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“Rape Culture Simultaneously Exists, and Does Not Exist,” Say Transactivists January 3, 2010

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what are you so afraid of?

feminists get that we live in a rape culture, where every single man is shroedinger’s rapist to every single woman.  most nonfeminist women “get” this too, although they are loathe to call themselves feminists for whatever reason: hence we have the much beleaguered “bathroom dilemma” faced by men in dresses transwomen who insist on using female-only restrooms and invading other female-only spaces whenever the fuck it suits them. 

but what the transactivists are saying on this issue makes.  no.  sense.  the foundation of their argument that even non-op transwomen should be allowed unfettered access to women’s bathrooms is that *men rape, and they are afraid of being raped if they use the men’s room*.  ok, i am with them so far, i mean really.  men *do* rape.  and i wouldnt want to have to use the restroom next to them either.  HENCE THE PROBLEM. 

transwomen are not women, they are men.  they were raised to be aggressive and entitled, because they were born male, and raised male.  because they were raised male in a rape culture, transwomen will inevitably believe that sexual violence is a handy tool with which to punish women, and many transwomen want to punish born-women so badly they cannot contain it.  heres an example of this blatant misogyny and uncontrollable, sexually-charged rage against born-women who dare question transpolitics, or challenge “transwomen’s” entitlement, in any way: 

But I still want to be a woman so my only realistic option now is to abduct you…keep you in my cellar…make you use loads of moisturiser on your body….then skin you & make it into a lady suit, for me to wear.  {BTW, what dress size are you, I’m 5′ 11″ will you fit me?}  I’m pretty sure this is an original idea. 

ps. we should be together.  u wank-cam? 

and heres another: 

Wotcha marjieworm-twat. This is great.  I just read your transphobic rant & you are more barking than me. (You’re parents must be so proud of you}.  As your post removes your rights as a human, I can fuck with your head as much as I want.  Think I’ll do racist, not tried that before.  I want you to be my black nigga slave girl.  suck my muther fucking cock, you bitch.  Um, how was that? 

We can move onto date rape & cannibalism next if you like, in future mails.  Please write back.  I love you & we should be together. Quack! 

now.  the essence of “schroedinger’s rapist” which was addressed so well over at shapely prose (also known as “not TRANSPHOBIC! prose”) was that, as women, we have no way of knowing whether a man is a rapist until he attacks us.  NO.  WAY. OF. KNOWING.  UNTILHEATTACKSUS.  and all men are schroedinger’s rapist, to all women: thats the essence of living in a rape culture.  rape is normal, because aggression and entitlement are normal, if you are a man; and its become normal for women to expect it, and to fear it, from all men.  like it or lump it. 

so while shapely prose is quite eloquently telling us how it is, the transactivists who just *love* reading her continue to miss the point: that it applies to transwomen, too, but not as victims.  you see, transwomen are schroedinger’s rapists, too.  women have no way of knowing if transwomen are rapists, until they attack us.  NO.  WAY.  OF.  KNOWING. UNILTHEYATTACKUS.  its almost beside the point that we dont know if you really “feel” like a woman, or not, and we have no way of knowing.  and some of us dont fucking care how you feel.  we dont want to be using the toilet next to a fucking man, because of the threat of rape.  you know, the one that the transactivists like to pretend exists (when it suits them) and simultaneously does not exist, when it would benefit *them* if it didnt.  but thats the case.  not at all.  

of course, since some transwomen think that anything a woman could ever say “removes her rights as a human being,” and cannot contain their rape fantasies and threats of sexual violence against radical feminists who dare challenge them, i dare say its only a matter of time before a transwoman rapes a born-woman, in the name of feminism. and that, my friends, will be a sad, disasterous, white-hot angry day for feminists, and for feminism as a whole.  and surely the transactivists would cheer it on, and herald the rapist as a champion of womens rights, and a gender-nonconformist, to boot. 

what a fucking disaster this feminist-embracing of “transactivism” has turned out to be.  a DISASTER.  for women i mean.  not for men, or “transwomen”.  in other words, nothing new under the sun.

Is “Joe the Plumber” a Transwoman? December 19, 2009

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EDIT:  this video was removed from youtube but is available here.  its worth the watch.  click through to observe joe the plumber in his natural habitat (embarrassing himself and speaking out of his ass) and continue below:

heres a video of a male speaker demonstrating a facet of male-privilege: demanding respect.  he thinks that just because he is alive, and conscious, that he has the right to espouse his opinion (on a topic he clearly knows nothing about), and to be taken seriously, and to not be criticised, to boot! 

i think we can all agree that joe is male, and he is demonstrating male privilege in this video.  because from the time he was born he was never told otherwise, this man clearly thinks that hes not only entitled to his asinine opinion about *whatever* (insert any opinion on any topic) but also the god-given right to “not be chastised for it.” joy behar is no feminist, but she is an outspoken woman and she knows better. women are used to being criticised, chastised, silenced, and everything up to and including being threatened, raped, tortured and killed when we speak out, or “act up.”  men arent. FULL STOP.

so knowing what we know about male privilege and how it works, including who has it and who doesnt, watch the video.  then, read up on the behaviors and actions that make up transactivism, and utterly define transwomen to a “T” including agendas and communication styles, and tell me: is joe the plumber a TRANSWOMAN?  because thats exactly how many transwomen behave, when they arent getting the respect they want demand, and the freedom from criticism they have been used to, all their lives.

