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It’s Just (Penis In Vagina)!!!!11!!11 April 10, 2010

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the whole problem with this “its just sex” credo is that its a fucking fail, right from the start.  and as far as problematic ideologies go, thats a big fucking problem, being problematic from the start.  its like…adding a cup of salt instead of a cup of sugar.  or trying to raise free-range chickens in hyena country.  someone fucked up, and theres no reconciling it.  theres nothing you can do in these situations, except reassess, cut your losses, and start over.  right?  thats what a normal thinking human would do, if they had any ambition at all, and the resources to do it. 

it does make it more difficult to see the problem for what it is though, to stick with the above analogies, when some 99.9% of us dont have tastebuds.  and half of us are hyenas.

you see, words have meaning.  yes, they do.  they arent just ink on the fucking page.  and this game of life has rules.  so when it comes to written rules (or “laws” if you prefer) theres a definitional section in the beginning, and a legislative history (aka. “context”) on the record so that we can all reasonably figure out *whats being said* and whats meant, when a new law is being hashed out, and later when its being enforced.  we have to know whats being expected of us, as citizens.  otherwise, its not fair.  in fact, theres an entire multi-billion dollar, international industry thats been in existence for thousands of years, dedicated to ensuring that things are fair, and that the meaning and the intended meaning of words are vetted, and clearly understood.  you know, when it comes to understanding whats being expected of MEN.  and that industry is called “civil and criminal defense.”

when it comes to vetting and understanding whats being expected of women, and ensuring that things are fairly applied and interpreted when it comes to *us* we have…radical feminists.  yeah, all 19 of us, taking on the same responsibilities and taking it just as seriously as a multi-billion dollar, international industry…and we are doing it, largely, with no money, and no time.  and most of the laws pertaining to us are unwritten, to boot.  (something men would never stand for by the way.  if its not written down, they dont have to do it.  simple as that).

and interestingly, our “clients” (other women) rarely appreciate our services, at all.  almost all of them fight radical feminists every fucking step of the way.  then when they have what they want, and are enjoying the fruits of our (and our mothers and grandmothers) labor, they call radical feminists fucking cunts and thank the men for “evolving.”  the lack of appreciation happens in civil and criminal defense too, but at least most lawyers dont have their clients trying to claw their way BACK INTO prison.  and most of them arent “consensually” fucking the guards (or very deeply in love with them).

so, understanding that this is the context in which we all live (and it is) let me ask a simple question, about the definition of a word.  what is meant, and intended, and expected, when we use the word “sex?”  as in, “its just sex!!!!11!1!”  this is not a rhetorical question. 

because there are many, many people out there bandying the term about, and many more who are using it to con other people into doing stuff.  the religious right are telling women to have “sex” with men, in certain situations but not others, and for certain reasons but not others.  and the lefty liberals are telling women to have “sex” with all men, in all situations, for any reason, or no reason at all.  the religious ones, some of them, tell women they can desire it, as long as its with their husbands.  for the lefty liberals, they dont care whether the women desire it, or not.  (both sides:  “yay, hookers!!11!!!!11!1”  oh, and so much for anyone claiming that the religious right are “anti-sex,” yes?  so stop making the comparison between allegedly “anti-sex” radfems and the religious right.)

but sticking your dick into a vagina AINT SEX.  mm-kay?  its not.  since when did “sex” come to mean “men sticking their dicks into women?”  because thats what it means.  thats the intended, and working, meaning of the word.  someone fucked up here, people.  we need to start over, because “sex” has nothing to do with being sexual, with arousal, or desire, or with being interesting or creative or anything.  and its definitely not about “expressing” anything, except penis-worship, and mens entitlement to put girls and women in harms way, without reproach.

so if someone were to say to me, “its just erotic massage!!!!1!!11!”  or “its just mutual masturbation/digital penetration!!!11!!”  or “its just authentic female desire” or “its just a warm, wet, aroused vulva with a non-phallic-looking vibrator stimulating it to orgasm!!!!1!!1” i would say “yay sex, bring it on.”  but thats not what anyone means, when they say “its just sex.”

“sex” as its intended to mean, means “penis in vagina” and since that puts girls and women at risk for pregnancy and STDs, the payoff is not worth the risk.  even if our clits were located in our vaginas, IT STILL WOULDNT BE WORTH IT.  but they arent, and its not.  “its just sex” means “its just misogyny and male entitlement.”  and if you dont have a problem with that, you have a very serious problem, indeed.