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The End. December 27, 2014

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the problem.  (men).

the solution.  (nature).

to continue with my thoughts generated by the previous post and comments, i would like to address womens intuition for a moment.  as the context remains “radical feminism is gaslighting bullshit” again, sonia johnson once wrote that she thought most women refused to engage in reformist politicking because on whatever level, they knew it wouldnt work.  to that, i would add this.

it seems to me that many if not all women feel, on an intuitive level, that everything will work out in the end.  this is what religion is, what mysticism is, what hope (including hope for men) is (isnt it?) — women trying to justify or explain their feeling that it will be alright, that things will work out, that its not too late.  i cannot think of a single thing any woman has ever done or said that is not consistent with a personal, spiritual, political, or religious belief that things will work out in the end, even if it means there is another life after this one, or that men will magically come around (or respond to our pleas) and stop killing, raping and torturing us because of our sex.

for most women, they do not even believe that they themselves need to act for things to work out in the end — these women are known as normal women, or nonfeminists.  some 99% of the worlds women by any estimate, as most women flatly reject feminism on its face.  there is perhaps 1% or some other very small percentage of women globally (feminists, including radical feminists) who think that they themselves need to act in order for things to work out in the end, but so long as they act — and activate — towards that end, yes, things will work out.  men will stop killing us and everything, in the end.

there is of course another group of women, which i did not even realize existed until recently, and those are women who believe that men have already caused irreversible and exponential, soon to be explosive global climate change that will annihilate all human life, and that this will happen soon.  in their own way, these women believe it will work out too — that nature will take care of it.  most of those women, like all the worlds women, are not feminists either, so there is no feminist analysis there, just the evidence-based belief that things cannot continue the way they are and therefore, they will not continue the way they are.  men have done us all in (unfortunately, they say “humans” and “civilization” did this, but as i said, they are not feminists).  these women also do not believe we need to act in order for this to happen — its a done deal.

anyway, it seems to me that all women, in their own way, or in one way or another, feel or believe that things will drastically change, and that it will all work out in the end.  interestingly, the evidence of global climate change and self-reinforcing feedback loops created by male “civilization” supports the conclusion that nature will indeed take care of the maleness problem (as if there was ever any reasonable doubt that natural law would prevail.  there wasnt).  and if it is the case that nature bats last (it is), it means that all the worlds women who have thought and felt for decades or centuries that “it will all work out in the end — and we neednt do a damn thing to make it happen” were absolutely, and demonstrably, correct.  meaning, womens intuition was correct, including womens almost universal intuition that feminism wont work, and that men will never voluntarily stop ever.

it also means that the only of the entire worlds women who were partially wrong about any of this were the 1% or whatever tiny number who were and are the feminists, including radical feminists, who believe/d that women had to DO something/anything in order for things to work out, and for the problem of maleness to be solved.  obviously, they were wrong about that.  they were wrong, and i was wrong.

but women, on the whole, were right and are right.  it will all work out in the end, oh yes it will.  it wont be what any of us had hoped (prayed) for, since natural solutions are notoriously ugly, and painful (like plague).  but i think this explains to my satisfaction what i and many women who came before have noticed: that it is almost impossible to get women on board with feminism, or to get them to “act” or activate towards a feminist ends.  its because women know better.  like sonia johnson, i trust women, and i now believe they were 100% right to think and act as if it would all “work out” in the end, without our help.  of course it will.  in fact, at this point…we couldnt stop it.

Moron NTE December 15, 2014

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before i close up shop here again, which i will shortly, i wanted to address NTE/NTHE a bit further as it is still in the forefront of my mind.  as i said before, it was a comment on a radfem blog that first alerted me to this — before that, i had never seen it addressed anywhere.  i had, however, taken note of a dozen or more vague, cryptic, and seemingly off the cuff remarks left on various blogs over the years (years!) and that these comments were left by trusted commenters who obviously did not want to address it further.  there was a time afterall when excellent discussions were happening all over the radfem internets, so wouldnt it have made sense to drop an actual link or something, something to spin and spiral from, so that we could all learn about it together?

