnt be enough to incite actual change on a global level.  i believe this is the situation we are in: the worst-case scenario from the perspective of the anti-feminists (that feminists would speak or act like “terrorists”) would not get us what we wanted, and would only land us, individually, in jail.  we would have failed, and lost everything in the process.  everything.  we might even die over it, but we would not succeed in anything but destroying ourselves.

thats right.  in a world where men rape babies (how young is too young?), and they rape little girls seductive children, and they rape teenagers girls gone wild, and they rape grown women sluts, and raped women and not-yet-raped women are expected to have consensual, coerced or forced intercourse for life, and if you dont want to have intercourse anymore (or at all) you are crazy, its a crime to incite imminent violence.  (and that crazy-diagnosis?  interestingly, it wont help you out in court).  the only recognized exception to this prohibition against inciting or participating in violence is within the context of all-out war.  and even war would not be an overreaction to the current situation: wars have been fought over far less (and over exactly the same things actually.  see the US declaration of independence, which was a declaration of war, citing some grievances that are identical to womens grievances against men, and others that seem made-up and superfluous but i am sure were really important to them at the time).

now tell me, again, about feminists going too far?


1. Mary Sunshine - November 26, 2011

It *is* too late for human females to create a livable world for ourselves. We needed to have started many hundreds of years ago.

The destruction of the Female, human and otherwise, on planet Earth is fait accompli.

I believe that our (or, at any rate, my own) outcry is an outcry to the Female in the universe. To be called home. To our female worlds. Today, as I was puttering around indoors, I was humming to myself the Born on a Male Planet Blues. Don’t know yet what the words or the music are to that song – maybe I’ll have to write it.

FCM - November 26, 2011

i sometimes think we are writing for the time capsule, so that there will be something worth reading when its opened up; or for proof that women ever existed at all. radical feminist writing is easily some of the best work ever produced by human beings, and the fact that radical feminists even exist is extremely improbable and amazing. the great second-wave authors work should absolutely go into the vault if society ever collapses, along with whatever else humanity holds dear. its infinitely more valuable and awe-inspiring than whatever else they would put in there.

2. Mary Sunshine - November 26, 2011

fcm, i know just what you mean. i have vivid dreams about this; i woke up from one this morning, marvelling. this is all my mind hears now – is it because of my age? everything else is so far, far in the background of my mind.

we are the female of *one* species who have written these thoughts in our minds, on papers, on keyboards, in art media. we resonate with EachOther in our species-specific way. what of other females? in what ways do they know? they feel so far away to me. i feel them, but still so far away.

3. mechantechatonne - November 26, 2011

I think there are some thing it’s not too late for; it’s never too late to speak some truth. What radical feminism has done for me is it has released me from the hamster wheel that is “looking for Mr. Right”; getting smacked around, raped and otherwise obligated into PIV in an endless loop. We may or may not be able to save the whole planet, but I would say it’s a pretty major accomplishment to be able to save any women the trouble of thinking the mainstream ideology is all they can hope for.

One of my best friends has struggled with trying to “learn to like” PIV for years, since having been repeatedly raped as a girl and I didn’t know what to say to help her. The mainstream suggestion, go to a fixer. Well her medical insurance doesn’t cover getting a therapist, and there are no pharmaceutical solutions. The funfem solution, she needs to recognize that although she has a right to say no, she shouldn’t because men have needs, so she should try a more positive outlook or having more booze first. Great that they’re not sure that she’s broken, but more PIV with a more “positive outlook” doesn’t seem to be improving things. It wasn’t until I hit the radfem blogosphere I finally ran into some women (that aren’t my awesome grandma) that said she can just quit, even though he’s her husband she has a right to, and there are other women in her corner that feel the same way.

