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Fun-Fem Roundup: Long Island Serial Killer May 14, 2011

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as many of you are probably aware, law enforcement on long island, new york has a serial killer on its hands.  and when i say “serial killer” in this case (and as is often the case) i mean a mass-murderer of prostituted women.  and a man is doing this, obviously.  although we all have to pretend that it might be a woman doing it, until we know for sure right?

this isnt the first time this has happened in the area.  long island was also the birthplace of one “Joel Rifkin, a Long Island resident who killed at least nine prostitutes in New York City between 1989 and 1993.”  bold mine.  and those nine (nine!) are just the ones we know about, and represent half of his total known-vicitm count which appears to be 18.  in the current case, 10 bodies have been found decomposing on a long island beach in the last year; four have been identified as prostituted women who found johns on craigslist.

recently it was discovered that the area has been used as a body-dumping ground for awhile; in addition to the four women who were advertising on craiglist (which are believed to have been killed by the same man i mean genderless, sexless human, possibly female) the other bodies are now believed to include other known prostituted women who have been missing for years, and one man and a female child.

so those are the facts, and of course this has made national news.  so what do the fun-fems have to say about all this?  about the safety of prostituted women in the face of the predictable, normalized and routine violence of their johns; about the inherent harms of PIV-centric sexuality to women (okay thats a stretch, and its not like they will ever come clean about that one will they?) or about the fact that we are related to, living next to and partnering with male-bodied persons who believe that prostituted women are essentially warm meat, to be killed and consumed (or consumed, then killed) and thrown away?  or that the cops dont really care about it, because nobody really cares about prostituted women, or any woman?

and how about…the acceptance and persistence of male PIV-entitlement that runs so deep and wide that essentially all women and all men everywhere believe that men are absolutely entitled to PIV-on-demand from any and all women, all the time?  and that raping and killing (or killing then raping) prostitutes is the way some men “have sex”?

welp…see for yourselves.  when i searched the ever-popular fun-fem blog feministe for “long island serial killer” this is what i found:

one result, and its not even about the long island serial killer.  its about “lost.”  the TV show.  and some ads.  now thats good feminist commentary!

next, i performed the same search over at the fun-fem hub itself, feministing.  heres what was returned:*

two hits.  one is about the polar bear club (WTF?) and the other actually does pertain to the long island serial killer!  yay!  so feministing is doing better than feministe, but not by much.  when i read the article, however, this is what i found.  from “Protect Don’t Prosecute: Amnesty for Long Island Sex-Workers“:

Many of you may have heard the the [sic] awful details of a case on Long Island in which the remains of a total of ten people who were killed while apparently doing sex work were discovered on a beach in Long Island. Four identified bodies were women, but they haven’t disclosed the sex of the remaining six bodies.  [yes!  because some of the victims might be men i mean they might actually be human.  one of them *might* even be a transwoman, or a male prostitute, which seems especially compelling now that one of the victims has apparently been identified as a young man.  now that would be worth writing about!]

[some fun-fem] has launched a campaign requesting amnesty for all prostitution related offenses. Amnesty needs to be promised for all sex workers for people to be able to come forward with information about this case.  [see how sneaky that is?  all prostitution-related offenses.  not all prostituted women.  this includes amnesty for johns too!  yay!]

bold, red, italics and brackets mine.  this is feministings summation of the issue:  its “awful,” (at least they didnt say it was “shocking” i guess?) that some “people” (not women) were “killed” (not murdered by men) while they were “working” (yep, just another day at the salt mines!)  and…amnesty for johns!

so help me out here people: should i even bother going to the curvature?  sure ok why not.

i really did save this one for last, i wasnt even going to go, and i wrote this entire piece without knowing.  but in the end was this:

no results found.  could it be any more obvious that an active, experienced radical feminist HUB is desperately needed, and that people seeking out feminist commentary, including (but not limited to) commentary on current events need an alternative?  no.  no, it probably could not.

*since writing this piece, i see that feministing has added one!  when i searched “long island serial killer” on feministing today, 5/14/11, a third hit appeared which is a transcript of a speech given by “friend of feministing” [some fun fem] to rile up the crowd for slutwalk.  heres the phrase that returned this post as a hit to my keyword search:  “Right now, there’s a serial killer loose on Long Island, and the police aren’t doing fuck all about it because he’s mostly killing sex workers.”   okay!  and this unfortunate sidenote i mean gratuitous reference to a decidedly sexxxay current news item is going to be remedied or even affected at all by slutwalk, how, again?