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Hate Song December 3, 2012

Posted by FCM in entertainment, liberal dickwads, PIV, pop culture, thats random.
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when you talk, i basically tell you to shut up, or wish you would.  youre young and beautiful now, but you wont always be.  fortunately for me, you cannot move through the world anonymously even if you wanted to, and thinking about other men threatening your safety gives me a boner.

i want you to consent to PIV with me, when PIV is a hateful act which others you and pathologizes your female reproductive biology.  to help me fulfill my agenda, i am trying to confuse you with hateful reversals.  is it working?  also, its probably better (for me) if you dont think about what will happen if you say no.

look, something shiny!

more on PIV here.


1. bugbrennan - December 3, 2012

I really hate that song.

FCM - December 3, 2012


2. DavinaSquirrel - December 3, 2012

I could not listen to that. The start of the video was enough – he takes out the tape she is listening to, AND DESTROYS IT. wtf, controlling asshole.

FCM - December 3, 2012

indeed! love is hate. war is peace. etc.

FCM - December 3, 2012


FCM - December 3, 2012

also, consider this an “open thread” for anyone who wanted to comment on the previous posts but couldnt.

3. bugbrennan - December 3, 2012

LOL at snowflakes on yr page for the holidaze.

4. bugbrennan - December 3, 2012

The process of heterosexualization looks like this :

FCM - December 3, 2012

ha! yes i forgot all about the blog-snow. tis the season i guess! i think its making everything load more slowly though. is anyone else having a problem?

FCM - December 3, 2012

omg that video! chickens have “gender” now, good to know. also, if these were marshmallow peeps i bet they would get better treatment. 😦 jfc.

5. witchwind - December 4, 2012

Just to take on the discussion again on PIV as rape continuum, and sex and rape being the same thing for men, whereas for women PIV is never sex.

I would say all PIV is laways rape, plain and simple. first, from a purely structural point of view, as a class oppressed by men, we are not in a position of freedom to negotiate what men do to us collectively and individually to maintain our oppressed state. The hierarchy that exists between men and us makes it impossible to exchange on equal and free terms. We as oppressed class are never the agents and organisers of PIV, being possessed, colonised and held captive by men. If men inflict and enforce PIV because it is their caste right as oppressors and because it is at the same time the primary means for them to subordinate us, then it follows that all PIV in this context of oppression is rape.
The only reason we may desire or initiate PIV when it is not directly enforced by the man through manipulation, installed fear, captivity, threat or violence, is because of decades of violence prior to this (sex role grooming, hatred propaganda through 24/7 porn culture, climate of terror, sexual violence, rape, harassment, mutilation and myriad other forms of means of destruction of women that men organise), which lead to such a high degree of dissociation and self-hatred that we come to completely identify to what our oppressor wants from us and to what he feels when he inflicts harm on us (sexual excitement). Far from being a sign of absence of violence, to embrace one’s own destruction is on the contrary an evidence of an extremely high level of psychic destruction and dissocation.

If you add to this the fact that PIV is inherently harmful to us given the dangerous reproductive risks (which are intended), that PIV is not even necessary for reproduction (re Lucky’s comment), and that penetration/violation of body areas that are inside and only meant for expulsion (vagina, anus, uretra…) are otherwise torture techniques meant to disintegrate a person’s sense of self and destroy the soul and physical boundaries, then i think it is safe to say that PIV is always rape.

FCM - December 4, 2012

BTW the text i added was a translation of the existing lyrics, not new lyrics. although trying to sing my version to the tune of this song can be mildly entertaining. this song is an earworm, i hate it!

i think the “othering” and pathologizing of womens normal reproductive function through PIV-as-sex needs to be shouted from the rooftops. this is not a “loving” act, far from it. once again we see men thinking that their fucking FEELINGS are so damn important, (“love” as a noun rather than a verb) and not the impact of their actions on the person they allegedly LOVE. the same principle applies with fathers whining about having to pay child support, yet claiming they LOVE their children. love is a verb people. HATE is a verb too. people who monitor “hate groups” know that hate is a verb. the verb use of “hate” is what makes klansmen and nazis identifiable “hate groups” and yet when any mans hate-object is a woman, suddenly how the perpetrators FEEL (or claim to feel or to not-feel) toward the people they are DEMONSTRABLY harming/vicitmizing with their dicks becomes highly relevant. why? men are also very quick to accuse women of being “man-haters” even as we continue to gestate, birth, raise, and nurture males, including nurturing and spending resources building up the giant man-babies known as brothers, fathers and “partners.” or, you know, being separatists. hate? i dont think so. although if they could read womens minds they might be in for a hell of a shock to know what some women really think of them, all this loving — in the verb sense — notwithstanding. what they are talking about in that case is thought-policing us. but i digress.

PIV-for-pleasure should never survive an “equality” analysis either, (OBVS) but its never really considered by equality feminists. why not? the “intercourse” video (above) touches on the inequality aspect of it, and also mentions trauma-bonding, and links to both this blog and IBTP. 🙂

6. SheilaG - December 4, 2012

The woman is perfectly happy listening to music on her own, the man grabs the tape pulls it apart, and this is supposed to be about love? I remember a long time ago, I was reading a magazine at my desk, and old one. There was no work, the phones weren’t ringing, no letters to type in the in box, and my manager came up and grabbed the magazine out of my hand! It was horrifying, and I’ve never forgotten it. Eventually he was fired, but that weird controlling creepy act stuck with me.

