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Announcing a new blog: Radfem-ological Images April 7, 2012

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from the “About” page:

Radfem-ological Images is a public, radical feminist group blog dedicated to dissecting and discussing media images through a radical feminist lens.  We recognize that the media, including print, digital and television commercial advertising, is a powerful tool of the patriarchy and that it is used to disseminate political pro-patriarchy, anti-woman propaganda.  The situation is, in a word, Orwellian.  We observe that to the casual or even the dedicated observer, it is often unobvious what is happening or how these images are supportive of patriarchal institutions and male power.

We notice that there are similarities between the messages in all patriarchal media — including advertising — and the mechanisms of real-life oppressions suffered by women at men’s hands.  And that the sheer volume and pervasiveness of these images and messages serve to normalize and invisiblize real things that women experience every day, namely, the realities of living under a totalitarian patriarchal rule which, by definition, harms women and supports male power.

We recognize that commercial advertising is not generally analyzed from this radical feminist perspective, and we seek to remedy that here.

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1. swizzle - April 11, 2012

awesome. Sociological images but better. Love it.

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