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The Patriarchal Intent and Effect (i.e. The Purpose) of Transgenderism January 25, 2013

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the video the transactivists are apparently trying to censor/silence:

like all man-made social processes and systems, we must assume that trannyism — and the social, legal and medical implications of trannyism — serves a patriarchal purpose.  that is, that the intent and effect of trannyism as a social phenomenon is to ultimately benefit men at womens expense.  intent can be proven circumstantially of course — even in the case of unanticipated side effects, once the previously-unknown or unknowable result becomes known, if one doesnt like the outcome, one is free to stop reproducing it.  and obviously if one continues to produce the now-known, now-anticipated result, its because one likes it, needs it, wants it, benefits from it.

in other words, the intent can be deduced from the result — to understand what was intended, you need only examine the end effect, especially when that end-effect is reproduced again and again and again and again.  and such is the case with transgender.  and i think enough time has gone by, from the beginning of modern trannyism until now, that we can identify and examine its patriarchal intent and effect.  what has been the point of all this?

for the sake of expediency, and because they are related, lets review the effect of liberal feminist equality-activating while we are at it — and this includes allegedly radical feminists who build theory and practice around the equation women = men and men = women in the various ways they do, whether purposely or accidentally.  for example, the oft-repeated “womens sex role under patriarchy as fuckholes and slaves isnt our natural state, therefore mens sex role as rapists and slaveowners isnt natural to men either.”  srsly, please stop saying that.

thanks to equality-activating, feminist consciousness-raising — whereby feminists have met for decades in women-only space to discuss our “personal” and understand that our personal is political — is now illegal in many places.  because it is discriminatory against men.  mkay?  its illegal.  the tool that women have reported was the single most effective in our feminist toolshed for understanding sexual politics, and the mechanisms of male interpersonal and institutional power and therefore of womens oppression by men, and meeting and be-friending women for that matter, and be-ing able to be together, unshaven if we wanted to, and for once in our fucking lives not having to worry about dick-pleasing the dick-people — this could land us in jail (as rape-fodder) or leave us open to civil liability stripping us of financial security, where financially destitute women under patriarchy are — you guessed it — rape fodder.

in short, our previously female-only safe space functions as the queue to a raperoom now — rape via jail or poverty — because of equality-activating which has made it illegal to discriminate against men based on sex.  i understand that we might notve seen that one coming — its breathtakingly dastardly afterall.  but it happened.

in fact, the only way to do this “right” is to let men in — especially predatory men who wont hear our “no” and who invoke the misogynist legal system to bypass our consent.  our newly defiled female-only-safe-space-which-includes-men-now is the raperoom proper — because predatory men are there, and they have complete power and we dont.  the threat of rape is real and imminent — if we do it right, following mens rules to the letter, the rape-threat is not symbolic, or even attenuated at all.  the rapists are really, actually there, in the flesh as it were.  get it?

and thanks in particular to trannyism, in certain places in the world, women can no longer publicly discuss female biology because its transphobic.  we can no longer publicly say that females are uniquely oppressed by males, and that womens oppression globally is directly related to males exploiting female reproductive biology through mandatory intercourse and rape — even though that is true.  this is radfem 101 — it is the essence of sexual politics, and the only truly rigorous, honest and revolutionary discourse that has ever existed anywhere at any time, because it isolates and examines the mechanisms of male power and of womens oppression by men.  discussing sexual politics is illegal now.

we can still mention fucking and rape of course, as long as we cast them in a depoliticized (favorable) light.

and because of legal protections for transgendered males, we can no longer publicly organize in women-only spaces that exclude transgendered males; and when seeking public services such as shelters and rape-crisis services, in some places, women have no choice but to submit to cohabitating with and being thought-policed and reprogrammed (therapized) by men who have everything to gain from thought-policing and reprogramming women.  all of this due to laws designed to protect transgendered persons — or so they say.

and as often happens around the same time legal changes take hold, like oh say civil rights protections for american blacks (black males) making black males more or less ethically equal to white males now, (and where racism against black males is unethical) our ethics around “sex-discrimination” have changed too, and the result is that we cant “ethically” discriminate against men in private either, in our private spaces and even in the privacy of our own minds.  we are expected to thought-police ourselves, censor ourselves.  this is the worst kind of totalitarian oppression — the extreme controls on persons in public and private is the thrust of a totalitarian regime so well-described by orwell in 1984.

