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Blogging at the end of the world. June 27, 2015

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they are actually trying to hypnotize us now.  and mom: your sugar-faced boy child is a monster.

in case anyone was wondering how my latest project is going, i can report the following: after seeking treatment and treating with medical cannabis for about the last 3 months, not only have i gotten much, much worse, but about 2.5 months into it i got both sick of being stoned all the time and tired of being a consumer.

to be clear, i now believe there is an anti-consumerist component to whatever the hell this thing is — i am sick and tired of being penetrated and pronged by men and maleness all the damn time including mens pollution and poison including frankenfoods, all mens consumer products including their drugs, and including their dope, and that includes their organic dope.  and specifically regarding their dope, it doesnt matter who grows it, or owns it, or dispenses it.  get it?  i now believe that everything on this planet is poison and it is all poison.  there is plenty of evidence that this is in fact true.

and as much as i had hoped otherwise, i dont think any aversion to being penetrated by mens filth and poison is anything “in my head” i can easily or even painfully get over — i think being penetrated for 40+ years by men and maleness (living as a female in patriarchy) has made me so sick that there is nothing that will save me now.  putting stuff in, at this point, can only be counted on to make things worse.

as far as pain relief, however, i can report that there is relief to be had in medical cannabis if you can stomach it; there is absolutely no debating that there is palliative care here for women, if they are able to access it.  understanding a few things about medical cannabis helps us understand what is there for us, and also pokes at why its been kept from women, specifically, for as long as it has, and why even current regulations on it look the way they do.  for example, higher body fat means you need more.  get it?  just speaking in generalities, this means that women will need more than men will to treat those diseases we share with men.  were the current regulations including therapeutic dosage and legal possession thresholds constructed with this in mind?  probably, considering that there is no differentiation between male and female patients for any reason including legal reasons.  it was all made for men.

nausea, of course, is the other rather glaring sex-based difference in patients seeking palliative care with medical cannabis.  how frequently would any male, as a member of the male sex class, be reasonably expected to suffer from nausea in their lifetime (and how many men are likely to never experience it?)  compare and contrast where some 70% of the worlds women are impregnated and give birth.  more than that are impregnated but do not carry to term.  every single one of them (us) is at risk for nausea including severe, debilitating nausea.  and cannabis is known to cure it without side effects to either the woman or the baby.  what an excellent reason to make it illegal for decades, and what an excellent reason to impose pro-male policies on even legalized medical cannabis today.  because women are suffering because of men and what men do to us.  because.  there may be actual causation there.  we need to consider this.  i am sure some of you already have.

but what i really wanted to say was this.  i am 1000 miles away from anyone and everyone i know, treating my chronic pain with medical cannabis.  and i really, really feel like i am doing the right thing, and its not just because i am sick and unlikely to be well again.  there are no bees anymore.  there are no butterflies anymore either.  im in big sky country now and i look at the stars through the branches of a dead tree.  there is a stump in the grass 10 feet away from it where another tree had obviously lived and died too.  it feels like the whole world is dying now.  deadening my pain here at the end of all things feels like the right thing to do, and it seems literally insane to me that not everyone is doing this.  of course i know not everyone can.

by the by, china is big enough in both land and people to take out the entire world, or to make the whole thing in their own image, or something, and “they” have created an ecological apocalypse for all of us to share.  i am assuming you all read this.  the beginning is the descriptive part, where 30 years of chinese (male) policy and practice of resource extraction and construction projects has literally and utterly destroyed china.  because of the pollution and loss of habitat from these necrophilic projects, chinese people are sick, really sick.  they are suffering and dying.  the last part is just nonsensical pro-patriarchal jibberish and fingerpointing as the western progressives and radicals try to pretend that it was capitalism and communism that did in china and us all, and not men, in the case of china including corrupt chinese males and western investors who also happen to sport/support dick (and necrophilia).

also, extreme weather sunk a chinese cruise ship.  this is after 2 full size commercial jets have gone missing in a similar part of the world, one of them after diverting to avoid extreme weather.

thing is, there is no “us” and “them” anymore.  savvy?  if people are not starting to understand that, then i seriously wonder whether they have thought any of this through.  query: what would widespread illness and palliative care happening against a backdrop of “business as usual” look like?  consider that you dont know how the person in the next car is feeling, or where they are going, or where they have been.  they might be feeling sick, or are medicating so they dont feel anything.  as time goes on, i would pretty much count on it.

these are just my observations of course, and i am but one person.  🙂  🙂  so hows things going where you are?  how are you feeling?  how are things looking?  im just asking.