What it did for me, finding the radfems, was it gave me an opportunity to look at my “dating” experiences with a critical eye and finally allowed me to emotionally disengage from my emotionally abusive ex-nigel. He was going through a “confusing sexual orientation crisis” of some sort, and this required that I continue to be available romantically, but react positively to his exploration of men. I think Margaret Cho called this gay training wheels. His intense confusion meant that he was sure he wanted me around, didn’t want me dating or going out and did want me to be affectionate towards him, but was not “sure” he wanted an actual relationship or to gratify me sexually in any meaningful way. In addition to that, he was bipolar, so I needed to be understanding when he swore at me, threatened me, attacked my friend, avoided me for weeks, used drugs/alcohol to “self-medicate,” left me to die alone when I got pneumonia or otherwise treated me like shit.

He said he was a feminist, he was really liberal and did volunteer work, and took me out to dinner all the time, so the only thing wrong with him was that he was neuro-atypical and questioning his sexuality and he needed my support. I felt like since he couldn’t help these things it would be wrong to blame him for them, so I felt like a jerk when I tried to disengage and he’d say he needed me to live and begged me to forgive him. What I found in radical feminist writing is that he acted just like men usually act toward women in the patriarchy, he just knew enough liberal social justice language to mask it as something I ought to put up with and make it harder to see it for what it was.

FCM - November 26, 2011

yes, i absolutely dont mean that we should stop doing what we are doing, or that we should stop telling the truth. i meant pretty much the opposite: we cannot be afraid of telling the truth no matter what it is. we cannot be afraid of going too far, because theres no such thing. no matter what we did, it would never be enough. we cannot even see “too far” from here and we never will.

FCM - November 26, 2011

thats kind of what happens when we are all labeled as instigators and “having gone too far” no matter what we have said and how far we have gone. they got out the big guns and blew their wad, now they have nothing left. we have all gone too far. its kind of liberating is it not? i mean really. valenti or solanas, no matter. dworkin or solanas, no matter. what the hell are they going to do, if we go farther than anyone has ever gone before? all we have to do is to not incite imminent violence. thats pretty easy since we are all online, and not reasonably likely to start a riot, or direct imminent harm towards an individual person, or persons. and “violence” wouldnt get us anything we wanted anyway, perhaps particularly individualized violence would be pointless. having nothing to lose now, and not being inclined to break their most precious of rules against inciting imminent violence against identifyable individual persons (rules they made to benefit themselves) we are completely free. i think we can use this to our benefit.

FCM - November 27, 2011

BTW, the title is as intended, no typos. “Far” is a place, and that’s where I think we need to go. Where are you going with this? To far. Heh.

FCM - November 27, 2011

Now you’ve gone to far, you’re going to far, radical feminists take things to far, etc etc.

4. thebewilderness - November 27, 2011

Just in case it isn’t too late I think we should keep pushing, because Far would certainly be a better place to be than Near.

FCM - November 27, 2011

🙂 indeed.

5. SheilaG - November 27, 2011

Mary Daly and Sally Gearheart imagined a world with 10% men in it. We all know that the less men in an area, the less harassment and violence.
The male free places create in woman a woman bonding free space. When men enter the room, the women start going into dress up act up femme up… it’s very weird for me to watch this het women’s behavior before or after men enter the picture.

Go to a majority or 99% lesbian event, a few men might wander in, but they are ignored for the most part. They have no energy or power, and women are much more engaged with each other. So going to Far is pretty much the journey of lesbian nation, and it started “officially” in 1955, and has exploded worldwide. I believe it is women waking up worldwide, and the truth that radfems have uncovered…. there is no point to the male world, and that men are preditors, users and rapers… they have no other concept other than female ownership, and trying to talk to them about women being human is about as valuable as talking to white slave owners in 1785 about how their slaves are human beings and shouldn’t be owned.

Women do have it in our power to reduce the male population without violence, without drama. And I think that is what men fear in radical feminism, they fear being socially erased as beings, and diminished in numbers to such an extent, that women’s world just is.

I’m hoping that our radfem efforts here simply are a wake up call to young women everywhere. To hear, to learn, to avoid so much of the time waste that is het women and men and the rape culture of dating. Or the time waste of males living under the same roof, and preventing ingenuity, time, leisure and career development that women so desparately need.
And it is about courage, the courage to pick up and leave, to live on one’s own, or with several female room mates.