clearly not.  knowing what i know now about the radfem internets, i can see that this and many subjects are simply off limits, and considered going too far, even amongst ourselves.  ask me how i know!  to be a radical feminist who rejects reformism — and sees no or little hope for men, in other words — is to live with one foot solidly within “feminism” (understanding how this all works) and knowing also how pointless it all is (because there is no hope for men), with the other foot in “feminisms” grave.  knowing that men will destroy the entire planet, and that they simply will not stop destroying everything no matter what, is kind of the logical outcome of “nutty” or non-reformist radical feminism in fact, if taken to its logical endpoint.  isnt it?

obviously, i think it is, and that it is from that place of understanding that one must speak of NTE/NTHE (near term extinction/near term human extinction) and this is where i speak from now.  to their credit, NTE “activists” arent really activating for/toward anything, believing that it has been too late to DO SOMETHING for decades now — this is the foundation of their belief system in fact, that self-reinforcing feedback loops have been set in motion and cannot be stopped, and that the changes happening now are not linear but exponential.

to their discredit, from what i can tell, the majority of NTE “activism” consists of talking with other believers about how not to kill yourselves out of despair in the years leading up to it, and the solution, apparently, is to “do what you love to do!” while waiting, then kill yourself at the last minute before it gets really bad.  also known as resource hoarding and hedonism, and then avoiding any direct consequences to yourself by whatever means necessary.  just like men have always done.  exactly what has created the problem of runaway global climate change (and NTE) in fact, considering what men “love to do” which is almost without exception fucking women, and (thereby) making babies.  almost 8 billion of them/us now.  the largely unwanted and/or ambivalent progeny of the largely unwanted and/or ambivalent 2.5 billion that successfully (albeit prospectively) choked the life out of the living world decades ago.

“JUST KEEP FUCKING!” may as well be made into a bumper sticker at this point, it is as ironic/tragic as it is universally applicable and lets not forget misogynistic and necrophilic, but yay male orgasms so whatever right?  god, literally everyone would be on board with that one wouldnt they?  (BTW DGR/deep green resistance is pro-sex, they say this constantly.  google it!  yawn.  and by pro-sex, they mean pro-PIV, or at the very least they are not anti-PIV, or even PIV-critical.  because lets not prudish guyz boners yall!  prudish isnt radikewl and we are radikewl so lets cant prudish nope nope!).

anyway, this is the conversation that is happening around NTE and as far as i can tell, it is the only one — this dick-jerking fantasy, (and pro-PIV jibberish) where good liberal and progressive males legitimize and even manage to progressive-ize resource hoarding (and MOAR intercourse and baby making) with no consequences to themselves.  somehow they have done this.

and i am utterly unsurprised at this point that there has been little to no public radical feminist conversation about NTE, and that so far, the only “radfem” treatment of global climate change has been limited to discussing veganism (and shitting on women who eat meat) and supporting PIV-positive, manarchist environmental/anti-civilization organizations like DGR.  we see how even men who “get” it are responding to this, which is to say they are responding to it as they respond to everything.  which is the entire problem BTW.  radfems know this.

i do accept and anticipate that there are radfem and nutty radfem conversations happening in private about NTE of course.  my point really is that radical feminism, and its PUBLIC face, the PUBLIC face of our movement, is not the endpoint of radical thinking, and (therefore) does not address in any adequate way the very serious situation(s) in which we find ourselves.  these conversations, actions, and inactions happen elsewhere.  it took me a long time to figure this out, so here.  let me be your shortcut.  do not waste months and years of your life the way i did.  anyone else who has something to add, with the sincerest hope that it will save another woman some time, energy, and/or sanity…please discuss in the comments below.

A Springboard December 7, 2014

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i realize that some of my previous comments may have seemed out of left field so i wanted to clarify what i meant when i said that the environment may not support MALE life for much longer, and almost certainly not indefinitely.  i started researching NTE/NTHE (near term extinction/near term human extinction) based on a comment on another blog and i have been thinking about it for awhile.  there have been cryptic comments being dropped on our blogs for years by trusted commenters about some imminent disaster/extinction event but nothing that was googleable, and i was apparently not inclined to investigate it on my own; at last, someone dropped an acronym — NTE.  something googleable!  so i googled it.  (witchwind has also discussed this on her blog).