PS.  if NTE were real, and the US supreme court justices (as members of the powers that be) knew it, what would they probably do wrt gay marriage and obamacare?  palliative care for all?  or stick in the knife further and twist it more?  methinks they want us all on dope, in one manner or another.  methinks they are smart, and calculating, to do what they did, ridiculous inflammatory dissents included.  enjoy your gay weddings and subsidized big pharma and unsubsidized medical cannabis yall.  i suppose youve earned it (some of you by aligning yourselves with the dangerous males SCOTUS itself has likely come to fear).

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99.9% Rape Free December 31, 2014

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there is a tumblr post going around that cites several “sources” for the social constructionist belief that there are “rape free” cultures somewhere, or there were at some time.  women are apparently basing their entire activism (and therefore their entire lives or a significant part of their lives and female selves) on the belief that men raping, torturing and murdering women across time and place is culturally/socially constructed, and not innate to males themselves.  and that makes me want to address it.  because female health and energy are the only things *in life* with the potential to help women, and because female health and energy are resources that are not renewable or easily renewable under conditions of patriarchy, it is very, very, very important that women make decisions about how to spend their time and energy wisely.

i will not link to the post, or the sources, you can find these yourselves.  but i would like to suggest some questions/issues we should all consider when evaluating “evidence” of these elusive rape free zones.  we have discussed this before but i think having the issues parsed in one place for future (and present) reference might be helpful.  so lets dig in.

first, 99.9% rape-free or some other percentage that is less than 100% does not mean rape-free.  okay?  i have seen these articles too, they were required reading in undergraduate-level gender studies courses in the 1990s (if that tells you anything — it should) and many of them do not say that any culture anyone knows of was ever 100% rape free.  the evidence that some cultures have men raping women LESS than they do in some other cultures, or OUR culture, is not evidence that ANY culture is a rape-free culture.  and it is definitely not evidence that rape is socially constructed mkay.  if anything, the presence of cultures that are 99.9% (or some other relatively high percentage but less than 100) rape free is evidence that no matter how rape-unfriendly any culture is, culture cannot stop men from raping women.  they still do it.  they will rape us anyway, because they are men.

next, i would like to address the elusive 100% rape free culture.  has this been documented?  i have not seen anyone ever say that there are 100% rape free cultures (except when they are saying that something-less-than-100%-rape-free is the same thing as rape-free when its not) but some pointed questions about this hypothetical culture, and the studies that document this if there even are any, come to mind.  and really, these questions apply to all the studies collecting/reporting on the issue at all, even if they end up discovering a culture somewhere that is mostly-rape-free.

firstly, how are they defining (framing) rape?  are they only considering rape-rape?  cause thats not very feminist.  are they considering other kinds of rape, like underage rape, abuse of power rape, incest, sexualized child abuse, acquaintance rape, marital rape?  are they counting consent that is coerced like in cases of economic, social or other dependence?  what about boozy sex and alcohol-facilitated “hooking up” — this is also rape mkay.  we know this.  so what exactly do they mean when they say RAPE DOESNT HAPPEN HERE?  this is a serious question, and radical feminists must, must demand answers to this.  the situation is dire — as i said, activist women are basing their entire lives on this evidence/data, and what they think they are reading when they read it.  and womens lives matter.  so.  in the case of the elusive rape-free culture, which reformist women believe we can create here and now based on the evidence that it has been done in other places sometime, does “rape-free” really mean what they think it means, and what it is being pushed/twisted/represented to mean?  does it?

