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Moron Patriarchal Purpose (Or, The Intent and Effect of Transgender, Pt. 2) January 26, 2013

Posted by FCM in liberal dickwads, meta, pop culture, porn, rape, trans.
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well that was fast!  i have more to say already.  part one is here — i remember posting it like it was yesterday!  which it was.

now that we know that wordpress has shut down “mansplainin’ and transplainin'” for a TOS violation, and in the wake of recent internet witchhunts and burnings of women who dare express a fucking opinion which is incompatible with womens sex role as fuckholes and slaves, i think it would behoove us to step back and look at the internet as a whole.  what has been the internets patriarchal purpose — what has been its end effect, from which we can deduce mens intent in creating and implementing it?  we know that women with an internet presence have been targeted for elimination since day one — women who were around “back then” remember vividly being told to “get off my internet” or face dire consequences at mens hands.  but why?

like the patriarchal intent and effect of transgender, which i believe ultimately was to increase womens vulnerability to rape as well as erasing the political implications of men raping women across time and place, it seems that the effect of the internet as a whole has been to widely disseminate and distribute the photographic evidence of men raping women and children with impunity.  otherwise known as porn, including “kiddie porn.”  thanks to the widespread availability of internet pornography, porn has seeped into every nook, cranny and crevice of much of the world — practically anywhere that has electricity is now fully saturated with 24/7/365 porn.  men, who already created the entire world in their own image — to wit, shit and filth — now get to live in filth and shit, more, and force us to live there too, thanks to pornographic imagery which you literally cannot get away from even if you tried.

relatedly, the internet has also been very useful in disseminating patriarchal propaganda equating sex and rape — anywhere there is “news reporting” on rape, we see the words sex-crime, sex-offender, sex-trafficking, sex-slavery.  but we are not talking about sex mkay — we are talking about rape.  rape-crime.  rape-offense.  rape-trafficking.  rape-slavery.  and “kiddie porn” is not porn (and much of your standard-issue adult porn isnt porn either) if what is meant by “porn” is documentary evidence of consensual fucking.  this is not what porn is — insofar as intercourse is coerced or forced, and insofar as “rape” is the violent enforcement by men of womens sex role as fuckholes and breeders, most porn isnt even “porn” — it is documentary evidence of rape and it is everywhere.  thanks largely to the internet which disseminates it (rape) and frames it (rape) in a way that politically benefits men at womens expense.

so are we really going to be surprised when men want women off their internet — women who arent literally in the process of being raped by men, that is?  is it any surprise that we will be attacked and graphically threatened by men, and not-supported by other men who read mens threats against us and become erect because the threats include graphic depictions of rape, and sexualized woman-murder (necrophilia)?  this is *all* porn to them.  every bit of it.  and when i say porn, i mean rape.  and when i say rape, i mean “the violent enforcement by men of womens sex role as fuckholes and breeders.”

im not surprised that this is happening to us at all, and no one would be, if they were to understand that the entire purpose of the internet was not “communication” or dissemination of information per se, but the communication of a certain idea, and a certain image, with a very specific intent in mind — the whole point being to threaten 3.5 billion women globally with rape, and to violently enforce all womens sex role as fuckholes and breeders.  and fuckholes and breeders do not speak about being fuckholes and breeders.  fuckholes and breeders do not speak at all, unless it is to ask for more of the same — and even then, men dont necessarily want to hear it.  they put things in those womens mouths to shut them up too, when the sound of the raped womens voices becomes tiresome, or interferes with mens ability to rape, or to rape to maximum political effectiveness — which requires ejaculation.  doesnt it?

in the end, wordpress can shut down all our blogs, and i will not be surprised at all.  none of us should be, and really i dont think we would be anyway.  outraged, yes.  surprised?  no.  in a way, im surprised we have lasted this long, but mens obfuscating yet tenuous adherence to their own fake principles of “free speech” and the “marketplace of ideas” seems to have confused even them for a minute.  soon the facade will fall away, and they will shut us all down, because what we are doing and saying is the antithesis of what the internet is for.  we are speaking, when the entire purpose of the internet has been to shut us up, via rape, and threats of rape.

like the purpose of transgenderism, the purpose of the internet has been rape, and disseminating, normalizing and perpetuating men raping women across time and place.  thats all.  its been nothing more, and nothing less than that.


