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And With That, The Entire House Came Crumbling Down November 26, 2012

Posted by FCM in PIV, pop culture.
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oh how i wish this would just happen already!  the internets have blown up with the PIV-critical talk — and this makes me so happy i cant even.  of course, i doubt this will be the final throes of the PIV-as-sex paradigm — the one that has left literally billions of damaged, dead and dying female bodies in its wake across time and place — which makes me so sad i cant even.  we will have to live like this for a bit i think, but how long is a “bit” really?  things change on a dime (in some cases).  that one piece of the puzzle finally clicks into place and the picture becomes clear — in some cases.

and did i mention men lie?  they make shit up, they create realities that arent real.  this makes our job harder, but moving through mental molasses is still movement.

an illustration.  what does this image conjure for any of us when we see it:

sea monsters arent real. so what is this?

sea monsters arent real mkay.  so what are these images a placeholder for?  whats really going on, and what are men lying about exactly when they create these elaborate scenarios and images that attempt to explain real phenomena but with the added “twist” of building males up and increasing male power, and stumping for men and a pro-male agenda, whatever that means at the time?

in the case of the mythology of the sea monster…an entire false history complete with evocative imagery and compulsory emotionality/sentimentality seems to have been written by men to explain away entire ships — hundreds of them — being lost at sea, possibly due either to bad seamanship or to rogue waves.

according to the history channel, historically, when not-incompetent seafaring men reported seeing or being damaged by one of these “monster waves” — assuming they survived at all — the other men laughed at them, and called them drunks or worse.  so the men just started making shit up.  because they could, you see.  men create reality; the rest of us just live in it.

in the case of the seamonster, men created an incredibly rich, vivid and yet as it turns out completely false reality narrative that *kind of* explained what had happened, but which made them look better than the actual, real truth, and deflected the blame away from them onto something — anything! — else.  only when other men found “scientific evidence” of rogue waves did anyone start believing they were real, and (happily!) this truth was exculpatory of men and mens incompetence, and knowing that, men started widely reporting the actual real truth about rogue waves and the part they play in anyones reality.

i find it particularly striking that rogue waves are known to take out the masts of ships — knowing how frequently we see images of seamonsters grabbing onto the masts of ships.

and speaking of rich, vivid and yet completely false narratives, what of this:

this isnt real either. so what does this image stand for?

feel the emotion and history there?  so do i.  unfortunately though, just like in the case of the seamonsters, this “history” — of PIV and what it is and what it means — is not real.  we are left to deal with the fact that this imagery and this history feels real, and is physically and emotionally evocative — of something made-up, that never happened.  talk about a mindfuck.  does it help to understand that men do this all the time?  that they invent imagery and entire histories of things that feel or seem real — and that deliberately somewhat-correspond to actual events — but which never actually happened in real life?  because they do.

like this:

men lie.

feel that?  feel the witchy history there, the evocative narrative, the sounds, the smells, the emotions and all of it?  thats intentional.  but its not real.  srsly, how do they do that — how is emotion and history manufactured so easily and so effectively?  i cant say i fully understand the mechanism, but look — “witches” were mainly women — regular women.  witches cauldrons were for cooking, a cauldron is just a big pot, get it?  and all women had one in their homes.  brooms were for sweeping, (not for flying ffs) and all or almost all women had one in the house.  just like we do today.  get it?

mens ability to rewrite this and to have their lying-ass version of history just last and last is terrifying, it really is.  think of these examples as mansplanations, perhaps — and then realize how malicious and malevolent mansplanations really are.  men lie.  and men kill women on purpose, and lie about it, including inventing evocative histories bursting with sentimentality and emotion which deflect our intellect and imagination to where men want them, instead of on the real actual truth.  and this of course includes the truth about PIV and what it means for female-bodied people across time and place.

in the case of the seamonsters, the actual, real truth was exculpatory of men, so men were more than happy to report the truth when they finally knew it.  but this is *not* the case with accused witches and what men did to them because they wanted to and because they could — that history has been trivialized, and all but completely erased.  and it is not the case with PIV either.  the truth will never be reported, by them.  the picture will never finally come into focus, relying on that one critical piece of information, supplied by them.  we have to do this ourselves, or it will never be done.   and once the truth is out, we will probably have to work very hard to preserve it.