i would also ask, in the case of any culture where men rape women “less than they do here,” how much female time, energy and other resources are spent on achieving that ends?  when men “rape less” including not at all, do men just decide out of the goodness of their hearts or dicks not to rape us anymore?  or do women have to continuously surveil them, police them, punish them for rape/attempted rapes and for “rapey” behaviors/thoughts/values that are likely to lead to rape?  if we are talking about “matriarchal” cultures where the women do everything important, and the men sit on the periphery trying not to get into trouble (including committing rape), is this evidence that mens desire to rape is socially, and not biologically/innately constructed?  sorry, but no.  no, it is not evidence of that.  at all.

next, i would ask whether these studies considered normalized sexualized/eroticized intercourse, or intercourse for pleasures sake when a pregnancy is not wanted by the women, and considered “intercourse,” making love, and PIV to be totally different from rape?  how different from rape-rape does it have to be, to be considered rape?  this is a serious question.  we know that intercourse for pleasures sake, removed from reproduction, is an act of hateful othering because it pathologizes female bodies in their natural, normal state — the state of impregnability and vulnerability to semen.  in any other context this kind of brutal othering and deliberately causing disperate impacts/outcomes with social, political and physical consequences to a protected social class would be considered discrimination, if not an outright hate crime.

but in the case of fucking women, causing them reproductive stress and pain, as well as unwanted and undesirable political outcomes based on pregnancy, doesnt count as anything.  right?  and its definitely not rape, even though rape historically has been used by men specifically to cause unwanted pregnancies in women, and specifically to control women politically, physically, socially, sexually, spiritually, materially, and in every way.  even though PIV and rape are so much the same, they arent the same at all.  right?  what do the “studies” alleging there are rape-free cultures think about intercourse removed from reproduction?  this is a serious question, not because i feel like bashing PIV today, but because social constructionist womens lives depend on the answer.  they themselves have said this — they continue to activate because they believe these rape-free cultures exist, and that it is possible for men to stop fucking raping women.  so is it?  hint: mens attitude toward “sex” and “othering” women, including politically oppressing women via pregnancy (and motherhood!) is relevant.

next, i would like to know whether the studies that collect/report on data indicating that there are rape-free cultures also consider men violently oppressing women generally, such as with torture and murder.  because that is really what we are talking about isnt it?  rape is a form of (female-specific) torture, and rape and murder of women by men frequently go hand in hand.  i would want to know, if i was basing my entire life and lifes work on the existence of these cultures, how woman-friendly are they really?  are women safe from men anywhere?  have they ever been?  of course, the answer to this question partially depends on how one defines torture.  in general, people have a pretty narrow biased misogynistic view of what torture is (if its done to women by men, its not torture).

now, same questions about mens seemingly global, timeless aptitude for necrophilia.  is there anywhere on this (formerly) green earth women can go, or could we ever, where we were/are not constantly taunted and tormented by the male death wish and mens hideous love of death, dying, and killing?  kind of an important question, if the answer means that we should (or should not) hold out hope for men and their ability to exist in a biophilic, non-misogynist culture.

and finally, i will say it again, even if men have been “socialized” to rape, torture and murder women based on our sex, who “socialized” or “taught” them how to do this to us?  it was not women mkay.  women did not teach men how to rape us, and women do not socialize men to rape us, and women do not reward men who rape and punish men who do not rape.  if these things are happening to men, and this is a huge IF, they are being done to men, by men.  it begins and ends with men, in other words.  this is the very definition of innate.

please understand: i am not saying any of this to endlessly repeat myself, as i have grown weary of hearing myself (and others) talk.  i am saying this here, now, because women have said in their own words that they are basing their entire lives and their entire activism on the assumption that men can and will stop raping us, and that its not innate to men to do this.  activist women believe the data/evidence supports this conclusion — that rape is socially constructed — but it absolutely does not.  the mistake, as ginormous (and fairly, but not entirely obvious) as it is, is not womens fault of course, because the data and conclusions have been so deliberately skewed in favor of endless, reformist activating, and holding out hope for men.

this is the world we live in, thanks to men.  very little in mensworld means what you think it means, and what it is re/presented to mean, and we must endlessly interrogate it to get to the truth and the information we need to live and save our own lives.  it is fucking exhausting, but if the answers are this important, it must be done.  because there is evidence that endless pointless feminist activating can actually kill us, in the case of “rape-free cultures” and knowing whether the evidence supports the conclusion that male-on-female rape is socially, and not biologically constructed, activist womens health and lives depend on it.

