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Peak Fun March 26, 2012

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first, a question: has the great cotton ceiling debacle of 2012 affected you wrt your feelings towards trans politics and/or liberal “fun feminism” and if so, how?  if not, why not?  and is there a point at which it will become more than obvious what fun-feminism really is, including who it benefits, and why?  will the truth out?  does it ever?  if so, why?  if not, why not?

while all women are socialized to be compliant dick-pleasers, and frequently acquiesce or avoid confrontations with men due to the threats of violence and actual violence backing up mens demands, including their demand that we see the entire world through mens eyes, womens socialization to be pleasing to dicks (and penises!) cannot be the variable here, where some women are buying this trans politics/fun-fem shit and others are not.

most arent, in fact.  most women, i dare say, both globally and locally, simply are not on board with trans politics.  the oft-repeated claims by trans and fun-ems that trans are a political minority, and are often oppressed by women, is evidence that this is true.  so while the fun-fems are definitely being dick-pleasing and compliant in their acceptance of what is very obviously an anti-feminist mens rights (trans) agenda, conservative grandmas really arent, or if they are, they arent talking about it.  soccer moms arent.  wilting southern flowers arent.  even women who are compliant or even hesitant dick-pleasers in every other way, arent necessarily buying this one.  so whats the variable here?

it seems to me that the variable is sex-positivism, and liberal anti-woman sexual politics.  sex-positivism requires, absolutely requires that women see the world through mens eyes, where removing “sex” — including intercourse and its attendant reproductive consequences — from its anti-woman, patriarchy-supportive historical and political context is a good thing, because men have been in the wrong for millenia and it benefits them to ignore that.

and sex-positivism, and the idea that “sex” and intercourse with men is a good thing, and that it could and should be liberatory for women, at this time and place, is the most egregious mansplanation — aka. example of forced-male-perspective — that i have literally ever heard.  because in order for women or anyone to see sex with men as beneficial for women, even conditionally, but often as unconditionally beneficial, to us, we must agree that mens perspective on 4 critical points is correct and adopt their perspective as our own:

1) the political class-based oppression of women by men which is based on biological sex is a good thing and should continue; and 2) men deliberately systematically, institutionally and interpersonally harming women as a sexual class, via intercourse, is a good thing and should continue; and 3) the female-specific harms of the penis are particularly beneficial and should therefore be centered as much as possible; and 4) it further benefits us and supports our (male) power to publically deny 1-3.

viola!  sex is apolitical!  no more sex-based differences, no more male bodies, no more female bodies.  because we said so.  just potentially orgasmic bodies, just apolitical, ahistorical blobs of meat, catching friction on each other, for fun.  just like men pretend to be, when they are actually deliberately harming women with their dicks, to support male power.

now, let me just say a little bit about my utter disdain for sex-positivism, and how much of an atrocious fucking lie it is.

if women are really to be made whole again after literally millenia of systemic, institutional and interpersonal sexual abuse at mens hands — a history that no one can credibly deny, and when i say sexual abuse i mean abuses that are directed at our female genitals, and which often have intended reproductive consequences — it would not be too much to ask for a couple of millenia, or even a century, or a decade or even a year or a day, for that matter, of respite from that, so that women as a class could recover from our collective and individual histories of sexual abuse at mens hands and to heal.  and yet, to date, we have not been allowed to have even one day to heal from this.  we are not even allowed to acknowledge it happened, or that it never stopped.  even if the oppression had stopped years ago, (and it hasnt!) and even if sex with men wasnt inherently oppressive, (and i think it is inherent, or at least that PIV for pleasures sake is inherently oppressive to women) we would still deserve a chance to breathe in an environment that was substantially different from the oppressive one.  but what we have is men in womens pussies 24/7 like they have always been.  this is simply not a substantial, or substantial enough, change.

and to attempt to erase or deny history, including human rights violations in other contexts is a political and moral no-no, while attempting to reverse the course of oppressive histories on a dime is flatly impossible.  and sex-positivism attempts to do both.  when it comes to any other type of oppression, has either the oppressive or the oppressed class ever tried to reverse the course of that oppressive history on a dime, or expected it to work, or have they said “look it worked” when it obviously didnt, and had people believe them?  has anyone ever taken the site/source of a group’s political oppression and claimed it was now, magically, the site/source of their power, and had that be true?  its ridiculous.  there are lingering, ongoing effects of systemic political and physical oppression, we know this.  and this is true even when the oppressive institution is formally abolished, and ours hasnt been.

meanwhile, the part that liberal/progressive, anti-woman sexual politics plays in trans discourse is obvious: just go on the fucking pill already, and shut the fuck up.  that way, you (women, and especially liberal women) can be more easily resemble an apolitical, ahistorical, potentially-orgasmic meatbag, catching friction off of other people, for fun.  it furthers the illusion that this is true for either women or men, when of course it isnt.

and while we are pretending, lets *also* pretend that contraceptives actually do that for women, when in order for them to do that they would have to be 1) 100% effective, and 2) cause no side-effects themselves.  and clearly, neither applies.  women arent even effectively changed into pretend male-like meatbags, they just have to pretend they are!  but whats a little more pretending when you are already living in an alternate male-centric reality thats based on lies about men but also wasnt built for you?  note to women: if you have to take a pill to live in mens reality, a pill that men do not have to take, it indicates that 1) there is such a thing as male reality thats different from female reality and that these differences are biologically-based and 2) men are forcing women to fit male reality.  and oh what the hell, 3) there is probably a reason for that, ie. it benefits men to do this.  because everything men do benefits men, because patriarchy.  duh.

anyway, my point is this.  while other male-centric politics are decidedly woman-hating and thrive off of mens sexually abusing women too, liberal politics in particular seems to be the one thats heavily invested in turning both male and female bodies into apolitical, ahistorical, potentially-orgasmic meatbags that catch friction off of each other for fun.  where all women are collectively owned by all men, and women’s male-centric sexual activity and sexual slavery are prized over our virginity and reproductive slavery.  (contrast that to conservative sexual politics.  conservative and liberal men disagree with each other somewhat, on some points, regarding how to treat women, aka. liberal and conservative mens sexual, domestic and reproductive slaves).  and sex-positivism is the ideology that tells women this is *not* just a slimy political deal struck with sleazebag liberal men who demanded it: its really an acontextual (apolitical, ahistorical) choice.  women could not embrace trans politics without both of these things, i dont think.

and thats just (i think?) the fun-fem acceptance of the physical aspects of trans. ie. sex is a social construct, there are no meaningful physical differences between women and men.  acceptance of the gender part also requires internalized misogyny, homophobia and lesbophobia, ie. a woman who likes other women or can change her own oil or doesnt want to be a disempowered, feminized rape-object for a man, even when having intercourse with men, (gay transmen!) is really a man herself, so long as she says she is.  nope, no problem there.

are we having fun yet?  or, is this what peak-fun feminism looks like?  stay tuned…



1. FCM - March 26, 2012

im going to trans hell already, so i might as well say it. “apolitical ahistorical potentially-orgasmic meatbags, catching friction on each other for fun” essentially defines trans bodies. sorry. but it does.

and if it doesnt, and im wrong about that, fucking prove it!

FCM - March 26, 2012

they are however both HUMAN, and EXIST. obviously!

2. Mary Sunshine - March 26, 2012

FCM, this is just glorious!


3. Lily - March 27, 2012

I really have nothing to add to this..
*standing ovation*

4. kmiriam - March 27, 2012


5. karmarad - March 27, 2012

Brilliant, fcm.

We have to address this social construct BS.

We are bilological beings. Our biological truth is unknown. It is not masochistic. It is not subservient. It is not subjegated. It is unknown. Let’s find out who we are.

Male violence is biological at least in part. It has to be addressed or we will never have the chance to find out who we are.

6. karmarad - March 27, 2012

Sorry for the typos! biological, subjugated.

FCM - March 27, 2012
7. Rusty - March 27, 2012

Hot damn that’s a powerful piece of writing. And so right. Thank you.