Here is the radfem message for all women ages say 18-22. Or maybe even girls 10-17. If there is female dominated world places, we know we won’t have the violence of over populated male places… the disparity between female and male live births in Korea, Pakistan, China, India to name a few.

6. Mary Sunshine - November 27, 2011


That’s nice, but we can’t reduce the male population fast enough. Tell me how, and how soon, we’ll be able to get them down to even 30%.

That’s why we’re *toast*.

FCM - November 27, 2011

Yes, whatever happens it would have to be a global solution, or it wouldn’t be enough. Even if there were an all out war (like the American revolution, or even a world war) which is the most widespread violence there is, it STILL WOULDN’T BE ENOUGH. Because it would be too localized. This takes us completely outside the male system, and completely outside and beyond violence as a solution. The most devastating violence imaginable wouldn’t go far enough and wouldn’t incite radical, global change for women.

I think we can work with that. Or at the very least, that’s what we are dealing with. The funny thing to me is that it takes us completely beyond men’s current ability to control us. They made the rules against inciting imminent, identifyable and individualized violence, and yet fully supportive of widespread hatred and global social engineering which has allowed them to terrorize women as a sexual class, globally, without reproach. There are no rules against that, as far as I know. I’m kinda laughing to myself right now. I mean really. I’m not convinced we can do anything with that, but its an interesting realization. Just don’t credibly threaten individual or identifyable men (or property) with imminent violence, and you’re good to go.

Isn’t this what we are looking at? Yes or no?

7. SheilaG - November 27, 2011

I think that first the idea has to put out there more solidly. You don’t have to reproduce new boys on the planet. Also, if women gradually pulled back more and more of their energy, men do a pretty good job of killing each other in a lot of places. And men don’t threaten individual women, they start of war of genocide for “Serbia” as they rape thousands of women and then kill them, just as they did in the NAZI death camps too.

So male violence in service to “country” is open season on women. Think My Lai masacre, think Rwanda, think Bosnia.

The withdrawal of free labor and energy, would slow men down considerably. They’d have to take care of their own laundry, shopping cooking caretaking… women just wouldn’t be there for them. They’d then be doing double duty at home and at work…. Stop marrying men, stop dating them, stop aiding and abetting them women. It’s really not that hard at all in western countries. Not that hard at all.

Pay attention to when you do have to pay men anything — 25% less on all tips if the waitperson is male, 25% more to women servers, for example.
Backing out slowly, and encouraging other women to do the same would put more stress on males. And geez, all women who had the option would never have to give birth to males again by legal choice. That would also change things. Even a 5% change really is amazing.

Just note how you feel in groups of all women, and sometimes I notice this accidently. Like a day or two ago in the afternoon…. treated myself to a Starbucks and there were NO MEN in the store. Just women. I was delighted…. “hey women we have a male free coffee shop today yahoo!” I announced this so women would notice and feel and experience. Point out the safety benefits to filling up an apartment complex with women, organizing slowly steadily.

The hardest to convince are het women who are so male attached, and just are so male pleasing… even when they don’t have to be. That is the big obstacle, because lesbians have created the most successful male free environments everywhere… it’s kind of effortless to us.

3% drop, 5% drop, withdrawing energy and resources slowly…. 25% less for tips to males, consciously hiring women…. supporting women, encouraging women not to adopt baby boys, working slowly to change bit by bit time, space and feeling. Pracitice taking over a Starbucks for the afternoon with 20-35 women friends. Practice taking up a small movie theater. Learn to occupy with women.

FCM - November 27, 2011

“hey women we have a male free coffee shop today yahoo!”

this made me LOL. i can tell you what the loathsome het women were probably thinking sheila. they were thinking that you were very rude (for a woman) and that you interrupted their trains of thought with your little “announcement”. as an FYI, i do notice when i am in a male free space. and yes, it *is* very different. i like to think other women notice this too. most of us remember what this was like, if we had female relatives and girl friends around when we were kids. those are easily some of the fondest memories of my life.

FCM - November 27, 2011

if nothing else, “male free” means that we dont have to be afraid, that we wont be aggressively hit on, and that we can at least somewhat relax. i have a hard time believing that most women dont notice this on some level. we have to notice when men are around, so if they arent around, having nothing to notice is an improvement. even if we arent all kumbaya about it. its a relief.