1. Mia XX - January 26, 2013

Hey FCM- this post reminded me of this song from Avenue Q This (female) character is singing about how she wants to teach a school lesson about all the potential of the internet, and the male character keeps interrupting to tell her the internet is just for porn and how dumb (and uptight) she is for thinking it could be otherwise. He calls up other male characters to join in too. I’m guessing a man wrote the musical…

2. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

I advise any and all radfem bloggers to back up their blogs to an external hard drive. Once a day.

I save all radfem posts as soon as they come in, just for my own archives.

3. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

Slightly off topic (but not really): Good old Chloe from feministing not 2 minutes ago said on national television, during a convo about access to abortion services, “not everyone who is seeking an abortion is a woman – not every woman has a vagina – many of them are trans.” This statement was met with round approval and serious head-nodding. I mean, really?!

Seriously, females have been queered right out of our very BIOLOGY.

FCM - January 26, 2013

thanks for that mia. men are constantly telling us what they are up to — they dont even try to hide very much of this at all if they try to hide any of it. and yet so many feminists (and only feminists it seems?) are intent on NOT believing a fucking word of any of it, and prefer to believe that men are redeemable, and all of this is unintentional. what a bunch of shit ay? seriously. if this is what feminists believe, i am definitely NOT a feminist. (thanks ms.andrea!)

4. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

I’m a FemaleSurvival-ist, (as opposed to a female Survivalist).

I’m really burnt on feminism.

The word is worthless to me anymore.

FCM - January 26, 2013

i hesitate to give up the word…but so far, the majority of “feminism” as far as i can tell is liberal reformism, horizontal hostility and an apparently unassailable belief in the inherent goodness of men. honestly, its like ive gone through the looking glass, or fallen down the rabbit hole, or whatever. this is completely unrecognizable to me. it wouldnt be so bad if i didnt have to play dumb to be properly included — i thought feminists were against that? but what do i know really. i just work here.

5. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

Good one Mary. I was just thinking: so what are WE then? The word has been truly colonized by everyone from extreme fundamentalist women to, well, men.

On that same tv program a former military woman *enlightened* the viewing audience that “over time” just as many men have been “sexually abused” by their fellow service members as have women – she did NOT say RAPED. So much out and out bullshit from the handmaidens it makes me sick.

FCM - January 26, 2013

a recent short post by zeph seems particularly apt:

Women are the solution

I was watching a programme about African wildlife here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01pwtsj/Africa_Savannah/ and was thinking about how prey animals almost never cooperate against a predator, they do group though, which offers them some protection. This started me thinking about the way women are socialised to isolate themselves, and significantly, to feel they are being savvy when they fight with other women. Even in feminists circles we display this socialisation by failing to cooperate, by cutting each other off because of small differences of opinion, by feeling panicky if we are not displaying complete Synchronicity; another common defence strategy of prey animals.

We can undo this socialisation, we can learn to group and cooperate, we can become aware that we once ran societies that taught us how to do this as children. Learn to keep our minds on the big picture and not get lost in the details.

More and more I think women should view themselves as the solution to the problems of the world. I found it sad when Eve Ensler said, words to the effect off ‘if men don’t change nothing can be done about rape and violence’. We can change we can employ the grouping and cooperation strategies we have been taught to forget.


6. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

Your first statement is entirely correct.

With respect to your second statement, that has been my same feeling for the last >30 years.

Feminism has really just been a royal mind-fuck for the last 30 years. It exists as a red-herring and a huge distraction for them. A distraction from the crisis facing the Survival of the Female.

The feminists who played dumb were the ones who won. Males rewarded them. They got to go home with the prize. And their boys.

7. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

Not to mention raped and IMPREGNATED.

8. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

oops – please change the sentence above to read: “royal mind-fuck for women”.

then the rest of it makes sense.

FCM - January 26, 2013

heres anonymous standing up for “internet freedom” and protesting the SUICIDE (!) of a fellow computer geek who was outspoken (and criminal) on the internets. he deserves to be represented in the “marketplace of ideas” but where is anonymous defending radical feminisms place at the market? nowhere. in fact, i seem to recall the MRAs attempting to sic anonymous on us at one point — to their credit, anonymous apparently declined.


9. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

I seem to recall that the internet was originally developed as an intra-net for government agencies to communicate *securely* amongst themselves? And that liberal hero (senator) al gore lobbied to have the technology made public?

Effective lobbying requires huge amounts of cash or favors (even waaay back then) placed in the right hands. I’ve said it before: public internet was not intended to be a Market Place of Ideas – although it was sold as such – it was intended to be a cheap and wide porn distribution outlet.