1. bugbrennan - November 26, 2012

FCM – what do you think of this statement: “Female heterosexuality is incompatible with women’s liberation”? See also http://bug-brennan.tumblr.com/post/36600825489/why-i-support-political-lesbianism-unless-you

FCM - November 26, 2012

i dont care about that statement, sorry.

the conclusion of this post is depressing. is it possible that there will be a “click” heard around the world? i hope so…..but we have yet to even fully come to terms with the witches! and that was completely obvious in comparison. its as if its wrapped in cellophane (or something?) very hard to “feel” the truth of the burning times, until you do. then you know what it feels like, even under the wrapper. same with PIV (for me at least). you have to feel these truths for yourself, and until you do, its very difficult for anyone else to explain it to you. i dont know what to do about that (if anything).

bugbrennan - November 26, 2012


Yes, it takes a long time to get the cap off the bottle.

FCM - November 26, 2012

yes there is a “feelings” component to it, but its not like fee-fees and hurting fee-fees. its another dimension to the reality. this is where writing can be helpful i think — dworkin purposely used words to convey the “vibration” of the thing she was talking about, rather than just describing the things themselves.


and if PIV and “heterosex” were really satisfying or even sexual for women, these kinds of images (see below) would be confusing. but they arent confusing at all. we all understand the context and the subtext here, even as we are supposed to accept PIV uncritically.

bugbrennan - November 26, 2012

Yes, this is more like the feeling of realizing everything you think you know is wrong. That’s terrifying. Who wants to feel like that?

FCM - November 26, 2012
bugbrennan - November 26, 2012

L O L. Ugh.

2. Feuerwerferin - November 26, 2012

“very hard to “feel” the truth of the burning times, until you do. then you know what it feels like, even under the wrapper. same with PIV (for me at least). you have to feel these truths for yourself, and until you do, its very difficult for anyone else to explain it to you. i dont know what to do about that (if anything).”

Yes, this has been bugging me for a long time now. I have tried to reason with my friends and they just don’t believe me. What can I do?

The cover of the book is very creepy. Notice that the man holds the woman’s hand which could be a prelude to rape but she is still looks as if she liked it. He prevents her from running away. Creepy, creepy, creepy. Well, other details are creepy, too. He is armed for instance. The word “master” makes me want to throw up. The whole thing reminds me of Stockholm-Syndrom as described in “Loving to Survive” (reading it). Female hostages may perceive the perpetrator as good-looking and protecting even though he is actually the one harming them and being a threat to them. Also a woman’s partner is statistically the most dangerous person to her. PIV is dangerous and does induce trauma bonding. Since this book is aimed at a female reader, it is most propably about the power of Stockholm-Syndrom (= ” love”).

3. bliz - November 26, 2012

yeah they’re still burning “witches” in africa. some horrifying video if anyone wants to google the above term. there is video of old women being viciously beaten and set on fire by men. the concept of witches is ridiculous. it’s another male projection of themselves onto women who threaten them.

4. luckynkl - November 27, 2012

Speaking of Africa, I recently saw a video in which women created a woman-only village. It was created out of necessity. These women had been excommunicated for being raped or for being insubordinate to their husbands – for things such as protesting against her husband beating her. Some women came to the village to escape rape and domestic violence.

Apparently this village became a bit of a tourist attraction. A white English female reporter started interviewing the women. She wanted to know what did they do about sex? The African women looked at her puzzled. They seemed completely bewildered by the question. When they finally understood what the reporter meant by it, they looked at the reporter as if she had taken complete leave of her senses. “We only have sex when we want children,” they said. Gee, doesn’t everyone know that?

