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Don’t Blame Feminists for Your Misunderstanding of Roe vs. Wade: We Never Said Men Shouldn’t Have a Say in the Abortion Debate August 27, 2009

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its a misunderstanding that many people make regarding the meaning of Roe and its progeny, and frankly I am getting tired of hearing about it.

the real reasons that spousal and parental-consent laws, without a work-around, are illegal are not to exclude concerned parents and male partners from the discussion. its really very simple.

in a good relationship, the spouse or parent will of course be consulted in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. that goes without saying, and theres no reason to state as much in our abortion laws. but very clearly, the matter needs to be addressed, as often as its being misunderstood: in a nutshell, abortion laws giving women the ultimate decision-making power are meant to protect women and girls in unhealthy relationships, where the spouse/parent would not have her best interests at heart.