I think that the great cotton ceiling debacle of 2012 has increased awareness of the trans* idea that a penis can be on a female body. By extension, that means that lesbians who don’t like penises are transphobic and that a very dudetastic agenda is being guilt-riddenly hoisted upon us under the guise of sex progressivism. That said, the part about penises being female and biological sex being a social construct HAS GOT to be the Peak Fun Fem moment for a lot of people. At least I hope so.

Remember way back when transgendered people were born in the wrong body? Their insides didn’t match their outsides and they were in turmoil and they got surgery to make everything consistent? Now we’re in the Cotton Ceiling era. We’re talking about bodies – anatomical functions and reproductive capacities – having no bearing whatsoever on biological sex. We’re talking about penises being female and uteruses being male. Now transgendered people were not born in the wrong body, they just have a different body than most people would expect as a result of the insidious messages from society that we have internalized. SEX IS A CULTURAL MESSAGE. And gender is the reality. Holy shit.

It’s all on us now, not them. Now we’re told that patriarchal society has constructed a narrative in which males were born with penises and females were born with vaginas. Sex is a narrative! Dresses and pink and wanting to shave your legs? That’s 100% biological. In other words, gender and sex have been entirely reversed.
Now it’s up to feminists to correct those messages, despite the fact that what they’re telling us to say is explicitly anti-feminist. It’s now up to feminists to tell the world: Pink DOES EQUAL girl! Lesbians SHOULD LOVE dick! And “WOMAN” means absolutely NOTHING AT ALL. Don’t agree? That’s transphobic, period, end of discussion, comments closed, everyone hates you.

If I wasn’t already on the radfem end of things, I know for sure this would bring me there.

8. DavinaSquirrel - March 27, 2012

I am not sure that the libfems/sexpoz/funfems will ever hit ‘peak fun’, because their entire politics are based in individualism and not class analysis. And even with trans politics getting as bizarre as it is (cotton ceiling, wtf!), they still cannot (or refuse) to see it.

So complete is their view via the male lens, they don’t even need instruction from their handlers now, they easily support any anti-female agenda without a second thought. They are Stepfordfems.

9. swiz - March 27, 2012

the title of this post is genius.

10. bugbrennan - March 27, 2012

HEY YOU GUYS, WE ARE ALL WRONG, JUST LEARN TO LOVE THE PEEN AND STFU http://queerfeminism.com/2012/03/27/the-cotton-ceiling-is-real-and-its-time-for-all-queer-and-trans-people-to-fight-back/

(this is me being sarcastic)

FCM - March 27, 2012

Re the title, another radfem coined the term “peak trans” some time ago, but has since made her blog private so I can’t link to it.

And yes, I agree that there are those out there, and they may be the majority even, that will never hit peak fun. But Jessica valenti herself seems to have, once she nearly died from pregnancy related complications and discovered, presumably, that her “new normal” which included a premature infant of unknown developmental ability, and where she was told that another pregnancy could kill her, was no longer compatible with the fun fem, sex pos kool aid. She handed the feministing torch over to “younger feminists” only a few months later, and was fairly quiet about it.

For western, educated women, these lessons often come a bit later in life, but they do come. Some women will put it in context, and others won’t, still others won’t have time to think about it and won’t have time to play around on the internets much, after that, bc life intervenes. But the truth is there, and the truth seems to be that fun feminism has limited applications. Radical feminism doesn’t.

FCM - March 27, 2012

Yay peen, all hail the peen. Thanks for the link!

FCM - March 27, 2012

Follow the link if you want to witness the hot mess that is “gender queer radical feminism.” Kinda like godbag atheism, but with more hypocrisy.

11. DavinaSquirrel - March 27, 2012

For western, educated women, these lessons often come a bit later in life, but they do come.

The frustrating thing is that the 20-somethings won’t listen to women who have been-there, done-that – and warn them what males as a class are up to. They know better, apparently, until they find out for themselves – then it is usually too late, trapped with kids / tied into dependency on a male / career loss / etc. Then they either go very very quiet like Valenti, or become ranting radfems.

So funfeminism is not just usless, it compounds the problems for women individually and collectively. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

FCM - March 27, 2012

i wrote about JV earlier here. there are some links within to JV’s own descriptions of what happened to her and why she left fsting:


12. Sargasso Sea - March 27, 2012

“I’m deeply sorry that I didn’t try harder, ask more questions, or deeply interrogate my own fears.”

Am I the only person who thinks this is just plain sad? Spoken like a young woman who has fully submitted to male authority. I mean god forbid that you have a healthy, rational *fear* (loathing…) of the penis and a healthy, rational love for females.

Also, only men could come up with the notion of “sex communities” because ya know, that’s what everything is all about… Hey guys! I’m moving to Anal Fisting to be closer to my job!

Eww 😦

FCM - March 27, 2012

yes, i noticed that too. communities that are based on sex, and sex acts. i can see the tourist/real estate literature now…Anal Fisting…a gated community atop historic Mount Anything….

13. Nicky - March 27, 2012

I think it will peak, when people wake up and see trans for who they are. I am starting to see it peak already within the intersex community because people are starting to see how stupid trans are when they are using the intersex to prop up their existence. People are seeing the fallacy in their theory.

14. Lily - March 27, 2012

If they’ve already swallowed this much total illogic, though, are they really going to reach a peak? I mean it’s insane enough as it is. I am sure some critically thinking women will find their way to radical feminism, but the funfems have already given up on thinking logically out of fear. I don’t see them reaching a peak because it’s already so nuts.

FCM - March 27, 2012

it must be painful to keep bumping their heads against their various “theories” that arent based on anything and dont go anywhere. the people that feel the pain of illogic (and it IS painful) are the ones who will be relieved to find an alternative. and we will be here waiting for them like we always are, welcoming them into our space no matter how awful they were to us, and we will be utterly disinterested in garnering any boring “confessions” from them about the errors of their previous ways bc thats not how we roll. onward and upward!

re banging your head on extremely boring patriarchal walls (from mary daly’s “quintessence”):


15. Lily - March 27, 2012

these pretendbians are just hetero and bi dudes trying to coopt, violate lesbian spaces, bodies, and culture. they are just being blatant about it now.

and I definitely think it’s because lesbians are the only women under patriarchy with any autonomy from men; only lesbians and single women. and they want to be able to subjugate us again. it’s like they can’t stand free women.. and perhaps lesbophobia within the movement stems from a bitter sort of jealousy on het women’s part, that we have more independence than any woman coupled to a man?

16. Lily - March 27, 2012

Quintessence ! it’s the only Mary Daly book I own but I’m so happy to have a copy. academentia indeed. if it hasn’t reach its peak, it sure has reached a fever pitch..

and funfems MUST have very sore heads indeed 😦

17. jen - March 27, 2012

From that “Queer Feminism” article:

This spectre of rape that cis lesbian “radfems” habitually raise, centered around the supposed inherent threat of the phallus, minimizes the appalling rates of physical and sexual violence committed against trans women, particularly trans women of color and sex workers.

The only person minimizing violence here is Faucette. She also contradicts herself. If the threat of the phallus is only “supposed,” then how do trans women and sex workers get raped and beaten at appalling rates?

Faucette is saying that the same phallic threat that results in the rape and abuse of vast numbers of women, trans women and sex workers is suddenly diminished once a man says he’s a woman. Once a man person says “I feel like a woman inside,” the very real threat of rape magically becomes a mere spectre. Women are required to simply take his word for it that they are safe with him.

We are also treated to the spectacle of a “queer rights activist” informing lesbians that they have no right to categorically reject cock! Amazing! For fear of hurting the feelings of biological males, lesbians must not only tolerate the presence of penised persons in every female space, but they have a responsibility to interrogate their fears of such and must not rule out sex with the male-bodied! In addition, the heretofore rejection of the blessed penis by lesbians is not simply a matter of personal taste, but a sin that must be atoned for! Any responsibility that MTFs have toward lesbians goes unmentioned.

Radfems do not minimize the violence suffered by trans women, but rather take it into consideration with the violence that they themselves endure from the male-bodied. It is trans women who narcissistically assume that only THEIR experiences of rape and abuse matter, and that any experiences of abuse lesbians have had that make trans women feel uncomfortable must go unmentioned. In this way MTFs play the typically male game of winner take all in insisting that their rights come first. Lesbians must ignore their own experiences, instincts and observations if MTFs demand it. Lesbians must make themselves physically vulnerable to the male-bodied if MTFs demand it.

