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Golden Girls Marathon. I Have My Period. February 3, 2013

Posted by FCM in feminisms, health, MRAs, news you can use, PIV, rape.
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these arent my favorite episodes or anything, they are just free, full episodes on youtube.  you can find more here.  really, this post isnt about the golden girls at all, im just engaging in a bit of misdirection.  if i wanted to buy myself a few extra minutes, i might even add a page break, or use a couple of big words.  and if the MRAs want to link to this post, their link *will* say “golden girls marathon” and “i have my period.”  ha!

also, my stools are a bit soft, even though i took probiotics.  can anyone recommend something for loose stools due to menstrual-related hormonal fluctuations?

are we alone now?  good.

there is something very wrong with men — we know this.  feminism is not about fixing men, or curing them of their repulsiveness — it would be a better use of our time to try to cure tangerines of their tangerine-ness.  and pointless experimenting on citrus fruit would surely smell better, and we could eat our mistakes!  yum!

i made a jello mold today but it didnt set up right — does anyone know why?  i think i added too much pineapple, but i thought i had compensated for that by adding a bigger box of jello than what the recipe called for.  i dont normally care for jello-based desserts but i have found that using exotic fruits and nuts keeps the focus off the jello.

thanks to mandatory PIV and rape, and mens global policy of female infanticide (but not male), there are too many men worldwide.  men exist in unnatural numbers globally and we know this.  we also know that genetically, the Y chromosome is defective and decaying over time — generation after generation, human males are becoming even more incomplete, even more lacking and they are indeed barrelling toward their own extinction.  google it.

my TiVo crashed and i lost my entire collection of ghost whisperer!  does anyone know how season 4 ended — the last episode i saw, jim had died and his spirit jumped into the body of some other dood, but does this mean that jim is still on the show and the actor that plays jim is leaving or what?

the human male is on its way out.  we know this.  however, on their way out the door, thanks to male genetic decay and the fact that they exist in unnatural numbers globally, they seem to have reached a critical mass of pure evil, and this might not have been the case 20 or even 10 years ago but it absolutely *is* the case now — things are getting worse.  we need to understand this, and take this into account in our theory and our actions.  what we thought was going to work before might not work now, or if it was working, it might not have any further usefulness because the game has changed.  we have to adapt to changing circumstances and use what we know, but some seem very invested in their own status or in the work itself rather than the truth, and liberating ourselves and other girls and women from male dominance — this is a mistake.

im having a cocktail party next week and i need some good ideas for appetizers.  i am really sick of the standard fare and would like to serve something with some “wow” factor — does anyone have any ideas?

women have known there is something fundamentally wrong with men for a long time, and they talk about it like its the common knowledge it is.  i am BEYOND sick of feminists (and feminism) which denies reality and the reality of womens lives and what men do to us AND WHY THEY DO IT, AND WHETHER THEY ARE LIKELY TO EVER STOP.  they arent.

i have an itchy anus, its especially bothersome at night — when i googled this, i found that this is a warning sign of intestinal parasites!  i do eat a lot of raw fish so i am afraid that perhaps i have picked up a parasite.  god that fucking sucks, as if i didnt have enough to deal with.

the increasing decay and incompleteness of the Y chromosome over time + unnatural numbers of men globally due to mandatory PIV and rape and female infanticide = critical mass of male evil.  this appears to be the truth of it.  this problem is real, and it is urgent.

read between the lines mkay.  men are showing and telling us everything we need to know about their intentions, and what they want to do to us and to the world, whether they can be reformed, and whether they will stop.  they are telling us the truth about themselves hourly, daily, weekly, yearly.  believe it.


1. bugbrennan - February 3, 2013

oh my god, i am lol’ing. also, warm compresses help my butt.

2. It's Not About Me - February 3, 2013

Your jello will work fine as long as the pineapple you add is *cooked*. Raw pineapple contains a proteolytic enzyme (bromelain) that breaks down the gelatin protein, thereby preventing it from setting.

There is something to be said for those of the Y chromosome persuasion: their blood makes good soup.

I got that from tumblr. I love their recipes!

FCM - February 3, 2013

haha! thanks for the advice!

3. cherryblossomlife - February 4, 2013

HIlarious, THANK YOU.
Yes, solidarity.

4. Sargasso Sea - February 4, 2013

You put nuts in your jello?? Ewww. Try marshmallows next time…

Also, they couldn’t be any more OBVIOUS could they? (insert swear of choice here)

FCM - February 4, 2013

mmmm, marshmallows. yes good idea, thanks! nuts in jello are good yo. my mom and grandma do it. the sikkrit is to make the jello a bit soft so it comes out like a relish. 🙂

also, if i use raw pineapple, will the jello not tighten up AT ALL? or will it just not become solid? will it work in a relish, but not in a mold? or will it not work at all and turn out like punch? cause that could be good too…. 😀 mmm, punch!

