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What Male Entitlement Looks Like March 5, 2012

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everyone knows that in relationships with women, men lie constantly.  constantly!  they lie about everything, from the smallest thing to the biggest thing.  especially the small things.  and…especially the big things.  they seem incapable of telling the truth, in fact, so much so that a cynical reasonable person might conclude about men, as we are told to conclude about alcoholics and addicts, that if their lips are moving, they are lying.  you can pretty much take that one to the bank.

and unless you enjoy the warm breeze generated by the lip-flapping, its best not to be in the way of a compulsive liar generally, because of the utter destruction and devastation they cause to everyone in their path.  get out of the way, would seem to be reasonable advice.  but instead, when it comes to men lying to women within the context of the het partnership, where mens lying completely devastates and wrecks womens lives all the time, we hear things like…”nothing is 100%.”  this from mama rivers to her daughter melissa, when melissa finds out that her live-in boyfriend of 3 years has been clandestinely trolling craigslist for sex, among other things.  and melissa is devastated, of course.  i really feel her on this one.  i do.

but the thing about “nothing” being 100%?  actually, thats not true at all.  men lie.  THAT is 100%.  and if any particular man hasnt lied to you yet, its only because at the present time, telling the truth works.  when the truth ceases to be useful to him for whatever reason, he will stop using it.

men lie to women.  end of.  its a funny, funny joke, haha.  everyone that matters, chuckles about it, and moves on.  the destruction, when it happens to women, literally does not matter.  and make no mistake: the destruction is often very, very bad.  its not that its just a little destructive, thats not why its situation comedy-fodder.  its a lot destructive, and the “joke,” if you can call it that, is that the jokes on women.  this is what men do and its what men are.  and so many women have literally no other choice but to put up with it.  some women dont recognize that they have another choice, and even more women really dont have any other viable option, they are literally trapped with men who lie and they arent hallucinating about being there and being trapped.  so many women are *that* vulnerable, and without other viable options.  and *that* is fucking hilarious, to everyone who hates women.  which is pretty much everyone.

but why do they do it?  why do men lie to women about everything?  well, in a word, entitlement.  men lie to women because for their entire lives, since they could first cognate, boys and men have imagined what their lives would look like, and there was a woman there.  maybe a nice boat, a nice house, a good job, a nice dog, some small and large appliances, maybe even lots and lots of sex with other men!  but in addition to all of that, there was a woman.  it was part of the plan.  since they were first able to wrap their minds around the concept of a future-self, and im not sure at what age that happens, most men (even gay men!) knew that a woman would be part of the equation, that a woman was part of the package to which they were entitled.  because they are men.  and a woman is there, among all the other objects and appliances because women are just objects to men, nothing more.  think of male entitlement as a big boat, loaded with cash -n- prizes, where one of the prizes is a woman, and the men are the skippers.

and lying to women is part of the steering mechanism?  i guess?  men want their lives to go a certain way, and lying to women is partially how they accomplish that.  if things are going well, and telling the truth would keep him heading in the direction in which he wants to go, and would keep the woman there, great!  maybe he will tell the truth.  but the second the truth would cause choppy seas, where telling the truth would throw the life he imagines he is entitled to off-course, he will lie.  because keeping his entitlement on track is his goal.  his goal is NOT to be a good partner to a woman.

and if the woman bails (or is tossed overboard), he just gets another woman, and starts lying to her as soon as it becomes necessary.  the women are as interchangeable as any other object, it could be anyone.  dont take it personally, would actually be pretty good advice, because in this scenario, you arent a person.  you might be the boat, but you arent the captain and you arent the first mate either.

this is men steering their own individual completely loaded with pirate booty barges through the navigable waters known as “life” when you are a man.  they are trying to get somewhere, dammit, and they leave many, many female bodies in their wake.  and to the extent they care about that, its only because they might find themselves stalled, or even going backwards for half a second while any particular storm passes.  but thats all it is.  any guilt or regret or “i’m sorry” you might get from a man, has nothing to do with a “conscience” or any other emotion or cognition evoked where one human being either “accidentally” or on purpose (or “accidentally-on-purpose,” yes thats a thing) wrongfully destroys another person and hurts them perhaps beyond repair.  its nothing like that.