It also twists the picture of systemic violence to make it look like trans women are a huge, systemic threat to cis lesbians when in fact trans women as a group face incredible systemic barriers in almost every aspect of life.

Bullshit. It’s not one or the other. They can both be true. The fact that trans women face physical threats as trans women DOES NOT mean that they are incapable of posing a threat to biological females. As we see in the numerous criminal cases of males putting on wigs and skirts and sneaking into women’s spaces to stalk and assault them, they already do.

@ Rusty: That said, the part about penises being female and biological sex being a social construct HAS GOT to be the Peak Fun Fem moment for a lot of people.

It absolutely would have been for me, if I hadn’t already discovered radfem blogs. A penis is not a female organ, and a male-bodied person is not a woman, because of biology, and because as male-bodied persons, MTFs insist that their demands take precedence over the rights of the female-bodied in every situation.

One sees this laid out on the excellent Debunking Serano website. Julia Serano insists that the interests of trans woman and biological women should be the same, and where our interests diverge, women must adjust to the desires of a tiny minority of male-bodied persons who will never experience life as a biological woman.

In order for MTFs to feel like women inside, the political class of woman, who experience injustice all over the world based on their biological sex, must be abolished. Again, it’s winner take all, and Serano’s feelings are more important than the brutal oppression experienced by women as women, from forced pregnancy, lack of treatment for widespread conditions like fistula and pelvic organ prolapse, etc. No, “empowering femininity” is more important!

I can honestly say that the threads here and on Gender Trender have changed my life. Every young feminist needs to read them to know why the radfem perspective matters, and why the transsexual question must be dealt with. The lives of women all over the world depend on it.

Avory Faucette can go fuck zieself.

FCM - March 27, 2012

i forgot to mention what effect cottongate has had on me: its been made clear to me that trans do, in fact, recognize the category known as MAAB (when it suits them; and by implication they also recognize the group known as FAAB) and they gather together in MAAB-only groups to discuss how to break down womens (read: FAABs, the ones who arent invited to the MAAB-only panty-busting conference) sexual barriers to having sex with them. i think that was the most revealing piece of info yet. from what i have seen, transwomen rarely discuss or acknowledge MAAB and when we bring up FAAB they pretend FAAB includes them. now we know that they know it doesnt, and that its something they only acknowledge when its convenient for them to do so. this is good info to have, i think.

18. smash - March 27, 2012
19. thebewilderness - March 27, 2012

I find the concept of “sexual communities” fascinating.
Dissatisfied with their own community building efforts they want access to others “sexual communities”.
Do we build community on the basis of common experience and safety or is the purpose of community building to expand the pool of potential sexual partners?
Being an asexual person I can’t get a good read on this. I am simply confused and distressed by the impression I am getting of community addressed as “meat market”.
They seem to be looking at the gay community and the lesbian community as some closed unit that they want access to. Rather like the Michigan womens festival. Maybe someone should tell them it doesn’t work like that.

20. thebewilderness - March 27, 2012

I’m not sure that made sense to anyone but me. Sorry.

21. smash - March 27, 2012

Made perfect sense to me, teh.

22. Mary Sunshine - March 27, 2012

Bewilderness, it made perfect sense to me – and what you said is bloody brilliant.

This stuff has been swirling through my head all day. I thought of you when that “sexual communities” concept hit.

It is a giant “skeleton key” that is unlocking so many doors for me. The blind alleys that went nowhere. Now there are ways through, everywhere I look.

23. jen - March 28, 2012

Looking at the jabbering on Faucette’s Twitter, genderqueer appears to be another word for hipster:

Exclusion from sexual spaces is so body centric.

Well aren’t you special to be above bodily functions. Did you get your tubes tied, Avory?

I think this refers to Cathy Brennan’s open letter:

Thank you! It’s a relief to hear support on this, was scary to read.

Oh I’m sure pushback from radfems is much scarier than any “supposed inherent threat of the phallus” could ever be.

FCM - March 28, 2012

I think its pronounced “scawwey.”

FCM - March 28, 2012

And the idea of communities based on shared experience and safety vs based on sex and access to sexual partners resonated with me too. Obviously I would prefer the former. And obviously, shared experience and safety is not what these asshats are going on about, when they talk about community. The privilege, it burns.

24. B - March 28, 2012

“The people that feel the pain of illogic (and it IS painful) are the ones who will be relieved to find an alternative.”

This is so incredibly true for me. I started out being more of a fun-fem ‘follower’. I didn’t know much about trans politics, but I wanted to be a ‘good’ trans ally. (Which basically meant I was agreeing with everything said, no questions asked.) I believed most of it at first, but after a while things just weren’t clicking. At all. Red flags flying up everywhere.

I thought, surely other people see the problem with things like ‘penises being female’ and ‘Die Cis Scum’. If not, then maybe they would see something wrong with the Cotton Ceiling? Breaking down the barrier of women’s underwear? Lesbians are transphobic for only desiring sex with females? Hello! Apparently, I was wrong. It’s crazy. This blog and others like it have literally been a breath of fresh air.

“The frustrating thing is that the 20-somethings won’t listen to women who have been-there, done-that – and warn them what
males as a class are up to.”

I’m in my early twenties. Rest assured that some of us are starting to wake up. lol

25. patriarchywatch - March 28, 2012

Someone called Sharon left an awesome comment on that queerfeminism.com blogpost. I wonder if they will allow it to stay:

Sharon on March 27, 2012 at 5:25 am said:

The term “Cotton Ceiling” is an offensive term that was first coined by a trans porn star. Moreover, I refuse to have cis attached to my identity. I’m a genetic female, not cis this or cis that. God, all mighty, I’m so tired of gender queer, nonsense speech. By the way, what exactly is Queer Feminism? What have queers ever done for women? Queers had nothing to do with women gaining the right to vote. These brave women were called Suffragettes not queer women. Sappho wasn’t queer. Sappho didn’t live on the Island of Queersbo. Susan B. Anthony wasn’t queer. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wasn’t queer. Rosie the Rivetor wasn’t queer. Del Martin wasn’t queer. I wish to hell you queer women would stop trampling over the graves and bones of real feminists. Queers haven’t done diddly squat for women except invent demeaning sexist terms such as “Cotton Ceiling” which refers to biological transsexual male’s access to genetic women’s under panties. Glass ceiling which refers to employment discrimination is a real issue for all women. The term “cotton ceiling” in reference to women’s panties and sexual access to women is repugnant to all women. Lesbians should feel shame and guilt for not having sex with male to female transsexuals. Men must have access to women’s bodies becasue it’s an entitlement. MTF transwomen must break through the “Cotton Ceiling” (access to women’s panties). If lesbians just tried hard enough, they would learn to love dick, or genetic males who used to have dicks, but now have fake vaginas. Because you are totally blinded by queer speak, you can’t see how utterly dehumanizing it is to lesbians. Any woman has a right to refuse sex for any reason. Lesbians find sex with males unappealing. I can actually feel the male energy from MTF transsexuals. I instictively know the difference between a genetic female and a genetic male. I hate to tell you this, but this is how many lesbians feel. It doesn’t have one damn thing to do with transphobia. It’s a sexual preference. I am simply not attracted physically to males. Now, I’m made to feel as if there is something wrong with me if I don’t find transwomen sexaully attractive. Although I was raised to respect all human kind, I’m so sick and tired of queer speak and queer thought. Despite all the gender queer Orwellian propaganda, I refuse to be mind raped by a queer culture. Never call me cis because I’m proud to be a female and I’m proud to be a lesbian.

26. mechantechatonne - March 28, 2012

You are definitely right about this debate being the peak of fun feminism’s failing to stand up for women. It pisses me off so hard that this whole thing is even happening, and it’s especially annoying how much language has been appropriated to form some sort of mutant liberal platform to allow for this nonsense to justify itself.