between equality-activism and trannyism, the effect has been to render radical feminism — and only radical feminism, which includes both consciousness-raising in female-only space and discussing sexual politics including the politics of reproductive biology — both illegal and unethical, in certain places of the world.  more importantly, its made it increasingly dangerous to *be* or to practice radical feminism, putting women who do it at increased risk of being raped by men.  raped, in particular, see?  this was deliberate of course.

in short, legal protections for males — and in particular, criminalizing or penalizing women for discriminating against men — puts women at increased risk of being raped by men.  savvy?  it really couldnt be more obvious.  thats what trannyism does, and therefore we can (must) conclude that thats what trannyism is for.  its also why equality-activating has been allowed for as long and to the extent it has been.

it is in this context too that we must examine the overtly rapey behavior of transgendered persons individually.  it is all connected, where the patriarchal purpose and effect of trannyism as a whole and in its individual parts *is* rape, and womens increased vulnerability to being raped by men — and being forbidden to talk *or think* about what rape means politically.

as a political strategy, to maintain the historical record of our work, our understanding and our resistance via our archives, i agree with the vidder above that “mirroring” trans-critical videos and distributing them widely is probably a good idea.  that is all.


1. bugbrennan - January 25, 2013

Yeah, we can only discuss “rape” if we acknowledge that Women rape Men, otherwise UNEQUAL. Thanks for this post. We also posted this here: http://lesbiancaucus.com/2013/01/23/transwomen-are-not-females/

2. MarySunshine - January 25, 2013

i’ve downloaded her video, and will mirror it as required.

if it’s pulled from youtube, i’ll put it up somewhere else.

3. nuclearnight - January 25, 2013

As females are the only oppressed class of persons who lives intimately with their oppressors it is incredibly important that they (our oppressors/men) figure out ways of circumventing our ability to live apart from them. Transgenderism is a perfect tool of gynergy distraction and sabotage as it has made our ability to PEE and change clothes in a semi-public place without the threat of their violence impossible and now with the cotton ceiling business our ability to form romantic attachments/family units apart from them impossible as well. (or at least really fucking hard),

Keep spreading truth!

FCM - January 25, 2013

discussing rape as “forced sex” which is what it boils down to when talking about women raping either men or women *is* to depoliticize rape. so yes, there is a specific patriarchal intent and effect of discussing it this way, as if the sexes of the “participants” is irrelevant — it erases rape as a tool of oppression by men against women. it also erases the way that the political intent and effect of rape and even “consensual” PIV are identical — the intent and effect is formal, institutional and state control over the pregnant/impregnated female body. its evil genius in action, is what it is.

4. violentwinter - January 25, 2013

Reblogged this on violentwinter.

bugbrennan - January 25, 2013


5. cherryblossomlife - January 26, 2013

“i understand that we might notve seen that one coming — its breathtakingly dastardly afterall. but it happened.”

I KNOW!!! THey *are* “creative evil geniuses” aren’T they!!! We can’t outwit them; we just don’t have it in us to understand what horrors they’re going to come up with next!!! That is not to say we can’T beat them, but we can’t do it on their terms, no way!

6. loveangellove - January 26, 2013

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7. luckynkl - January 26, 2013

I see the boys are up to old tricks again and ancient history is repeating itself. It’s not like trans are anything new. The eunuch label was just renamed “trans” is all. Some eunuchs were fully castrated, some partially castrated, others not at all. Just like trans. That’s cuz trans and eunuchs are one and the same. Their purpose is also one and the same. To guard and police the harem for the master and prevent the harem from organizing and rebelling against him. Contrary to trans claims tho, trans/eunuchs’ services have been traditionally valued by the master and trans/eunuchs were rewarded with status, power, and position.

Men have been pulling this noise since ancient times. Husbands make the best overseers and controllers of women, but whenever marriage starts to wane and women become disinterested in het marriage and babies, men send in the trans clowns.

During the 60’s and 70’s women got out of the box. About a decade or so ago, Time Magazine announced that 70% of American women were no longer interested in marriage or babies. Lesbianism was also on the rise. I don’t know what the figures were in other western countries, but I’ll bet it was high. Which caused men to go testerical and nut up all over the landscape. 90% of men, you see, not only want and expect marriage and babies, but feel downright entitled to slaves, er I mean, wives (but it’s the same thing). So men started pulling out all stops to stuff women back into the box. Which included using very ancient methods. Such as sending in the trans clowns.

