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Underpants Revolution December 24, 2011

Posted by FCM in health, self-identified feminist men, thats random.
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some end-of-year thoughts.  female pain is bad.  all of it.  all things that cause female pain must be eliminated immediately, and at the top of the list (because these are the easiest) are the things we have the immediate power to change.  is there *anything* at the top of that list?  is there anything any of us can do?  i sincerely hope so.  and no, i dont want to talk about the pain of childbirth, and whether its *bad* but its not because its not completely relevant, and its not because pregnancy and all the stuff that comes with it is almost always unwanted or ambivalent, and that is so fucked up it makes me furious.  i just dont want to talk about it right this very second because it divides women.  and thats not where my head is at.  female pain is bad.

so regarding underpants.  thats a pretty small thing that could be easily changed, right?

obviously, from the smallest thing to the biggest, all things under patriarchy are designed to benefit men.  all things that are designed, built, perpetuated, supported and enforced under the patriarchy are absolutely and unequivocally designed to and do benefit men at womens expense.  as a thought exercise, or just an easy way to save precious time, just start with that premise, because its demonstrably true.  and today, im considering underpants.  if you *cant* change your underpants without something drastic happening to you in real life…and many of us cant, or it would be very difficult…feel the anxiety start to rise?  this is how controlled we are, and this is how centralized female pain is to the whole system.  im just saying.

for example, how many millions go into the coffers when women have chronic yeast infections because of tight-fitting underpants that dont let you breathe?  how do men benefit when women are constantly fussing with their reproductive tract due to completely preventable medical events and dont think anything about sticking things into it at all, and letting men we dont even know stick things into us too and its completely normalized and routine?  and so on and so forth.  how controlled are we, when none of our clothes would fit right anymore if we wore loose fitting underpants that were healthier and less painful, and it was impossible to remedy that?  think of how hard it would be to remedy that for many women.  they couldnt.  this is what we are dealing with.  and i really dont think this can be made better under the current system.  ie.  would changing jobs help?  why/why not?

im starting to think that if changing something in your life would make it easier to change your underpants, then it just might be worth doing, and is probably something pretty fundamental at that.  in general, our jobs, or changing jobs might not be where its at.  men arent where its at either obviously.  its actually funny to think of how disgusted shaken up they would be if women started wearing loose fitting underpants.  which in general is a signal that whatever we are doing, we should probably do it MOAR.  its base and reactionary, but its also easy and true, which works in a pinch.  its interesting how that particular intuition has been almost beaten out of us.  i said almost.  and it comes back.  🙂

and on that note, happy blogging everyone!  see you in 2012!



1. FCM - December 24, 2011

well done everyone. 🙂 feel free to comment, if anyone is still around!

2. Mary Sunshine - December 24, 2011

Still around, and NIFOK. …. 🙂 …. my favourite underpants.

FCM - December 24, 2011

happy holidays mary! and LOL @ NIFOC. for me that would qualify as “changing my underpants” so i aspire to be NIFOC like you. that would be a positive change. 🙂

3. thebewilderness - December 25, 2011

I haven’t worn anything but tap pants for lo these thirty years. Comfy! Double as shorts in the summer.
Happy sunturnaround.

4. dirt - December 25, 2011

I’ve only ever worn boxers and have never personally known a male who wears boxers. Most men find boxers (except for sleeping) uncomfortable/painful because they offer no support. There are also boxers that cater to females bound by the gender straight jacket and cute undie shorts which a past g/f used to wear.


FCM - December 25, 2011

Hi dirt

All the men you know wear tightie whities? LOL. I’ve never known one that did except my father. Bryan cranston has said that he chose tightie whities for his goofy dad character on Malcolm in the middle bc they were funnier, like desperate and more pathetic. Funnily though (and not in a Haha way) he was constantly knocking up his wife. They had 6 unintentional pregnancies from what I remember. All 5 kids, and the unintended pregnancy that ended the series. Hardy har har, right?

And yes, its a fact that men can easily switch between the two. Women can’t. Not only do you have to shell out for specialty underpants that are neither here nor there (girls boxers?) they don’t fit right under your clothes, if you bought whatever pants you bought after trying them on over your tight girly underpants. Men’s clothes are way more forgiving in general I think. Boxers do not fit under my clothes, I’ve tried.

FCM - December 25, 2011

Also, what are tap pants?

5. thebewilderness - December 26, 2011

Basically boxers for women without the fly opening.
They were very popular during the thirties and again in the eighties when the slacks fashion was loose and comfy. You rarely see them during the skin tight fashion periods.
They are called tap pants because of tap dancers wore them for freedom of movement. You can see some here:

6. smash - December 26, 2011

Unfortunately, boxers have restrictive elastic, and are made for straight hipped people. I’d appreciate a female alternative though.

FCM - December 26, 2011

Yes. I would love a non latex option as well, but those are very difficult to find too.

7. Claire K. - December 28, 2011

Ha, I always thought I was the only one who found underpants uncomfortable. I remember that when I was about 12 I was convinced the uncomfortable tightness of my underwear and swimsuit meant I must have unusually large labia, and was really ashamed. Anyway, I just stopped wearing underpants altogether, which may sound gross but has always worked fine for me.

8. witchwind - December 31, 2011

Maybe we should open an international online shop with conmfy underpants for women!!

Actually anything that has to do with getting rid of unconfortable feminine stuff, although it felt intuitive, has taken me a long time, acceptance, adaptation, getting rid of internalised fear and hatred, etc. It took me a year to stop shaving, and more months to even be able to look at myself without being disgusted at my hair. The mental imprisonment is so powerful, plus it has the advantage of being invisible to men and invisibilising the oppressor: no external chains, nobody whipping us: it’s like we’re doing that all by ourselves, us stupid women. It’s our fault if we’re oppressed, we should just stop shopping and whining!
As you say FCM, these things seem so small and derisive but given how hard it is to change it (or impssible for many women, depending on how strong the repression is) this shows how controlled we are. Men can switch whenever they want, dress as girls, etc. But simple things as changing pants or wearing sensible shoes is a heresy.

Just one last thing: my mum is getting worried about me getting rid of femininity. I was shocked when she told me that. As far as I can remember, she wasn’t ever worried when I started femininity practices which cost me my health and sanity, and were totally destructive. It’s crazy. When women do as simple things as wearing comfy clothes, it’s “worrying”, “disgusting”.

FCM - January 3, 2012

not only is making these changes heresy, it costs money. who can afford to buy new “everything” once you realize you cannot stand being in pain one more second? this happens a lot i think. there are many things we cannot stand one more second, this happens daily. yet to change these things is impossible, or cannot be done in a day, a week or even in a decade or ever depending on what it is. its so demoralizing.

9. scorpiogurrl - January 12, 2012

absolutely!!!! the day i see my boyfriend start wearing panites will be the day I start jumping up and down laughing…unfortunatly i doubt that will happen 😦

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