i will not get into it extremely deeply here, google will tell you all you need to know (the evidence has been synthesized and kid-gloved so its readable, the really sciency among us may be able to find the original data somewhere as well).  however, i can tell you that there are some people who believe that human-caused global climate change will cause human extinction within our lifetimes — even as soon as the next 15-20 years.  due to “positive feedback loops” of environmental destruction which produce exponentially more of the same, even if “we” stopped our policy and practice of global environmental destruction tomorrow, it wouldnt help (and we are nowhere near stopping any of it tomorrow, next year, or ever).  we have passed the point of no return.

now, i think it is always a safe bet to assume that men are lying about whatever they are talking about, or that they have gotten it wrong (or both).  i think this should be our default posture when encountering any male ideology, but that we should also not dismiss all of mens work out of hand.  mary daly talked about using mens work as “springboards” for our own.  in this way, we can turn mens necrophilic theory, policy and practice into something we can use, to help ourselves.  a sound policy, considering that males have monopolized all the resources including data and methods of collecting data, and we have to get by on whatever they decide to share with us, assuming there is anything left after stripping it down of its repulsive maleness.  and i have come to believe that there is something we can use in the data/evidence and synthesis men have shared in relation to NTE.

NTE activist (mostly) males say that global climate change will make the earth uninhabitable for humans and that we will become extinct — that the planet in its oppressively polluted state will shortly get exponentially worse and will not support human life for much longer.  and this may well be.  what i have never seen discussed is the possibility that an oppressively polluted earth will not sustain MALE life (but that female or majority female life may well live on) even though there is some evidence to support this.  i am not saying PROOF — i am talking about evidence.  and this is important.

all theorists except mathematicians (i think?) rely on evidence, not proof, in forming and coalescing their thoughts — upon which is built policy and practice.  proof is reserved for mathematics in that actual logical proofs can be drawn which are not debatable — if done correctly, proofs are demonstrably true, in a mathematical sense.  others of us have to rely on “evidence” which is a lower standard, and far from ideal, but it is what it is.  of course, an even lower standard has been applied where some feminists have “theorized” about men and maleness “against all evidence” and these feminists have long professed that there is hope for men, that men are likely to change, that males will respond to females without violence.  they admit that the policy and practice flowing from these absurd beliefs has been against all evidence.  the result has been a disaster, and 100+ years of reformist politicking has been like shooting pebbles at the moon.

anyway, all this is to say that there is indeed EVIDENCE that MALE life will become extinct or endangered in fairly short order, due to global climate change.  while NTE activists (or whatever they call themselves — doomsday cultists) present compelling EVIDENCE for their claims that human life will shortly falter or fail, they have rather notably not addressed known sex-based differences in human survival rates including fetal development under conditions of pollution and maternal stress — these conditions demonstrably favor female life over male.  in other words, where male fetuses and neonates are relatively fragile, and female is the default setting for every fetus, it is largely females that survive environmental pollution and maternal stress — massive levels of both pollution and stress being on the horizon, according to NTE activists.  and males, disproportionately, do not survive in these conditions.

i have used NTE male circle-jerking (essentially, resource hoarding and hedonism in preparation for “our” impending doom) as a springboard for my own thoughts, which is that nature will favor a global female majority, and that there is EVIDENCE that this will indeed happen, and that it may happen soon.  relatedly, there is also EVIDENCE that, when the male population decreases substantially for whatever reason, life gets better for everyone.  google it!  what all of this means in practical terms, as far as i can tell, is that natural law will take care of the maleness problem, which is partly a numbers problem, ie, too many males.  and human females need not do anything — its going to happen anyway,  no matter what we do or dont.

kindly recall that i am citing EVIDENCE, not PROOF.  and frankly, as there is NO evidence that males as a class will ever change for the better, and NO evidence that males as a class can or will respond to females without violence, what i am proposing here is in fact more logically sound than anything any reformist feminist has ever proposed.  there is more evidence that the human race will become extinct in 15 years than there is evidence that males will ever stop oppressing, raping and murdering females based on our sex.  think about that.

males have created a global system that is unsustainable, where they have reaped all the benefits while enduring no or disproportionately low costs (PIV is but one example of many, but it is the only one that all males share equal responsibility for; being that global overpopulation is largely what has caused this mess, this is no small point, but one that largely “sexually active” PIV-positive NTE activists have notably not addressed.  responsibility for other discrepant cost/benefit scenarios may differ amongst men based on their race and class, with white western males arguably being the worst.  but still, all subsidies are created by and for men).  the punchline, if you can call it that, is that nature will not stand for this forever.  women demanding some return to homeostasis, or activating towards it, follows natural law, but there is EVIDENCE that it is too late for any of this.  and as it always has and always will, nature bats last.