the only way a woman might understand what this feels like, from mens perspective, is to imagine how she would feel if she destroyed a very useful object she owned, either accidentally or on purpose.  can you feel it?  can you?  good.  this is “empathy” afterall: feeling what another person feels.  if you thought a man in your life was feeling anything more than that, when it came to you, well, you were wrong.  and youve probably been projecting this whole time, not empathizing.

the look on melissa’s face when she realizes what has happened to her, is what a moment of clarity looks like.  she knows EVERYTHING at that moment, on an individual and probably a systemic level.  this is what a breakthrough looks like, and no, it aint pretty.  and the rage and extreme sorrow on joan’s face as she is witnessing the events happening to her daughter are very revealing too.  joan knows whats up because she has doubtless seen the same thing countless times before.  too bad they will both promptly forget the whole thing.  or pretend to.

and meanwhile, melissa is attempting to raise a son, and is concerned about how this man has hurt her boy-child.  surely she also knows that this man was her son’s teacher, since her son is a skipper-in-training, and that her now-ex has actually helped her son out quite a bit by showing him how its done?  the look of unbearable agony tells me that she probably knows that, too.


1. FCM - March 5, 2012

demanding that a woman submit to unwanted intercourse is like so 2 weeks ago! this week, we have a decade of lying to content with. and a rather large bill from the IRS that arrived unexpectedly in the mail covering tax years 1999-date.


2. aliyah16gurl - March 5, 2012

Great post! Its true when you think about it. ALL men lie. Every woman who is around men on a daily basis or less than that has been lied too. Me included..

FCM - March 6, 2012

yes, everyone knows it and experiences it because its a universal truth. i think we need to look at these universal truths, and ignore the academics and male-apologists that tell us not to do that because ESSENTIALSM!!!!1!1! who cares if its innate, or learned, or a choice they could NOT make if they wanted to? the fact of the matter is that they lie, and this appears to be universal. what you do when you see a universal truth is to try to figure out how it benefits men and patriarchy, because patriarchy is the common denominator here, it is universal too, or as close as you need to get. how is X universal (whatever it is) consistent with patriarchy, and how does it support male power? it always runs deeper than a simple punchline on a sitcom. thats the part we arent supposed to figure out, or we are supposed to feel bad for men that sticoms portray them in such a negative light. LOL as if.

and the female energy that is poured into this one every time it happens is staggering, and completely destructive too. i spent 4 days on the phone with my friend, after the IRS letters came. four fucking days. at the end, she concluded that she’d better stay with him, because clearly he needs help. HER help. its a bottomless back hole of wasted female energy, for all women involved, and all women who THOSE women call when they need to talk.

FCM - March 6, 2012

just to give you an idea, i spent about a week putting up the PIV on TV blog. 20 posts, plus a very involved thesis statement and all the necessary preliminaries involved in setting up a new blog.

dealing with this fucking bullshit that my friends husband did to her, where there were NO observable positive results from the time spent by either her or me, took at least half as long. and for what? jesus fucking christ.


FCM - March 6, 2012

no observable positive results FOR WOMEN, not ME, or her, or any individual woman, or for women as a class. there were observable benefits to her HUSBAND though! oh yes. shes staying, and has decided to help him! omg.

and now i am comment-spamming my own post.

3. smash - March 6, 2012

Wow. This post made me so sad for Melissa. Nice wrap up of the issue. Men LIE. Yes they do.

FCM - March 6, 2012

I feel badly for Melissa too, I really do. I’ve been there, before there was even such a thing as Craigslist! This shit is as old as the hills. And what was the very next thing Melissa did, after throwing this asshole out? She apparently got herself a new man, none less than the owner of vivid, the porn company. Cause at least he’s honest about it? I guess? Sheesh.

4. DavinaSquirrel - March 6, 2012

Most men seem to treat women like a car – most times, they regard the car as more important than wifey. They frequently trade-in old wifey for a newer model, once she gets a few too many miles on the clock.

5. karmarad - March 6, 2012

It’s true in my experience. Men feel they are supposed to say things so they do, but they don’t really believe what they’re saying. Later they say, I didn’t mean that. It is indeed a question of retaining their valuable property, a female. Anything they say that keeps her is the “truth”. There’s no standard that requires men to actually express what they feel, if it will result in the woman possibly choosing to leave. There’s no requirement that a man be truthful with a woman. It’s like a man telling a dog, go on outsid,e now, go on, hear that? Hear it? A raccoon! The dog runs out and there’s no raccoon, the guy was just getting her outside to take a whiz. It’s not a matter of morals, like a man talking to a man. it’s just getting the job done.