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, women were once very powerful and Amazons once ruled the land. Evidenced by the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus, one of the seven original wonders of the world. Men wanted in. So male priests started castrating themselves in orgasmic frenzied rituals and ceremonies in order to coax powerful women into allowing them into the temple, as well as into women’s houses of learning, medicine, commerce and banks. After infiltrating, the male priests dropped all pretenses, ceased castrating themselves, seized power, and entered women’s space as full-bodied males. The followers of Dionysus stole the staff from Artemis’s shrine while the trans priests, now full-bodied males, defiled the temple and replaced images of Amazons with images of men and replaced goddesses with gods. Men were now the mouth-pieces of the will of the deity. Guess what they insisted on? Marriage! See above. About husbands being the best overseers and controllers of women.

Sound familiar? It ought to. Because history is repeating itself. We’re at the part where the trans clowns have seized power, ceased castrating themselves, and are entering women’s space as full-bodies males and have made any resistance to it, illegal. What comes next is predictable. Women will be silenced and the SCAMs will become the mouth-piece for women. And what will they insist on? Drum roll, please. Marriage! Het marriage disguised in a skirt. To insure the continuation of PIV (rape) and forced reproduction to insure the continuation of his kind.

Men are so boringly predictable.

Time to head these clowns off at the pass and stick a wrench into their spokes.

8. luckynkl - January 26, 2013

P.S. I forgot to credit Zeph for the history lesson.

FCM - January 26, 2013

thanks for that lucky!

FYI i see that mansplain/transplain has been suspended for a WP TOS violation…


FCM - January 26, 2013

also, yes: queering intercourse. queering het partnerships. queering het marriage. next thing you know they will be queering pregnancy and childbirth — oh wait, they already are! google “pregnant man” if you arent sure. queering = removing politics from. or more accurately, removing political analysis from. it bothers me so much that this is what “deconstruction” has been in the academy, where there are some very smart women who are perfectly capable of isolating and examining, and applying theory but instead of doing that, are wasting their talents removing political analysis from, and definitely NOT reducing/deconstructing patriarchal policy and practice to their elements, to see how and why they are oppressive to women globally. i get that this is how they earn their living, and a girls gotta eat. but COME ON. this has become unmanageable. the facade is cracking badly, and yes it is very much a clown show. how long can they keep all these plates in the air? stay tuned i guess….shortly all our blogs will be gone (seriously — mansplain/transplain is suspended for a TOS violation? WHY?) 5 years ago it wasnt wordpress that was censoring us — its my understanding from the women who lived it (the great razing of radfem blogs of 07-08) is that we censored ourselves and shut down our own blogs due to the increasing IRL violence of men who stalked us online and off. now its WP. whats next?

i think self-publishing hardcopy books is looking like a good option. i guess i should probably get right on that, and start publishing my own. makes a great gift!

FCM - January 26, 2013

heres cath elliott on being harassed online for speaking up while female:


9. Moron Patriarchal Purpose (Or, The Intent and Effect of Transgender, Pt. 2) « femonade - January 26, 2013

[…] that was fast!  i have more to say already.  part one is here — i remember posting it like it was yesterday!  which it […]

10. DavinaSquirrel - January 26, 2013

Consolidating your point about ‘equality’ etc. With the introduction of the UK Equality Act (2010), it revoked a lot of other Acts, like the Sexual Discrimination Act (1975) and a whole bunch of other Acts, see here for the list:

The SDA was what the Second Wave fought for and got for us, and now replaced with a new shiny turd, couched in the language of ‘equality’. For example:

Look at Part 2, Chapter 1, Section 11

11. Sex
In relation to the protected characteristic of sex—
(a) a reference to a person who has a particular protected characteristic is a reference to a man or to a woman;

Yes that’s right! It is now ‘illegal’ to discriminate against… MEN!
This is the end result of the language of ‘equality’ – the stuff that libfems aspire to. Radfems of course, talk in terms of LIBERATION from men. It’s Backlash City.

I won’t go into ALL the things protecting M2Ts (under the sex neutral term of ‘transgender’, but given that the absolute majority of transgender are M2T, well, it’s all about protecting the male born, at the expense of females).

Which group didn’t get their own specific Act revoked when the Equality Act came in? Oh yeah… transgender, the Gender Recognition Act (2004) is still valid, when the rest of us got bundled into the Equality Act. Of course, trans (M2Ts) still get very star billing within the Equality Act as well, plus they got to keep the GRA! Because they are the most speshul of snowflakes I guess. Yanno, men the privileged class, who lived most of their lives with male privilege, suddenly become the most oppressed of the oppressed! *magic* Completely forgetting that any discriminated-against group is behind the eight-ball if they are born into that class/caste (race, sex).