It’s like falling down a fucking hole. First we go to “consent means no means no” where anything short of an outright refusal is a yes. Eh, not so great, but at the very least it takes care of defining rape by imminent physical force. Then we hit “yes means yes” with enthusiastic consent. If that meant “it’s a no provided I don’t say yes” that would be cool, but NO that means you just have to be more into it and open to stuff, because apparently the deal fun fems struck to get the standard raised to that was that they would try really hard to be into stuff and say yes when asked. That little corollary that you will be “open minded” to whatever snoolporn fun is out there was in the background before, but now they just decided to make it explicit with this shit here, and finally admit that the dudes have mandated if they have to wait for a yes we have to give the yes or SHIT GOES DOWN, and by shit they mean coercion, rape and social sanctions. Fuck all of this shit so much!

And what a humdinger that as if it wasn’t bad enough they managed to sneak a “and we have to give up women-only space too” rider in this fucked up “rape us less forcefully” compromise. Oh great funfems, you got to like being called sluts, be cheerleaders for pornstitution, give up your common ground as women, open the floodgates to men to the women-only spaces your mothers and grandmothers fought and died for and make the notion of having a live constantly not shat upon by the patriarchy disappear into the sunset as old school bullshit. And dudes didn’t agree to stop raping you, but they did graciously agree to give you the opportunity to be more open to the nonstop, unlimited entitlement to your body and convince you that embracing being constantly available means that you can never be raped, just a participant in a live action rape fantasy where surprise sex you didn’t know you wanted is gifted to you, and that “I don’t want to fuck you feeling” is just repression, which you should dutifully re-evaluate and fail to do so to your peril.

Great! Go figure it would be dudes in dresses that finally advance the rhetoric to just saying that out loud. But I guess if they had any desire to act like they give a shit how ridiculous they’re being they wouldn’t be campaigning for gynecologists and the respect of being treated as sexual objects. In a way I’m thankful to the trans for letting their testerical entitlement boil over enough to forget to be careful with the twisty wording and be incremental in their postmodern feminist reversals.

27. delphyne - March 28, 2012

They should skip talking about sexual communities, and be honest that what they are demanding is access to the harem. First they did it as eunuchs and now it’s going to be with their penises and testicles intact. When they see a group of women they see a sexual resource for them to help themselves to. Bit like a bull being let into a field to service the cows, and the cows can’t get away because of all the fences around them.

Fantastic analysis FCM. What I learned from reading all this, is that trans don’t even feel the need to hide their rapetastic attitudes – they’re quite happy to have them out in the open, so sure they are that people (fun fems, governments) will support them and attack or neutralise anybody who disagrees.

FCM - March 28, 2012

cathy brennan received this death threat today:


and the genderqueer radical feminist is publishing comments from a “cis straight male” threatening her too!


FCM - March 28, 2012

yay violent men! gotta love em. wait….no you dont! ha!

28. ethicalequinox - March 28, 2012

“Exclusion from sexual spaces is so body centric.”

Well then, explain to me, o great and mighty trans gods, how in the fucking hell you can suggest that radical feminists are “so body centric” when YOU are the ones who devote such an obsessive amount of effort into making YOUR physical, biological, flesh-and-blood bodies be recognized as deep and meaningful conglomerations of injected hormones and surgically altered genitalia.

And if being “excluded” from someone’s “sexual spaces” is really one if the worst things you can possibly imagine, you really need to get off the goddamn internet, if only for the 35 seconds that you could handle it.

FCM - March 28, 2012

i wish i were excluded from mens sexual spaces. i really fucking do. unfortunately, we are included whether we want to be or not, and all spaces are mens sexual spaces. welcome to FAAB, welcome to the P.

29. ethicalequinox - March 28, 2012


I hereby voluntarily revoke all rights and access to any and all mens’ sexual spaces, effective immediately.

Signed and dated, ME.

30. smash - March 28, 2012

B, glad to see you here.

Chatonne, great post. I support you in your righteous anger.

31. bella shea - March 28, 2012

this post makes me all sorts of happy. it absolutely blows my mind that transpeople are serious when they use the term “oppression” to describe the woe of not having automatic access to women’s bodies on their terms. men never change, do they?

the second paragraph of cotton ceiling is real link contains the gem of a phrase, “the supposed inherent threat of the phallus.” holy cow. i used to think that transpeople merely forgot that words have defined meaning but now i realize that they are quite intentionally crafty. because, uh, YES dicks pose very real threats for women (see all of history, ever). why is this not the most obvious thing in the world by now? but i guess if all concrete concepts go out the window, hell, maybe i was never really raped after all! hooray!

this, too: “Radfems, you’re not just missing out on great sex. You’re confused about what it means to be a lesbian, or a woman… you assume describing yourself as a lesbian tells others that you prefer what you call a pussy, as if everyone has the same definition of lesbian, woman, or pussy. THAT is privilege.”

sorry to litter your amazing blog with more nonsensical quotes but how do any women-born-women read this without having a million red flags go up? i know exactly what it means to be a lesbian and a woman. yes, i assume that describing myself as such transmits the message of what those words actually mean. language and naming is powerful and i refuse to have my lived experiences and my sexuality turned to alphabet soup.

32. bugbrennan - March 28, 2012
33. jen - March 28, 2012

“Radfems, you’re not just missing out on great sex. You’re confused about what it means to be a lesbian, or a woman…”

This is really evil. She has no business telling lesbians how to be lesbians or women. What a fucked up world we live in when a “queer activist” is preaching homophobia.

Cathy Brennan reblogged this on her Tumblr:

That is group non-attraction based on a personality clash.

“I like trans women, but I could never date one”

That is group non-attraction based on cissexist fuckery.

Ladies’ penises ain’t that gross, people. You’re not obligated to fuck any one specific person… but when your group of women you will not date includes a group of women whom people see as not women, it’s time to start examining whether you see them as women like you say you do.

If I were to agree with transgender activists that it’s cissexist for lesbians to categorically reject cock, that would be homophobic. Won’t do it.

If that means I have to bluntly say I don’t think MTFs are women, so be it. Transgender activists are demanding that feminists throw lesbians, without whom there would be no feminism, under the bus in favor of MTFs, and funfems are unthinkingly doing just that.

FCM - March 28, 2012

how many times are we going to be told that we are “missing out on great sex”? sheesh. i am immune to that one, after being fully saturated with it for my entire virginity, but nice try!

34. Lilly (@Bruce_Lilly) - March 29, 2012

““Radfems, you’re not just missing out on great sex. You’re confused about what it means to be a lesbian, or a woman…”

Lesbian means…being not attracted to dicks. Good lord what happend here? This sentence is homophobe beyond believe. That is exactly the SAME CRAP dudes tell lesbíans every time. “You don’t know what it means to be a women until you are fucked by a man – here let me help you out with this.” He will not try to say this to gay men. At least not for now…

It’s a good thing that many people can now see what a disgusting piece of crap the trans dogma is. The trans bigots exposed themselves finally as the hateful homophobic fanatics they always were. It was about time.

35. cherryblossomlife - March 29, 2012

LOL, speaking of missing out on great sex, it reminded me of a paragraph I read yesterday in “From Housewife to Heretic”, written in 1980 by a Mormon woman who rejected her marriage and religion. Here’s a dose of female reality for the trans women who don’t know:

“After the requisite sexual performance on our wedding night, I lay awake wondering, as I’m sure millions of women have wondered before me, “Is this *all*?” All those years of fighting almost overpowering sexual urges, thinking what total bliss it would be when I could just let go and have at it, and *this* was *it*? Fortunately, over the years we improved upon our initial adventure, but the long years of thinking of myself as a commodity to be used and of my sexuality as the trap of evil for men, as well as the long years of Rick’s macho socialization, kept us from fullest happiness. Not just in a sexual, but in an everyday, moment-to-moment sense. Alas for the oppressed. Alas for the oppressor.”

36. jen - March 29, 2012

On Julia Serano’s Twitter:

I am surprised trans folks were so silent about Blunt amendment, because surely some employers would have denied trans health coverage…

What? You mean trans women are unconcerned with helping their sisters fight for reproductive freedom and other issues that don’t directly affect them?

