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That’s So Totes 70s! June 29, 2012

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1770’s to be exact!

full text of the declaration of independence below.  its still relevant!  celebrated, even!  because men’s work isnt expected to change and evolve constantly, to accept the trends of the day or put on a pretty face, whatever that means, in whatever time or place.  men’s foundational documents (declarations and yes — manifestos) are not denied, shunned, wrongly paraphrased, endlessly parsed or not parsed at all — even when they should be — watered down and ground up and obliterated to the point that they are ethereal nothingness, losing the plot.  men’s foundational documents dont even have to recognize that women exist, and they are still valid, you see.  it was an accident of language, it wasnt deliberate — even when it was.

when men build patriarchal foundations, the foundations are allowed to stand, and if anything, its the house that gets tinkered with and not the foundation (you know, like recognizing the existence of women — at the insistence of women).  indeed, womens responses to men’s patriarchal foundations — when we are even allowed a response — is the window dressing and the furniture and the dishes and the towels.  we decorate men’s patriarchal houses, literally and more literally.  we attempt to make ourselves comfortable there.  they allow us to do this somewhat.

when women build feminist foundations, like the works of sheila jeffreys, mary daly, and catharine mackinnon, men drop bombs on them and reduce our foundations to bombed-out, smoking craters.  at least, they try to do this.  some of us are resisting, but when our work has been thoroughly debunked by the people who get to determine such things, what does that mean for us?  our foundations are destroyed, reduced to holes and rubble.  we sit along side of them and weep, but that is not all we do.  we decide that architecture itself is patriarchal, it must be.  holding that truth to be self-evident, we work from there.