FCM - February 4, 2013
5. Sargasso Sea - February 4, 2013

Seriously, raw pineapple will KILL your gelatinous goodness.

Also, remember that recipes are for sober people so pineappley-jello punch sounds good to me. Cheers dahling!

6. WordWoman - February 4, 2013

Hilarious, really. But the point comes through and it is disturbing to think about it that way. That’s why things are going downhill so fast. The environment, economy is collapsing because of the direction they took and have never veered off course. Now it seems liked a critical mass of absolute insanity.

You know, for your cocktail party-how about a crockpot and those little weiners on toothpicks. Not to put too strong a point on it, LOL.

A real eye-opener, this.

7. WordWoman - February 4, 2013

Oh, yeah, and itchy anus could be caused by allergies. Any soap or other products or even what you are eating can cause this. Perhaps piles (I don’t know how to spell hem-roids).

8. zrusilla - February 4, 2013

Cocktail party munchie advice from France: try mini-croque monsieurs? Bread, ham, grated Swiss swiss cheese, and Bechamel sauce. Layer and broil. Cut into squares. Or cut into squares, then broil. Whatever. Here you can get Bechamel in cartons at the supermarket, which makes this no work at all.
Of course this violates the dietary practices of large numbers of people. Proceed with care.

FCM - February 4, 2013

haha! little weiners! also, those ham and cheese thingies sound great, thanks!

FCM - February 4, 2013

watch “good guy” derrek jensen mansplain about how male violence is social, not biological. because he says so:


i dont suppose it ever occurs to most people that EVEN IF anyone tried to “socialize” women to be insane and insanely violent globally (like men) that the socialization simply wouldnt take? or that perhaps “socialization” only appears to “work” ON MEN bc they are that way ANYWAY and perhaps need a tiny bit of help organizing and organizing their thoughts bc they are idiots and easily distracted? also, MEN CREATED PATRIARCHY TO FIT THEM LIKE A GLOVE. they couldve done ANYTHING and this is what they chose, bc its comfortable to them, bc this is how they are. get it?

FCM - February 4, 2013

9. citizentaqueau - February 4, 2013

I think I’m in love!
Also, I wonder if pineapple enzymes would help my itchy ass?

FCM - February 4, 2013

i can report that the MRAs have not yet found this post. it usually takes them several days actually — clearly they are not in that big a hurry and can afford to “get right on” the imminent threatening IRL danger posed by women talking to each other about feminism at their leisure, or on their infrequent breaks from porn. seriously, most of them dont even bother subscribing. thats how threatened they feel, although when they do get to us they pretend theyve caught us red handed eating babies. whevs! i wonder if my deflection tactics have worked at all? stay tuned i guess….

citizentaqueau - February 4, 2013

Thanks again.
Also, I was thinking about the Golden Girls last night while reflecting on another blogger’s post on women, old age, poverty and collective security. The Golden Girls were roommates, and they didn’t have steady Nigels (Blanche’s string of callers and Dorothy’s ex very blatantly didn’t count). Where else do we see stories of old women living together at all, let alone having a great old time? The funny thing is that the show was pitched as a way to get saltier jokes on network TV. The quips were rendered non-threatening because they were uttered by old women in caftans and comfy slacks! Of course, older women are seen for the threat they are, now, so the party’s driven underground… poor Betty White. She is alone, and she is being tokenized and ridiculed. This doesn’t make her less of a badass, and she’s certainly aware of it, and I support her taking this attention all the way to the bank, of course. Just wish she wasn’t into PETA.

10. FemmeForever - February 4, 2013

Did you mean wow-fancy like with flames coming out or wow-tasty? All my appetizer advice comes from the land of normal American diet which, if I recall, doesn’t turn you on but here goes. If you like spicy, I make a fab Kung Pao sauce with garlic, ginger, soy and a tbsp of sambal oelek. I put it on chicken wings which will get crispy in a hot oven with just some salt and pepper on them. But you could also put that sauce on anything and it would be marv. Don’t like spicy? Leave out the heat and make a ginger sauce instead. Still fab. Ooo and don’t forget the chives.

does this mean that Jim is still on the show and the actor that plays Jim is leaving or what?

Or what. If I answer that you won’t need to watch the rest of it. You can find almost any TV show online for free. You just have to search a bit. Can also rent from blockbuster (if you’re in USA).

feminism is not about fixing men, or curing them of their repulsiveness….. i am BEYOND sick of feminists (and feminism) which denies reality

Oh God. Yes. And about UPHOLDING the false image of maleness.