It really hit home. These women were living in place devoid of TVs, radios, movies, porn or the media. Sex to them meant wanting to have children. Nothing more. It wasn’t a recreational activity or a sport. It wasn’t done for “pleasure.” In fact, judging by these women’s faces, the thought of PIV as a pleasure or recreational activity seemed totally absurd. Which gives us a clue what men have conjured up to be women’s reality in this rape culture of ours. Minds saturated in porn, degradation, and violence against women. An endless orgy of 24/7 PIV. This reality brought to us courtesy of men’s warped, woman-hating, pornified brains

5. Rididill - November 27, 2012

hey luckynkl, would you mind posting a link to the video? would love to see that

FCM - November 27, 2012

thanks lucky! so true that PIV-pozzies i mean today’s liberal western consumerists have a different outlook on PIV than the rest of the population of the globe both past and present. everyone else knows what its for dont they? HOW EMBARRASSING that we dont. i mean really. come on, people.

6. FCM - November 27, 2012

this post is getting some traffic lately. its relevant!


7. FCM - November 27, 2012

also, i have to say that i LOL’ed at whomever called the sex-pos fake radicals on tumblr “radikewls”. thats just funny.

8. luckynkl - November 27, 2012

@Rididill – here’s the link:

9. karmarad - November 27, 2012

Great post and great comparisons, fcm. Lucky, what you said about the women’s response to the interviewer also hit home with me.

10. DavinaSquirrel - November 27, 2012

Yep, PIV-for-pleasure is the big con, the big lie, and it is very dangerous to women. Young women get sucked into it, and before they know it, many end up with ‘unexpected pregnancy’ (except it is not ‘unexpected’, that is the entire point of PIV; pregnancy) and pregnancy to term is a life-changer in this society. You are either trapped with the dude (for a while at least), or forever ‘tied’ to that dude, or living in poverty because the dude has pissed off and taken up with the replacement. And given that 50% or more marriages end in divorce, that is one hell of a crap shoot, even if you are deliberately intending to have child(ren). Certainly it is not worth the risk if you were not deliberately setting out to have child(ren).

Regarding the burning times, it was a way for men to get rid of the wise women (the crones) and the uppity women, to have a terrorised and compliant female population. The wise women probably would have advised the young women not to engage in PIV unless they wanted child(ren), and lots of other helpful advice for young women, which is why patriarchy severs the links between generations of women. Unfortunately today, too many young women think they know it all, think we are putting them off all the sex-pozzie crap because we are prudes and ‘don’t understand’. The problem is, we understand all too well. Unfortunately, it is like watching a slow motion train wreck with many of them, you can see their path in ten or fifteen years. Young women are easily duped by men, which is why men pretend to worship young women (and the ageism towards older women).

The woman-only village sounds great. Let me know if the docco is online!

11. DavinaSquirrel - November 27, 2012

This could be the documentary on the women-only village in Africa.
My gawd the menz are useless, thankfully the women have realised just how useless they are. And look at the contrast in the villages too. Well worth watching.

12. DavinaSquirrel - November 27, 2012

And reports of the attacks, because the menz could not handle the successes of the women-only village.

13. weirdward - November 27, 2012

Victorian women understood perfectly the deal they made in marriage – giving up bodily autonomy in return for a safe home and the ability to have children that wouldn’t be taken away from them.

“While sex is at best revolting and at worse rather painful, it has to be endured, and has been by women since the beginning of time, and is compensated for by the monogamous home and by the children produced through it. It is useless, in most cases, for the bride to prevail upon the groom to forego the sexual initiation. While the ideal husband would be one who would approach his bride only at her request and only for the purpose of begetting offspring, such nobility and unselfishness cannot be expected from the average man.”


Funny, isn’t it, how all this women-luurve-PIV stuff only came about in the 20th c. once women could have jobs and children independent of men. Before that, when the vast majority had no choice, they could hate ‘sex’ openly and men didn’t care – men very likely got off on the fact that they were forcing the woman to do something she found painful and degrading, as they still do.

FCM - November 27, 2012

weirdward, that doc is priceless. still LOLing.

FCM - November 27, 2012

women are clever and hilarious. of course, the reality of the situation is horrific.