I am a sex-positive feminist who is pro-contraception, pro-choice, and fiercely defends women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy….

…but I have to say that as an infertile woman, all this contraception-centric feminism over the last month has been alienating for me…

This is instructive. I’ve never heard a feminist childfree lesbian or post-menopausal woman bitch about feeling alienated because women are battling for reproductive rights.

…I get that the political powers that be have brought this issue to the forefront. but there are many other feminist issues out there…

…it reminds me of how same-sex marriage has sucked all the oxygen out of queer activism over the last decade…

Oh, abortion and birth control rights are so bougie, and it’s so tiresome that this fight never ends.

He tries to cover for himself by saying what about the safety net and homeless women, but that’s just bullshit. It’s about him. Sorry for hurting your little feelings.

Someone named Patience Newbury, who I assume is an MTF says:

You’re basically discussing the many ways #cisnormativity tries to reframe political questions to de-prioritize trans bodies.

Yes, and you did qualify your statement w/ ways that trans women are deprecated in this discourse. That *is* a cisnormative act

Deprecated? I must have missed the part where Sandra Fluke insulted trannies.

These assholes really believe that women prioritizing resisting forced pregnancy is cisprivilege! Any issue that does not affect trans women or mention them specifically is “cisnormative.” They’re what, 0.01% of the population? Women have to apologize for anything that does not “prioritize trans bodies?”

MTFs say they’re feminists, but they can’t bear anything that reminds them that they’re not female.

I’m sorry for polluting your blog with this stuff. It’s just really hitting home how corrosive the malignant narcissist MTFs are for all women’s rights.

Peak trans, indeed.

FCM - March 29, 2012

oh hell no!

37. WrathOfTiamat - March 29, 2012

”Radfems, you’re not just missing out on great sex.”
Of course, ’cause ”great sex” necessarily involves cock, otherwise it’s bad sex… or not even sex at all…

38. thebewilderness - March 29, 2012

It is a strategy, Jen, and an effective one at that.
Men have gotten a lot of mileage out of the argument that “women do it too” regarding crimes, particularly rape to change the subject from the 97% of crimes committed by men to the 3% committed by women.
They do it because it works.
I absolutely agree that it is malignant narcissism, just as is on display in the MRA groups that have recently been designated as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

39. MTF trans bored over reproductive-rights centered feminism « scum-o-rama! - March 29, 2012

[…] #misogyny #selfishasshole #appropriator #peaktrans #peakfun #thanksforillustratingmypointdickwad #radfemswereright Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

FCM - March 29, 2012
40. FCM - March 29, 2012

thanks jen 🙂

41. jen - March 29, 2012

My pleasure! You nailed it. Funfems need to get it through their skulls that the MTFs don’t intend to share power with them. You can already see it on funfem blogs. “Decentering cisnormativity” means the feminist movement never gets to put women’s concerns first ever again. Biological women will have NO FORUM to pursue their interests, interests which do not dovetail with those of MTFs. Transfeminism, if they get their way, means the end of feminism.

Every time the trans question comes up, from I Blame The Patriarchy to Feministe, somebody says you should read Serano. I hope that Serano and his merry band continue to show their asses so women can see the terrifying implications of the trans woman agenda.

42. WrathOfTiamat - March 29, 2012

what a fucking scumbag, that Julia Serano. If he really wrote that then the trans agenda against women can’t get any more exposed after this. I’ve recently realized that most of the patriarchal oppression lies in the exploitation of female reproductive biology through an apparent disregard of it and a male-centred reality where even females are deeply male-identified -fascist paradigmatic intercourse, bad/dangerous/harmful contraception, woman-hating medical institutions etc.- and I like this blog because it focuses more on these issues than fun-fem blogs which only focus on liberal issues but never the roots of it… mainstream fun ”feminism” is a pathethic joke, but it’s sponsored by the system so it will continue to be called feminism as we’ll continue to be erased and silenced, as well as the issues we focus on – female biology especially. I’ve always noticed there was something terribly wrong with the queer and the trans communities and now I can name it – the intentional erasure of female biology, ’cause that’s what keeps women fundamentally tied to men. Thank you all for speaking these truths, just letting you know.

FCM - March 29, 2012

Thanks for reading Tia. 🙂

43. jen - March 29, 2012

Apparently this Patience Newbury person is the Fourth Wave of feminism:

If feminism is a radical notion that women are people, then trans feminism is a radical notion that women exist in more than one container.

Newbury pushes the innate gender line here:


The working definition presented on this entry — and this framework of theory that I will explore on Cisnormativity — disagrees with the Butlerian premise that “gender is socially constructed”. On the contrary: social order is shaped by a precedent language of gender; societ(ies) followed after the basic building blocks of gender were formalized.

They can’t sell the notion that women come in male bodies without convincing people that gender is innate and that biology is a construct.

FCM - March 29, 2012

Read his actual tweets to see what he said in his own words. And yes, it is really completely crystal clear: woman’s issues are boring, and unimportant. Let’s talk about other stuff instead!

44. DavinaSquirrel - March 29, 2012

This is instructive. I’ve never heard a feminist childfree lesbian or post-menopausal woman bitch about feeling alienated because women are battling for reproductive rights.

Very true Jen. It just shows that the faux term “transfeminism” wants to make feminism all about them and ignore everything that doesn’t concern them. Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, every other bloody MALE on the planet. Daily they prove just how male they are.

FCM - March 29, 2012

LOL @ butlerian. #unintentionallyfunnytrans

45. WrathOfTiamat - March 29, 2012

you’re welcome… it really affected me when I realized the depths of patriarchal oppression and that’s what many of us are afraid of I guess, facing such a terrible truth, unbearably painful information… but living in truth is always better than living in lies isn’t it? At least it’s liberating.

FCM - March 29, 2012

And LOL @ a trans proposing “theories.” A ham sandwich could theorize better than any trans on the entire internet, and probably the world, provided the theory was trans related. I do understand that many of them were highly educated as men. #maleprivilege #thatsnotatheory

46. WrathOfTiamat - March 29, 2012

Of course, no matter how logical or self-evident our theories and our arguments, the system will keep giving and perpetuating a voice for this nonsense, and why? because of biology: they’re men and we’re women.

What a mass delusion, if people really come to believe biology doesn’t exist… well they’ve been ignoring female biology for eons -and therefore enslaving it through male-centric paradigms- but the denial of it will be even greater if we start to live in a dictatorship of the mantra ”gender is inherent and biology is a blurry non-consistent subjective truth” LOL… and I recently realized that in the media the trans issues are getting more recognition -in the news a couple days ago they showed a demonstration of transwomen demanding the legalization of prostitution here in Spain- but of course real women don’t have a say in that, or in anything really.

47. BadDyke - March 29, 2012

“MTFs say they’re feminists, but they can’t bear anything that reminds them that they’re not female.”

Be that a simple tampon advert, or refusing a call a dick a neo-clit, or insisting that only women can give birth…………….

A sad addendum today, with the death of Adrienne Rich — Feministe and others, prime occupation seems to be reminding everyone that she was acknowledged in Janice Raymonds ‘The Transsexual Empire’ hence was an evil transphobe.

O, and apparently , a title like ‘Of Woman Born’ is cis-sexist……..

As Monty Python said ‘where’s the fetus going to gestate, in a box?’

Although dear, late-lamented Joanna Russ apparently had the trans equivalent of a death-bed conversion and apology, so is no longer assigned to trans-hell for what she said in ‘The female man’.

Then we have an interview with Julie Bindel:

where some dimwit asks, yet again:
“how then can you describe yourself as a lesbian, which is a gender based sexual orientation?”

We might wonder what trans-hell would be like, except we in danger of finding out ourselves pretty soon given the garbage being spewed out, and seeping its way into the legislative system.

48. jen - March 29, 2012

@WrathOfTiamat: I’ve always noticed there was something terribly wrong with the queer and the trans communities and now I can name it – the intentional erasure of female biology, ’cause that’s what keeps women fundamentally tied to men.

Bingo. Even though without women you don’t have a human race, medicine continues to ignore female biology, and now you have a group of men who say every time women pay attention to their own biology they

hammer the nails into our feet a little deeper.