6. Fern - March 6, 2012

I’ve seen men lie about horribly important things to women without a second thought, even outside the context of romance. It’s really disgusting how little consideration they give for our point of view when this happens. Like, my own dad refused to tell me who his dad was or where he really grew up, because he was ashamed and self-hating of his heritage. Even when I had a class assignment on family heritage, he knowingly let me fail the assignment and told me it was “none of the school’s business.” Maybe it’s none of the schools, but shouldn’t it be MY business who my grandfather is?
Every few years after that I would find out my dad or grandad had some random affair, or that I had new relatives that I did not know about because their cheating and lying had hid it from me previously. My dad lied to my mom, but also me and my sisters without ever expressing any sorry…I have no brothers but I think if I did he might have changed his behavior regarding them.

7. FemmeForever - March 6, 2012

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why is there not a learning curve? How I got to the truth was paying attention to the fact that men, over and over again had no upside, no benefit at all. By looking at what I wanted compared to what I got. Are other women not doing this at all? I mean how many times do you have to get annihilated before you say enough? I know we see the pattern because I refuse to believe there exists a woman anywhere who is that stupid. So is it that we believe we don’t deserve better? I mean Melissa is a rich celebrity. One would expect her and women like her to have strong self esteem. Why does she feel the need to keep putting herself through this shit? It’s not money. She knows love is a joke yet she and most of us continue to beat our heads bloody against the man wall. When you said she went right to the porn guy my heart fell. I was hoping the porn guy was the one she threw out.

I just went to an engagement party yesterday and for the life of me I cannot understand what the bride-to-be is thinking. She is probably a bit older that the man but not drastically so. She is fun and outgoing and full of life and divorced and he seems alright. I mean I don’t see any signs of assholery so far. But he has a really major gross physical deformity. It is simply not possible that she could be physically attracted to him. I can’t even stand to look at him as I am squeamish, although I have no desire to be rude so I take care to be polite. But it is very bad. As we know he’s not worth it even without the physical limitation so how could anyone be willing to do that to herself? Every time I see them I think how impossible it would be for them to be together if the shoe were on the other foot. I mean if it were her with the gross deformity he wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. He wouldn’t touch her even if she had the exact same deformity that he has or if she had say and extra 20 pounds on her frame. But it’s perfectly OK for women to accept anything and everything as long as it has some sort of penis. It’s rage making. Raaaage.

8. Fern - March 6, 2012

Oh, did I also mention I just dropped two male “friends” this year because they both conspired to share very sensitive things I had told them in confidence, and then wouldn’t apologize or admit they had done anything wrong when I confronted them about it? This, from one of them who used to be proud to be my “best” friend. Best friends don’t lie and betray my confidence behind my back, and consider that acceptable treatment…sheesh.
So, women get lied to not just by male lovers, but by male family and male friends too. When men do this as if it’s their god-given right, no wonder women have a hard time trusting men.

9. blork - March 6, 2012

It’s related to the fact that men see their relationships with all people, women especially, as antagonistic rather than equal or mutually supportive. I think in many (most?) cases they model their relationships to us after their relationships with their moms, who they rebelled against and if it had to be in sneaky ways in order for them to feel that they were “winning,” that’s just the nature of the game to them. Men are generally incapable of understanding what a true partnership is or what it entails, because they don’t realize that not everyone in the world in every situation is trying to “win.” Women aren’t trying to “win” in their relationships with men, because to them relationships don’t work like that. But men are, and they don’t even realize that there’s another way to approach a person or a relationship. It is selfishness and, as the title said, entitlement.

10. Boadie MacLeod - March 6, 2012

I don’t understand why women keep dating men. There’s no point in it. And at one point in time, when we were very very young, we all knew that. We had no use for boys. Then something happened, and it wasn’t just puberty. Think about HOW MUCH effort patriarchy has to put into indoctrinating us: Religion, family values, lesbian phobia, spinster shaming, economic alienation, music, movies, romance novels, etc, all trying to sell us on the idea of romantic love with a man. What a crock of shit.

11. cherryblossomlife - March 6, 2012

“dont take it personally, would actually be pretty good advice, because in this scenario, you arent a person. you might be the boat, but you arent the captain and you arent the first mate either.”