now, i dont really think that joe the plumber is a transwoman, but in all honesty, he could be. he could be a non-operative (ie. still has his dick); lesbian (ie. still fucks women with the dick he still has); male-sexed, male-gendered, and male-identified transwoman.  in other words, inside his own mind, he “feels” at odds with everything he says, feels, thinks, and sees in the mirror, but chooses not to do anything about it.  ok. now, for those of you who are still with me: should this person be allowed to use a womens restroom, if the desire overcame him to do so?  why or why not?

in other words, is the only thing that *makes* him *not* trans is that he self-identifies doesnt-not-self-identify as a man?  honestly.  what makes him a man, and not a non-operative lesbian male-sexed male-gendered male-identified transwoman?

but my main point is this, and it explains why transwomen and aggressive, entitled men behave exactly the same under similar circumstances, and the similarities are utterly uncanny.  joe the plumber isnt a transwoman.  transwomen are men.  period.

Sorry, Sex-Positive Transwomen: I’m Not Buying What You’re Selling. At All. November 9, 2009

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sex-pos transwomen–if i were born male, like you were, i might be “sex-positive,” too.  you know:  exhibitionist, pro-porn, and squeeee!-fully sexually available to men.  if only….

i had been lavished with male privilege since the day i was born, and taught that the only thing that mattered was my wants, my feelings, that i was entitled to turn my desires into reality, no matter how trite, fleeting, or bizarre.  if i grew up with an entirely misogynist view of women, instead of one interspersed with actual, lived, female experience.  like you, believing that girls and women were emotional manipulators, that just have to cry big, black tears to get “their way“–and merely the sum of their fleshly and artificial parts–as observable by men.  the clothes, the eyelashes, and always, always how fuckable they are.  if i had no cramps, and no fear of pregnancy.  you know, all the things you obviously think constitutes “woman” as well as the things that you dont think about, at all, which make your interpretation of “female” so deeply problematic.  if i had been taught to stick my dick into anything that moved from day one, and to enjoy it.

if i had to have regular intercourse with men, on advice from my sex-reassignment surgeon, literally on pain of death: lest i lose my “use-it-or-lose-it” neo-vagina or experience life-threatening complications from (gasp) not being fuckable enough!  (oh, thats rich.  and how “pleasing” to men generally must one be, to ensure oneself of regular access to their sex?)

in other words, if i had grown up a man, like you, i might be as inclined as you are, to tell women that they should be having sex with men.  if i literally had to have regular intercourse with men or DIE, that would color my perspective, as well.  but guess what?  i wasnt, and i dont.


Attention Lefty Liberal Men: If You Wouldn’t Say it to a Black Man, Don’t Say It to Me (Or to Any Feminist) August 28, 2009

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admittedly, i am no MLK, jr.  but similar rules of engagement apply, lefty liberal men, when dealing with women and feminists. 

many good, lefty liberal dickwads dont know the first thing about either race or gender issues.  but they know that there is a thing called “racism” and that its a problem, and that racist behaviors are not socially acceptable.  while they might not “get it” on any profound level, they at least get the basics: dont embarrass yourself by proclaiming your ignorance that racism exists and its a problem, and dont lob racist insults at black men. 

furthermore, the same gender-appropriate behaviors apply when speaking to a black man as when speaking to any man:  dont tell him that he is voicing his concerns about racism “too loudly” or that hes being too emotional about it, no matter how over the top emotional he becomes.  male anger is perfectly fine, and not even an “emotion” at all, but for those that feel they must: call him a crazy asshole if you want to, particularly in the company of other lefty liberal men, because you guys are secretly racist as hell and you know it.  just dont call him anything racially-specific.  and definitely dont tell him he is being woman-like in any way.  he is a man, afterall (lefty liberal dickwad men have to remind themselves of this from time to time, but they do at least make the effort).  racial slurs are off the table, certainly for anyone claiming lefty credentials, and they should be.

but sexual slurs and gendered insults are routinely used to denigrate women and feminists, by self-identified lefty liberal men, and they are getting away with it.  everyone tells women and feminists that their anger is unnacceptable, that they are too emotional, and its perfectly fine.  women themselves may not even notice or object to the fact that “bitch” and “whore” are both gender-specific and sexually-charged, the use of the words is so woefully commonplace.  lefty liberals of all races, classes and orientation are blatantly demonstrating their own misogyny, and they arent being called on it.  why?


Call out Sexist, Racist, Classist, and Homophobic “Liberals” Here August 26, 2009

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D'oh!  Someone's misogyny is showing.

D'oh! Someone's misogyny is showing.

self-identified liberal progressive men are fucking delusional.  and i absolutely cannot stand them for one.  more.  minute.

its privileged, white men who think they know everything there is to know about all the -isms, even though they have never been subjected to the effects of a single one, themselves.  frequently, its twenty-something, privileged white men who are the most self-congratulatory in that regard, despite the fact that their most recent experience with a ‘gender issue’ was that one time they got ‘conned’ into having menstrual sex with a one-night stand.  d’oh!

privileged, white men know all they need to know about racism…meaning, just enough to satisfy themselves that they arent racist, themselves.  they adopt certain behavior modifications like…begin every racist or potentially racist statement with the prefix “i voted for obama.”  or dont drop the N-bomb in public.  but they do not adopt the parallel and neccessary thought-modifications to go along with it.  the result is the perverse, unnatural disaster that feminist social commentators see every day: the misogynist, racist, classist, homophobic “liberal progressive” man.