FCM - November 27, 2012

i have written before that if my early partners couldve satisfied me at all, i wouldve been completely hooked on “sex” including PIV. i suspect this is very common actually (and that i am not speshul). i wouldve done it constantly, and i was always left sad and confused as to why that wasnt an option. this is assuming the use and availability of relatively-reliable contraception of course, and abortion if necessary too, although i went through a phase early on of thinking if i ever got pregnant i would have the baby and not the abortion bc i didnt like doctors. hilariously naive wasnt it? i just assumed i would birth “naturally” even though i had no money to pay a midwife and that i could eschew doctors if i wanted to bc it was my choice and my life. my own ignorance of how the world worked…well it was both common and predictable i guess. which is why men like young girls so much.

anyhoo, i never considered that it was the sex act itself that was the problem — and lets not pretend for a moment that “sex” didnt equal or at least almost-always-include PIV. considering the extreme risk i was taking in engaging in it at all, i expected a correspondingly-extreme payout which never happened. *and that was my mistake*. because there isnt one is there? i searched it out for years to no avail. i thought it was the person, or the style, or the novelty, or the frequency, or ME, or the amount of “love” between us, or that porn would help, or that lingerie and toys would help. but it didnt — and here i was trying out multiple partners, putting myself at extreme risk of pregnancy, disease, and violence for something that i never found. never.

i am still willing to believe that it is POSSIBLE, IN THEORY, to find the right combination of frequency, intensity, etc so that the extreme risk is at least balanced out by the extreme payout, (leaving a net-gain of zero and MAYBE a bit more) but how many women ever find that? i think many women experience a very desperate searching out phase that is extremely dangerous, and ultimately futile for almost all of us. the fantasy of almost constant fucking and only coming up for snacks and bathroom breaks is not real, but we see this image frequently (the marathon fuck-session between buffy and riley on buffy the vampire slayer sticks out in my mind). i once saw a show about the wives and female partners of gangsters, and the women were completely smitten with these doods bc as violent criminals and mob bosses, the doods didnt have normal jobs and could lie in bed all day and fuck their girlfriends, when most men cant and indeed wont do that, even if they could. thats what my post “bad sense” was about. assuming a woman gets any pleasure from PIV at all (and many dont) AND assuming the availability of reliable contraception (which many dont have, and 100% reliable doesnt exist) in order to get a net-benefit from PIV (pleasure minus risk) you would have to fuck constantly. it also soothes the trauma-bonding (or something?) to be given that kind of “care” and attention, but this is not how most men use PIV. this is at least 4 or 5 major scams/shams rolled into one. and almost all women deal with this from about age 13 on. it is stressful, dangerous, and depressing.

FCM - November 27, 2012

sorry, did i say “almost all women”? i meant almost all modern, liberal, western consumerists. aka. fun fems and sex-pozzies. and “open minded” women who just dont know any better? i guess?

also, i find it hilarious that women are now being told that we are “entitled” to a “satisfying” sex life. it would be against the law for the lottery to tell anyone they were entitled to win the lottery, and yet the odds are probably better that a woman would win the lottery than find a satisfying sex life with a man. we are ENTITLED to this by god — so we go after it, cause yannow RIGHTS and SATISFACTION and stuff, and things. but this “thing” is so elusive as to be, for all intents and purposes, nonexistant for nearly every woman. it is a complete and utter waste of time. whether we are ENTITLED to anything is irrelevant. what manipulative bullshit. next, i think i will claim an “entitlement” to get blood from a stone, and then start squeezing rocks in my spare time, and get upset and increasingly determined and clever when no blood is forthcoming.

14. Cathy - November 27, 2012

Love that doc! The male chief says he’s a “peacemaker” but the women have already found peace, and very politely throw him out. I’m afraid they won’t fare so well when the men get armed and gang up on them. They always do, which is why woman-centered cultures do not exist for long. Those entitled men made it clear that they beat the women because they dislike them. And they presume the women are disease-ridden! As if WOMEN screw everything that moves!