The Presence of Absence. An Illustration? April 13, 2013

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in pure lust, mary daly talked about the presence of absence/absence of presence whereby women seem “present” in the foreground, but only as male-constructed fembots and handmaidens.  in reality what we see of women in the media, the male identified/dominated/defined workplace, entertainment, our “representation” in the law etc is the complete absence of “female” or anything having anything to do with women at all.

notably, one thing “women” hawk constantly in the foreground is poop, and everything feces related.  jokes on women!  so you want to be an actor, or more specifically a working actor ay?  how badly?  will you literally talk about shit — scooping it, wiping it, dealing with the literal shit and filth of all of humanity and its pets too — even though male actors almost never have to talk about anything anywhere near as degrading, and women are specifically shamed for demonstrating nay possessing gastric function?  thats what we thought.

i wont post actual videos, because there are so many, but see women talking about wiping their own and their familys asses herecat poopfarts.  it also seems as if there are a lot of women lately who cant poop at all or are otherwise suffering from “irregularity” for which there are consumerist remedies specifically targeting women.  honestly, if you ever see a male commercial actor talking about shit, or more specifically wiping it, scooping it, or improving upon it, its an aberration and not the norm.  so while i think there are several things going on here, including deliberately humiliating female actors (hey, at least its not porn, right?  right?  right?  right?) and normalizing and degrading womens role as the shitkeepers of humanity, there is probably a whole vein worth excavating in a presence-of-absence sense.  meaning, we see a lot about women and poop.  therefore, we can probably assume what we are seeing is the absence of women and womens truth about it.  we see a lot about women and “sex” too, but thats another post.  from like 2 years ago.  🙂

walk with me.  i am currently reading gerda lerners 2-part “the creation of patriarchy.”  in part one, she provides a thorough history lesson and concludes that patriarchy — institutionalized male dominance and female submission to male rule — has been around for about 5000 years.  it was modeled after the widespread miniature, private patriarchies of the male-headed household which existed even longer.  this means that women have been dominated by men for a long, long time.  and the institution of slavery itself was modeled after mens oppression of women.  womens oppression predated it.  and women were the first slaves too — knowing how to control their own women (via rape) and utilize their unpaid sexual, domestic and reproductive services, conquering males first enslaved enemy women and killed enemy men.  men they didnt know how to enslave.  men developed tactics to enslave enemy men, but that came later.

interestingly, the conditions that make institutionalized slavery possible include food surpluses — slavery “seldom if ever occurs in hunter/gatherer societies but appears in widely separated regions and periods with the advent of pastoralism (animal husbandry), and later agriculture, urbanization and state formation.”  slavery does not predate agriculture — it came later.  to the extent that women were ever free, their freedom predated slavery — by how many years i dont know.  but after slavery (and agriculture) women were never free.  this is one of the conclusions i have gleaned from this book, although there are others.

now.  i have recently had cause to examine an essentially pre-agricultural diet.  it seems that people with various digestive issues, including serious and even potentially life-threatening diagnoses such as crohns and celiac disease, are helped with a diet devoid of grains, lactose (milk) and sugar.  symptoms of crohns and celiac include gastric complaints such as chronic diarrhea, constipation, gas, and malabsorption/malnutrition which causes osteoporosis among other things.  (think: poop and problems associated with poop).  advocates of this diet call it variations of the “what our ancestors ate” diet — to the extent it is possible to currently do this, and this is not an insignificant qualifier, it may in fact be largely if not fully impossible at this juncture — adherents only eat (approximations of) what was likely available pre-agriculture.  which means meat, berries, and some fruits and vegetables, but which notably excludes grains.  one variation includes dairy but excludes most non-grain starches as well as lactose (hard cheese and 24-hour fermented yogurt are acceptable).

