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= Necrophilia June 6, 2013

Posted by FCM in logic, pop culture, porn, radical concepts, rape, trans.
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one week into it, i can report that the new mens search terms blog has been eye opening.  specifically, in preparing the first hundred or so posts to go live, having a lot of data to review at the same time made it very easy to categorize mens search terms into their general themes, and to realize that there are indeed parameters within which men seem to be operating when they go online.  mens depravity is not random, in other words, and its not individualized, despite what everyone else seems think or at least say.  there are patterns and constants, and as creative as men are when it comes to envisioning and perpetrating violence and abuse, its all very much the same if you can just get your head around it.

their deviance doesnt deviate.  get it?  which means that we arent dealing in deviant behavior (or thought) at all, but rather we are observing males operating within male norms. from what i can tell from the data i have, the norms are as follows, and these are the “categories” of the search terms on the new blog:

autogynephilia; bestiality; castration/SRS; excrement; holocaust; inanimate objects; incoherent (but within sexual or violent contexts or both); men hate trannies; men will stick their dicks into anything; necrophilia; pedophilia; porn actress injuries; rape; sexualized racism; terrorism; things that don’t exist; torture; trafficking/slavery.

thats 18 general categories of “porny” search terms, and these 18 represent the gist of very nearly all the porny search terms we came across.  the ones we left out as not falling into any of the 18 categories were very generic such as “fucking porn” or “violent porn” for example which had no relevance to this project, where all the search terms were pornographic and/or referred to sexualized violence (male violence against women, specifically womens breasts and genitals).

and some of these do overlap such as “rape” which can and does constitute “torture”.  this overlap is especially obvious if it includes torture directed at female genitals above and beyond “mere” unwanted penetration (which is also torture).  for example, when men rape girl children and babies, this counts as both rape and torture due to the extreme size differential and the problem of putting a large object into an especially small opening/organ.  and filming a rape or other sexual offense would also constitute terrorism, as it is meant to terrorize women as a sexual class as well as producing a terrorizing effect on the victim who can never escape the predatory men who will use the images of her rape/torture forever, and even search for or recognize her in real life.

anyway, this is how the categories are being used, but what one also notices when viewing the extreme depravity of these search terms — and when considering the 18 categories and the ways they overlap — is that necrophilia seems to be the common denominator, or the one category that encompasses most if not all the rest.

for example, extreme violence is not compatible with life; therefore extreme violence could be said to be necrophilic.  references to disembodied body parts, including sexualized body parts such as vaginas and anuses, are references to necrophilia because living beings cannot be separated from their parts without it killing them, or without being placed at extreme risk of death.  raping babies — pedophilia — is incompatible with the babies life, and indeed often kills them.  castration and “nullification” of genitals is incompatible with life, or at least it is incompatible with creating life.

and on that note, i actually dont have much of a problem with men who castrate themselves — more of them probably should — but one cannot escape the fact that castration has necrophilic connotations.  thats the point really.  castration can also constitute torture, or medical torture, and torture is incompatible with life.  and infertile/castrated (or simply unable to gestate) males taking the place of females — nullification of class female, in other words — is obviously incompatible with life, womens lives and indeed all life everywhere.  we end up there, no matter how we look at it.

and in reality, what is the “porn” context itself if not a necrophilic context?  porn itself is not compatible with life, or more specifically with female life.  we see this incompatibility play out where the average “life” of a female porn actor is months only, before she is forced to leave the industry forever.  and thats assuming she survives at all.

of course, we also know that PIV itself is necrophilic the way men do it.  it is incompatible with life — incompatible with womens lives, childrens lives, and indeed the entire world has been polluted and violated to its breaking point by men, sticking their dicks into women, and “creating” literally billions of unwanted or ambivalent children across time and place.  pro-creation is actually destructive when men are allowed to do it the way *they* want it done, and when control over reproduction is taken out of womens hands and placed into mens.  men use absolutely everything (including procreation) towards one ends — to destroy.

and in case anyone thinks this sounds familiar (“i cant do anything right!”) it does, doesnt it?  (poor men — i can see how this could hurt their feelings.  we cut off our dicks — necrophilia!  if we keep our dicks (and use them) its necrophilia too!)  but the fact of the matter is, yes, everything men do is necrophilic.  literally.  everything.  perhaps especially when what they are doing is porn, or within a pornographic context, including PIV, rape, pedophilia, castration, bestiality, torture, terrorism, trafficking/slavery etc.

tangentially, the revelation of one partners “inability to do right” is often what happens at the end of a relationship, isnt it?  im just saying.


1. lisaprime - June 6, 2013

What an amazing date base is being gathered here. I see about 600 entries already. This could be used in quantitative studies, For instance, gather a thousand, then list the most “popular” searches in order, discuss the particulars of each category, and draw some conclusions like the ones you’re drawing here about necrophilia as the “umbrella” pathology. I like your extending it to things like castration, where the ability to create life exists and is destroyed – that’s justifiable and very original thinking. The whole new blog could be said to be following the general category of porn, but as you say, these searchers are arguably just ordinary men pursuing their ordinary, therefore “normal” interests. Porn is the normal, as you’ve said for so long. That closes the circle, as ordinary is shown to be pathological.

It would also be good for someone to study the types of violence against women in order of popularity – dismemberment? voyeurism of torture scenes? snuff fantasies (do you have a category for that?) And also, what percent involve children? These sorts of studies ought to be easy thanks to this data..

FCM - June 6, 2013

so far, necrophilia has been limited to snuff/explicit references to death, extreme violence, obstructed labor porn (WTF) and more recently to disembodied body parts like “fucking vagina then asshole” which is really just standard porn fare, but the disembodiment is there for the noticing. as categories go, it wouldnt be useful at all to categorize everything as necrophilia, even if it was. although most rapes are also being categorized as torture, because they are. its a judgement call for individual posts, but yes, making larger connections is going to be important too.

another thing that im noticing is that, since we arent posting duplicate search terms, part of the picture is being lost. for example, “necrophilic images” was entered as a search term over 100 times all by itself but was only posted once on the blog. every entry on the blog is unique, and many were only entered as search terms once (the more “creative” ones) whereas the more popular ones only appear as a single entry but were used as search terms a lot. “rape”, “necrophilia images”, “castrated men”, and “porn injuries” top the list as far as frequency. variations and misspellings are being counted as unique terms, so we have “wonder woman raped” as well as “wonderwoman raped” too.

its been interesting from this end, so im glad its speaking to others as well. i think it would be great to think of other uses for this data as well, although obviously the data itself will be devalued by anyone except us. its a rather informal study afterall, although the search terms are recorded by wordpress so theres that…

2. lisaprime - June 6, 2013

Oh God, obstructed labor porn”? Let me off this planet.

