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24-Hour Menergy January 12, 2011

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i am currently reading mary dalys “quintessence” which is the last in a trilogy “describing the Metapatriarchal Journey of Excorcism and Ecstasy.”  (her words).  gyn/ecology and pure lust preceded quintessence, and i havent read either of them yet.  since she plays around with the ideas of time and space, and points out that radical feminist work is both timeless and boundless, i dont think she would mind my reading them out of order.  she might even think it was funny?  i dont know.  her internal dialogue seems to be a track of constant laughter.  which takes some getting used to, since she tackles the most gruesome of subject matter, like all radical feminists do.  you can tell when the laughter is perverse, and hers isnt.  sonia once commented here that reading daly was like being wrapped in a warm blanket.

in quintessence, among other things, daly discusses energy, and intent.  regarding energy, she notes that we are literally surrounded by man-made energy at every moment of every day: the magnetic and electrical energies of technology, like radar, for example, which is apparently bounced off of every square inch of the earth, once an hour, by military and other satellites which store the data as images to be downloaded later.  i have personally viewed the street where i grew up on google earth, as well as every home i have lived in since, so this isnt really a surprise.  for anyone who isnt convinced, she quotes an actual man who can confirm this is true.  (she advocates using phallocentric authors as a springboard for radical feminist work, where applicable.)

regarding intent, she mentions the practice of surgical lobotomy, which was performed on thousands of women mere decades ago, with the surgeons themselves concluding after followup with lobotomized women that the procedure made these mutilated women “good housekeepers.”  and they continued to do it to even more women, after that.  interestingly, this is where the end-result becomes the intent, if it wasnt already.  even assuming they werent really sure what was going to happen in lobotomized patients in the beginning, once they recorded that the result was, in fact, to completely destroy womens “wildness and creativity” and they still did it to even more women, its obvious that AT SOME POINT, this is exactly what they wanted to happen.  (kinda like inflicting physical harm and trauma-bonding from PIV.  but i digress).  and that this “intent” (to destroy women) is exactly the intent of patriarchy, as a whole.

so, after reading this during the day, i was driving home and realizing the obvious, that mens energy is literally all around us, at all times, and not just radar from military satellites.  men built the roads and bridges.  men built the cars.  men built the signs and hung the wires.  men are literally patrolling the streets, every nook and cranny in fact, and keeping the order.  everything is permeated with maleness, and literally (literally!) embodying male energy: if men put their energy into creating a bridge, their energy is still there.  heres what wiki has to say about the relationship between potential and kinetic energy, which seems to be applicable here:

The action of stretching [a] spring or lifting [a] mass requires energy to perform. The energy that went into lifting up the mass is stored in its position in the gravitational field, while similarly, the energy it took to stretch the spring is stored in the metal. According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed; hence this energy cannot disappear. Instead, it is stored as potential energy. If the spring is released or the mass is dropped, this stored energy will be converted into kinetic energy by the restoring force, which is elasticity in the case of the spring, and gravity in the case of the mass. Think of a roller coaster. When the coaster climbs a hill it has potential energy. At the very top of the hill is its maximum potential energy. When the car speeds down the hill potential energy turns into kinetic. Kinetic energy is greatest at the bottom.

bolds mine.  now, i am not talking about “male energy” necessarily.  (i am not an evil essenshul-ist afterall!)  realizing that its “mens energy” i think is good enough.  and when one considers mens intentions, always, the fact that mens energy literally built every artificial structure and every piece of technology and every everything, the possibility that they have left some kind of mark on everything becomes even more compelling.  i mean really.  what were these men thinking, when they were building the bridge?  what were they thinking, when they built the signs, and paved the streets, and hung the wires?  what motivated them to do it?  (ie. what was their intent?)  what motivated them to even get out of bed that day, and what were they expecting to happen that night, and the next day, and the next week, and the next year, and for the rest of their lives?  of course, the chances that their intent exactly mirrored the intent of patriarchy are high.  in fact, we can probably take it as a given.

so.  the fact that men built literally everything, and that mens energy (and the intent driving them to expend it?) is literally stored, everywhere, is known.  it isnt a variable, its a given.  that parts easy.  the next question i guess is “does it matter?”  and i am starting to think that it probably does.