anyway, heres my point.  for months now, i have been aware that if women were ever free, this was a long long time ago — and that the materials and activities in *my* daily life do not mirror theirs at all.  i literally have no idea what its like to be free, because i am not free, but i am also not privy to the everyday experiences and sensations of free women.  all the experiences and sensations i do have are *only* shared between myself and other women who are oppressed.  feeling the seat and steering wheel as i sit in a car.  feeling my feet on cement.  that kind of thing.

in order to experience a sensation, any sensation that was likely also experienced by free women, so that i might feel part of what it felt like to be free i have tried to walk on a dirt path wherever possible.  i have gone outside at night and looked up.  i pick up rocks and branches and smell them.  these sights, sounds, smells are something that free women experienced, and i want to experience them too.  to the extent that sensations lead to thoughts, i want to know what free women thought.  to the extent that sensations evoke memory, i want to remember what free women remembered.  and to the extent that feeling my ass in a car or my hands on a plastic container (and other things) lead to thoughts and evoke memories shared *only* by oppressed women and slaves, and they could do nothing else, i do not want to experience those things anymore at all.  its surely no coincidence that its going to be exceptionally difficult if not impossible to do this completely.

but right in the middle of this sensory experiment i have been conducting, i received this detailed historical lesson about agriculture, and concluded that if women were ever free, it was never in an agricultural context.  and i actually wondered if it would be possible to eat a pre-agricultural diet in order to cultivate a shared dietary experience.  the answer, really, is NO, although the internet explains how you can get as close to that as possible.  but i also began to wonder, to the extent that women are experiencing this, and perhaps especially to the extent that a (modified) pre-agricultural diet alleviates or cures it, are womens “tummy troubles” (poop problems) their bodies literally rejecting patriarchy and the conditions of their own oppression and slavery?  because stranger (equally strange?) things have happened.  see depression.

that is all.

A Personal Statement February 28, 2013

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please bother me for the password so you can read my super sikkrit thoughts.  j/k.  (this is not a password protected post.  read on.)

i have experienced a blogging crisis recently.  is this a first-world problem?  oh dear.  actually, its a speech problem, a silencing problem.  women around the world experience this, and i experience it too.  this is why i am a radical feminist, afterall.  because i share class: female with 3.5 billion women globally who are rountinely, systematically and very easily silenced, by men, and by male technology, and you know, rape, and threats of rape.  when we do get a word in edgewise, its precariously positioned indeed.  we are no-platformed globally, and we speak from atop the head of a pin, standing on one foot, juggling knives.  the lucky ones have a getaway-car waiting at the base of the mountain.  sometimes the driver has been shot.  me, i have a bicycle.

a bicycle?  the head of a pin?  is this supposed to be symbolic or something?  no — its just words, meant to convey an image, a feeling and above all, an un-obscured message.  the message might be a feeling, of course.  did it work?

but its not symbolic — i dont do symbolism.  i dont have time, and i was never good at it anyway.  i tried, when i was young and first thought i wanted to write — a play, as i recall.  with symbolism!  hester prynne’s illegitimate (foreign, irritating, secret, precious) daughter was named pearl — get it?  and as i was getting my characters in order, i realized okay, this is going to be a hell of a lot of work.  this is going to take so much research, and there are some things that i — as a 16-year old (and girl) — simply could not know.  like, i wanted one of my characters to be an adult man from new york city (i think?)  how was i supposed to write that?  that project went nowhere, once i realized that.  i had written some notes in a small, extremely cheaply made journal covered in black chinese polyester silk.  i never used the journal for anything after that.  what a waste.

oh, and i just remembered!  my very first big writing project was going to be a book!  i started it when i was 10, over summer vacation.  the only line i recall: a wave of excitement splashed over her body as she…did something.  i know she — a high school aged girl — was going to a dance at school, so she was either entering the school or the gym.  at 3:00 in the afternoon.  because thats what time the dances were, when i was in 4th grade.  somehow i knew i was being naive though, and that high-school dances worked differently, but how?  i never finished the book.  i remember sitting at the table in the air conditioning in a wet bathing suit, typing on an old typewriter with a couple missing keys that poked into my fingers.  like, really bad.  it was almost useless as a typewriter.  my sister and our friend made “tea cakes” for us to eat, in our wet bathing suits in the air conditioning — “cakes” which consisted of the inner parts of whitebread slices balled up in our hands, which we drank with…something.  maybe tea, but probably not.  iced tea maybe.  the swirls in the “tea cakes” (bread-balls) that looked kinda like cinnamon were actually dirty-hand dirt.