FCM - June 6, 2013

yes, apparently so. behold:


porno femme torturee accouchement*

* English translation : porn woman tortured childbirth

i suppose this couldve been innocent or for research purposes, like someone wanted to know if porn actresses were injured so badly that they couldnt give birth properly later on? in that case, it couldve been categorized as “porn actress injuries” instead. also necrophilic, by the way. srsly, it always ends up there. i suppose the best case scenario would be that someone wanted to know whether this actually happened, out of genuine care and concern for the woman, and *not* to wank to it. its possible i guess…

FCM - June 6, 2013

but even so, this probably cancels it out:


pregnant rape drawings

incidentally, i also noticed that some terms are entered as “simulated XYZ” or “drawings of XYZ” or perhaps my favorite “for biological” or “for anatomy purposes XYZ” presumably the thinking being that this would protect or exonerate them somehow when actual (not simulated) XYZ was returned in the search and they downloaded it and viewed it anyway? and for wanking purposes, and not for “anotomical” or scientific (LOL) purposes at all? getting into these doods heads is extremely disturbing isnt it? i will be glad when this project is over TBH.

for an example of the above:


3. mieprowan - June 7, 2013

This is almost entirely about violation and other boundary transgressions. Sane cultures understand the need for respecting boundaries, for taboos. Our culture doesn’t get it. I doubt that a culture run by men is able to get it. They simply should not be in charge, they’re killing everything, including themselves.

FCM - June 7, 2013

yes, taboos do serve an important function dont they? and men like to pretend that certain taboos, such as the ones preventing incest, raping babies, and indeed PIV itself are moralistic or arbitrary and not functional, or designed to protect women and children from predatory men. its not about morality at all, its about life, and letting women and children survive and function, instead of what men have in mind for all of us.

4. witchwind - June 7, 2013

the only function of incest taboos and other such taboos is so that the victims don’t speak and denounce the crimes, so they’re ashamed. It never served the purpose of limiting incest rapes and crimes.

Another thing to remember with the search terms posted is that it only reflects the content of the given blog. Articles that talk about pregnancy will get search terms on porn and pregnancy (I doubt that it’s innocent by the way, there is a LOT of porn with pregnant women). So all the topics we haven’t talked about will get their porn version too.

FCM - June 7, 2013

so whats the purpose of all taboos then — is it just to prevent the victim from reporting? for example, the taboo against PIV also known as sex-negativity (LOL) which is (dis)regarded as a moralistic or arbitrary regulation when it actually serves a legitimate function, and wouldve served the same function across time and place. aka. preventing unwanted pregnancy and disease. does it *only* work to prevent victims of PIV from coming forward? does this refer to rape victims, or all victims of intercourse and male-centric sexuality which is actually considered victimless and not a crime at all where standard-issue PIV has actually been completely normalized? thats interesting isnt it? im just thinking out loud here, i really dont know much about taboos but i am currently reading “the first sex” and she talks about the likelihood of a prehistorical, global gynocracy which put in place taboos in order to protect girls and women from predatory men, and that some of these taboos have survived to this day. of course they are broken all the time now, but its not a gynocratic world anymore so of course girls and women are violated constantly and the victims are shamed and punished instead of the perpetrator. she suggests that at one time, the perpetrator wouldve been punished severely and there wouldve been no reason for the victim not to come forward at all. i got this book recommend from either daly or dworkin, i cant remember which one mentioned it but i think the context was that it was a good (or interesting, or woman-centered) book thats no longer in print. its been sitting on my shelf for awhile.

also, thanks for bringing up the issue of CONTENT because yes, these search terms have been compiled by known radfem bloggers ONLY. there have been no submissions by mommy bloggers, quilters guilds or anything like that. so what we are seeing is what men have typed into their search engines WHERE one of our blogs was returned as a result due to the content on OUR blogs. and we often talk about pregnancy, rape, BDSM and lesbian BDSM and things like that. but the interesting thing to me is that even though we talk about these various subjects, we didnt need “categories” for any of those except rape. there is no pregnancy category, no BDSM category etc. we also got returns for pop culture things we have discussed like star trek and wonder woman, but didnt need a category about pop culture, sci fi or super heroes, because all the searches that mentioned those things werent *really* about those things at all, but were about torture, rape, excrement etc. it is possible that the categories were too content-specific even at 18 and could be generalized even further, and thats what we see actually when we isolate “necrophilia” and see that rape and indeed all violence is necrophilic, and that PIV itself is necrophilic the way men do it. excrement could probably even be seen to be necrophilic couldnt it — unless its composted, its the termination of a life cycle, consists of dead animal and plant matter etc.

my hypothesis is that even if we had submissions from a knitting blog, the porny ones would likely fall into the categories we already have and we wouldnt need to add any more no matter what the subject matter. knitting porn would probably include torture (needles!) and inanimate objects for example. and mommy bloggers are probably found all the time by pedophiles. i would like to test this hypothesis actually, and i might set up a knitting blog or something just to see the kinds of hits i get! i doubt its necessary though. if anything i think it would help us narrow down the categories, rather than necessitating that we add more.

5. farishcunning - June 7, 2013

Mieprowan: “[Men] simply should not be in charge, they’re killing everything, including themselves.”

Yes, I’ve thought this for a very long time. They ruin everything they touch. If only we could somehow, some way supplant them with women. It would save the world, literally.

6. farishcunning - June 7, 2013

FCM: ” … its about life, and letting women and children survive and function, instead of what men have in mind for all of us.”

Got it in one.

7. JE - June 7, 2013

” but the fact of the matter is, yes, everything men do is necrophilic. literally. everything.”

*Rolls eyes*

Sure, when I made a pot of coffee this morning – that was TOTALLY necrophilic

Got a bowl of cereal – necrophilic all over the place right there, that was.

Washed the dish out afterwards and put it up to dry – that was the most necrophilic thing EVER done ANYWHERE

Because ‘literally. everything.”

8. JE - June 7, 2013

The logical conclusion to FCM’s line of reasoning is that her conception was an act of necrophilia.

