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Right-Wing Women (Part 3-D) March 26, 2011

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part 1 is here.  part 2 is here.  background in the way of dworkins own graphics (some in 3-D!) are here and here.  in fact, the 3-D graphics are what inspired this post, so i hope people will click over to scum-o-rama to review them, before reading further.  its kinda important.  and its dworkin afterall!  its worth it!  i’ll wait….

the above is just a very low-quality image to serve as a mental placeholder.  it will not replace actually viewing the real thing.

in RWW, dworkin states very plainly what she sees as “the condition of women” and the fact that she means to include *all* women, under patriarchy.  under patriarchy, pornography is what women are; the crimes against women, as women, by men are what women are for; and prostitution is what women do (in other words, everything women do is within the context of prostitution, because prostitution is the context in which women exist as women, under the P).  prostitution is the outer wall keeping women inside the sex-class.

and lets just assume that she is right, for purposes of this post.

now…dworkin blows up her graphic into 3-dimensions, and i think it helps to visualize it that way.  because it helps us envision this, too: imagine that the “lateral view” (the flat circle) is actually given depth so that it extends outward like a paper-towel roll (this is what happens when you turn a 2-dimensional “circle” into a 3-dimensional “cylinder”).  okay?  using dworkins graphic, the outside of the paper towel roll would be “prostitution,” the wall keeping women inside the sex-class; and inside the tube would be “the crimes against women” and inside that would be the “heart of pornography.”  (if you cut a slice out of the width of the tube, you would be left with the lateral view again, or the flat circle).  can you see it?

now…i am going to add a fourth dimension…lets call it “time.”  this is what you see when you look through the tube.  so…pick it up and look through it.  from the outside, it would look something like…this beautiful faux-antique kaleidoscope, from google!  on the inside, what would you see, as time passed, under the system dworkin described, of women living as women, as the captive sex-class, under patriarchy?  well…i think this is what you would see:

isnt it?  old women.  this is what happens to all women, around the world, as time passes.  but where women are only valued insofar as they can be exploited, sexually and reproductively, by men…where women ARE sex, and they exist within the context of prostitution, and there is no escape…the passage of time creates…well, see for yourself.  from RWW:

*if* you live long enough, this is whats going to happen to you, unless you can do something to stop it.  this is what we all have to look forward to, assuming that things continue the way they have been going for the last oh say several millenia.  and theres simply no reason to believe that this is going to change, in our lifetimes, if ever.  is there?

and the “if ever” is an interesting point, considering that radical feminists are, as women, coming from a base of powerlessness.  right wing-women choose to align themselves with powerful men, and not feminists, because right-wing women, when they look at feminists, see women.  and they know that all women, living in dworkins horrifying (and accurate) kaleidoscope, are barreling towards the end of their lives, and theres nothing there except the worst suffering and abuse anyone can imagine, and more.

are right-wing women wrong, if they think feminists will not succeed?  are they wrong for doubting it?  are they? 

and are they crazy for being seriously concerned, or pissed off that feminists are potentially ruining the deals the right-wing women have made, with men, so that they (the women) may best survive (as women) under patriarchy?  i dont think these women are crazy.  no, i dont think so, at all.  in fact…the old-age stuff has haunted my days and nights ever since i first read it, and it makes me *kind of* wish i could create my own small army (say 4 or 5 young professionals with unlimited earning potential?  just as an example) to help me out when i am old, and have become so much human garbage.  kind of.  i mean, i can see why someone might want to try it, just in case.  i think most people could see why this might sound like a good idea, if they just thought about it a lil bit.  or, like dworkin, if they thought about it a lot.