8. cherryblossomlife - November 28, 2011

It’s timely for me that you’re writing about this topic this week. I’d taken a couple of months hiatus from a popular website and returned to the feminist section there about a week ago, and because I’ve been spending a lot of time in the radfem blogosphere radical thoughts kept bubbling to the surface of my mind and I posted them as they appeared.
The immediate reaction of many of the women was that I was insane. I was actually called the word “Insane” directly by more than one just yesterday, along with other insults such as my handle persona must be an “invented cartoon character”.
I was also called a “hater” for pointing out that men hate women and kill them with regularity, to which I replied that it proves how hated women are if they’re not even allowed to point out a few statistics, whereas men can kill women all the time and never get called haters. Men are not haters, no siree. 😯

I was going to throw in the towel there once and for all, until some of the lovely women there told me that *to* *them* I didn’t sound insane at all, and they liked what I was saying. That’s all it takes, just a handful of radical women to spark off each other and you feel fortified once more and ready to carry on.

“…. “hey women we have a male free coffee shop today yahoo!””
Sheila this is sooo cool. I’m going to have to do this once before I die.

9. cherryblossomlife - November 28, 2011

and yes, the fact that you’re not allowed to react violently on an individual level is designed to serve the patriarchy. I’ll never forget that woman in SPain who burned her daughter’s rapist to death earlier this year. SHe followed him into a pub, poured petrol on him and watched him burn.
Men know that if they allowed individual acts of retribution they’d be finished because women’s collective rage would *finish* them.
So what they do instead is pretend they have a justice system, which is all designed to makes sure rapists and murderers are not punished, or that they get away with the minimum punishment possible, and they’ve created societies where women who avenge their children are punished severely.
Yes, this has been done on purpose. Men have no moral compass, as SOlanis points out. WHy do you need a judicial system and courts to point out what is right and wrong. Women *know* . It’s men that don’t have a clue about the difference between the two.

10. SheilaG - November 28, 2011

I don’t think men have any sense of justice, right, wrong… just nothing. I never hear male outrage at how women are treated worldwide, never the seering anger that males might reveal about the 9/11 terrorists, for example, or their celebration over the death of Osama bin Laden… but outrage that women are brutally raped, or that women make 25% less in pay? Nah, no outrage on their part at all.

Sorry I missed the story about the woman who burned her daughter’s rapist to death in Spain… that is amazing! Now that is an honor killing!

I do think men fear the explosive collective rage of women if it did get ignited worldwide. It’s why men do everything in their power to keep women controlled, poor, terrified etc., because they fear we will do to them what they routinely do to us every day. They fear this, they fear feminism, they fear radical feminism. They fear losing women as sex slaves and doormats.

11. SheilaG - November 28, 2011

And as to my announcement of the male free coffeeshop… some women looked rather dazed and bored in that L.A. way, but one or two did clap and smile… dykes of course! I got a little smile from the barista behind the counter, and then everyone ignored me and got back to what they were doing.

FCM - November 28, 2011

thats true sheila, the rage just isnt there. feminists have tried this angle before in anti-rape work, tried to get men to empathize with and care about their own female relatives and “loved ones” (cough cough) but in the end, mens sexual entitlement is worth more to them than women, even individual women that they allegedly love. let alone considering women as a sexual class, around the world that they will never meet. why would men care if their own daughters are raped, when the only reason many girls are alive today is that their fathers raped their mothers? why would men care about their daughters experience with mens PIV entitlement when these same men knocked up their own wives through mandatory PIV and they see nothing wrong with that? i saw in a movie once where men referred to women as “life support systems for vaginas.” that pretty much sums it up. when they see girl children, they see the same thing. rape-objects. PIV-objects. there is nothing to be enraged about, if an object is being used for its intended purpose is there? would anyone be enraged if a toaster was used to make toast? why would they? this is what we are dealing with. there is nothing there to be enraged about. our rage at what is happening to us is ours alone.