FCM - June 7, 2013

pumping gas into a killing machine *is* necrophilic as a matter of fact! so the tiny bit of “self care” men perform actually counts. in fact, the most biophilic thing a man could do would be to kill himself. of course, thats not to say that killing oneself is particularly biophilic. just that its the most biophilic thing a MAN could do. get it? which leads us back to LITERALLY everything men do is necrophilic. LITERALLY. EVERYTHING.

and by the by, forcing yourself on women — including on womens blogs where you arent welcome — is rapey. and rape is necrophilic. assuming women dont say what they mean and mean what they say — assuming radical feminism is hyperbole for example — is also rapey. and rape and rapism is necrophilic, because it takes reproduction out of womens hands and we see what men do with it. they are killing the world with their rapism and with their dicks. and that includes my father, why wouldnt it? hes a man, and hes a killing machine. he raped my mother all the time, and impregnated her against her will multiple times. knowing that the world was overpopulated already, and was only going to get worse. thats not only the “logical conclusion” to what i said, its exactly what i said and my entire point. good to know that JE can read, but still cant or wont comprehend, and still has to force himself on women. because hes a man.

FCM - June 7, 2013

also, i fucking knew JE was a male. lol. he reeks of it doesnt he? his previous identification with mr. “good guy” rogers tipped me off. the jury is still out re whether hes also a tranny.


FCM - June 7, 2013

he also didnt engage with the subject matter at all, or provide any actual evidence that men as a class or even individually arent necrophilic, or acknowledge the “mens search terms” blog at all. because hes a man, and this subject matter and these observations/conclusions are inconvenient, paint all men in an unflattering light, and are irrefutable.

9. Sargasso Sea - June 7, 2013

As if it’s news to us that we are the product of rape/rape-backed world wide social order! Lol.

I, for instance, was “conceived” (barf) as the result of my mother *forgiving* my father for being with another woman – or so the story goes. The punch line is that I was a “wanted child”. 🙂

FCM - June 7, 2013

aw thats so cute and romantic! except its not! why couldnt she “forgive” him by letting him do the dishes for the rest of his life, or some other punishment/atonement that wouldnt result in an unwanted or ambivalent pregnancy ay? punchline indeed.

10. JE - June 7, 2013

So you are a rape-baby who wasn’t wanted by your mother? Bummer.

FCM - June 7, 2013

yep, just *me* im the only one that applies to, because im a special snowflake. PS. this likely applies to you too JE, just your mom was too nice to tell you about it (or too afraid to say or do ANYTHING that might *damage* you lest you become a rapey prick…oh darn it happened anyway…)

sorry yall, JE just keeps illustrating my point so i keep posting his comments. its a slow news day! FUCK OFF RAPEY PRICK!

FCM - June 7, 2013

and yes “illustrating radical feminist points” is actually really bad criteria for deciding whether to publish male and male tranny comments. we would have to publish them all if that were the case, because they do nothing else. fuck off dick.

11. Sargasso Sea - June 7, 2013

“oh darn it happened anyway”

That’s right. My brother was a “wanted child” too but guess which one of us turned out to be rapey, pedophilic, and porn obsessed?

Or should I just say: necrophilic.

FCM - June 7, 2013

ok im LOLing about “wanted” now. what did your dad do that time — run over the dog with the lawnmower? 😀

12. Sargasso Sea - June 7, 2013

🙂 Nah – all it took was being married for more than 10 months without *getting pregnant* yet…

The pressure was on for that wanted child!

FCM - June 7, 2013

JE is still trying to comment here, and protesting my observation that hes being forceful. LOL bye rapist asshole!

13. Greywing - June 7, 2013

Coffee, cash crop like coffee, chocolate etc tend to be grown in the most horrendous conditions. Depleting the land, literally killing the people (often children) growing and processing them, with pesticides, dangerous and unsanitary conditions, long hours. The electricity used to make the coffee, likely fossil fuels or nuclear that slowly destroys the planet, at best something like hydro power that only destroys the local environment. (And as a sidenote, the brutal male-created in-human system that makes stimulant drugs like caffeine a necessity.)

The cereal, again, grown in terrible ways that deplete the land and destroys local environment. Likely a GMO that aside from being directly harmful/lethal to consume (organ death in animal testing) also have systemic effects that are lethal to both land and people. The processing that depletes much nutritional value instead of enriching it like women’s traditional processing does. And then some delightful synthetic vitamins to get the numbers on the box to look good, but that in studies actually are associated with higher death rates.

The synthetic scents in detergents cause allergies, which kill people.

The distance and the way the foods were transported.

and on and on.

The point, of course, is not that this is uniquely necrophiliac, but it IS necrophiliac. Men’s rapey ways and the overpopulation means there is no way all of us to live completely sustainably, but even with that the system they have constructed so this amount of human beings can just barely cope is cruel and necrophiliac on a level way beyond mere necessity.

FCM - June 7, 2013

yes thats exactly it. “too much” life is not sustainable, thus is actually not compatible with life and is actually necrophilic, which is exactly the issue with overpopulation (under mens control) agriculture to sustain and perpetuate the overpopulation (also under mens control) and everything you mention here that on the surface appears to be at least tangentially related to “life” or creating or sustaining life, but upon inspection clearly isnt. even “life” itself (procreation, plants and animals) in mens hands is necrophilic, thats the point. because men are necrophilic and they create death wherever they go under any and all circumstances because they cant do otherwise. they just cant, and they obviously wont, and they wont even try. it literally all comes down to that. and saying “but thats not fair — you cant say EVERYTHING men do, no matter what they do is necrophilic!” is simply against the evidence isnt it? i dont know if its “fair” but its obviously true. so theres that. when someone cant produce a desired outcome no matter what, all you can do is decide to be less critical, *or* come to terms with the truth and work from there. saying that men — both sans and avec penis — are necrophiles and obsessed with death and creating death is not a contradiction in any way. obviously they are. saying that men killing and “creating” babies are both necrophilic cannot be a contradiction if both are true, and both obviously are.

FCM - June 7, 2013

and its so true that we wouldnt *need* coffee and so many other things (tampons and pads, menopausal relief products also count) if we didnt have to conform to male-made systems that are an affront to nature. like overwork, and overtired, and regular unchanging schedules disregarding rain/snow/sleet etc. things that people would do very well to regard and would have to, if we were laboring under more or less natural conditions and doing the real/important work of sustaining life rather than pushing papers, or otherwise sustaining the P. even female paper-pushers could easily do 4 weeks of work in 3 if only they were allowed to, so we could easily take a week off every month to menstruate in peace at home and without shoving things in our vaginas to cope. but “things” are not set up that way. they easily could be, but they never will. gee, i wonder why?

