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365 Days of Working Out…Turns a Normal Looking Guy Into a Giant Douche September 15, 2009

Posted by FCM in entertainment, gender roles, health, rape, thats mean, WTF?.
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this is a time-lapse video of a normal-looking guy who decided he needed to improve his “physique.” he ends up also being less hairy, tanner, and basically looking like a giant douche.

why do people do this to themselves? i have been reading some fatpositive blogs lately and the thing thats stuck with me is that fat does not equal unhealthy, and actually tends to protect you from some things.  and being thin, if you are eating crap and sedentary, is even worse that being fat. 

but we automatically inquire about — and congratulate — people when they appear to have lost weight, dont we?  for fucks sake!  what if they just got over being ill?  what if they are suffering from wasting from chemo?  thinness isnt always an intentional (or a celebratory) state, and some people are just so naturally thin that they feel like freaks, too.  people tell them to “eat something” and its supposed to be a “compliment” or a joke.  but to anyone thats ever been “too thin,”  any body- or weight-related attention is as offensive as telling someone who is fat to “back away from the doughnut.”  mind your own fucking business.  whether i can or cannot fill out the ass in a pair of jeans is entirely not.  your.  concern.