In the book Loving to Survive there’s a paragraph on women who have escaped abusive husbands and about how as soon as they reach the battered women’s refuge and begin talking to other women they suddenly realise that the names their husband was calling them (slut etc) had nothing to do with them at all, because all the other women had been called exactly the same names. So it became clear then that these were the names that men call *all* women.They saw that it wasn’t the *real* “them” that was being targeted with hate, but the generic “woman” in the man’s head.
Anyway, you writing about women just being an interchangeable object kind of reminded me of that. We should bear this in mind in our interactions with men.

* Why is there not a learning curve? *

Femmeforever, i just read this today in Pure Lust. DAly says that women need to experience a “terrific shock” which will open the subterranean file which is hidden away in their minds:

“Finally, however, no matter how strong that file–and patriarchal women have almost bionic files–there comes along the one piece of data that breaks it open.
Not everybody responds identically to the bursting of the file. Women who have no faith in themselves, who are totally dependent upon approval of both patriarchal men and women–as is classically the case in fundamentalist church settings–and whose feelings of self-worth have been almost totally crushed, these women must still deny what their now open file tells them is the truth.”

FCM - March 6, 2012

This wasn’t the focus of this post although I did mention it: the epistemology of the “closet” for gay men, and how lying to women is such a huge part of that. It’s just more of the same shit isn’t it? They act like they are the victims of homophobia, and maybe they are, but how they mitigate the damage to themselves is to lie to women, and ruin women’s lives and place women at tremendous risk, without the women’s informed consent. And even gay men feel entitled to do this, and entitled to a free domestic and reproductive slave in a woman. It does indeed appear to be universal.

And yes, its not always about the money, but it usually is, at least partially, for most women. But rich women with strong family support do it too. Would a debilitating sexually transmitted disease put an end to.this for Melissa rivers? What would it take? I suspect one thing she likes about the vivid guy is that he’s sex positive, meaning that he’s probably been tested for hiv a bunch of times and doesn’t hide his exploits. Oh goody! As if he ever did anything REALLY bad, he would tell her or maybe anyone. Yeah right.

12. smashsmashe - March 6, 2012

Ugh. She ends up with a Vivid guy? More sadness and gross out.

FCM - March 6, 2012

yes, its not just any old porn guy, its “vivid” founder and co-chairman steven hirsch. yay! his millions were made off the misery, suffering and sexualized abuse of women in porn! what a great guy, at least hes honest about being a total shitbag. too bad melissa doesnt know what she doesnt know….theres always something isnt there? i shudder to think.


13. FCM - March 6, 2012

cherry, thats an excellent quote from daly, thanks! all her ideas and writing are excellent of course, but you picked the perfect one for this situation. this “terrific shock” and subsequent bursting of the subterranean file is exactly what i mean here. the realization(s) women have in these moments are profound, and complete. these are breakthroughs, they really are. and the rage that comes in these moments is so intense that it feels almost other-worldly, like something has taken over your body. it erupts, and erupts and erupts. your face changes, your perspective shifts and it is total. if you have ever felt it, you know what i mean. obviously, its completely justified too. if we ever harnessed that rage, collectively, we would be unstoppable.

14. llaff - March 6, 2012

it really is fascinating to watch males teach their sons. i was sitting at a cafe the other day and a couple sat down with their son. the son was about 4. the son, in a joking sort of way, asked his mother, “mommy what do you know about science?”

the mother answered seriously in a self-deprecating manner, “ohhh i don’t know much, honey.” and then laughed self-consciously

the son and father exchanged glances and smiled knowingly at each other while the mother ate her food, trapped in her self-consciousness box (carefully manufactured and maintained by patriarchy).

the insecurity and self hatred of women manufactured and encouraged by males renders females literally blind to what is going on around them.

15. aliyah16gurl - March 7, 2012

@ llaff my father has been bad mouthing my mom ever since me and my brother understood him. He would get quiet when she came home from work and act like nothing happened. I never listened to him and luckily I convinced my brother to do the same thing. We all think he’s a a crazy man. He even took my mom’s cake and lied about just last week. Men just don’t stop!

16. nuclearnight - March 8, 2012

The realization Melissa has when she says to her boyfriend “you never loved me” is so matter of fact. I’ve uttered it myself in the past and I know its one of those common realizations that you can be so wrapped up in how a man is manipulating your emotions for his own gratification that you can’t see his shit for what it is.

Women often then internalize that shit and tell themselves how stupid they are instead of channeling that rage at the piece of garbage that did it to them and to the system that enabled him to do it without any accountability.