10. Feuerwerferin - January 26, 2013

Yes, the internet is about porn and porn magazines often discuss technology.

FCM - January 26, 2013

glad we are all on the same page then. 🙂 we wont be surprised or confused or “but what about equali-tah, but i didnt do anything WRONG, but i followed the TOS, but everything i said was true” when we are all removed from the internets by wordpress, and then after that by someone or something else, and then after that we are removed again. its not going to be a surprise, so we dont have to waste time being or acting surprised. we can move on quickly. im ready. bring it.

11. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

And the geek magazines feature porn. The geek websites feature porn.

Text-based internet communications protocols (pop3, smtp, nntp, and irc ) all preceded the image-bearing http: protocol, which renders .html files. It was the first protocol to make images appear on the user’s screen.

HTML made possible floods of advertising, plus all the websites that were now profitable based on advertising revenue, plus non-stop porn imagery.

12. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

Female-purposed (not “feminist” purposed) server environments will develop.

Communications will not be image-focussed. Text based communications can be done at 100 times the speed of image based communications. Think of the strategic war ops in the world war 2.

Female strongholds will happen despite all the mind-fuckery and subterfuge of feminism.

Internet communications are not necessary for that. But internet communications can be helpful at some times, in some ways.

13. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

Surpised? lol 🙂 It will happen eventually (as you say) but only when the Big Boys (anon et al) decide that we are a serious enough threat. On THEIR internet.

Which begs the question: how seriously do they really take us?

14. delphyne - January 26, 2013

Anonymous were the reason that the rad fem blogosphere was taken out a few years ago. They attacked us relentlessly, taking down websites, hacking forums, and stalked at least two women into real life and terrorised them. Biting Beaver, one of their targets had to leave the internet. They didn’t decline, they were delighted to have us pointed out to them.

I was thinking about men’s collective orgasm over computers and the internet only yesterday, FCM. They are just so over-excited about the whole phenomenon. Thanks for this.

FCM - January 26, 2013

oh thanks for that delphyne! they declined to do it a second time when invited to do so, then — it was during the agent orangepop fiasco. i doubted at the time that any of those MRA eunuchs had contact with anonymous. maybe i was wrong about that.

i just dont want us to waste a single second wondering why this happened (when it does) or missing the nuances — this is not about “misogyny” in a generic sense, its highly specific, and has everything to do with rape, and disseminating rape-imagery in order to terrify and silence women. this is what “porn” is and this is what porn is for — and the internet is a porn-delivery system. thats all it is, and thats all it ever was. i think many women were under the impression that the internet held promise for us or that it was different somehow, but it wasnt. or, rather, womens culture grows in the cracks — there mightve been a crack here but its closing now. thats ok. we will find another one. thats what women do isnt it? we are homeless, we wander without a country. we are not aimless though. 🙂

15. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

Yes, BB was my first real glimpse of radical feminism although it was (how I hate to say it) *posthumously* via the BB archive.

Always good to be reminded Delphyne.

16. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

(tags – arrrgh!!)

FCM - January 26, 2013

i should say, its not “OK” its pretty fucking far from OK but it is what it is. we deal in reality, not pipe dreams.

FCM - January 26, 2013

personally, i think its funny that their marketplace of ideas is being revealed as a sham. the intellectual dishonesty is stunning, revealing, and frankly humiliating and it makes me giddy to have a bright light shined on that when it happens — but then the darkness falls again. whatever. i guess i will laugh myself right into my (blogging) grave.

17. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

we deal in reality, not pipe dreams.

You sound like a separatist. 🙂

18. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

One last thing before I have to deal with a bit of my own reality (called snow):

The Swartz thing? I was greeted with the most stultifying piece of garbage one recent weekend morning – http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/01/13/the-brilliant-mind-righteous-heart-of-aaron-swartz-will-be-missed/

Barf-o-rama, as we used to say 🙂

FCM - January 26, 2013

the disappointing thing for me mary was to realize that feminists dont deal in reality, and they do entertain pipe dreams in many ways. i didnt realize that there was a difference between that and radical feminism — in other words, i apparently thought radical feminism and femalesurvivalism (as you say) were the same thing. really, i think what you are calling female survivalism is taking these thoughts to their logical ends. anything short of that, isnt. i think thats what i boils down to, but i honestly didnt know most radical feminism fell short of that. this has been a very hard lesson for me. immeasurably painful and stressful in fact.

19. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

yup. for me, hanging out on “radical feminist” blogs has been a case of whistling a happy tune. i “like” and comment and return in the mostly vain hope of coming across someone who is not just enjoying a pipe dream.

FCM - January 26, 2013

not even that we have to *be* separate in real life, but the only logical endpoint here is to conclude that there is not an inherent goodness to men at all, or it is very likely that theres not. that patriarchy is NOT an accident, and it DOES correspond more or less to mens natures, because they had complete freedom to create everything to fit them like a glove physically, mentally and in every way, so it is reasonable to conclude that THEY DID. these are the only reasonable conclusions, taking into consideration THE TOTALITY OF THE EVIDENCE and not relying on faith or wishful thinking, or false equivalences. this is where we end up, if we are honest. many radfems arent willing or able to do that, and they make you think theres something wrong with you if you point any of this out. that bothers me. a lot.

20. doublevez - January 26, 2013

Yes Sars. Seems to have been some memory vortex there that the boy was the founder of Reddit. Amongst other ‘good works’.

21. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

For the most part, it has depressed the hell out of me and made me wish I had never been born.

22. doublevez - January 26, 2013

Echoing Delphyne: anon did *not* decline. We were first. Following us, a women tech blogger. She had the audacitah to have platinum creds, and criticize some of the uses of it. The commentariart shut her down as they had done with BB et al, and she too left the internet in fear for her children. Unfortunately with the interent last week is remote history, so the bloggers and posters online now calling themselves any kind of feminist, including rf, do not know what happened then. And WE who do are reluctant to speak of it. It’s when things like this happen, and as are now with trans* who are male, we learn, we have no rights. The only rights we have are those we gain through association with men. I think the fun girls know this.

23. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

On anon/feminists/BB from long ago and fwiw:


24. One Down, How Many to Go? | You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you. - January 26, 2013

[…] has apparently caved to trans demands to censor trans-critical […]

25. SheilaG - January 26, 2013

Call me old fashioned LOL but I’ve always favored plain old women’s liberation. This is a fascinating commentary on feminism and how it has been co-opted.

“the only logical endpoint here is to conclude that there is not an inherent goodness to men at all,” FCM— This seems to be a very hard thing for even most radical feminists to entertain. Andrea Dworkin couldn’t do it, and even Mary Daly didn’t exactly say this.

A lot of this is plain fear women have of being rejected by other women. If you are too hard line, many women freak out. And it does come back to the situation of women as an oppressed class. Women have intimitate daily contact with men the oppressors, who have designed this clever system over thousands of years.

Men are good at this, women new to even being literate, and we need to consider this.

We can completely and utterly reject men and their lack of inherent goodness.. there is none, no evidence of this at all, but we have abundant evidence that women are inherently good. Men use this goodness against us all the time. Women for the most part are kind, safe to be around, can hear pain, can be with us in the deepest kindest selves. But men cannot do this.

So the thing is, women are half the world, and we know what men fear, they fear the awakening of women enmasse from the sleep of
patriarchal mind control. Men are afraid of radical feminism, afraid of women’s liberation, afraid that women will abort all male foetus’– women have the power to destroy all male life on the planet, and men know this. Men in many ways take us far more seriously than we take ourselves, and although I am a realist, I do believe that if we keep on message more women will awake.

All the attacks on Gallus and others and from wordpress and from the porno-net are simply evidense that radical feminism is rising yet again in the U.S. and actually globally.

If we are shut down on the internet, we will rise elsewhere. Hey we had no money, no internet when we built the modern radical feminist movement to begin with. In fact, i think we were stronger because we were in real radical communities of women only activism, and women only supporting structures. Men shut us down with tempting government grants and being “nice” to women who can sell out and do.

26. delphyne - January 26, 2013

Just so you know, a lot of us rad fems think you’re absolutely right and are glad you’re working it out and are showing us the workings. Reform of men has never been a rad fem goal, although I’m not sure it’s ever been so logically demonstrated.

FCM - January 26, 2013

i know you are right delphyne. which means that *something else* has co-opted radical feminism of late. it has completely taken over, in fact. if i didnt know better, judging by whats passing as radfem now, i would think the transformation was complete.

27. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

The essence of radical feminism remains the same. The corruption of the perceived meaning of the word continues apace.

28. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

Yes (if you wil excuse my internettalk – lol):

What SheilaG said 🙂

29. bugbrennan - January 26, 2013

I just bought mansplaintransplain.com which I will happily transfer to the person responsible for the wordpress blog. They can let me know at bugbrennan@icloud.com.