15. silverside - November 28, 2012

I’m a big believer in observing what people actually do and how they spend their money–not in just what they say or profess to believe or want. If women really had this big intrinsic interest in PIV, then there would be lots of male prostitutes to service all the women who were not in “satisfactory” relationships with men. Just as men hire female prostitutes to service their “needs.” Occasionally, some bozo will claim that the numbers of these male prostitutes are increasing or some crap like that. But as we know, nearly all male prostitutes are hired by gay men, and this has scarcely changed at all if any. Women do not really have such a want or need or they’d want to pay for the service. We’ll waste our money on designer chocolate, flowers, shoes, clothes, electronic gizmos, spa treatments and all kinds of useless stuff if we have the disposable income. But we don’t have any real interest to purchase sex with these dudes. We’ll buy a 20th pair of shiny black boots we don’t really need before we’d buy sex with a dude. That should tell you everything you need to know.

16. silverside - November 28, 2012

Actually, from what I’ve read, this village had been attacked before, in 2009. http://lostwomynsspace.blogspot.com/search?q=umoja+

17. cherryblossomlife - November 28, 2012

The burning times.. yes, what men have done to women is unutterable. Women don’t utter a word of it. We can actually *utter* words about the slaughter of the Jews, or about Stalin, or Pol Pot. We can articulate it. But we can’t when it comes to what men did to women they deemed “witches”.
And I’m not so sure it’s entirely because of the fact that what happened has been written out of our learning institutions and the history books.

The political massacre of millions of women over the course of many centuries is the biggest can of worms out there in the Western world, and in women’s consciousness (Wiki says the deaths didn’t reach nine million; Daly’s research found it would have exceeded nine million— and she had 3 Phds so I’m choosing Daly over Diki).
So we must still carry that fear inside us today. HOw could we not? THat’s absolutely what horizontal hostility is all about. All groups experiencing brutal oppression exhibit horizontal hostility to elevate themselves above the despised group (trans is a perfect example here), but also (and more importantly) to shift the negative attention away from themselves.
Under Stalin, Russians would report their neighbours to the KGB even if they knew they were completely innocent, and knowing the neighbours would then be carted off to the death camps. The reason they did this was because at least then suspicion would be deflected away from themselves and they could be ticked off as “trusted”. No doubt women also did a lot of finger-pointing during the burning times in order not to be the next victim themselves. I cannot imagine what this did to women as a group psychologically, and how it affected their perceptions of each other. GIrl children would have noticed it. Women would have created safety nets by establishing cliques amongst themselves. I wonder whether the men’s frenzied political killings during this period enabled the patriarchy to reach the point of no return.

FCM - November 28, 2012

true that women do not normally purchase male prostitutes for sex. why pay for the privilege of being impregnated, infected, raped or even killed by yet another random dood right? women use money to be free from PIV and free from men. thats what we have always done with it, once we started having any. safe and beautiful living spaces, value-neutral images and hobbies, or deliberately nonsexual pleasurable pasttimes and gizmos are a welcome respite from the vast woman-hating cesspool you have no choice but to be drowning in when associating regularly with men, or pleasing men — knowing what men find pleasing. even PIV “on her own terms” is better than the alternative, and the only way women will ever set the terms is if they have money. who ever heard of a “financially independent” man? that only applies to women, and refers to moneyed women getting free of men, (and mens gross terms) finally, at long last.

its unfortunate that we are so desperate for value-neutrality and pleasure though that we have to spend what disposable income we do have on that (trinkets, experiences etc) instead of saving and creating real wealth we could actually do something with. it does look like we are “expressing” our preferences through rampant consumerism, but i dont think thats really whats going on. i think we are trying to create safe or value-neutral space and experience for once in our lives, to whatever extent we can. and obviously, there is little or no room for PIV there, or for men either for that matter. theres a reason for that. (aaaah, safety and value-neutrality…)

and as for horizontal hostility being a carryover or psychological response to the burning times….i think you are onto something there cherry! not only do women turn on each other for cookies, and create cliques, they very stridently self-police their own and each others behavior so as not to even draw suspicion. as we know, once you are suspected of being a witch, there is literally no way to prove you arent. its the suspicion thats the death sentence, not the actual witchcraft — seeing as how witchcraft does not exist. orwell wrote about self-policing in “1984” and it was so profound, meanwhile women are expressing the exact same behaviors and its not seen as a rational response to political oppression at all, but “just how women are.” we hate other women, and cant get along. thats good food for thought, thanks.