FCM - November 28, 2011

mens emotion about women being raped, to the extent that they feel anything about it, is exactly the same emotion they would feel if someone stole their toaster. there wouldnt be an issue around the fact that the thief made toast with it, the problem would be that he stole it, or perhaps that he broke it. and mens objection to mens PIV-entitlement is completely and utterly nonexistent, even where women are dying from it. 500,000 annually, worldwide die from complications from pregnancy, i believe, last time i checked? and i am willing to bet that almost all of those were either unwanted or ambivalent pregnancies. there is no emotion around that at all, but perhaps the sense that there is a need for more access to toaster-repairmen in third-world countries. there is never any criticism at all around using womens bodies for intercourse and impregnation the way toasters are used to make toast.

FCM - November 28, 2011

maternal mortality data, 2005, world health organization (WHO)

Click to access mme_2005.pdf

12. cherryblossomlife - November 28, 2011


A Spanish mother has taken revenge on the man who raped her 13-year-old daughter at knifepoint by dousing him in petrol and setting him alight. He died of his injuries in hospital on Friday.

Antonio Cosme Velasco Soriano, 69, had been sent to jail for nine years in 1998, but was let out on a three-day pass and returned to his home town of Benejúzar, 30 miles south of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca.

While there, he passed his victim’s mother in the street and allegedly taunted her about the attack. He is said to have called out “How’s your daughter?”, before heading into a crowded bar.

Shortly after, the woman walked into the bar, poured a bottle of petrol over Soriano and lit a match. She watched as the flames engulfed him, before walking out.

The woman fled to Alicante, where she was arrested the same evening. When she appeared in court the next day in the town of Orihuela, she was cheered and clapped by a crowd, who shouted “Bravo!” and “Well done!”
A judge ordered her to be held in prison and undergo psychiatric tests, provoking anger from friends and neighbours, who have set up a petition calling for her release.

Notice that? The all-knowing menz put her in a psychiatric unit. That’s the extent of what men know about justice.Zilch.

13. cherryblossomlife - November 28, 2011

“would anyone be enraged if a toaster was used to make toast? why would they? ”

FCM - November 28, 2011

glad this was timely for you cherry. 🙂 i personally did throw in the towel at a mainstream site, right before starting my blog. so i cant say that its always best to stick it out in those places, because they are very stifling and tend to bore the shit out of anyone who is ahead of the rest in terms of reading comprehension, issue spotting and “herstory.” its always doing radfem 101 with them, and they dont ever get it IMO. others have decided to stick it out anyway, and that the possibility of reaching newbies, providing ah-ha moments or clarifying things for the lurkers is worth the time and energy it takes to keep on keepin’ on in the mainstream. its all up to you and what you make time for. regardless, i think the same things apply as far as “going too far.” whether you are as bland as milquetoast as valenti, or as fierce or fiercer than anyone else ever has been or ever will be, you will be judged harshly for it. valenti has feared for her life and safety. she got rape and death threats. may as well go for broke ay? in for a penny, in for a pound. etc etc.

on valenti


14. SheilaG - November 29, 2011

Finally, the mother could no longer take it. She burned the demon up, a kind of reverse witch burning for males who rape girls and women, and then are stupidly released early from jail. I often wonder how long it is going to take for women to access that kind of rage worldwide.

But the 500,000 deaths in childbirth worldwide, the complete lack of concern for female safety on the part of men, whose only desire is to sexually use women for their own pleasure without ANY concern for the safety of the woman.

And as for going to more mainstream “feminist” sites to spread radfem messages. I still do this, because I know women are reading everywhere, I know this message is powerful, and I know lurkers or young women just might catch on, and start looking for radfem stuff. Radical feminism needs to go everywhere in my opinion, and since I can type extremely fast, why not.