Every time you equate penis with sexism, erasing those women and nonbinaries with penises.

Every time you equate childbirth with motherhood and women, erasing those men and nonbinaries who give birth.

Because bullshit theory and trans womens’ feelings, whoa whoa whoa feelings are more important than the blood and guts reality of every woman on earth.

Next time you talk about childbirth, remember not everyone who gives birth is a mother.

There are no words.

49. smash - March 29, 2012

BadDyke, I went to feministe, and you’re right– the only issue they care about at all is trans.

Feminism has been gutted.

50. WrathOfTiamat - March 29, 2012

Exactly… not that I was ever into the queer or trans communities but just their rhetoric seemed bullshit to me, at a purely visceral/intuitive level, you know when you think ‘this makes me feel like shit’, a perception so dismissed by the patriarchy as lunacy -same happens to me with ‘equality feminism’. Lack of validation of their reality keeps women’s fury from being ignited, at least collectively, which would be the force necessary to end patriarchy, because I believe if we got told to trust our gut feelings we wouldn’t be so vulnerable to the bullshit. And if men start boycotting women from considering our own biology, I guess many will capitulate, but something tells me too many of us aren’t willing to give up our economic independence and career opportunities for unprotected or risky PIV… here in Spain we’ve had a conservative right-wing government for months -the last one was ”left-wing” but it’s really liberal democrats- and they’re now proposing they want to make abortion and the morning after pill illegal… so they’re basically trying to enslave us reproductively again.

51. ibleedpurple - March 29, 2012

Oh yeah, the evil Janice Raymond. They never mention this horrible quote in “The Transsexual Empire”:

“Genetic women cannot possess the very special courage, brilliance, sensitivity and compassion – and overview – that derives from the transsexual experience. Free from the chains of menstruation and child-bearing, transsexual women are obviously far superior to Gennys in many ways.
Genetic women are becoming quite obsolete, which is obvious, and the future belongs to transsexual women. We know this, and perhaps some of you suspect it. All you have left is your ‘ability’ to bear children, and in a world which will groan to feed 6 billion by the year 2000, that’s a negative asset.” (Angela Douglas, Letter, Sister, August-September 1977, p. 7)

I am delighted to accept our new Transsexual Overlords when they can actually muster up enough recruits to be a threat to “genetic women”. I know this quote is old, however, it’s good to do some myth-busting on the oh-so-feminist nature of the heavenly transsexual. It’s not like they aren’t continuing their supremacist ideology by reminding us of how bigotted, stupid, backwards and in need of education we poor wimminz are because we do not think that penises are vaginas.

Although dear, late-lamented Joanna Russ apparently had the trans equivalent of a death-bed conversion and apology, so is no longer assigned to trans-hell for what she said in ‘The female man’.

Now I’m curious. What did she say and what kind of conversion did she have?

52. ibleedpurple - March 29, 2012

Feminism has been gutted.

I think it would be more correct to say that the 3rd wave has officially become useless and has outlived its dubious claim to relevancy.

In a sense, however, you are right: we have never been more powerless as now when we have elevated the interests of males above our own and are more interested in becoming popular than effective.

53. WrathOfTiamat - March 29, 2012

Then what should we do? Get woman-centred and screw the doods is the way, I think, but for example when trying to become a radfem activist over here physically and not just in the internet, everything I find is ”equality feminism”, the word ”equality” is everywhere and the next time I see it I’m gonna scream of rage. In my university for example -in Europe-, pretending they’re raising awareness about women’s issues, they’re doing a ”week for equality” and they’re doing debates, speeches etc. about women’s suffrage, our laboral opportunities and inequalities etc. but everything is framed within the trap of ‘equality’ liberal rhetoric and I’m tired of it. What I see is that neoliberalism has managed to turn feminism, real feminism, completely marginal… more marginal than transfreaks, and that sucks.

54. Rusty - March 29, 2012

It is now transphobic (resulting in the deaths of millions of trans women) to express sadness for the passing of a feminist icon, or to say that it is a loss, because she was once referenced in a book written by a transphobe 45 years ago. It is also transphobic to question the appropriateness of celebrating the feminist icon’s death.


55. BadDyke - March 30, 2012

“Now I’m curious. What did she say and what kind of conversion did she have?”

Joanna Russ Interview with Samuel Delany (WisCon 30 event)

From the transcript:

Q – I was just wondering, I know you mentioned that your opinions of gay men used to very different & traditional, I was wondering if your opinions of transsexual women have changed since you wrote The Female Man.

JR: Oh yes. Oh yes it’s almost as if my life as arranged itself to disabuse me of one prejudice after another. And all of these have gone because none of them were real really.

SD: Do you want to say anything more about that or move on?

JR: Let’s move on.

FCM - March 30, 2012

Interesting. Not exactly the come to Jesus moment I had been lead to expect. 🙂 thanks for the link!

56. cherryblossomlife - March 31, 2012

Maybe (humour me) the fun-fems can feel the burning times in their bones, and they’re annoyed with rad-fems for upsetting the apple-cart… because *all* women sense where doing that can lead. Maybe, when it comes to survival, they’re making the wise choice: pander to men, including those men in skirts, and you’ll be safe. That’s the message.

57. cherryblossomlife - March 31, 2012

I can feel them going, “Psst , will you just SHUT UP. You’re going to get us ALL shot.”

58. jen - March 31, 2012

I’ve been going through FCM’s archives and her comment on the “Sorry, Sex-Positive Transwomen” thread really summed up the transwomen question for me:

clavicular, all i am saying is that FEMINISM has to concern itself with women as a sexual class, first and foremost. FEMINISM. of course there will be other activisms, there should be as many activisms as there are issues. but i dont think its fair to heap all this at the feet of the feminists and co-opt our arguments and our entire movement to support YOUR activism, which is gender-based trans-activism, and in many ways is literally antithetical to feminist ideals, and erases women as a sexual class. ERASES IT.

I’m really sick of this happy horseshit:


And I don’t understand this whole “if we have to use a word other than Woman for gendered oppression I will lose my ability to function/feel whole.” Or, maybe I do understand it. But I’m over it.

Now that the funfems and mainstream feminists have allowed transwomen to make gender-based trans-activism and shaming women over “cis-privilege” a priority in their own movement, it’s a little late to close the barn door, but it still has to be done.

You’re right, transwomen have rights that need to be protected, but the assumption that they have the right to do it through our movement is ridiculous and I can’t believe they were allowed to just storm their way in.

FCM - March 31, 2012

FCM - March 31, 2012

wow, thats quite an elderly comment. i was WAY nicer back then! HA!

FCM - March 31, 2012

59. jen - March 31, 2012

Oh fuck it, we’re all just gingerbread people!


I’m not going to watch the linked video of the Stanford prof talking about “neurological sex”, but WTF?

Julia Serano refers to this as “subconscious sex”.

Why are they always conflating sex and gender? Do these people have any idea what they’re talking about? Serano has a PhD in biochem or something, but the Whipping Girl excerpts I’ve read are incoherent.

60. ibleedpurple - March 31, 2012

JR: Oh yes. Oh yes it’s almost as if my life as arranged itself to disabuse me of one prejudice after another. And all of these have gone because none of them were real really.

Do they have any reading comprehension over there? Joanna says that all those prejudices have left her because she never had them to begin with.

jen, that gingerbread person is amazing. Neurological “sex” (seriously?) is not fixed – that’s right there with evo-psych theory and their unchanging Mars/Venus brain. Not to mention that brain development does not happen independent of genetic predispositions. Talking about neuro “sex” is a fine way for them to pretend that they are not sexist or essentialist, as they prefer to call us, while actually being biological determinist. Also, having a brain structure which might make fulfilling a social sex role very difficult does not automatically mean you are transsexual or develop the burning desire to cut off your penis or breasts.

They do not comment on sexual orientation which I find hilarious seeing in what context this current discussion is happening.