14. SheilaG - June 7, 2013

“…both sans and avec penis….” LOL FCM– viva la France!
That said, this is a complex and easily proved formula– the male obsession with death and destruction, the over population due to forced births that men insist women have, no matter the population consequences.

Men’s inability to even get the basics of radical feminism, because they just can’t face criticism of this kind from women. Any criticism of men gets everyone in patriarchy all in a tizz…

The other day, I was in an online argument, and a man said “not all men are rapists…blah blah…” So I countered with the fact that I have no idea which men are rapists and which ones aren’t, and given the fact that rape is a huge threat to women, I just assume all men are or potentially could be, and I’m in charge of my own safety and protection. You can’t tell.. was my bottom line argument, and why would a so-called “good” man insist a woman take risks with men in the first place. Well, that argument stopped him dead. No counter argument at all. Interesting isn’t it when we just put it on the line and give no quarter.

15. SheilaG - June 7, 2013

Despite all the evidense of men’s necrophilia, and all the horror they create in the world for women and children, they just can’t take the evidense (now the online search engines) of just what they think about all the time. All the porn and violence and that’s just major network old school TV.

So we know men don’t know the mess they have created, we know they don’t want to just say, “Hey, if I were a woman, I’d say men are rapists and be done with it.” That would be an honest response rather than trying to convince me, a safety loving woman to “trust him” which was the implicite assumption. He would actually know just how rapist men really are out of earshot of women, which he is when he’s in all male groups. So they know how evil they are, they know how wives are raped to “produce” children, so they know all this and don’t care.

16. SheilaG - June 7, 2013

And poor old FCM has to deal with their whining on this website, and still the token men she allows into the radical feminist den, still don’t want to address the actual subject, the actual necrophilia of men worldwide, nope, they are off talking about making coffee, and radfems had that covered, because we know what coffee does to humans, that it was the drink of early capitalism, and that it is not an ideal crop for many impoverished countries…. but still he’ll make the coffee and say he’s not necrophilic. Love this women!!!

We know that men are out of control for as much of the time as possible, that they will rape women like violent beasts in the military, and the military which is a male hierarchy of the first order won’t put a stop to it. The generals then whine about female civilian control of men accused of rape…. but hey, they want to have power over rape accusations even when women aren’t getting any justice at all.

Rape being the very purpose of the military, the goodies of war men sign on for to begin with. That and buying loads of prostitutes in conquered lands… which the military actually set up for the boys.

All wars, the toxicity of the planet, the Monsantos, marriage and PIV — all of it just aids and abettes the death wish of men which is massive.

17. SheilaG - June 7, 2013

As women, we may not be able to stop men, because they just aren’t going to change, but at least we can warn all women about the truth of men, who they really are, what they do on internet searches.

An ex-prostitute friend told me that every time she brought up her life with her boyfriend, he’d shut down and not be able to discuss it. When she brought up the rape, the childhood sexual abuse (uncle raped her at six months old), and the truth about punters… nope couldn’t handle it.

I wondered about this. One day, after we’d become very good friends over the past couple of years, I did politely ask her about her life in prostitution. I was kind in asking, and apologetic at the same time for asking about a difficult and sensitive subject. But I did ask, and she said it was a great relief to be able to talk about the horror of what the punters did, and how all the men were married, and got off on the power rather than just the sex. She said almost no one actually asked her about her life, or wanted to know including the boyfriend. It was a very touching conversation, I felt more deeply for my friend after that, I had some appreciation for her as a survivor, as a woman of integrity… knowing the truth and really hearing her was healing for her. When women tell the absolute truth about our lives, there is real sisterhood in that. It is real women, but men, well they can’t handle the truth, they can’t even address the topic on this blog.

18. Greywing - June 7, 2013

What’s not fair is men trapping us all in this system where being alive means being necrophiliac. At least women try to resist it. Men revel in it and masculinity is defined by maxing out the necrophilia of all everyday activities. Driving a car that guzzle as much gas as possible, overeating food that they know full well is unhealthy, hell, choosing foods specifically because they are unhealthy, doing violent work, relaxing with piv, bloodsports and harmful, violence inducing substances, and avoiding all life-sustaining activities (those are women’s work.)

FCM - June 7, 2013

haha! viva la fronch!

FCM - June 7, 2013

heres a longer clip showing (wait for it….) the necrophilic context! i forgot that this is the part where john cusaks character is trying to kill himself, and ends up blowing up the neighbor woman instead. this is one of my favorite movies of all time too. sheesh.

FCM - June 7, 2013

the neighbor lady “had it coming” though for basically pimping out the french foreign exchange student to her “reptilian son” who snorted nose spray all day. and john cusak tries a bunch of times to kill himself and is never successful. there are several clips on youtube but sadly not the whole thing. dont judge me! 😛

19. Sargasso Sea - June 7, 2013

Better off dead! I’d totally forgotten about that one – I remember rather liking it myself 🙂

The lenses we use to look at the world change over time. For some of us they get clearer, for some of us they stay vaseline-smeared around the edges.

20. WordWoman - June 8, 2013

Women are supposed to be all polite and overlook the necrophilia. (Except radfems 🙂 ). In the movie the women are supposed to be all peppy and cheery and sexy. The neighbor mom is supposed to boost her son’s ego by pretending the french exchange student is attracted to him. The dad is an obnoxious ass, but no one says “shut up asshole.” The mom is trying very hard to please with french “cuisine.”

So, when a guy comments on your blog saying he’s an exception, fcm, or the guy who says he’s not a rapist to sheila, they are sayting they are exceptions to the necrophilia and all women everywhere are supposed to nod and smile pleasantly to boost their egos. That’s the polite thing to do in the face of necrophilia. Ignore and smile to smooth things so men do not become even MORE necrophilic than they already are.

If only radfems would become more polite. I’m sure they feel hard done by, after all these efforts to be a good guy and we aren’t polite in return.

I commented about shit recently in the previous post and then realized it was organic matter and not at all necrophilic. If composted, it can be used to create life. The thing about shit is that if you don’t compost it and use it in a wrong way, it can cause disease. You see all these vegetables that are causing people to sicken, like spinach a while back. That’s because the men growing those crops don’t care about feeding people, just about their own greed. So, to them shit is just another way to cause people to get sick and die. That’s how shit is necrophilic, I’d say. Not the shit’s fault, really.

21. cherryblossomlife - June 8, 2013

THinking about this convo and others we’ve had before about men and women NOT being the antithesis or opposite of each other, I’d say it’s true that males and females don’t complete each other, do not reflect each other, are not the opposite of each other. The differences are too great for such a simple dichotomy.