30. bugbrennan - January 26, 2013
31. bugbrennan - January 26, 2013
32. bugbrennan - January 26, 2013

I have reblogged the posts on my tumblr.

33. FeistyAmazon - January 26, 2013

Good article…I do agree, you’re right, we should be backing up ALL our work so it cannot be eliminated at the push of a button and wiped out….and this is something I should be doing as well. After they made an example of Gallus Mag’s ‘GenderTrender’, probably one of the most visible blogs on the subject, and most informative because of all the sources she’s quoted, the internet and computer industry is still run by sexist male geeks without social skills or cares for women beyond using them sexually!

34. DavinaSquirrel - January 26, 2013

and not relying on faith or wishful thinking, or false equivalences. this is where we end up, if we are honest. many radfems arent willing or able to do that, and they make you think theres something wrong with you if you point any of this out.
which means that *something else* has co-opted radical feminism of late. it has completely taken over, in fact. if i didnt know better, judging by whats passing as radfem now, i would think the transformation was complete

I disagree. In part at least. Radfems (or more correctly, women’s liberationists) have not compromised at all. But certainly there seem to be a lot of newbies calling themselves radical feminists, that really don’t have a clue, and it’s all just anti-porn libfeminism. There are even M2Ts calling themselves ‘radical feminists’ now – ffs!

Really, it does not mean that they are (RFs) at all. And we should (and do) call out the radfauxs in our midst.

Basically, it is the same thing that happened to ‘feminist lite’, which got co-opted into pro-pornstitution yay choosy choice bullshit, until it became both meaningless and anti-feminist.

We will defend radical feminist from the same type of co-option.

FCM - January 26, 2013

davina, i wrote this in response to you on the other thread, but its relevant here too:

thanks for that davina. i want to be clear though, and since this may well be our last hurrah i guess theres no reason not to. i am not talking about “fun fems” or oh, THOSE silly dickpleasing ignorant feminists OVER THERE who are doing this bullshit equality activating — i am talking about “trusted” radfems who we all see and interact with every day. well *i* dont interact with them anymore, and theres a reason for that, but most of the rest of you do. i am talking about intentional equality-activators as well as the ones who fall into all the traps unintentionally, seemingly without knowing or understanding what they are doing at all — or refusing to admit it, or their reasons for doing it if they do know. the unintentional and “sneaky” types are of more concern to me frankly because their messages are obscured and inconsistent, and are confusing and dangerous for that reason.

for example, and this is not an exhaustive list, i am talking about undercover punk, e hungerford, smash, and lishra at “against all evidence” for fucks sake — against all evidence! thats rich. i dont want to name names, and i have tried very hard to avoid doing that, but some of you dont seem to be hearing what i am saying. e hungerford quoted liberal feminist gloria steinem in her latest UN letter — and in doing so, threw mary daly under the bus when she said that “feminists” meaning “real feminists” dont believe that mens gender role is innate BECAUSE WOMENS ISNT. and women = men = women donchaknow. smash said the same fucking thing on her blog. lishras “against all evidence” speaks for itself — this is not theory or reality-based work. all these women were at the HUB too — i dont suppose i have to draw anyone a picture to explain what that was like behind the scenes, or what its like NOW for that matter. they went on to form “liberation collective” using the right language, the language of “liberation” as you say, but again, apparently not understanding what they were REALLY SAYING when they said the things they said, making and implying a false equivalence between women and men. this is *us* i am talking about, not *them” over there, that are making these mistakes. this is an enormous problem, and its been going on a long time. again, i didnt want to name names, but apparently its not clear enough unless i do. EVEN THOUGH i have said all of this repeatedly, WITHOUT naming names, some still havent made the connection between who said what, and that i am talking about US and not the fun fem bloggers at fucking feministing or feministe. well, there it is. do with it what you will.


35. DavinaSquirrel - January 26, 2013

Just read it, and now I understand the context of why you wrote what you did. As I said in the other thread, I do not discuss certain things on public blogs.

36. DavinaSquirrel - January 26, 2013

(from the closed thread): but *i* do not spend inordinate amounts on time having super sikkrit radfem conversations on FB

Seriously, fuck off with that implication. Private, or semi-private, is what it is. It is your choice not to be on that platform. This is the second time you have made such an accusation, and it was unnecessary then as it is now.

There is no reason whatsoever that ever fucking radfem conversation *has to be* fully public. Don’t be so damned ridiculous.

You are making out like I, and others, are shutting you out. I have already stated that I am open to email conversation on the topics raised.