17. mechantechatonne - March 8, 2012

The lies are so common that after awhile I didn’t even register them as a problem. I expected them, I noted them when I heard them, and if they were not serious enough to require breaking things off, I just basically ignored them. I could never figure out why men kept lying to me because I always made an effort to create a situation where they didn’t feel they had to, but it never helped. No amount of telling them that I won’t get upset if they tell the truth or that I know they’re lying and would just appreciate if they’d own up and move on would help at all. They just lied all the damn time. But really the truth was hardly an improvement, as the truth is that nothing besides their shallow passions interest them, they are disloyal and constantly bored by their emptiness and the best thing I could probably do to excite them is dress like a playboy bunny and cut myself because everything that isn’t porn or dead things is boring to them.

All things considered, I guess it did save me a lot of “whut!? face” making for them to just lie. Pretend to be interested in me, pretend to be interested in…something, pretend they aren’t always cheating and pretend they didn’t wish that they could magically make all women porn stars in horror movies.

18. Mia XX - March 8, 2012

interesting the metaphor you chose FCM. It just struck me because sailing is a common metaphor for progression through life, and boats are often referred to as female themselves…

19. cherryblossomlife - March 11, 2012

mechantechantonne, this sentence is spot on:
“everything that isn’t porn or dead things is boring to them.”

20. Dilemma « Cherryblossomlife - March 12, 2012

[…] from Daly’s Pure Lust at femonade the other day about the subterranean files that patriarchal women keep in the darkest recesses of […]

21. Yisheng Qingwa - March 15, 2012

I mean how many times do you have to get annihilated before you say enough?”

Yes. I asked myself after the last fuxking moron I let use me and lie to me.

Wow, Fern- I dumped two of my male “friends” too this past year, after they both, at separate times and for separate “reasons”, screamed in my face when I said something that annoyed them. Then, no apology from either of them, and one of them even did this sociopath-like victim bullshit to try to put me on the defensive. And, I was done. One’s a smug blowhard and the other’s a bitter angry drunk, sharing custody of a 5 year old daughter (who is being raised to be a little performer. shudder.). I am trapped living with yet another dude still- who I really do wish could be a friend- from whom (?) I tolerate all sorts of bullshitting, mantrums, and arguments. For real, he upsets me like 3 times a week with his thoughtlessness. I am screwed for employment right now. But, I am looking, believe me.

UUURRRRGGGHHH!!! Thanx for letting me rant.

22. Yisheng Qingwa - March 15, 2012

I find myself wondering what he’d do if he walked in and saw what I just wrote. :/

FCM - March 15, 2012

doctress, i know how you feel. theres always someone looking over your fucking shoulder, waiting to censor your thoughts. so not cool.

23. Tina - March 15, 2012

To Yisheng Qingwa:

That’s why you NEVER live with a man “just as friends”. They can turn on you just like that.

24. llaff - March 17, 2012

goddamnit ladies we need to get together. this is ridiculous. my ass is out on the street because i’d rather be here than under the thumb of some dude. and that’s what it ultimately comes back to every time. when we are divided we feel alone and get sad, which is exactly what they want. it’s their cause, really. sometimes i feel like i lack the social skills to meet likeminded individuals. sometimes i feel in despair. sometimes i wonder if i’ll end up like all the other brainwashed fembots because i gave in.

25. WrathOfTiamat - March 29, 2012

I sometimes wonder why it’s that difficult for so many women to know when a dood is manipulating them… in many cases I can see the demagogy through their sweet-talk and the worst is that they fucking enjoy the process of it all. But many women just don’t see it, they’re in such denial their bullshit detector doesn’t work.

It’s sad, many young women my age I know -early 20s- are so brainwashed and suffer from such collective Stockholm syndrome that they don’t realize when a guy is taking advantage of them or even mocking them… ’cause doods mock them all the time and bully them in subtle ways.

And when we’re in a group of people with both doods and girls, it’s striking how it’s the doods who hold the status quo and it’s us who must adapt to that status quo, the hierarchy is just so evident, and still nobody around me is able to see it.