I did wonder, at first, whether men existed in order to curb women’s biophilic tendencies. That perhaps women would create too much life on earth, given the chance.

But that’s not true, and that’s not how it all works at all. Women don’t desire endless chlidbirths, do they? So the biophilia/necrophilia dichotomy doesn’t really hold true. IN a natural society (i.e non-patriarchal) chance, I’d say women would have one, or no children. *Possibly* two.

But then again, preventing life from coming into existence, and *killing* are two very different things altogether. Loving life, which is what the word “biophilia” means, doesn’t translate into “creating as much life as you can”. So I think that women would find a better balance than patriarchy allows them to, if they had the power to order society the way it suited them.

But I do think we’re on shaky ground when we start saying that women would be as pure as the driven snow outside of patriarchy. While it’s true that we’re seeing men’s true colors right now, as they control society, nuclear weapons, the media, we’re *not* actually seeing women’s true behavior. *Would* women be as biophilic as we believe them to be? Or are we just as weak as men deep down, and we’re only strong now because we have to be in order to survive, because we’re so oppressed?

But no, I then tell myself, we’re not as weak as men, We don’t need to kill and penetrate in order to feel something, anything, to feel alive. We would order a more peaceful society.

FCM - June 8, 2013

yes its not shits fault! exactly. its what men do with it. and good point about things that cause disease being necrophilic, thats true. even if it wouldnt necessarily cause disease, it depends on what you do with it, and we see what men do. its collected in plastic diapers that go into the landfills, it pollutes, swirls and floats in the waterways, it bubbles up and runs down the street when it rains. and theres too much of it because theres too many people, because of them. its a biohazard because so many people are sick and their shit is sick, because of men and the way men do business. like giving everyone HIV and hepatitis. theres a lot of fertile material there, in shit and talking about shit, as far as the health and wellbeing of life. but men prefer to wank to it, and eat it.

FCM - June 8, 2013

and i agree that its not wise to speculate about womens nature, bc it is largely unknowable. its also not necessary and is enough right now, in my estimation, to get everyone over the false equivalence and denial about men, and whether we can know mens true nature under patriarchy — OBVIOUSLY we can, and we do. and its such a good point that women generally dont desire “endless childbirth” so theres a natural inhibition there, isnt there, to women doing what men do, even if we wanted to, WRT creating too much life and overpopulating the world.

FCM - June 8, 2013

speaking of men eating shit!


porno je me fait (sic) un diner avec du pipi et caca*

* English translation: porn I have poo and pee for dinner (misspelt)

22. Greywing - June 8, 2013

Men’s own institutions have researched and empirically verified that the way to stop unsustainable population growth is by educating girls/women and allowing them access to birth control. Just those two things, and the population size becomes stable. They never spell out of course, the reason why it’s growing unsustainably otherwise.

The UN even has detailed projections on the rate of development and births, and per current projections, by 2050 enough women will have control over their own reproduction that the global population will stop growing and begin to shrink instead. Male institutions are keeping track of this while shitting bricks, because their capitalist system cannot handle anything but continual, unsustainable growth of everything, including population.

23. WordWoman - June 8, 2013

FCM, I think when people get radiation therapy, their shit becomes radioactive. If you think about the cancer epidemic (nearly all of it caused by pollution through chemicals, radiation, and other things that men-devised systems make and do), it’s a scary thought. Does that radiation get filtered out of the water at the filtration plants? Highly doubtful. Add to that Fukashima and all the unreported released of radioactivity. Death for eons to come. Not just now. Even if the human race were wiped out in the next few decades, this would go on for as far into the future as we can imagine. Then, too, they are shipping it into space in those nuclear reactors that power the spaceships. So, there you have it, they have polluted time and space with necrophilia. If there are alien space beings, they will likely put a big biohazard sign around our galaxy.

Remember those signs of Earth from outerspace long ago. They often were made into posters that said “Love your mother.” Another reversal. To get those photos their systems messed up a lot of the planet.

Greywing, I think the falling birthrate of well-educated women is one reason that the right wing politicians are seeking to ban birth control. Not just abortion. Is it partly (white) racist. They don’t want to see women of their own class and race stop producing little mini-me’s. This is not a small movement, either. Necrophilic, again.

24. Sargasso Sea - June 8, 2013

Yes, educating women and girls about birth control (and allowing access to it) will be the salvation of the planet!! lol

This from a woman at a Liberal site on the 48th anniversary of *legalized* contra-ception (in the US): “I am thinking I would just never,ever have had PIV sex if contraception wasn’t available”

Wishful thinking. 😦

FCM - June 8, 2013

wishful thinking, yes. also shines a bright light on the disconnect that IS liberal feminism, especially the sex-poz type. how are *other* women, who dont have access to contraception and abortion, supposed to fuck their way to freedom? or, are they just not allowed to do it “safely”? fuck your way to freedom ALONG WITH the dozen unwanted children it creates, along with fistula and early gruesome deaths from obstructed labor. if you survive does that mean you win? when does the freedom part come in exactly? what the fuck.

25. Sargasso Sea - June 8, 2013

From another woman on the same thread: “I’m sure the poor were forced to buy on black markets” (condoms and IUDs)

HIStory is necrophilic.

FCM - June 8, 2013

the poor were forced to BUY. the poor were forced to BUY. do they not hear themselves? depending on how “poor” one (female person) is, one cannot be FORCED to buy anything. one simply goes without. duh. also, what? the poor bought condoms on the black market why? if they were legal, there would be no black market would there, so if anyone was buying there wouldnt everyone be buying there? what the hell are they talking about?

26. Sargasso Sea - June 8, 2013

To be *fair* the black market comment was re before legalization but as you say, The Poor (women and children – half of whom are female, duh!) aren’t much in a position to buy much of anything.

And when the entire system is set up to force the buying of (man-made) life sustaining – not biophilic! – food and shelter luxuries like toxic, unnatural hormones and latex etc. can not BE priorities.

FCM - June 8, 2013

ah ok. they could be talking about regulated things too, like IUDs which are legal but you still have to go through channels (gatekeepers). the black market would be you buy one in the alley (or from a doctor) and insert it yourself for free, yes? horrific.

and they still arent talking about abstinance/sex neg as a strategy or a viable strategy *or* acknowledging the reasons its not where its not. ie. men rape. even the good ones.

FCM - June 8, 2013

also, CONSUMERIST MUCH? jeebus.

