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The Obliterating False Equivalence August 7, 2012

Posted by FCM in liberal dickwads, logic, meta, MRAs, politics, pop culture, radical concepts, self-identified feminist men.
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there is a special place in hell for writers who utilize the false equivalence when writing about radical feminists versus misogynists.  you writers know who you are — dont you?  for readers who need examples, try here and here.

its not just the intellectual laziness or even outright lying of the false equivalence generally that sticks in my craw, although those things are like sandpaper on my brain because they are, well, intellectually lazy.  and lies.  for real writers and thinkers, these things are the scene of a crime.  coming across one or the other while reading someone elses (or even your own — oops!) work is like stumbling upon a crime scene.  its a crime against writing and thinking.  i cannot overstate how violently criminal this is, like mens poetry which uses letters and words to obscure various truths, and to contort and obfuscate information rather than convey it.

in fact, men should not be allowed to be poets.  male poetry is obfuscating on its face.  there should not be any demand for this, being that the entire world is saturated with it — with males using words to obfuscate information rather than convey it — already.  and yet it still has value.  why?  plus, male poetry and all mens writing is almost always trite.  actually, if trite and obfuscating were negative criteria, men wouldnt be allowed to write anymore at all.

clearly, men using words to obfuscate information rather than convey it serves a purpose and thats where its value lies — its not that its in short supply, its that there can literally never be enough because of the size of the demand and the purpose it serves.  in the case of the false equivalence, when used against radical feminists, the purpose appears to be to wipe radical feminist work — and womens history, and the truths about what men do to us — from the face of the earth.

note the recent use of the obliterating false equivalence where moderators of an online forum — because they put an equals-sign in between a woman protesting rapey death threats from a misogynist, and that misogynist himself — deleted cathy brennan’s tumblr account.  yes, a woman protesting disgusting, misogynistic and likely psychotic and even criminal behaviors from a misogynistic male was said to be engaging in behavior that was equally violative of the terms of service as the rapey perv who threatened rape, and who dumpster-dives surveils, trespasses, loiters and stalks women and minor children to gain access to their discarded trash so he can perv on it, and writes about his exploits on tumblr.

these things are equal.

but obviously, the thing about putting an equals-sign after anything men do is that men do criminal things, violent things, in their global campaign to increase their own power at womens expense.  these criminal behaviors have misogynistic foundations and flavors, but they are criminal, and violative of the terms of service in many public and private places because of that.  because they are anti-social, and criminal.

so, when anyone says that womens response to what men are doing to us, is not only “just as bad” as what we are responding to but equal in every way — ie. not a response at all, but an ideology — and when the mens actions are criminal and violative of terms of service, the womens behavior suddenly becomes criminal and violative too.  radical feminism becomes a “hateful ideology” too.  and as we saw in what was probably a perfect example of this dynamic playing out in real life, in the case of cathy brennan versus the rapey perv, the mods at tumblr deleted both accounts.  rapey perv’s account was (later) deleted too.  because equivalence.

so now, but for screenshots which were smartly collected beforehand, there is no evidence of what this rapey perv actually did.  that history is erased, along with the response of the victim, as well as multiple other radical and pro-radical voices on tumblr and elsewhere who were calling attention to what this man and men as a class were and are doing and saying.  its all gone.  importantly, any posts that were made about this and other rapey misogynists (not just him!) which contained links to cathy brennans tumblr as evidence that any of it ever happened now contain only dead links.  our archivists will now have to go back and painfully recreate this history, with screenshots and links to screenshots if these posts are to maintain their integrity/credibility and historical significance, at all.  note to self: screenshots and links to uploaded screenshots — rather than links to original sources — from now on.  fine.

of course, if the internet itself eventually goes *poof* and it well might, all of this history — the history of what men do to us, and the ways we respond — will be lost forever.  it will be like none of it never happened.  in the meantime, tumblr, and all mainstream internet forums and publications are doing what mainstream forums and publications always do, which is to write and rewrite history, and to erase mens misogyny and criminality and womens response to it now, in real time.

the obliterating false equivalence and putting an equals-sign in between radical feminism and misogyny and misogynistic violence is probably the best tool in the shed to use towards that specific ends, and anyone using it — and i do mean anyone — is guilty of the crime of propagandizing and falsifying history, and erasing womens history and womens work from the face of the earth.  you are in excellent company, arent you, with government censors, witchburners, and all manners of rapists and colonizers generally.  if thats not what you want, check yourself, and stop doing it.  if thats exactly what you want, then by all means.  continue.


1. karmarad - August 7, 2012

Hi, fcm, thanks for bringing up another of the political mechanisms for silencing women, or more specifically, the politics of destroying feminism. There seem to be several tiers of silencing: there are the first-tier intimidators like the man who threatened Cathy Brennan, the second-tier deliberate liars with an antifeminist agenda who distort what has occurred and lay “equal” blame on the woman being silenced, then disseminate their lies, and the third-tier, more distant and much larger system representatives, who are intellectually lazy and use the second-tier lies to blame everybody, complying with the journalistic fiction of objectivity.

The truth is forever lost, and all that remains for the general public is a vague revulsion against women’s rights. The whole topic just seems too convoluted and controversial and distasteful to support, with equal blame spread all around. That is precisely what the fist-and-second tier silencers intended.

So that is the political mechanism. I ask journalists and “objective” institutions and corporate representatives of companies in control of communications, like Twitter, to keep this tactic in mind to avoid becoming simple pawns in the serious politics of keeping women from becoming full citizens of earth.

2. FCM - August 7, 2012

yes, i incorrectly used “dynamic” when “mechanism” wouldve been the better word for what this is. absolutely right. and this:

The truth is forever lost, and all that remains for the general public is a vague revulsion against women’s rights. The whole topic just seems too convoluted and controversial and distasteful to support, with equal blame spread all around. That is precisely what the fist-and-second tier silencers intended.

and your three-tiered scheme in general is accurate i think. there are so many overlapping — and stacked! — forces operating together to silence women and radical feminists specifically. the so-called liberal progressive or even pro-feminist journalists are no better than anyone else, and have just as much to gain by silencing us which is why they continue to do it. this erasure is all on them, every bit of it and every bit as much as its on anyone else. rewriting history, and obliterating male criminality and womens pro-female political response should be a crime. it is, in other contexts, aka holocaust deniers, in certain parts of the world. or at least a highly embarassing faux pas. why isnt this?

3. karmarad - August 7, 2012

I would like to see it a crime, fcm. meantime, it is the sous rature of French feminism, the crossing out by Derrida, the masculinist moron.

Here’s a real possibility: to develop a communications network. Let’s pretend it is Al-Jazeera, and pretend it is the first network in all of human history to put women at 50% of the stories, reporters, politics, and intentions.

4. Bedelia Bloodyknuckle - August 8, 2012

FCM, this post was beautifully written. Thank you for saying the things I have always wanted to say!

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