Again, I’m not expecting the hosts to get it, I’m not even expecting fun fems to get it, or men like liver lips, but I do know women read, and I believe in the power of the truth…. I am out to reach women who will respond to the truth, and Mary Daly said “even if I was the only one in the world, I’d still be a radical feminist.” She also said she was perfectly at ease with being “a cognitive minority of one.” That’s good enough for me… and maybe that Spanish woman who stood up for her daughter is “igniting the shevolution” 🙂

I never get discouraged with radical feminism, because it had such a positive and powerful impact on my life! And I know that fun fems today, will become radical feminists in a decade or so… it takes women forever to even come out as lesbians because they are so het brainwashed, and since I’ve met hundreds of these women, I know the message just has to go out generation after generation… blog after blog…. that’s what it takes!!

15. cherryblossomlife - November 29, 2011

Tangential to the recent discussions we’ve been having about living in a patriarchy being “an utter bore” for women I found myself telling the women on that site that they were boring and “would it kill us to throw a few ideas around”. All they were doing was repeating the mandated patriarchal mantra. Surely they must have an inkling that they sound like an old record.
Incidentally, I was also accused of being homophobic, i.e anti gay-men, because I said I despised the fact that Elton John rented out a woman’s womb. How laughable is that! When I’ve lost a bit of credit among radfem bloggers for supporting and defending gay men! Bizarre.

Even if radical feminists are insane, at least we’re saying something kinda original, at least radfem thought is *interesting*

FCM - November 29, 2011

speaking of insanity, if the fun fems really believed we were nuts, we would be entitled to instant credibility with them for being neuro-atypical, which is a legitimate political minority and not an illness (according to them). also, if we were literally insane, we would be able to use that as a defense in the courts of both public opinion *and* the law for a variety of offenses. this also isnt what we see, or at least it wouldnt be, if any of us actually committed crimes, which we dont. looks to me like pretty much everyone want to have their cake and eat it too, when it comes to dismissing us as “nuts” but holding us accountable for our immorality. the symptoms of both insanity and immorality for women being identical, of course: we dont fawn and slobber over men 24/7.

16. Sound familiar? « scum-o-rama! - November 29, 2011

[…] being used for its intended purpose?  i dont get it.  those feminists must be crazy.  you know, or something. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. from → FCM, rape and rapists ← OWS […]

FCM - November 29, 2011
17. Crucial D - November 29, 2011

Ugh, FCM, I tried to read that interview with Valenti but I couldn’t make it through the whole thing. Once she started talking about “being better in bed thanks to feminism.” I checked out. Gah, why can’t other people see through this bullsh*t?!

FCM - November 29, 2011

yes, its capitulation to the extreme. we have discussed here before how the sex-pozzers have been almost successful in eradicating rape: they have decided that since men wont stop raping women ever, that we should just start saying yes to everything, all the time. poof! no more rape. why self-identified feminist men believe this casts men in a favorable light (ie. the belief that fun-fems arent man haters) is beyond comprehension of course, so i conclude that men dont care what women and feminists think about them. even the alleged “good guys.” they just dont care.

FCM - November 29, 2011

also, just to clarify, the only reason i linked to valenti was to show that even she gets rape and death threats. even she is said to have “gone too far.” this is meaningless, and should not be internalized by any feminist. its not even possible to go too far, and if it were, valenti sure the hell hasnt gone there, or anywhere close.

FCM - November 29, 2011

UP is talking about “violence” at her place.

18. Feuerwerferin - December 3, 2011

FCM, thank you for this post. The idea of “Far” is still heart-warming after three days 🙂

FCM - December 3, 2011

oh thats great! heart warming? really? thanks.

19. 1984.1 (Surveillance) « femonade - January 8, 2012

[…] consequences for any deviance thoughtcrime, our doodly protagonist eventually figures out that capitulation doesnt work: once he had engaged in thoughtcrime, he was doomed and he knew it.  so, he just continued merrily […]

20. m Andrea - January 16, 2012

Y’know there are some blog posts I always wish later that I had bookmarked, because I always end up thinking about what was said, over and over. So really glad someone linked to this. Thanks very much FCM! 🙂

FCM - January 17, 2012

thanks for reading, ms.a! 🙂

21. Gyn/affection and Dual Vision « smashesthep - February 4, 2012

[…] in our material world, as well as in our Gyn/affection for each other, we can begin to move forward towards wherever our vision takes us. This movement towards women’s freedom, despite the real […]

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