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Why Am I Not Surprised? Boob Doctor Makes Positive Mammogram Result All About Him! January 31, 2010

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its not really gambling if the house always wins.

i dont normally write about myself or my family, but this was just the absolute end.  friday afternoon we received some bad news: my mom had a positive mammogram result. two, actually: the first one, then a follow-up mammogram that was also positive. the next step is a surgical consult. so that part was shocking. what *wasnt* shocking is that the boob doctor somehow managed to make this experience all about him. men always do that, dont they? for christs sake.  so this is the state of things, when women need medical care. enter the boob doctor.

my mom lives in florida, and the only reason i am telling you that, is this: if you ever need major medical care or diagnostic testing, do not have it done in florida. just dont. i might do some research at some point about why this is, and what the numbers look like, but there is definitely something going on in florida regarding the competency of floridian doctors. if you are a snowbird or a midwesterner, go back to new york or michigan or wherever you are from, and get your major medical care there. thats free advice.

now, knowing what she knows (and has good reason to know, and i am *not* telling you about that) about the competency of floridian doctors, as soon as she heard “surgical consult” she was already going through her mental address book (its as sharp as a blackberry, and works in tunnels) and planning a trip back home. she mentions this to her doctor, who immediately becomes offended.  of course, as a fifty-something woman she has decades of experience catering to the egos of self-important men, so she didnt even tell him the truth: instead of “you butchers arent cutting into me, i am out of here” she said “my family is back home and i will need someone to look after me while i convalesce, so would you be so kind as to offer me a referral?”  and the fucking cocksucking doctor was *still* offended.

i wont even go into the fact that the doctor acted like breast surgery was no more important than trimming a hangnail, or excising a fucking boil.  or that he normally has his physicians assistant deal with the “wimmins trubbles”.  (because what, women *arent* the inferior other?)

SHE was digesting the news that she could have FUCKING CANCER, and she was STILL smart enough to suck his fucking dick and cater to HIM.  and no matter what she did or didnt do in HER moment of terror, in HER medical crisis, this fucking cocksucking piece of shit man was still making it all about himself.  this woman, this mother, this patient, this possible cancer patient in front of him sucking *his* fucking dick wasnt sucking it GOOD ENOUGH.  this woman who was completely devastated and still hadnt even told her husband or her daughters what had happened, who had stopped in his office for her test results and was told she needed her flesh sliced open to see whether she might die from cancer wasnt dancing FAST ENOUGH, to suit him.  that she was apparently questioning his competence (even though she took great pains *not* to fucking say that!) was what was important, there.  his interpretation of what she didnt even fucking say, was what he was focused on.