61. ibleedpurple - March 31, 2012


I understand your unhappiness. What might be best for us is to actually not associate ourselves with the current feminist efforts but to do work in certain sectors where we might specialize ourselves on women. For example, getting into a labour union and working to change the system as to be most beneficial to women. Or trying to do volunteer work in women’s shelters or similar institutions where you can help change women’s perception of the social structure. Self-esteem work and action against homophobia is vital, too. Men keep us socially enslaved to them with threats of withdrawing love and social goodwill. Girls should be encouraged to look elsewhere for love and affection if men make them conditional.

We should not busy ourselved with the most privileged women who have such a nice deal in life that they can afford to ignore how sexism affects them. They do not need us, hence we do not need them. We should focus on the most disadvantaged because those are the women who have to eat all the shit that their more privileged sisters can avoid.

62. Sargasso Sea - March 31, 2012

An observation:

In the notes of my Word dictionary (Encarta, I think it is) under “gender” it says something like, Often used to avoid using the word *sex*

First, my take is that the trend to start using gender in place of sex on forms and in the news, etc. began as a sort of concession to the burgeoning religious conservative movement over the last 10/12 years or so. And it has gotten to the point now that I actually hear people ask which gender a newborn/yet-to-be born infant is! The last time I saw a the form literally asked: Gender, M or F… (I crossed out “Gender” wrote in “Sex”, circled F 40 times, added a couple of exclamation points and a “DUH!” for good measure. Talk about pomo run amok. Jeezuz. )

Effectively, culturally, “gender” has replaced “biological sex” and “sex” is left with only its VERB meaning (PIV, natch). So many of these trans/allies are pretty young and have come of age using gender to mean bio sex that they really think the two are the same thing. This accounts for much of the *language is fluid* and *for being such big Prudes, radfems sure are obsessed with sex! They must be repressed!* crap we are always being served up.

63. Sargasso Sea - March 31, 2012

*saw a gynecologist

64. WrathOfTiamat - March 31, 2012

It definitely sounds very logical that it’s the most disadvantaged women who need us, as middle-class women usually lose themselves in a hedonistic lifestyle while allows them to partially ignore male-supermacy or at least the most terrible aspects of it ’cause they’re protected from that. That’s why I’m taking a degree in law, because I have always wanted to work for battered women or rape/pornstitution victims, because as long as we don’t help those women the goal for all women will remain to ascend to middle-upper class and then stop thinking of your sisters and become a hedonistic idiot who thinks she can afford to call herself a slut. If everything goes ok I hope I’ll end up working for women, definitely. Thank you for the wise words!

FCM - March 31, 2012

sorry, but i am unwilling to call western women’s harm reduction strategies “privileges” and im not really going to call them “protections” either. they are harm reduction, thats all. all women live in a horrific nightmare under the P and they all know it.

65. WrathOfTiamat - March 31, 2012

I didn’t say they were privileges, that’s why I said they think they can afford to be ”sluts” without political consequences… because they actually cannot. By protection I meant that a middle-class woman probably will not be trafficked in the sex trade, or will not need to stay with a violent partner because she is independent, but of course it’s harm-reduction, that’s why it’s sad that they say they are ”empowered” when in reality they are not, they’re just capitulating and trying to make a ”deal” with the devil (patriarchy) which always turns against us. They’re trying to make the best out of harm-reduction, but it’s still what it is, I’m just saying that is NOT the way to go because other women, in worse position than that, need their support. I may have sounded angry with hedonistic middle-class women ’cause I called them idiots, but I don’t have anything against them, I only think they’re wrong in the ”deals” that they believe they are making, because they don’t get it. The ”deal” is always everything to lose for women, and everything to win for the patriarchy, so it’s necessary to stop ”dealing”.

66. WrathOfTiamat - March 31, 2012

So I mean ”political idiots” in that their political strategy seems idiotic to me, not that I think they’re idiots.

67. jen - March 31, 2012

From Serano’s Twitter comment about some event called “Girl Talk”:

“I thought it was important to show how FAAB-mentality hurts bisexual women & femmes in addition to trans women…”

Don’t know the context, but have a sneaking suspicion that Serano is saying that those mean butch lesbians have some power to hurt bisexual and femme women. Of course hurting someone’s feelings is the same thing as oppressing them.

68. Loretta Kemsley - March 31, 2012

Is insanity worth all this analysis? Because that’s what we’re dealing with here. Anyone who claims a penis makes them female is completely delusional. The same for all the other delustional rantings that have become prominent in the trans sexual groups.

The only part of it I’m interested in is the threats they’re making against women. The delusional reasoning behind the threats are not as important as the danger to the women they are threatening. Whether the women are lesbian or not, they have the right to live free of male aggression and violence.

Trying to argue an insane person out of their delusions is futile. Keeping the insane person from harming another is paramount.

Feminists spend too much time trying to explain to their enemies why the enemies are wrong. Has that ever worked? If not, why keep doing it? What matters is creating a consensus among ourselves and keeping women safe from the violent aggressors.

THE SPLC has just declared MRAs hate groups. Has anyone discussed this with them? It might be a good idea to get them involved. Any woman who is receiving threats needs to talk to her local police and their national police group. In the US, that would be the FBI. I don’t know what it would be in other nations, but we need to start involving the police and working with them to stop these terrorist tactics.

FCM - April 2, 2012

loretta, i admire how focused you are on this issue, and how determined you are to not engage them except when they threaten women with violence. i think thats smart, and a good way to conserve your energies. some of this i do think qualifies as a feminist emergency though and worthy of our attention, but certainly not all of it. its a distinction that needs to be made. there arent enough hours in the day to engage with everyone and everything that demand our time.

69. S - April 5, 2012

Rusty @ comment 2: “Pink DOES EQUAL girl! Lesbians SHOULD LOVE dick! And “WOMAN” means absolutely NOTHING AT ALL. Don’t agree? That’s transphobic, period, end of discussion, comments closed, everyone hates you.”

Yes! Count me in as a woman who has had it up to here with this Orwellian, pomo nonsense. Like B @ comment 24, I’m a twenty-something who has been on the periphery of the mainstream online feminist community for a while. I wanted to be a good “trans ally,” but the standards for being such have gotten increasingly strict and out of touch with reality. Personally, it was hearing that it was “transphobic” to talk about legal abortion access as a “women’s rights” issue that did me in – that was my “peak trans” moment.

I’m so glad to have found this community. Thank you so much for your honesty and bravery, FCM!

70. S - April 5, 2012

Er, Rusty’s comment was #7.

I’ve been reading through the archives here – both the posts and comments are filled with so much wisdom. I’ve thought of myself as a feminist for years, but reading this blog and others in the blogroll have helped me to get a feeling for what feminism *means,* in a way that mainstream feminist blogs and communities never really have.

FCM - April 5, 2012

Thanks s. The comments *are* really good, that’s the benefit of having excellent readers and making the comments male free. Enjoy!

71. Trans-ed Parenthood « scum-o-rama! - April 6, 2012

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72. graffitipigeon - April 9, 2012

As with B at 24 and S at 69, I’m jumping in (a few days late) to claim that not all young feminists have been completely brainwashed to this sort of thing. I’m an undergraduate, early-20s girl who’s been slowly exploring the world of feminism for the past two years. I very recently found a lot of insightful, intelligent, non-violent, highly-logical Rad Fem groups online (do you guys know how hard you are to find?!) and am beginning to realize that the idea that I could be pro-Trans and pro-Feminist is going to be an increasingly difficult juggle. I certainly can’t say I’ve seen any trans-activist groups that are all of those above descriptions rolled into one.

I’d been led to believe the past year or two that in order to be a feminist I -had- to be pro-trans, which was something that my own moral compass wouldn’t allow no matter how much I tried to push and bend it. My recent Peak Trans moment came just a few weeks ago when a friend of mine pitied me for using the phrase WBW, because “trans are born women too.” The “Women brain” anti-logic is the 21st Century’s version of white supremacist science claiming that people whose ancestry was closer to Africa are less evolved – evident in their brains and DNA, of course! Rolling my eyes over here.

I’m glad that I ran into the Cotton Ceiling debate at the perfect time. I’m glad I’ve found Radical Feminism in its true form rather than the “outdated, racist, hateful” form I’d been led to believe it existed in. I’m glad I can be critical of issues without being a “bad feminist.” Of course I’ll always be pro-person. I don’t wish the same violence on these trans people that they wish on us and women like us. I hope that they can find their own happiness, but please – not at the cost of the health of women, the definition of women, the continued oppression of women.

