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“Quintessence” Part 2 January 23, 2011

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in quintessence, mary daly puts the smackdown on pomo and what she calls “academentia” and its absolutely cracking me up.  it really is.  she writes about how BORING it all is, about the banality of mainstream thought, and how particularly academics are operating from a place of fear, and stagnation (which she hyphenates: stag-nation). HA!  (part one is here.)

and its true isnt it?  i cant even read mainstream blogs anymore, without actually feeling as if my head is going to explode.  for reals.  and this includes (of course) the nightmarish snoozefest that passes as “feminist” in teh mainstream interwebs…i was recently saddened to realize that i was about to blow a lobe (thanks twisty) reading sociological images.  damn!  another one bites the dust.  but where does this feeling come from?  it actually, literally, feels as if i am banging my head on a wall.  the pressure builds, as if i am actually experiencing some kind of trauma. 

mary daly describes whats known as the “four causes” where the end result becomes the intent: once you do something and document the result, if you do it again, its because thats what you want to happen.  it also includes visualizing a goal, then being moved to achieve it, by it.  its a closed circuit, that motivates most people to act, and causes most of what we know as “change” or invention.  but for something thats supposedly “creative” its all very boring actually, because it doesnt leave room for…spontenaity.  magic.  real creation.  something thats not going to bore the shit out of your reader for example.  something thats not going to make them long for sweet death, to stop the doublethinking brainpain (i am talking to you, feministing!)  luckily i guess, since reading this mainstream garbage is so painful, it also functions as its own sedative.

from quintessence:

loretta once commented here that women need to be free to go to the end of our thoughts.  and mainstream writers, including pomo-feminist and academic writers, arent doing that.  at all.  in fact, its a marker of patriarchal thinking, isnt it, to take your thoughts to the end of what benefits you, and then to stop.  no thinking about future consequences.  no thinking about unequal risk.  no thinking about much of anything really (except how to get yours, whatever that is, and then perhaps how to keep it.)

so reading feministing (for example) is so punishing, and so painful, because none of us are being allowed to go to the end of our thoughts, in that forum.  the fun-fem forum.  the patriarchal forum.  the head-banging feeling is our thoughts coming up against the “end” of a closed circuit (which is also the beginning!  heads are spinning!) and not being allowed to continue.  because of who we might offend.  because of what we might come up with, and what it might mean.  (like that PIV is problematic…oh hell no, hold the phone).  because of who we must pacify, and satisfy, before we can satisfy our own need to be free, within the confines of our own fucking minds.  to have the freedom of our own fucking thoughts.  to have that tiny shred of privacy, that tiny shred of dignity, to ride it out, to think an entire thought to its conclusion, no matter where it might end.  to jump off mary dalys cliff, as she says, to fall how you fall, and land where you land, and be surprised and amazed at what you find there.

thats not too much to ask, i dont think, and its not too much to demand either.  no, its not.