To my female friends I’m always the one to say ‘I told you’ and always the one enraged but they learn the lesson so slowly they’ll never get to a radfem awareness. Some of them are stuck in the process of awarding cookies to doods and being extremely thankful to them, for what? for only going to the stripbars twice a year with friends and not every weekend? for sometimes ”collaborating” in domestic labor? for not making too many misogynistic ”jokes” in front of her? for ”giving” them an orgasm every once in a while? for not mentioning his porn use too much? honestly…

FCM - March 29, 2012

its not that they dont realize its happening, at least not always. its that they think they have to “pick their battles” and let the little (or relatively little!) lies slide, or bc you need to preserve the relationship for one reason or another that has nothing to do with wanting to be there, or feeling like you are loved. i stayed with my first long term bf for a whole year longer than i shouldve bc he owed me money, and i knew if i didnt let him use me a little more (and if i didnt get him a job and then help him keep it) i would never see that money again, and it was more money than i was willing to lose. i wouldnt do that again, but even at the time it was a deliberate trade off and i knew it. the problem is womens lack of options, and having nowhere else to go, or thinking that it doesnt get any better than that (bc it often doesnt, thats no lie). as long as you are dating men anyway, and as long as you intend to marry one, this kind of shit is to be exptected and most women know that all too well.

26. WrathOfTiamat - March 29, 2012

Yes I guess women are aware of it, at least on some level but many don’t really examine the nature of these ”battles” and just take it as their ”lot in life”, and it actually is, that’s what’s so depressing about it, and I guess that’s why we radfems get told that we are daydreamers and we should get real and achieve a ”nicer” patriarchy… because everyone knows what men do, the problem is why so many women aren’t willing to really go to the depths of it and question the real motivations for men’s behavior and ask themselves if it’s worth it to date or marry someone who does that and lives by such lack of values. If it’s for financial reasons like in your case then it’s obvious, but for women who have more options and are still invested in het relationships and battle picking, that’s simply patriarchal indoctrination I believe.

As for girls my age, I do really think they’re not aware of doods lying to them… many are just starting to learn it now, and it’s just painful to watch how they’re so emotionally vulnerable and get victimized without them realizing and the following outrage. Always the same story.

27. Yisheng Qingwa - April 7, 2012

Tina, I wish I had a better option (best option: living on a big boat with a few women, who would be HUMAN TO ME! As I would be to them! :D). But, I don’t- unless I want to live in a van down by the river. I’d like to think we have some kind of friendship at this point, since the last time he snapped at me about some shit, I went off on him for a half an hour and scared the shit out of him. I am LOUD when I am enraged. I am hesitant to admit that I liked it. Scaring the shit out of a man seems to be the only way to get him to respect you. Basically: “Treat me with respect or I will become violent towards you.” I’m just doing what men do.

28. Yisheng Qingwa - April 7, 2012

I mean, men who are “buddies” play-fight all the time. The difference for me is that I am NOT PLAYING. The hypocrisy comes in when I am demonized by other men for “being violent”, “psycho”, or “controlling”. Anything less than utter capitulation towards any and all men equals “controlling” in mens’ eyes. Because THEY. MUST. ALWAYS. BE. IN. CHARGE. Even listening (giving a shit? I don’t fool myself about that) to what I have to say means that dude is “whipped” or some such bullshit. I say FUCK THAT. I gots shit to say! Part of the tirade at Roomie-Dude was about HOW MUCH of my life; my very BREATH I waste REPEATING MYSELF when men ignore what I say the first time. I said, “I will only say it ONCE. After that, there will be a PROBLEM.” (imagine scary angry face of me here)

29. Sugarpuss - May 19, 2012

FemmeForever said:

Every time I see them I think how impossible it would be for them to be together if the shoe were on the other foot. I mean if it were her with the gross deformity he wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. He wouldn’t touch her even if she had the exact same deformity that he has or if she had say and extra 20 pounds on her frame. But it’s perfectly OK for women to accept anything and everything as long as it has some sort of penis. It’s rage making. Raaaage.

Yep. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Men are dirty little hypocrites. They think it’s perfectly okay for them to be shallow, but if a woman rejects one of those pasty, arrogant, spoiled, knotty-kneed nerds, she’ll be called a “B*tch” because, you know… HOW DARE any female person have standards. That’s a privilege reserved for dudes. But, to be perfectly honest, I think most of them would rather be fucking each other. I read some crap on a PUA blog called “Bro Code”, and it was the gayest bunch of crap I’ve ever seen. LMAO! It’s like they only have sex with women to impress each other. Why don’t they just shut up and suck each others’ dicks? Oh, and leave women alone. That’s the best advice I can give them.

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