37. MarySunshine - January 26, 2013

In before the bell – I am downloading the waybackmachine archives of MSTS and offer to make them available.

FCM - January 26, 2013

and i have said that i think its important to be CLEAR, at all times, in public. thats what being a writer is to me. being unclear and letting things slide on the level of theory and basic beliefs and arguments (but claiming to “call things out” in private where no one ever sees it, unless they make an extra effort to see it) is unfair to our readers. THEY should not have to go seeking this shit out, and i am not going to insist they join some creepy private or semi-private group where they are vulnerable to being hacked and infiltrated, just to see us explain what we “really” mean. i am entitled to that opinion davina, and i dont have to spend any more time than i already do on any of this, including emailing you or anyone. i do enough.

FCM - January 26, 2013

mary, this post just went up today, so theres 2 more days of open comments. 🙂 post away!

38. DavinaSquirrel - January 26, 2013

and i am not going to insist they join some creepy private or semi-private group where they are vulnerable to being hacked and infiltrated, just to see us explain what we “really” mean.

That is a complete misrepresentation.

FCM - January 26, 2013

oh really? tell that to everyone who had the pants scared off them by agent orangepop. this behind the scenes business is dangerous. its also not as private as you think, so whats the point? im starting to think the point is to waste a whole hell of a lot of our time.

39. Sargasso Sea - January 26, 2013

Oh! So this is what’s going on again, I see. lol

(you’ll pardon me for laughing)

FCM - January 27, 2013

bug brennan has just posted the mansplain/transplain archives on her tumblr.


40. MarySunshine - January 27, 2013


FCM - January 27, 2013

dont mind me, im just rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic over here…. 😛

FCM - January 27, 2013

i want more sunlight, *no* i prefer the shade. meanwhile we are going down by the bow *and* the stern.

41. Sargasso Sea - January 27, 2013

Archives are a good thing!

I’ll take the stern, if you please, I like a long fall! 🙂

FCM - January 27, 2013

ok this made me laugh hysterically. 🙂 i think the music did it:

42. MarySunshine - January 27, 2013

As my old cockney grandma used to say, “cheer up! the worst is yet to come!”

FCM - January 27, 2013

good news! the twans have withdrawn their complaints! we’re saved:

43. MarySunshine - January 27, 2013


FCM - January 27, 2013

🙂 omg that gave me a good laugh! hahahahahahahaha

44. bugbrennan - January 27, 2013

I am also posting greatest hits from M/T on my Facebooks if women want to share them. There is so much crazy there, so much evil crazy that is lost because it’s important to DESTROY THE EVIDENCE OF THE BATSHIT EVIL.

45. bugbrennan - January 27, 2013

And on Twitter.

FCM - January 27, 2013

thanks cathy. 🙂 i agree its important not to let the evidence of what men do to us be lost. thats as much a part of it as silencing women isnt it: when they shut us down, they destroy the proof of what men do, and the proof that what we were responding to in the first place ACTUALLY HAPPENED. assholes.

bugbrennan - January 27, 2013

Yes, and it is terribly effective at making “us” look like “the instigators.” JFC, I have better things to do on a Saturday night.

bugbrennan - January 27, 2013

Also, thank YOU.

bugbrennan - January 27, 2013
bugbrennan - January 27, 2013
FCM - January 27, 2013

im not clicking on that. i dont care. and i *am* mean, just ask davina!

FCM - January 27, 2013

mary thanks for the grandmotherly advice. 🙂 that was perfect.

46. luckynkl - January 27, 2013

The internet was created by the U.S. Dept of Defense shortly after WWII. They were looking for an alternate means of communications which could be used during war time. They contracted with MIT and I think it was Stamford to develop the technology. However, the DoD was not impressed with it and abandoned the project and left it floating around in cyberspace. Scientists and geeky students continued to use it.

Women were the pioneers of computer technology, not fucking men. The Dept of Defense in fact named its first programming language “Ada” in commemoration of Ada Lovelace. Ada was a brilliant mathematician who in 1843, wrote a scientific paper which foretold the development of computer software, artificial intelligence, and computer music. Ada also devised a method of using punch cards to calculate Bernoulli numbers, becoming the first computer programmer. Other women of note, Heddy Lamar, best known as an actress, but was also the pioneer of wireless communication and invented a “Secret Communication System” which serves as the backbone and makes possible cell phones, fax machines and computers. Dr. Grace Hopper was the first woman to graduate Yale with a PhD in mathematics and the first woman to reach the rank of admiral in the U.S. Navy. She invented COBOL in 1959. which is the most widely used computer business language, even in the world today.