i had thought exclusively positive things about all of this — it was fun! — until one of the mothers asked us what “tea cakes” were, and then what the swirls were.  she also asked me what i was writing, and when i replied that i was writing a book, she seemed skeptical!  it hadnt occurred to me to be embarrassed about literally every single thing i was doing there at that table, eating dirty hand-balled whitebread, typing words that would never be a book ever, because there is no possible way.  then, im sure i went swimming.  in a dirty lake.  with fish.  in case anyone was wondering.

anyway, what was i saying?  oh, symbolism.  i dont do it.  what i do is write things, for people to read, and then i converse with them about it.  generally speaking, i speak literally (not metaphorically) and i invoke feeling, as well as convey information.  in every post i write, i include an insight, because otherwise i bore myself to death and see very little point.  these insights come from different places and i dont take credit for most of them — i just work here.  i show up to work here.  luckily, i am frequently inspired.

as a part of this writing-thing, i sustain direct and indirect hits, because for whatever reason, people are actually reading what i am saying.  they are paying attention to it and responding to it in various ways.  i *dont* like attention, but i do like writing things, for people to read, and then discussing it with them.  so i keep doing it.  sometimes i think about ending it so that i dont have to deal with the shitty parts of it anymore, and the shitty part is really fucking shitty.  like, i feel like i am eating some amount of shit every fucking day, or most days.  it feels toxic and alienating.

what i started doing when i feel toxic and alienated — because when i get like this i feel like i have nothing else to read, even though thats not exactly true, but thats how it feels when there is so (relatively) little radical work out there and i just want to feel inspired again, and i am feeling quite alone and frustrated by this point, and the thought of picking up a 30-year old book isnt doing it for me, and i dont want to have to search for anything, wahhhh, poor me — i read my own archives.  okay?  i do.  i read the posts and i read the comments — seriously, i highly highly recommend the comments.  it takes about an hour to read 2 or 3 posts and the conversations that follow, and every time i do this, i think — this is some of the best if not THE BEST writing on the internet.  or something.  you literally cannot get this anywhere else.  okay?  i think this about the posts, and i think this about the comments.  its not the writing as much as the ideas of course, but damn those are some nice words, strung together in a coherent way, intended to make sense to other people.  which is different than being a “good writer” not incidentally.  get it?

and i used to do this with the HUB too.  every time we were under attack or experiencing some crisis or sustaining repeated blows, from within and without, sometimes at the same time, i would pry one hand out of my hair and go a-browsing.  in its early days, i would browse HUB’s front page — it went on forever, and had so much fresh content, it was glorious — and i would think “this is really good work.  i am really happy about this.  excellent.”  or something.  and you know what else i would think about?  as much as i hate to admit it to all you amazing women who might be able to go entire minutes without an old white man popping into your head, i (would and do) think about dave thomas, the creator of the wendy’s hamburger franchise.

okay?  i think about dave freaking thomas and his freaking fast-food restaurants.  because i once saw a biography about him, and he spake into the camera thusly:

every time i feel down, and like this cant possibly succeed (he was competing with the biggies mcdonalds and burger king, dont forget) i go into one of my restaurants, and i have a burger and a frosty and i think “this is really good food.”  and that makes me feel better, and i start to believe this might actually work.

thats a paraphrase, and its rather like “if i build it, they will come” — but with pickles and onions.  get it?  if i build it, they will come.  another dumb 80s reference that has stuck with me all this time, for some reason.  the young ‘uns can google it.

so look.  deep down, im just a hick who remembers stuff, and i find inspiration where i find it.  i involuntarily recall this interview of dave thomas i accidentally saw once, when im feeling down about radical feminist blogging, or when the biggies are about to crush me.  because the biggies are about to crush me, always, and therefore, i sustain blow after blow, from within and without, i end up thinking about hamburgers a lot.  not all the time, but more than i normally would, for sure.  i am thinking about them right now.  and now you are too.  🙂

so, is there an actual point to be located anywhere in this post?  yes.  did it come through?  you tell me.  i feel like hammered shit right now, and im thinking about crusty, greasy hamburgers i cant even eat.  because of food allergies, mind you.  my appetite is completely fine.