NTE activists believe that no humans will survive, but another outcome is supported by the evidence — the world will be so polluted and stressful that males will simply cease to exist, or will only exist in disproportionately tiny numbers while females survive to make the best of whatever is left, even if its been reduced to a toxic, smoking cinder.  just like we always have.  this is freeing in a dark way — and forgive me too if i find it a bit funny.  after all the FEMALE blood, sweat and tears expended advancing radical feminism (and environmentalism!) in the face of impending global male extinction…its gallows humor.

Wow. I Can’t Type. November 29, 2014

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whatever typing skills i had gained over 4 years of constant blogging fail me now, i cannot type anymore.  at all.  however, i still want to connect, and to say HI, and to report back on what i have seen and learned over the last year when i was away.  on my way out, i had been commenting, rather at length, about how and why our “movement” probably looks the way it looks, and acts the way it does.  the nuts leave.  i wanted to add something to that parting thought, which is that women are not meant to communicate this way — using words.  we just arent.  realizing this has been interesting for me, as a (formerly) prolific writer, because i still believe that getting the important stuff in writing, so we can access it both now and later is, well, important.  having our beliefs written out in a logical, unassailable form that is easily conveyed and understood by other people is important.  but it is just the beginning.

for example, i have had the great pleasure in the last year of encountering stray animals and “taking them in”.  bizarrely, i found myself sing-songing to them, meaning, i spoke to them, but not in any recognizable language, a bit like women have always sung to babies (and animals!) but not being a mother myself, i had never experienced this.  this “baby talk” is so demeaned and devalued in this culture, and it is also misused (in het relationships, between partners — blech) that it was humiliating to me to realize that i was doing it.  but the more i sat with it, the more i understood it.  i now believe that womens voices can be used for so much more than just speaking — we communicate through sound when we want to, but the way we connect is non-sensical.  it is jibberish, and yet something is conveyed — a thought, perhaps, or a feeling, or just a way of filling the space between us, our sounds (and our silences!) matter.  i now believe that women, and animals, are largely nonverbal, and that this is the way its always been and is much more natural to us than using language, which came later.  sonia johnson explores this in her books, unsurprisingly.  nothing new under the sun.  i get that this may sound bizarre to those who have never experienced it (and even to some who have).

and to take this a bit further, *if* it is true that women are largely or naturally nonverbal, like animals are, then quite a lot of mensworld begins to make sense.  i immediately think of “pick up artists” and how they have been training each other for years how to capitalize on this — women say NO to men, and to PIV in hundreds of (nonverbal) ways, but to the PUA, unless a woman shouts NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (or kills him in self defense) none of our NOs matter.  we are not communicating NO to them on their terms, using words, so the many ways we *are* communicating it do not matter.  they have free reign to rape us, and if it comes down to it, law enforcement will probably agree with them — that our nonverbal NOs were not communicative, or not sufficiently communicative.  of course, men rape women anyway, even when we do say NO (and women are also “socialized” to be coy mute, so theres that).  but there is something here worth parsing, i think, having to do with communication, versus language.

and the bottom line might be, it is better to just stay away from men completely, if they do not respect/accept our “language” and the many ways women speak/communicate which do not follow mens rules.  and the evidence suggests that indeed men do not respect/accept it.  also, we can never win with them, which is another great reason to stay away (see scat, and michael stipe — men have long been recognized and allowed to communicate nonverbally, using the voice as an instrument, but women have not).