FCM - November 28, 2012

and yes, i think men really showed us what they are made of when they murdered millions of women for political reasons and lied about it. they are still lying about it. and we are supposed to trust them and get close to them? why?

replace “witchcraft” with “man-hating” and i think you will see where we are at today, and the kind of danger women and feminists are really in. as in both the type and degree of danger. suspicion of “man-hating” is a very severe offense from which you cannot exculpate yourself — the suspicion, not the actual thing, since the actual thing (misandry — the institutionalized hatred and degradation of men) does not exist. and men have shown us exactly how crazy and violent they are. they continue to show us. i dont know what that means for us, or where that leaves us. but orwell seemed to think that this was a point of no return for “human beings” politically, and that it was a human response under exactly this kind of brutally oppressive regime to become very defiant and more committed to doing the “wrong” thing, come what may. was orwell right about that, and are women “human”? do these rules apply to us? i dont know, but i do know that ive gotten more invested in this over time, not less. and more convinced that we are right, and that what we are doing is important.

18. aSinninSpinster - November 28, 2012

hi FCM…..thanksxx for bringing up the witches

The Halloween Witch

Each year they parade her about, the traditional Halloween Witch. Misshapen green face, stringy scraps of hair, a toothless mouth beneath her deformed nose. Gnarled knobby fingers twisted into a claw, protracting from a bent and twisted torso that lurches about on wobbly legs.
Most think this abject image to be the creation of a prejudiced mind or merely a Halloween caricature.
I disagree. I believe this to be how Witches were really seen.
Consider that most Witches: were women, were abducted in the night, and smuggled into dungeons or prisons under the secrecy of darkness to be presented by light of day as a confessed Witch.
Few if any saw a frightened normal looking woman being dragged into a secret room filled with instruments of torture, to be questioned until she confessed to anything suggested to her and to give names or whatever would stop the questions and torture.
Crowds saw the aberration denounced to the world as a self-proclaimed Witch.
As the Witch was paraded through town , (after being raped) , en route to be burned, hanged, drowned, stoned or disposed of in various other forms of Christian love, all created to free and save her soul from her depraved body, the jeering crowds view the results of hours of rape and torture.
The face bruised and broken by countless blows bore a hue of sickly green. The once warm and loving smile gone, replaced by a grimace of broken teeth and torn gums that leer beneath a battered disfigured nose. The disheveled hair conceals bleeding gaps of torn scalp from whence cruel hands had torn away the lovely tresses. Broken twisted hands clutched the wagon for support, fractured fingers with nails torn away locked like groping claws to steady her broken body.
All semblance of humanity gone, this was truly a demon, a bride of Satan, the Witch
I revere this Halloween Crone and hold her sacred above all. I honor her courage and listen to her warnings of the darkness of men. Each year i shed tears of respect when the mundane exhibit their symbol of Christian love.

Angel 6-26-99

FCM - November 28, 2012

wow. thats exactly it, isnt it? thanks for that. that contextualizes the image of the witch absolutely perfectly, and it makes perfect sense.

FCM - November 28, 2012



19. cherryblossomlife - November 29, 2012

And back to your point about them re-writing history it seems to go like this:
Jews and Russians exist, therefore Jews and Russians were murdered.
Witches do not exist, therefore no women were murdered.

20. cherryblossomlife - November 29, 2012

Except when you point out that witches don’t exist ( like when male journalists write articles about witches for the Guardian using that very picture above). THEN they suddenly plead innocent and pretend they believed witches DID exist back then…
It’s a mind fuck

21. cherryblossomlife - November 29, 2012

“it was a human response under exactly this kind of brutally oppressive regime to become very defiant and more committed to doing the “wrong” thing, come what may

Judging by the amount of women being murdered every day in their own homes and outside of them, I’d say women do continue to fight back.
But then judging by the amount of women who get off on their own degradation it sometimes feels like we’re on the losing side. That all we can do now is join them.