Just the other day I was on that other site (we all know the one) and someone was asking how to help a friend who was fed up with her 20-year marriage because she wanted an adult partner instead of an immature little boy. I advised that her friend’s options were to stay married, or re-marry, and be a mommy all her life or she could become a lesbian or she could make a peaceful life for herself without those problems. My comment was quickly deleted because thou shalt never tell the truth about maleness and the futility of trying to fashion it into a proper partner. We must never deviate from the lie that men are our hero’s…..we just have to ask nicely, that’s all. We just have to do our duty and DO THE WORK of raising a “person” who had the exact same number of years that I did to develop into a functioning adult. Yet they still have to be raised again and again, by us, for all the days of their life.

Incidentally, I am again dealing with misogyny in action IRL and trying to get out from under misogynist slander at my church where I go to at least mitigate this shit in the rest of life. If I do nothing, I am harmed and the misogynist gets what he wants. If I fight, I look like “the problem” against his godliness and again he wins. If I say fuck you all and stop going to church, again he wins.

11. lisaprime - February 5, 2013

They’re all tuckered out. A man can only take so much. They exhausted themselves over at the subreddit circlejerking to Cherry’s post.

FCM - February 5, 2013

ff, men ALWAYS win under patriarchy, thats rule number one. therefore its a waste of time trying to make sure they dont. do whats best for you.

12. WordWoman - February 5, 2013

I always liked the Golden Girls. But I thought the man thing was stoopid. Extraneous. I always figured that by that age women should not have to bother with them any more. Just swap recipes and things like we are doing here.

13. Sargasso Sea - February 5, 2013

I’ll second that! The more energy you give that situation the less you have for YOUR happiness and comfort, FF.

FCM - February 5, 2013

there was a lot about the GG that was unneccessary and male-pleasing. there is one episode that has sophia watching porn!! i hope i didnt embed that here, i didnt watch these before i posted them. even so, theres no way a show like this would ever even be made now would it? no matter how much porn they used or how many men they fucked, a group of older women living together and laughing and being each others “insurance policy” would absolutely never happen today. if “timing is everything” then it makes me wonder whats going on now that would make this forbidden, when it wasnt forbidden before. i think women having increasing “options” over time (in the conventional sense if not in reality) and seeing what men are like and that things are getting worse might make this scenario all too appealing, and that it wasnt appealing in the same way at the time it was originally done. more evidence that things are changing and even getting worse over time, and even over relatively short periods of time — decades only. in geologic and even historical time, this is a blip, and yet we see definite and obvious changes for the worse.

FCM - February 5, 2013

still no MRA traffic on this post. 🙂 fascinating.

14. Sargasso Sea - February 5, 2013

Maybe your next post can be about adult diapers?

15. Somebody Else - February 5, 2013

A recipe for female freedom and happiness:


16. Somebody Else - February 5, 2013

And our very own Betty Crocker:



FCM - February 5, 2013

perhaps “itchy anus” deserves its own post….i could probably work adult diapers in somehow.

17. Linda Radfem - February 5, 2013

Sandwich filling made of chopped up chicken (cooked), chopped celery, spring onions and pecans, mixed with mayo/sour cream dressing. Bloody delicious. Careful of serving to people who are nut-allergic though, unless male.

Yeah they’ll tell us how fucking evil they are. I’ve always said to het women friends who are seeing some new knobhead, when he says shit like “I don’t deserve you” or “I’m not worth it baby” he fuckin’ means it!

FCM - February 5, 2013

haha! extra nuts for them. and YES they do say that dont they? wow. youre right thanks!

18. Linda Radfem - February 5, 2013

Hell yeah it’s their disclamer. Then when he does something heinous to her he can still feel like a Nice Guy cos hey he did warn her.

FCM - February 5, 2013

a bit off topic, but behold the most idiotic mansplanation and media (non)analysis i have read all day!


19. WordWoman - February 6, 2013

Yes, I think “itchy anus” needs a separate post. It’s yucky to read “Itchy anus” followed by a recipe with mayo, chopped chicken, chopped nuts, etc. It just kills the apetite,lol.

FCM - February 6, 2013

in other words, its perfect. 🙂

20. WordWoman - February 6, 2013

Well, yes 🙂 it is

FCM - February 6, 2013

i thought “soft stools” followed by “soft jello” was gross. haha. now thats good misdirection!

FCM - February 6, 2013
21. WordWoman - February 6, 2013

I laughed so hard the first time, I missed some of the nuances, to be sure. But the fish and parasites stood right out. Still laughing when I read it.

FCM - February 6, 2013

actually i dont do nuance very well — the “soft jello” came up explicitly in the comments. 🙂 because one of us knew the chemistry involved in pineapple and jello. thats why i love these convos.