So it was women who pioneered computer technology. But just like men invade, conquer, and colonize small countries in the real world, they did the same with in the computer and cyberworld.

47. magicpoppy - January 27, 2013

When I saw Tim Wise use the word “cis” on his Twitter account I realized what a bonanza this is for liberal men, particularly the ones like him who dominate the cultural left nomenklatura. How could they
resist the opportunity to accuse us of being an oppressor class AS WOMEN? They already attack white women as a proxy for all females (e.g. Laci Green driven offline for using the word “tranny” when Stephen Fry’s quip was quickly forgotten). It’s a dream come true for manarchists everywhere.

FCM - January 27, 2013

oh dear. is tim wise still flapping his gums? we have seen him before. delphyne (i think?) revealed in the comments what old tim thinks about white women. how utterly unsurprising that he would jump at this chance to demonize us even more.


FCM - January 27, 2013

thanks for the history lesson lucky (again!) i guess the moral of that story is DONT SHARE WITH MEN. if you invent something, do not tell them what you know, and dont share it with them literally on pain of death.

48. loveangellove - January 27, 2013

Reblogged this on loveangellove.

49. luckynkl - January 27, 2013

In its infancy, the internet was a thing of beauty. It was mostly geeks teaching each other computer technology and programming and exchanging free information. I never ran across any porn. Every once in a blue moon, what we called a “wanker” would invade our space and he’d be quickly disposed of. The geeks really weren’t interested in such things.

I noticed the change around 1995. That was the year when Windows 95 came out and corporations started to sit up and take notice of the internet and saw a goldmine. That’s when the porn started to pop up. When the corporations arrived on the scene and the greedy yuppies started hitting the internet. So that gives you a clue who’s behind a large percentage of porn. From what I hear, the west coast of the U.S. (California especially) produces most of the world’s porn.

But anyhow, back to the conversation. How to prevent your WordPress blog from being shut down by the trans/MRA Inquisition? You set up WordPress on your own website. WordPress has no control over your website and can’t do jack. You can pay a host to serve your website or even serve it from your desktop on your own computer. If you use a host, the trans/MRA Inquisition can petition your host to shut you down, but hosts aren’t keen on losing money. It can also be side-stepped by using a proxy, vpn or whatever so the Inquisitoners don’t even know who your host is. The downside to setting up WordPress on a website or serving it from your own computer is you have come up with your own security. It had better be good security if you want to prevent attack from the Inquisitioners who I’m sure have a armory of viruses, trojans and other malware.

The bottom line is, nice try, boys, but no cigar. You cannot shut us down. Deal with it, you fuckers.

FCM - January 27, 2013

i wonder why anonymous took the bait before but not this time? maybe the MRA eunuchs really dont have contacts with anonymous afterall. the first anonymous attack sounds like it originated from 4chan, not the MRAs, is this correct? i know there is some overlap between the chambers of the antifeminist cesspool and anonymous isnt a group its an idea or whatever. bottom line is it doesnt take much to entice any of them to do what they love doing anyway, which is harassing and terrifying women with rape and death threats.

either way, the fact that anonymous took us out (and put several of us in the hospital due to stress apparently) casts new and repulsive light on their recent activities as the anti-rape activist figures in the steubenville rape case. i wonder if roseanne is aware of any of this, or if she would care.

FCM - January 27, 2013

in that bitch magazine article about the mananonymous attacks, i thought it was interesting that the author, in retrospect, believes that she misunderstood the motivations of the attackers: she said she came to realize too late that what they wanted was a response from the women, not to silence us.

the part about wanting a response makes sense, and its what sonia johsnson was saying about putting female energy into mens machine in general — fighting back just makes them stronger, its what they like. but isnt the point that, when the attack is over and you are finished screaming, you either die or are silenced? isnt that why the threats are always rape and death threats, because there is a sexxay battle that ends up with us dying or being terrified into silence at the end? dworkin reported that after she was horrifically sexually assaulted in prison, she literally lost the ability to speak. there were no words for what she had been through. men know this, and its part of why mens “justice system” doesnt work to punish men for raping because reporting the details and testifying using language often literally is not an option for the victim who has lost the ability to speak. (and the rapey details function as porn for men). anyway im just thinking out loud here. as i said, i think the point *is* to silence us via rape and rape imagery, and that the internet functions as a more or less global delivery-system for rape imagery (aka porn).