i would also like to report (again!) that i have experienced “womens land” over the last year, and that it is quite unlike anything else on earth.  women who have been doing this for decades (and longer) already know this of course and i do not wish to demean their experience and contributions to our collective knowledge by merely repeating it.  to hopefully expound on it, perhaps like the patriarchal toxic waste that is left behind in mensworld by men, i think that women using women-only space leaves some kind of energy behind that is palpable to those who come later.  when women-indentified-women use a shower, or toilet, or table, or room, they leave something behind, and it is palpable — the opposite of the gross and palpable evil that males leave in their wake, women-identified-women leave behind female identification, and female life.  the women that come after, if they are sensitive to such things — and probably even if they arent, this is partially what is so exciting about it — *feel* what has come before.  and it invites more of the same, and more of the same.

to wit, a “shower” on womens land feels different than any other shower — everything that is expected to, and does, happen in there with female bodies, minds and our entire reality while showering is normal, to be expected, and acceptable.  it is (we are) not tangential, tertiary, dysfunctional, or weird.  and this means something.  there is a reason we are not expected or allowed to ever experience this, or to know this.  our bodies, and everything that we do and everything we are, can be experienced as normal, expected, and accepted.  this is possible.  i know this now.  and i just wanted to document it here, along with everything else.  i believe that this is at least as important as anything else we have discussed here or anywhere, and i will therefore leave comments open for as long as women are actively discussing.  that is all.

A Final Analysis August 19, 2013

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this might be a multi-part post, im not sure yet!  recently ive become aware that there are costs to doing this kind of work, and that this should never be ignored or minimized.  i have therefore been applying a cost-benefit analysis to my own involvement in this “movement” — in general, this is something women are never (ever, ever) supposed to do.  in no circumstances ever, anywhere in life, are we supposed or allowed to consider what XYZ is costing us, and whether its worth it to us.  we are the only actors in any economy whose work has no value, and when we are harmed it is not harmful.  for my part, i have very publically utilized the cost-benefit analysis in other areas, and now im applying it to this one — whether or not to continue blogging here or anywhere.

to be clear, i consider “magic” to be a benefit, as well as creativity and change, so its not a matter of playing Economist in any obvious or obviously male ($) sense, just in a balancing sense.  the cost-benefit model is a natural model that follows natural law, not mens law.  or, it is if you do it right.

it seems to me that at this point, there is very little to be gained in comparison to what is being lost and what it is costing me (and “us”) in continuing down this road.  to wit, modding a high-volume, priority-target blog has always been a chore whose cost is only outweighed where there are plenty of good comments coming in, inspiring new work.  spinning and spiraling, in other words.  where comments are down for whatever reason, modding and otherwise maintaining this space becomes very costly.  thats not the only issue, but it is the final issue for anyone who is interested in analyzing cost/benefit, which i obviously am.

as additional context, and i am only repeating myself here, in my experience, and as confirmed by the writing/experiences of women who came before, once you get to a certain point in your radical consciousness, the “movement” spits you out like a bad fig.  just squirts you right out, and “masticating” would not be a bad analogy for what “it” does to you right before.  testing your resolve, seeing if you might be broken or broken down and whether or not you can be molded and made more palatable, or made palatable again.  and probably other things.  there are very few of us afterall, and some of us are interested in numbers.  those of us who have lost our figginess or potential figginess or whatever are of no use to those who are making money off this, or who are doing it to win friends and influence (large numbers of) people or any other patriarchal agenda.  which is not really a surprise now is it?

and in the end, if you arent a fig or a particularly palatable fig, youre a nut (or the gray, unappetizing pudding which is fun-feminism) — ask any exiled radfem/revolting ex-reformist.  the nuts, apparently, are those who come to certain conclusions about men and maleness, and who reject “palatability” and politicking on feminist grounds because they hold no promise to free us.

and for reasons i am beginning to completely (even intimately) understand, the “nuts” arent generally commenting on radfem blogs, or having anything whatsoever to do with “radical feminism” or with what i am calling “figgishness” which is no more and no less than a product bought and sold.  thats the bottom line really, for me, as a radfem blogger/modder and creator/co-creator of this space, which was always partially or mostly purposed by/toward conversation and advancing radical thought.

i will, of course, leave the archives intact, and will accept comments below, as long as people are discussing.  and i may (or may not) write a followup post.  thanks for reading and contributing (spinning and spiraling) to femonade!