22. Linda Radfem - February 6, 2013

That guy who wrote the Beyonce post is an utter twit:

“So here, in the midst of commercials and a culture that objectified women and their bodies and in the middle of a sports spectacle that construes power in terms of violence, Beyoncé began her performance by upending the narrative. As she walked the length of the stage, Beyoncé showed more power in a handful of purposeful, defiant strides than both sports teams had during the entire first half. In short, during those few steps, walking as a woman, Beyoncé declared ownership of that stage — that stadium — and, more importantly, claimed ownership of her own body in the most misogynist and objectifying four hours of mass culture.”

23. FemmeForever - February 6, 2013

Thank you for the sentiments ladies I appreciate them but how is doing nothing any different from taking it and shutting up just as men would have us do?

24. Sargasso Sea - February 6, 2013

Oh holy crap! Patheos!!

“It’s no wonder some people attempted to wrest back control over her and her body by marginalizing her performance by sexualizing it.”

Yes, her performance wasn’t *sexual* at all…

FCM - February 6, 2013

women have the POWAH to be sexually pleasing to men, donchaknow. its a real power because they say it is.

25. bugbrennan - February 6, 2013
26. Linda Radfem - February 6, 2013

“its a real power because they say it is.”

Well he’d know, judging by the pic of himself in the header, deep in wise, manly thought.

Speaking of het friends and men, my dear, life long friend since kindergarten, just tells me she’s getting married again – I’m so depressed and fearful for her. She’s been through so much fucking shit with these abusers; one once abducted her child and took off interstate; the last one became abusive and she left quicksmart, but then the next day he loaded a rifle and shot all the animals that she hadn’t been able to move in the first load. Now she has family court shit going on with him.

And she still thinks she just needs to find that mythical good guy and all will be sweet.

FCM - February 6, 2013

still no MRAs. 🙂 FYI.

FCM - February 6, 2013

re remarriage….ugh. my mom got remarried a few years ago and recently she was sobbing to me on the phone — HOW DID THIS HAPPEN AGAIN??? she was referring to her marriage going to shit, despite her valiant efforts…well thats a euphemism for what happened and we all know it. the reality is SO SO MUCH WORSE. she wanted to know how in the world it could happen AGAIN that some man could make her so miserable and yet SHE was the one who had to leave the home — in this most recent case, HER home, the home she bought with her own money, the home she lived in by herself long before she ever met his sorry ass, the home HE moved into and fouled up with his repulsiveness bc he was destitute, unemployed and on benefits when they met and “fell in love” and got married. her previous marriage had her leaving the home SHE spent all her gynergy making nice and livable for the family although it was the marital home purchased during the marriage. at any rate, it felt like deja vu to her. SHE was homeless, once she realized she couldnt live with these doods one more second and she knew THEY wouldnt leave. she called a lawyer and asked if she could just change the locks one day when he was out — its her fucking house afterall, and he isnt welcome. the lawyer said no, you cannot do that, sorry. facing homelessness for the second time, she asked me, sobbing, HOW this could be happening AGAIN. i told her it was because she got married again.


27. FemmeForever - February 6, 2013

Ohhh. Poor Mom. Is this the same guy who wouldn’t pay the light bill? I think I might’ve kept calling lawyers until I found one (female) who had some helpful tricks.

FCM - February 6, 2013

yep same dood. since i last wrote about him, things have gotten worse. the IRS is involved, and he dragged her into something that she didnt even know about — she found out that he had opened a PO box across town where they had been sending all the notices and that they BOTH had been in trouble with the IRS for some time BECAUSE OF HIM and she didnt even know it. this also sheds light on the “chivalrousness” of his checking the mail in their complex too, you know, to save her the trouble and to be helpful around the house so she didnt have to do everything herself. yeah right.

FCM - February 6, 2013

after all this, including him pressuring her for PIV and numerous other acts of domestic terrorism, she is still with him. she wont leave him, because to leave HIM would require HER leaving HER HOME for however long it took to hammer out a settlement agreement and to get him out and set up somewhere else. she knows that the second she leaves, he will destroy the home — he wont flush the toilets, or take the trash out or throw away the old food, let alone actually clean anything. i told her that unless he starts knocking down walls or something, the most damage he could do through sheer disgustingness and neglect over a few months is what, a few thousand dollars? she wont let him do even that to HER HOME and she is adamant about that. i think its a huge mistake to care that much about a few thousand dollars worth of damage, but then again, i am able to see the objective, negative changes IN HER since she has been married to this guy and what its done to her. she “shouldnt” have to leave and to suffer these consequences, and she is adamant that she will not. but look. she might have to. she got married again, and this is the result. AGAIN. dworkin wrote about battered women who refuse to leave bc they refuse to be homeless when they actually have homes. they refuse to let their abusers steal from them, and thats very much whats implicated here. i get it.

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