50. delphyne - January 27, 2013

The first Anonymous attack was instigated by a sex pozzie trans supporter, who took something Biting Beaver said in a private forum, and reported it back to Something Awful and maybe 4Chan. 4Chan decided to pick up the bait and go after the feminists. They had been attacking feminist websites previously though – Biting Beaver and the internet’s first anti-porn site had already been attacked once. Round two was much bigger though.

Some of the lib fem blogs actually allowed Anonymous to come on to their websites and justify what they’d done to BB in their comments because apparently what she’d said was so heinous. Shakesville is one I remember doing that and Feministe may have too. Then Anonymous posted child pornography on Shakesville so that particular conversation stopped.

I’m not sure about the “they only want a response” theory. They wanted to take Biting Beaver out, shut her down, and that’s what they did.

FCM - January 27, 2013

the sad thing is that ive heard WP security is excellent, so if we stayed here we would be in very little danger of being taken down from the outside. but now WP itself is the enemy. when i first started blogging, i deliberately chose WP over blogger bc i had heard that blogger silenced/censored all the pro-hilary blogs before the 2008 election and that they had all migrated en masse to WP bc WP didnt censor. these were the “PUMA” crowd — “party unity my ass” — who were pro-hilary democrats who refused to support obama after the dems, obama himself, and the misogynyist liberal dickwads shit all over hilary during the democratic primary. after the primary the PUMAs were very vocal and rejected the “well we are all dems afterall, support obama BITCHEZ” coming from the left — tim wise was apparently in that camp. the PUMA blogs were huge for a while, and all happily blogging away on WP until the movement died out over time. riverdaughter and not your sweetie are the ones i remember. i should visit them and see if they are still around. actually i think i remember riverdaughter having something to say about all the rapes happening on occupy wallstreet.

anyway, fuck WP and fuck manonymous. i hate them all.

FCM - January 27, 2013

heres riverdaughter (the confluence)


not your sweetie:


51. Sargasso Sea - January 27, 2013

Which brings me to private space in general. It’s not so private now is it? As I said in my most recent post about coming together in women-only living spaces the biggest threat comes from within.

I have been around in several different *private* places, both on the internet and IRL, and basically it IS a whole lot of time-wasting kvetching about someone OUTSIDE (and I’m not saying I haven’t been guilty of that myself in the past) the little Private Happy Land. Yes, as you know, some sort of organizing is always trying to happen in these groups too, but none of it ever seems to come to fruition. I know I have spread plenty of $$ and time around over the years to see absolutely nothing come of it… Whatever.

I have also seen some women torn limb-from-limb, run over by a bus and spit on by women who are posting right here on this thread. And they know who they are and your privacy shit is EXACTLY that – time-wasting bullshit.

52. Sargasso Sea - January 27, 2013

And if I were to name names they would change so quickly it would make your head spin 🙂

FCM - January 27, 2013

yes if i refused to discuss ideas with women who have trashed me behind my back, there wouldnt be much of a convo here at all. as long as we are discussing ideas, its all good AFAIC. its funny that they think they are being clever though, or that i dont know whats going on. in reality i simply dont care, but that appears to be beyond the comprehension of the trashers who think that their convos are so private and that i therefore must not know about them. LOL they arent.

53. Sargasso Sea - January 27, 2013

Right, it’s all good as long as our history is being preserved and our thoughts are winding up and that we are being reminded (a la Zeph *vicariously* and others) that women did, once upon a time, know how to work together for our greater common good.

I’d not be terribly interested to know what some might be say about me – I never have been, as most of us haven’t otherwise we wouldn’t be doing what we do – although I suspect it would be along the lines of being some kind of an ass-kisser.

Some things never change 🙂

FCM - January 27, 2013

I DONT WANT TO KNOW EITHER s4. but somehow these things keep making their way back to me. i am an island, but on occasion i communicate via soup can and string to a couple other islands i know, and somehow the gossip gets back to me. on the upside, im sure theres a lot i dont know.

54. bugbrennan - January 28, 2013

It is better to avoid groups (the Facebook groups are a round robin of who can we kick the shit out of now, and I have gotten the shit kicked out of me enough, so fuck that), and it is better to be as public and transparent as possible, from a safety standpoint (I include blogging under a nym as “public.”) I currently rely on morse code.

55. MarySunshine - January 28, 2013

my morning movie ROTFLMAO

(pertinent to feminist hackers )

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