Golden Girls Marathon. I Have My Period. February 3, 2013

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these arent my favorite episodes or anything, they are just free, full episodes on youtube.  you can find more here.  really, this post isnt about the golden girls at all, im just engaging in a bit of misdirection.  if i wanted to buy myself a few extra minutes, i might even add a page break, or use a couple of big words.  and if the MRAs want to link to this post, their link *will* say “golden girls marathon” and “i have my period.”  ha!

also, my stools are a bit soft, even though i took probiotics.  can anyone recommend something for loose stools due to menstrual-related hormonal fluctuations?

are we alone now?  good.

there is something very wrong with men — we know this.  feminism is not about fixing men, or curing them of their repulsiveness — it would be a better use of our time to try to cure tangerines of their tangerine-ness.  and pointless experimenting on citrus fruit would surely smell better, and we could eat our mistakes!  yum!

i made a jello mold today but it didnt set up right — does anyone know why?  i think i added too much pineapple, but i thought i had compensated for that by adding a bigger box of jello than what the recipe called for.  i dont normally care for jello-based desserts but i have found that using exotic fruits and nuts keeps the focus off the jello.

thanks to mandatory PIV and rape, and mens global policy of female infanticide (but not male), there are too many men worldwide.  men exist in unnatural numbers globally and we know this.  we also know that genetically, the Y chromosome is defective and decaying over time — generation after generation, human males are becoming even more incomplete, even more lacking and they are indeed barrelling toward their own extinction.  google it.

my TiVo crashed and i lost my entire collection of ghost whisperer!  does anyone know how season 4 ended — the last episode i saw, jim had died and his spirit jumped into the body of some other dood, but does this mean that jim is still on the show and the actor that plays jim is leaving or what?

the human male is on its way out.  we know this.  however, on their way out the door, thanks to male genetic decay and the fact that they exist in unnatural numbers globally, they seem to have reached a critical mass of pure evil, and this might not have been the case 20 or even 10 years ago but it absolutely *is* the case now — things are getting worse.  we need to understand this, and take this into account in our theory and our actions.  what we thought was going to work before might not work now, or if it was working, it might not have any further usefulness because the game has changed.  we have to adapt to changing circumstances and use what we know, but some seem very invested in their own status or in the work itself rather than the truth, and liberating ourselves and other girls and women from male dominance — this is a mistake.

im having a cocktail party next week and i need some good ideas for appetizers.  i am really sick of the standard fare and would like to serve something with some “wow” factor — does anyone have any ideas?

women have known there is something fundamentally wrong with men for a long time, and they talk about it like its the common knowledge it is.  i am BEYOND sick of feminists (and feminism) which denies reality and the reality of womens lives and what men do to us AND WHY THEY DO IT, AND WHETHER THEY ARE LIKELY TO EVER STOP.  they arent.

i have an itchy anus, its especially bothersome at night — when i googled this, i found that this is a warning sign of intestinal parasites!  i do eat a lot of raw fish so i am afraid that perhaps i have picked up a parasite.  god that fucking sucks, as if i didnt have enough to deal with.

the increasing decay and incompleteness of the Y chromosome over time + unnatural numbers of men globally due to mandatory PIV and rape and female infanticide = critical mass of male evil.  this appears to be the truth of it.  this problem is real, and it is urgent.

read between the lines mkay.  men are showing and telling us everything we need to know about their intentions, and what they want to do to us and to the world, whether they can be reformed, and whether they will stop.  they are telling us the truth about themselves hourly, daily, weekly, yearly.  believe it.