27. Linda - June 8, 2013

Hey FCM, I love this project and really want to share it widely. But I have a question and I apologize if it’s already been raised and addressed. How have you responded to people who say that we have no definite way of knowing that those search terms are being typed by men? Obviously we know immediately that only men would seek out such images, but I’m guessing a lot of people will refute that and say that it could also be women. I see that as the one obstacle to being able to use this project and it’s findings as a way of showing women what their precious Nigel’s are really like.

FCM - June 8, 2013

hi linda. i will let others respond to your question as well if they want to. and it is addressed on the blog as follows, under a page titled “But, But, But!!!11!!!1”:

How do you know these belong to men?

If a woman used these search terms, I’ll eat my hat.


for my part, i can see this playing out in a couple of ways. people can read it and assume its all by men, and think about that and what that means. or, people can read it and try to pick out the ones that are “iffy” and mightve been entered by anyone, or for innocent purposes such as research, as opposed to the ones that are obviously by men, for wanking purposes. i think this will happen on an intuitive level, and that we know that some things are true even if we cant “prove” it. and think about that and what that means. or, people can read through them and pretend that its completely ambiguous from beginning to end, and that it really is equally likely to have been men as women on each and every occasion, and back up this “theory” (*cough*wishful thinking) with the fact that indeed, we really dont know for sure do we and we have no way of knowing for sure. and think about that and what that means.

i think there are different things being shown here, and different things to think about. i think its one of those things thats going to be useless to the mainstream bc you cant PROVE it and yet the truth is there for everyone to see. its a matter of denial versus reality. and a matter of admitting that intuition *is* no more and no less than intelligence or a kind of intelligence and theres a reason its discredited, and called something else.


FCM - June 8, 2013

also, if anyone has any ideas about how we could verify that (whether) these things came from men, they are free to share, or even start a different project. for my part, i can vouch for the fact that these search terms came from either my own blogs, or other trusted radfem bloggers and were reproduced faithfully. and thats all i can vouch for. thats not worth much in the manketplace of broideas though.

28. Sargasso Sea - June 8, 2013

“I see that as the one obstacle to being able to use this project”

Then don’t *use* it in those places you know will call it out as suspect. Simple. Instead women who can understand it will find it. 🙂

FCM - June 8, 2013

exactly. 😀 radfem knowledge in the manketplace of broideas: $zero. radfem knowledge to radfems: priceless.

FCM - June 8, 2013

another thing to think about is how important is it (and to whom, and why) that the origin of the search terms be verified, and how difficult it would be to actually verify it. of course we would conclude that its very important to men and male-identified women, because its an affront to male power; and that its impossible to verify it. thus it doesnt challenge male power at all. not through normal channels anyway.

FCM - June 8, 2013

its not *reformist* in other words.

FCM - June 8, 2013

and as far as “using” it, i have announced it and added it to my blogroll. 🙂

29. WordWoman - June 8, 2013

“also, if anyone has any ideas about how we could verify that (whether) these things came from men, they are free to share”

DNA testing? xx or xy? 😉

I appreciate your insistence that we are not trying to “prove” things using traditional scientific methods. That’s just a rabbit hole of confusion. We tried that dialogue a while back. It went nowhere.

Such research is costly and also necrophilic. Think of all the experimentation that’s been done on women and is still being done. Horrible stuff.

Radfem evidence is good enough for us!

FCM - June 8, 2013

i thought perhaps IP addys and GPS, which would be traceable to street addresses and/or individual devices, whereupon the men would just say that their girlfriends mustve done it.

30. Sargasso Sea - June 9, 2013

Or their ex-wives’ boyfriends on the computer and internet they provide to their ex-wives (and their boyfriends) and it was all just a big misunderstanding…

I was FRAMED!!235

31. femmeforever - June 9, 2013

also, if anyone has any ideas about how we could verify that (whether) these things came from men

I don’t see how it’s irrefutably provable since the gen pop is programmed to believe in the lie man = woman = human and we’re all the same. Men (and fun feminists) have worked very hard to sell the equality schtick and as we know all energy will be toward protecting the bullshit male image. I say know it will not be accepted and do it anyway just for the women who will ponder maleness for the first time.

*written before FCM commented* *Arrgh. WP keeps crashing*

32. azahda - June 9, 2013

It doesn’t need to be “proved”, because even the most woman-hating man knows on an INTUITIVE level that only a man or boy could come up and search for such things. Plus, the themes that come up in the search terms (such as castration, hating trannies, torturing women through pregnancy, pedophilia, etc) are enacted by men in REAL life constantly – live, unscripted porn. Whereas women almost never commit such crimes. If they do, it’s almost never to the level that a man would do it, and it’s so rare it’s likely to be the manifestation of a man-made MENtal illness.

FCM - June 9, 2013

excellent point that “research” is often necrophilic. indeed it is, and pornographic too.

also, im glad we are all on the same page about whether we care to “PROVE” that these search terms were typed in by men. if anyone wants to, they could explain/describe whether and HOW they “just know” instinctively that many, most or all of these were used by men to find wanking material.

also, linda (and other known bloggers): i hope you will contribute some search terms from your blog? stats can be viewed from the time you opened your blog to now. go to the dashboard > stats > search engine terms > summaries and then view by > all time, > year, > quarter, > 30 days etc. copy and paste into the submission form, is my advice. its easier than going through all of them yourself. thanks to everyone who has contributed and who will continue to contribute to this project. one week down, 3 to go. 😀

33. SheilaG - June 9, 2013

The fact that men do this stuff in real life, and that it destroys women, means that they are doing this online too. It’s what men do, and how they record and record what they have done that leaves such valuable clues. The massive porn distribution, trafficking in women, the companies that make the porn and subject women to the horrifying sex acts in the films, all men behind it.

Look at war, as who does all the shootings, who drops the bombs, who terrorizes streets and communities …. gangs they say, but really it is boy gangs. So what men do in the world, and what they do online is connected. They love to brag about the evil things they do to women, how they “score” the sex they have, the prostitutes they buy and rape, and then the make films and internet searches of all of it. That’s the proof right there, and men know this. It’s why they get so angry when radfems point the finger DIRECTLY at MEN. They hate it when they can’t hide.

34. luckynkl - June 9, 2013

When there’s a shooting or a bombing does anyone say, “I’ll bet a woman did it!” Of course not. It’s a sure bet that the perp will be male. By the same token, we can bet the farm that the perps who typed in these search terms will also be overwhelmingly male. Why? Because It’s a sure bet.