You can see more bullshit equality language in Chapter 3:

There is no sex discrimination protection for females any more, we are reduced to (A) or (B) (fuck knows which one we are supposed to be?)

So to all the females that call themselves feminists, but support trans, have you actually figured out yet what is going on? Do we need to draw you pictures? Wake the fuck up already. You might be comfortable with your lightweight ‘politics’ being monitored by the eunuchs at all times, subverting the agenda… but some of us know what their purpose is. And it isn’t for the benefit of females, quite the opposite.

11. DavinaSquirrel - January 26, 2013

And I have to add… Section 11 of the EA… PUTS MEN FIRST ffs!

12. DavinaSquirrel - January 26, 2013

And zmog, I did not realise that Mansplainin’ & Transplainin’ had been shut down by WP for “TOS” (yeah, right)

There is some other stuff that appears to be going on as well (apart from Gender Trender the other day being suspended). If I get more details, I will let you know.

But it is looking like Camp Tranz are pulling out all the stops.

And… with a disproportionate number of M2Ts in IT, we actually shouldn’t be surprised.

I recommend that every radfem backs up her blog regularly. And her hard drive too…

FCM - January 26, 2013

thanks for that davina. i want to be clear though, and since this may well be our last hurrah i guess theres no reason not to. i am not talking about “fun fems” or oh, THOSE silly dickpleasing ignorant feminists OVER THERE who are doing this bullshit equality activating — i am talking about “trusted” radfems who we all see and interact with every day. well *i* dont interact with them anymore, and theres a reason for that, but most of the rest of you do. i am talking about intentional equality-activators as well as the ones who fall into all the traps unintentionally, seemingly without knowing or understanding what they are doing at all — or refusing to admit it, or their reasons for doing it if they do know. the unintentional and “sneaky” types are of more concern to me frankly because their messages are obscured and inconsistent, and are confusing and dangerous for that reason.

for example, and this is not an exhaustive list, i am talking about undercover punk, e hungerford, smash, and lishra at “against all evidence” for fucks sake — against all evidence! thats rich. i dont want to name names, and i have tried very hard to avoid doing that, but some of you dont seem to be hearing what i am saying. e hungerford quoted liberal feminist gloria steinem in her latest UN letter — and in doing so, threw mary daly under the bus when she said that “feminists” meaning “real feminists” dont believe that mens gender role is innate BECAUSE WOMENS ISNT. and women = men = women donchaknow. smash said the same fucking thing on her blog. lishras “against all evidence” speaks for itself — this is not theory or reality-based work. all these women were at the HUB too — i dont suppose i have to draw anyone a picture to explain what that was like behind the scenes, or what its like NOW for that matter. they went on to form “liberation collective” using the right language, the language of “liberation” as you say, but again, apparently not understanding what they were REALLY SAYING when they said the things they said, making and implying a false equivalence between women and men. this is *us* i am talking about, not *them” over there, that are making these mistakes. this is an enormous problem, and its been going on a long time. again, i didnt want to name names, but apparently its not clear enough unless i do. EVEN THOUGH i have said all of this repeatedly, WITHOUT naming names, some still havent made the connection between who said what, and that i am talking about US and not the fun fem bloggers at fucking feministing or feministe. well, there it is. do with it what you will.

13. DavinaSquirrel - January 26, 2013

It is not a conversation I will have publically, on this blog.
However, I am aware of a lot of things… I generally refuse to say on public blogs. You can email me.

But yes, there is a lot of radfaux going on, and I am not tolerant of that.

14. DavinaSquirrel - January 26, 2013

Pretty much it comes under ‘not airing dirty laundry in public’.
I really just should have said the first time.

FCM - January 26, 2013

i understand that you think its “airing dirty laundry” but *i* do not spend inordinate amounts on time having super sikkrit radfem conversations on FB, and i never have. i think its unfair to our readers to not hash these things out in public, although i do see that theres a conflict of interest there — how important is it to put the info out there so its accessible to women, versus keeping the info from men and those who would use it against us? i have chosen to err on the side of making it accessible, not the least of my reasons being that i think its elitist and cliquish to keep it in the in-group. so we disagree i guess. if you dont want to discuss, you dont have to. but i am pretty aggravated at being consistently misread when i say things so clearly, just minus the names. are people paying attention or not?

FCM - January 26, 2013

and to keep the convo in one place, i will close comments on this thread and move it over to the new post, if anyone still wants to discuss.

heres the link:


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