73. tiamathydra - April 9, 2012

graffitipigeon, I can relate. I’m also in my early 20s and the pilgrimage that has to be taken in order to find authentic radical feminism is some epic struggle in which every day you wake up believing you’re surrounded by feminists and there’s nothing more to feminism, but still weirdly your misogyny detector is about to explode and Tiamat’s roaring of fury reverberates inside your spirit in flames, because somewhere inside you, you keep believing this is not women’s destiny and something tells you women are diminished and they (we) can be much more than what we are forced to be. Crazy what an epic road you have to take in order to find validation and in order to be told maybe you’re not crazy after all… you must be literally insane to believe in women’s dignity if you live in this world… well, insane in a good way, not in the way the boys want us to be 😉

Looking back at these past few years I would say to other young women following this path that the sanity and the truth is inside you already, so always ask yourself how you feel about whatever it is you’re considering/reasoning/learning/experiencing at the moment… if you feel like there’s a primal dragon roaring infuriated and nuclear bombs are being dropped in your womb while you’re reading/hearing something or someone, it’s your female spirit reacting to the misogyny in it, and since the rage comes from your very essence (who we are), you can fool yourself into believing otherwise, but deep down the dragon will keep roaring and in flames, until we smash patriarchy, and we all know it. All these young women trying to capitulate, ”tolerate” a coexistence with a woman-hating world, are just trying to indoctrinate themselves in the patriarchal cult in order to be ”loved” by the boys (sad they don’t realize the boys hate us), but deep down, in the depths of who we are, there’s still the goddess in flames, and roaring, in both the radfems and the capitulating ones… We all know it, we all have it inside. The radfems are just honest about it, and have the decency to hear the roaring and try to do something about it. And yes, we’re essentialists, because when you listen to the goddess you realize what Mary Daly says, that at the core of your being you’re female and have female integrity. Just not the kind of essentialism the boys want us to believe in 😉

I made a commitment to trust my female visceral perceptions because I was about to go mad from mainstream feminism and it led me home. So I’d say let the goddess guide you and you’ll find the way, because what is true is that after this, you can never go back (and don’t want to).

74. jen - April 11, 2012

Okay, I am aware that the MRA in a skirt known as Valerie Keefe is only good for clogging up your spam folder. After posting some of her choice quotes on Pretendbians I’m about to wash my hands of her and crack open a box of wine, but first I have to ask you gals about this quote I saw on HuffPo:

“I try not to be that kind of feminist… like when I mention that men are nearly half of rape victims in the US, and only 60% of perpetrators, or when I mention the workplace fatality gap, which has to be fixed just as urgently as the wage gap (since they’re likely one-and-the-same)”

Firstly, since Val thinks we need to balance the wage and work fatality gaps, I volunteer her to take one for the team.

Secondly, does anyone have any idea which fuckhole Keefe pulled “only 60% of perpetrators” out of? Women commit 40% of rapes? Where, in prison? Boarding school? WTF? My guess is this “statistic” comes from the holy scriptures of Warren Farrell, which every good transfeminist like Keefe keeps on her nightstand.

75. thebewilderness - April 12, 2012

They did a study. They asked college students if they had ever had sex when they really didn’t feel like it. Because men reported sticking their dick into women when they didn’t particularly care one way or another it qualifies as rape. The MRAs have been using these pseudo rape statistics to prove that women are rapists but men just don’t report it when women rape them. It takes a great deal of effort to turn 93% violent male perps and 7% violent female perps into 50/50 but it can be done if you work hard enough at it and its really important to you to get the result you want.

76. thebewilderness - April 12, 2012

I don’t think I was clear. Men reporting having sex with women when they really don’t much feel like it qualifies as the men being raped.

77. jen - April 12, 2012

Thanks, bewilderness. So Valerie Keefe says on several MRA blogs that 40% of rapes are perpetrated by women, and then fucking wonders why we DON’T ACCEPT HER AS A WOMAN.

On one hand it’s irritating that HuffPo, as shitty as it is, would publish such a misogynist, but on the other, if cankerous dicks like Keefe are the vanguard of the Transgender Borg, something’s gotta give soon. Like FCM said, a ham sandwich can theorize better than every single one of these clowns.

Loretta is right, insanity isn’t worth all this analysis, but I can’t help wondering why someone who identifies so strongly with MRAs wants to be a woman in the first place. Something tells me they can’t hack it in manworld, and think nnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhh…..

Fuck it. I always think that he was once somebody’s baby boy. Who can’t be bothered to pick up the empty 2 liter bottles before switching on the cam:

78. jen - April 12, 2012

p.s. I don’t want you to watch that, I just wanted to show all the fucking bottles on the floor.

FCM - April 12, 2012

haha! looks like he eats pizza and dry cereal whilst lounging in his filthy spring-shot recliner too. never really seen a woman do that (or as much as he obviously does and without cleaning up at some point LOL), and never seen anyone do it since college. im just saying.

79. tiamathydra - April 13, 2012

LOL male entitlement & tyrant-like behavior is encoded into these ”womens” DNA, it seems.

80. DawdleMouse - April 13, 2012

TheBewilderness– In this study, did they ask women about their experiences? Because I would think that would lead them to a finding that nearly 100% of het women have been raped and nearly 100% of het men are rapists. Seriously, what sexually active straight woman hasn’t had sex when she didn’t really want to? Not to minimize that, far from it. If they included women, wouldn’t the inevitable finding that nearly all women had been raped according to that critieria be the most alarming outcome of the study?

Another thing I wonder about was is why these men would have sex when they didn’t want to. Did they even say tell their partner that they weren’t interested? Women are weaker than men so a man’s refusal is unlikely to be met with force. At least not sucessfully. Men don’t have that fear of women that we have of them that is usually at the root of our giving in to continuing pressure to have sex when we don’t want to. On some level, we know that even the nicest guy can turn on us and physically force us. It’s easier and less traumatic to just give in. But why would a man feel the need to give in?

I smell some serious bullshit emanating from this “study.”

81. DawdleMouse - April 13, 2012

Thebewilderness, I’m sorry if that came across as if I were expecting you to have answers regarding that ridiculous study. Looking at my comment, it does seem like I’m blaming you or something because I addressed the comment to you. I apologize.

I hate it when MRAs and evo-psycho types twist statistics and conduct intentionally poorly constructed “studies” in order to hide the reality of men’s violence against women.

82. thebewilderness - April 15, 2012

I understood why you wonder. I did a little more digging and find that the so called study conflates a number of statistics and cherry picks from actual studies to create the desired outcome. Prison rape is what skews the results. There is no actual study that supports these claims.

83. whitevalkyrie1988 - April 18, 2012

Part of the move to make sex-positivism the norm or the center of the debate was the tactic of labeling conservatism (sex-negativism) as the bad guy.

Oh, those stupid unliberated conservative women! They don’t want to find their freedom by having sex with men! And- gasp!- they think all men are the same and to stay away from them! That’s not all inclusive and individualistic!

84. Marj (@Marjchaos) - April 29, 2012

Okay, as a het married woman with kids, I find that mostly I’m not considered a feminist online, although I have always identified as such, even in places where it is met with hostility. However, I’m glad I found this blog, because I was running across a lot of CIS-privledge stuff, and Die CIS scum! and magical thinking (believe it and it is true), so was looking for explanations. I have had to examine issues I previously hadn’t, as trans issues seem to have nothing to do with me personally (my maid of honor was a transwoman, although her very masculine attitudes have confused me at times). I realized, after the whole Cotton Ceiling stuff, that I categorize trans people in mathematical kind of ways. Women who identify as male are a subset of women. Men who identify as women are a subset of men. Facts and science work for me. Self opinion has nothing to do with facts (I can believe I have the soul of a poet, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am a stay at home mom). I’ll go back to lurking, but I’m glad this type of feminism is out there. It sucks to be attacked for having a firm grip on reality & an understanding of history.

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