35. witchwind - June 9, 2013

I think knowing whether it is a man or a woman is irrelevant because even if it’s a woman who wrote some of the search terms, we know that the content is defined by men, that men invented it, that men are the ones massively doing it, and woman who copy it are thus deeply male-identified and colonised by men’s violence.

With Thatchers or Angela Merkels being presidents doesn’t mean that the political system is less defined by men, on men’s terms, in ways that only benefit men at the expense of women, and that men invented it and set it up in the first place. Women in male spaces and male-defined systems will always only exist in token quantities and qualities.

36. Linda Radfem - June 10, 2013

Thanks, FCM. I’ve followed your suggestions and also shared links. Thanks for the time and energy you’ve put into this.

FCM - June 10, 2013

lots of new posts up today! TW: men.

37. Sargasso Sea - June 10, 2013

TW: men.

No joke. The whole M. Douglas “I totally got throat cancer from ‘oral sex'” and subsequent retraction (sorta) and the dearth of fact-parsing the *presumed heterosexual man* ending up with cancer from too much cunnilingus (!) is just…

Really, ask (lesbians and other) people who do not suck dick what the incidence of HPV-caused throat cancer is in their community. 🙂

FCM - June 10, 2013

such good points about how we *know* that these search terms are mens! yes, men do these things all the time in real life, and we know that thought must precede action. therefore, if they do it, we know they think about it too. just because women dont do these things in real life doesnt PROVE that women dont think about it of course, but there you go. its plenty of EVIDENCE that these terms represent what MEN are thinking about. full stop. we dont have to speculate about women at all for that to be inarguably true about men.

relatedly, since domestic violence and acquaintance rape have become illegal (or considered rape or violence at all) we had an increase of “reports” of these things, and we had to admit that the increase of reporting probably didnt indicate an increase in frequency, (or that increased frequency was unlikely to explain it all) rather, that the increased reporting indicated an increased likelihood that these things that were happening all the time would be reported now. so “likelihood of reporting” is now a variable in everything, where it was never a variable in anything before. this leads to all kinds of wild speculation about both women and men, and is used to speculate that women are worse than they appear to be and that men are better than they seem, but this might not be true at all. just another way that reformist politicking and insights have been used against women — thanks to feminists getting rape criminalized, everyone wonders if women are raping just as much as men are and just no one reports it! its ludicrous.

FCM - June 10, 2013

I KNOW S4. that was my first reaction too. michael douglas sucks dick. 100% fact. what a fucking lie about the cunnilingus! its slanderous really. im not kidding about that. it implicates women as a class for being disease-spreaders, but thats not true at all. kinda like this:

its not a black thing
its not a white thing
its not a gay thing
its not a straight thing
testing for HIV is *everyones* thing.

yay! everyone who gets penetrated by dicks, they mean. but they never ever say it.

FCM - June 10, 2013

honestly, how is it less unethical to say or imply that HIV (or HPV) is transmitted between (by) women than it is to tell everyone that you get AIDS just from being gay, or having a gay dood sneeze on you or all the stuff they used to say about it, and which only *unethical* people continue to say bc everyone knows its not true? this makes me so angry. its slander, and its fucking dangerous misinformation, is what it is.

38. Sargasso Sea - June 10, 2013

Absolutely 100% deliberate, necrophilic, misongynistic (redundant!) propaganda and zero truth.

FCM - June 10, 2013

it *is* necrophilic! they are deliberately misleading people about what causes HIV/AIDS and how to prevent it. in doing this, they are guaranteeing that people will become sick, suffer and die. mostly WOMEN in fact, since females are being penetrated by penises more than anyone else, including gay men.

FCM - June 10, 2013

although it would be really *nice* if all the straight doods that are being penetrated by dicks (!) knew the truth about HIV/AIDS transmission and how to prevent it too, so they stop getting infected by other men and proceeding to infect their wives and gfs (and prostituted women). thats how these things happen afterall.

FCM - June 10, 2013

ok the new site has gone a bit viral in the last couple hours. the trolls are out too. LOL. apparently this blog is erasing the very EXISTENCES of women who do internet research on porn actress injuries. i would categorize that criticism as necrophilia; holocaust; porn actress injuries; and things that dont exist. and since women who do internet research on porn actress injuries actually DO exist, guess what im refering to by categorizing it this way. thats right! radfems erasing ANYONES existence = does not exist. mkay? this is not a thing, its not real and its not possible. and anyone who thinks or says otherwise – that radfems CAN erase anyones existence — is a fucking idiot, or a tranny, or both.

get it? good!

FCM - June 11, 2013

why am i disappointed that THAT is the best or only thing some people can come up with? come on people. also, AS I SAID, there are a couple of different ways this can be approached, and one of them is to PICK OUT the ones that couldve been for legitimate research and to think about what that means. that means ALL the implications and EVERYTHING that can be gleaned from that approach. for example: necrophilia VERSUS necrophilia images. get it? women do not generally want to see pictures of this stuff because its triggering and disturbing. but men who want to wank to it very likely want to see an image. because its porn, or visual porn. query: for what LEGITIMATE/ILLEGITIMATE purpose would someone google XYZ? for what LEGITIMATE/ILLEGITIMATE purpose may someone need an image or a video (FFS) rather than a description? why might someone include “drawing” “simulation” or “cartoon” along with their search terms, and what would likely/not likely be returned as a result? im not telling people not to THINK about any of this, thats kind of the point.

a lot of this stuff “could be” for research purposes, sure. does that mean the project should be scrapped and is useless? why/why not?

FCM - June 11, 2013

or how about the FACT that “necrophilia IMAGES” was entered over 100 times and “necrophilia REAL IMAGES” was entered 3 times but just plain old “necrophilia” wasnt entered at all? does that bother anyone? if someone wanted to research, say, what mary daly had to say about necrophilia or read a feminist criticism of it, what search terms would they probably use/not use?

THINK. please. thank you.

FCM - June 11, 2013

or how about the FACT that “necrophilia images” “necrophilia real images” and “necrophilia girls fucker boots” are the ONLY search terms on the new blog that actually contain the word “necrophilia” but 63 referenced necrophilia clearly enough to warrant categorizing the search under the “necrophilia” category? does this speak to anyone? specifically, does it say anything about how many people were likely doing RESEARCH on necrophilia versus how many were doing something else?

39. Sargasso Sea - June 11, 2013

We remember of course that Necrophilia in men’s *language* means sticking the dick (or whatever other twisted junk they come up with) into or over or around dead females. Or wanting to anyway.

And that the desire for death and destruction is what WE know it to mean.

We know.