I hate those gooney “love” songs on the radio, because there is nothing about men in that music industry that is at all about loving women, they are grabby, creepy phonies!

7. cherryblossomlife - December 4, 2012

He grabs the tape, pulls it apart then makes ART out of it, apparently, but because men are liars, I’d hazard a guess that it probably wasn’t him making the art, it was probably some woman who was a stage-hand. Either that or it took ages to make images out of tape. Leave it to a woman to make real art on the spot. Look at Kseniya Simonova doing real art! (It’s amazing, please watch it!)
Men are just poseurs, basically.

FCM - December 4, 2012

HA! yes, can you imagine a man doing something so beautiful, original and moving that it brought tears to your eyes? not in this lifetime. and if its part of an alleged “seduction” look out, bc dood is expecting remuneration for his efforts. or like, he is paying you for yours? or something. i dont know, but youre about to become a dick receptacle, and theres an economic transaction afoot. run.

FCM - December 4, 2012
8. Sabrina L. - December 4, 2012

re: PINK loves CONSENT
…ew. The “No Means No” on the underwear is just…ew. It reminds me of a person writing “Do not amputate!” on a limb going into surgery to make sure a doctor doesn’t chop off the wrong body part. Except rather than a surgical procedure, it’s a “please don’t rape me” request right there. On the panties. How…cute? Feminine. That’s the word I’m looking for. How feminine.

9. cherryblossomlife - December 4, 2012

From that link!

” not communicating can lead to unwanted sexual experiences. ”

Hmmm. I think you’ll find that being in close proximity to a rapisty raper is what actually leads to unwanted sexual experiences, not being a bit on the quiet side.

10. DavinaSquirrel - December 4, 2012

If you reversed the players in that video, that it was the male listening to the tape, and the female ripped the tape out of the machine and destroyed it – would ANYONE think it was ‘romantic’ or jokey? Because that is what is being ‘sold’ here in this video, a bit of ‘romantic fun’ by the dude. If the players were reversed, you can bet that the next action after the tape being destroyed would be the male retaliating.

Females are being sold a lot of dangerous lies about what is regarded as ‘romantic’ behaviour by males – most of which is just downright abusive behaviour. Females are being groomed to see abusive behaviour as romance, because males control the media.

And of course, recreational PIV is another of the ‘romantic lies’.

11. cherryblossomlife - December 4, 2012

THat PIV video above was great! I loved it when she goes, “So, you know that’s my thing.. I just stopped having sex with doods”

FCM - December 4, 2012

the part with the tape is weird bc she is listening to a tape of HIM (bruno mars) and the tape actually says “bruno mars” right on it, in handwritten letters, just like mom would write in your underpants in preparation for summer camp. are we supposed to kind of think its “his” and therefore that hes not destroying her property? or something? or, is he giving her a huge gift bc he is the famous bruno mars so why listen to a tape of me when i will GIFT you a live performance for free? it is very strange isnt it. and aint nothing free in this world, when it comes to men doing things for women, sorry. men expect to be paid very very well, and for the tiniest thing too. too bad for you if you werent aware of their expectations? i guess?

FCM - December 4, 2012

make sure you click on all the tabs over on the “pink loves consent” page for the full experience! “consent is sexy” is an absolutely terrifying campaign, considering that the absolute WORST thing any girl or woman could ever be (perhaps particularly today?) is un-sexy. thats coersion, people. say yes, or become a socially outcast dried up old sex negative prude with no friends and no life. sub-subtext: become a homeless prostitute and get raped daily after everyone dumps you and your life and prospects are destroyed. jfc. could it be more obvious that women consent to “sex” to avoid rape? this is so common it hurts.

the “do not amputate” image really hits home, thanks for that. very appropriate.

12. cathybluejazz - December 4, 2012


“could it be more obvious that women consent to “sex” to avoid rape? this is so common it hurts.”

YES! I and so many others got married to avoid being raped. Better the devil you know, right? Except that there is no one to protect you from the devil you know. But at least he protects us from all the others, because he ‘OWNS us.

13. Feuerwerferin - December 4, 2012

Apropos PIV and reproduction: I’d rather reproduce without trauma bonding to the biological father than with it.

And apropos liberal and radical feminists:

FCM - December 4, 2012

re the vid, legal action for class-based discrimination is a (the?) tool of social justice for liberal progressives. this equality-rhetoric requires acknowledging that there are indeed classes of people. so how does that work with the rampant individualism (and denial of sex classes, even as they theoretically support legal action for sex-based discrimination — including when men are the victims) we also see out of the liberal feminists and sex pozzies? does not compute. what am i missing?

FCM - December 4, 2012

OT. i thought these were hilarious.


parody of a pro-MRA poster:

note to self: adding “.corn” after a fake URL is funny.

FCM - December 4, 2012

also, tumblr sez the “new and improved” victorias secret panties arent real.


tumblr also sez the new and improved panties are new and improved. ie. while victorias secret isnt involved in it, the “consent is sexy” libfem campaign is real, which we all already know bc its been around awhile ay! yes means yes and all that!

FCM - December 4, 2012

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