22. cherryblossomlife - November 29, 2012

“Join them” as in “If you can’T beat ’em, join ’em”. THis seems to be the route many women are taking.

23. aSinninSpinster - November 29, 2012

FCM, if i may i would like to add a beautiful poem,
actually a song, i’ve never heard…

The Witching Hour
Willie Tyson

There’s a mist out on the moors, everybody’s locked their doors
for it’s said there is evil on the wind.
And it’s said when they appear they will cut off both your ears
If you happen to be unlucky enough just to see them.
But I swear I saw a cat with a broom and pointed hat
Talkin rhymes and soundin like my best friend.

In the Witching Hour you come to your Power
You feel it deep inside you, it’s rising, rising
And you think it’s a dream until you hear yourself scream
Power! to the Witch and to the Womyn in me!

A woman’s place is set like a tightly woven net
She’s chained like a dog to her position.
But if by chance or fate she should happen to escape
She’s a menace to the keepers of tradition.
So if you have the gift to heal but forgot which way to kneel
Get ready for a manmade Inquisition.

In the Witching Hour you come to your Power
You feel it deep inside you, it’s rising, risiing
And you think it’s a dream until you hear yourself scream
Power! to the Witch and to the Womyn in me!

There’s a man at the stake and one down by the lake
They’re gonna test you by fire and water.
If you sink your sould endures, if you burn up you were pure
But if you live they’ll brand you Satan’s Daughter.
It’s not for you to choose, either way you lose
Will you be a Witch or a Martyr?

In the Witching Hour you come to your Power
You feel it deep inside you , it’s rising, rising
And you think it’s a dream until you hear yourself scream
POWER! to the Witch and to the Womyn in me!

Willola Calloway Tyson

24. cherryblossomlife - November 29, 2012

On the point you made about women policing each other, this happens a lot with femininity. Last year I rejected femininity for the first time in my life, after beginning my blog. Is it a coincidence that just a few months later I experienced a brutal attack by a man? Maybe… maybe not.
I reverted back to feminity immediately as it felt much safer, and men are nicer to you, or at least they conceal their hatred a little better.
I then thought back to all the times a certain (very feminine, hyper feminine, in fact) friend of mine would compliment me outrageously if I had made some sort of effort with my hair and make-up.
Maybe she was right, maybe subconciously she was trying to protect me, without even realising it herself.
Maybe she didn’t want to be found guilty by association with me?

Women also police other aspects of each other’s lives, not just appearance.

FCM - November 29, 2012

i should clarify that orwell proposed in 1984 that once you have committed your first “crime” against your oppressor, which in the world of 1984 (and under patriarchy) is thought-crime, its like the gloves come off bc you know you are a walking deadman. in 1984 our protagonist purchased a journal and opened it, and wrote one sentence (down with big brother, i think) and he knew he was dead. but as orwell told it, it wasnt the writing of it that was the problem really, even though that was really bad, it was the fact that he opened it, and before that that he bought it, and before that that he went to a store that sold them, and before that it was that he even thought about buying a journal. it was at *that* point that he was a deadman, and his increasingly deviant and defiant behavior (going to the store and so forth) was him going out with a bang.

its the *thought* that is the real crime, and after that, you cant go back, nor “should” you? i guess? orwell seemed to think that it wasnt human nature to go back at that point, but to rebel and to hell with the consequences bc after that, youre just faking it anyway, which is exhausting, plus then you are paranoid all the time! and its not *human* to live like that, and to be so oppressed and exhausted. which leaves me with 2 thoughts: writing and spreading “thoughts” and thoughtcrime like a virus, like a weed, is the writer going out with a bang, and potentially bringing others down with us. up/down, whatever, its how you look at it i guess? would it be nicer not to bring others with us? possibly. also, that orwells “rules” for how human beings respond to political oppression might not include how women respond to our political oppression, not because women arent human obvs, but bc orwell was a sick misogynist and didnt include women in his analysis except as fuckholes for rebellious men. so none of this might apply. funny how the doods continue to respond exactly as the oppressor class though, by surveilling, baiting, threatening, torturing etc. i mean really. all of this is very interesting, to say the least!

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