FCM - June 11, 2013

YES. and if all the posts that fell under the umbrella of necrophilia were categorized that way, almost all of them would be! we have been very conservative in using it for now so that the categorization is meaningful. these actually reference corpses, extreme violence (which is incompatible with life) disembodied body parts, or the rape scene from “mad max” for the post-apocalyptic setting — now thats good necrophilia.

FCM - June 11, 2013

WE KNOW. WE KNOW. WE KNOW. this should be the name of the blog. or would that be too SUBTLE? im very tired of people pretending we dont know! thanks, equality activating! thanks, applying-lack-of-reporting-to-everything-now-even-when-its-not-warranted!

FCM - June 11, 2013

i received a link to this video by email today, and then saw that manboobz has reported on it. apparently, agent orange outed himself in a bizarre cliche-laden call to arms on youtube…THREE MONTHS AGO and no one noticed or cared. LOL by the by. hateboners? necrophilic.


40. SheilaG - June 12, 2013

On an upline post, I’ve never heard of one lesbian who got throat cancer. Lesbians have gotten lung cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and the lesbian community is usually pretty honest about our live, and how we really live. So Michael Douglas likely had gay male lovers, and of course, he would hide this. Men in Hollywood hide all the time, lie all the time; it’s just what they do. Funny how no one in malestreat America brought up the lack of throat cancer epidemics in the lesbian community nationwide or even worldwide, but then almost no one reports on our community, except perhaps fake images conjured for male porn machines.

FCM - June 12, 2013

yes i would imagine cervical cancer and throat cancers for lesbians are right out, just like HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies (except for rape obvs). also, agent orangepop is a deludinoid.

41. witchwind - June 12, 2013

The penis is what causes all the harm. Lots of women get ovarian cancer and cervical cancer because of all the rapes / PIV.

42. SheilaG - June 12, 2013

AIDS is almost non-existent in the lesbian community, except the very rare cases of IV drug use, but even then, I have not heard of one lesbian getting AIDS or unwanted pregnancies, and I’ve never heard of pregnancies in rape either. Our main foes are alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, and lack of proper medical care, because the doctors are so clueless about us healthwise.

So really, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, gonorreah and syphilis are epidemic in the gay male community and there are signs everywhere in West Hollywood telling of a syphilis epidemic–it’s just unreal the death and destruction men bring to the world. And when you look at from a necrophilia perspective, I’d say the entire gay male urban populations had a giant death wish (when they discovered how HIV was really transmitted). I call the AIDS epidemic consensual mass murder, and the men just couldn’t stop. Even when it meant killing other men, they wouldn’t stop. It was very revealing to see this up close, to be in the middle of their crazy excess that never seems to stop.

43. SheilaG - June 12, 2013

Only Larry Kramer calls those men on the carpet for their horrifying behavior–it’s an industry now, AIDS treatment, get tested. But really it is the sexuality of men itself that is necrophia itself, it doesn’t give life at all, it is about death, and men’s desire for death. They never seem to mention the number of women who died of AIDS because their husbands were having gay affairs on the side, never telling their wives that they were HIV positive in the first place. That number would be interesting to reveal or speculate on.

44. ibleedpurple - June 12, 2013

Re: Michael Douglas. You should read the segment in Susan Faludi’s “Backlash” on him and that dreadful revisionist movie in which Demi Moore appears as his sexually harassing boss. Dude is as anti-feminist as can get and I’m not surprised he’s blaming women for his throat cancer. Definitely possible that he sucked dick on the side.

(Omfg, I am just listening to the Agent Orange and it’s hilarious! Can you add more pathos? And the heavy metal soundtrack! Lmao.)

FCM - June 12, 2013

i remember having a convo with a male friend about that movie at the time. i said the only reason its a movie at all is bc its a man being victimized by a woman so its interesting, whereas if it was the other way around it would just be normal! he was perplexed and upset by my observation of course.

also, the comments at manboobz are pretty funny. everyone is making hilarious fun of poor agent orange drink. someone even called MRAs the “north american man/boy freedom association” or NAMBFA likening them to NAMBLA which surely pisses them off royally. i do enjoy seeing the MRAs being slandered and denigrated. too bad manboobz himself is such a fun fem. oh well.

45. Sargasso Sea - June 12, 2013

Orange – ha! He really should get of his mother’s basement more often 🙂

And Douglas is a scumbag – comes from a long line of them. He also alludes to the stress of his precious son being tossed into prison (for repeated drug offenses) as a *trigger* for his cancer. The (sorta) retraction of the Oral Theory was made by his publicist and amounted to ‘he didn’t say that!!1!’ – the favorite out for men everywhere.

46. lisaprime - June 12, 2013

Everyone should listen to the Agent Orange video he made outing himself over at manboobz. When men take on these pseudonyms and harass us, we don’t know what we’re dealing with. Now we can see exactly who A Voice For Men’s Radio News Editor is – a Dungeons & Dragons dweeb who thinks our struggle for liberation is just another video game to get involved in, pathologically grandiose, stupid as shit, and disturbed as fuck. I see from his other revelations about himself that IRL he’s 5’5″ and a self-employed administrative assistant, unmarried and childless, which I think is pertinent to his compensatory mechanisms, and a vet, which is why he thinks of the world as “civilians” and “the enemy”. This is the MRM, folks.

FCM - June 12, 2013

haha! a “vet.” why are so many MRAs and trannies ex-military and none of them are veterinarians? and what the hell is a self-employed administrative assistant? does that mean he checks the mailbox when his mom tells him to, in exchange for mooching off her for life? probably. valerie solanas was right: men are walking abortions.

47. lisaprime - June 12, 2013

Can you believe it? This was a boy who the elite men sent off to become a death-dealer in another country, who came back looking for somebody else to make war on, and he picked women. This is a very old sad story, we see it in a lot of households where the war that vets have been taught to constantly wage lands women in the ER, I can’t see a reason in the world this fool has to harass women other than that he’s afraid to deal with male competition and culture IRL. A lot of men who get mixed up with male supremacists have some perceived ground of what they consider injury by some woman. But a lot of them seem to be just looking for some group to stomp on, doesn’t matter who. It’s the fun of the game that matters, no matter who they hurt. It’s so offensive. We are simply trying to stop their violence and men like this are getting involved wanting to add to our pain.

48. Authoritah | femonade - June 21, 2013

[…] gestate and birth immature humans, not males.  and since men are notably and demonstrably necrophilic and that interest is in obvious and direct conflict with the others; and where men certainly dont […]

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