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Because It’s Unconscionable Bullshit Gaslighting. That’s Why. December 21, 2014

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sonia johnson asked and explored the question, why do women almost universally reject feminism and feminist activating in discussing her involvement with ERA legislation politicking in one of her books.  she and many feminists had long pondered, when feminism is in womens best interests, and is in fact the only ideology that adequately represents the interests of women across time and place, why is it so difficult impossible to get women on board?  and interestingly, when women do come together to do something great, it almost always doesnt last.  why/why not?

johnson concluded that women almost universally reject feminism and feminist activating because its worse than pointless: feminist activating is actually making things worse.  women pouring their time and resources into reformist (foreground) pursuits-that-are-bound-to-fail-because-patriarchy actually energizes, motivates and activates men, who vampirically feed off female energy, and besides that, men like things the way they are.  many, many women know this is true at a feeling/intuitive level and they shy away from feminism and feminist activating because they know it wont work.

i would also add that feminist activating is unlikely to help, and likely to make things worse because men love watching women writhe and suffer because they are men.  in other words, feminist politicking is in reality a sophisticated form of torture whereby males purposely withhold necessary social changes palliative care for women and gleefully observe the fallout with their dicks in their hands.  males get off on it because it is torture.  this is obviously the case.  and women almost universally reject this, whether by instinct (and they do not get involved in the first place) or later, experienced radical women come to reject radical feminism because they know better.

furthermore, because radical feminist activating is based on the premise that males can and will respond to females without violence (isnt it?), against all evidence that this is in fact true, radical feminist activating is also unconscionable gaslighting.

thus, we have the public face of “radical feminism” which seems to consist largely or entirely of women who either do not possess or are ignoring instincts that it is pointless or worse than pointless; and women who simply have not done it long enough to know better.  aka.  the nuts leave.  there are also power jockeys, drama junkies and ass-kissing hangers on, as there are in any movement, but i am not talking about them — if this was an enormous problem, there would be plenty of radfems to go around.  the place would be crawling with “us” in fact, if there were anything at all to be gained from this, even squikky political leftovers like networking and career ops but its not.

if this sounds like a fairly motley crew, well, i think it obviously is.  and, if anyone thinks most women will willingly spend their time this way, when women have so little time, energy and resources to spend any way, they (obviously) wont.  women almost universally will not do this, or they wont do it for long, because it is unconscionable gaslighting, and thus is abusive and bullshit.  and women who sucker other women into this, or who tell other women to “keep going” and “never stop” doing radical feminism and repetitiously making pointless fucking points are abusive.  or something.  there are no words for this.

women will not spend their time and lives this way, and i personally have rejected it, yet, every single day i witness man-ifestations of patriarchy that nearly beggar belief (and virtually beg for a response).  every single day i could write a thousand posts (or as many as i could physically write) and start an entirely new blog based on an original idea (like celebrating examples of male violence against other men — yay!) but i dont because it would only deplete me, and there would be no point.  yesterday it was the sony/north korea “thing” whereby the hollywood, corporate and washington patriarchal elite in unison denounced “silencing” and reaffirmed their (alleged) belief in speaking truth to power, and not being bullied, terrorized and brutalized into submission.  but again, this is all gaslighting bullshit.  women do not share this world, nor will we ever.  it is beyond ridiculous to even point it out/respond to it, and the only reason i am even mentioning it now is to illustrate a point — it never fucking ends, and it will never end, this is but one example of literally endless examples.  get it?

i also mention it as a lead-in to what may well be my final point, because it is *the* final point.  or endpoint, if you will.

besides what sonia johnson wrote about her experience, i have never seen it written anywhere that radical feminism is gaslighting bullshit, and worse than a waste of time.  i have never seen it written that women who pressure other women to join or to keep going with radical feminist activating are being abusive and that it is gaslighting because it implies that men will respond to women without violence, when thats simply and obviously not true.  so *i* am going to say it.  it is, and they are.  radical feminism is gaslighting bullshit.  and it is my sincerest hope that no woman will waste months and years of her life figuring this out, only to figure it out too late — after she has been made sick and broken by it.  and this does happen.

andrea dworkin, shulamith firestone and valerie solanas — some of our best and most radical thinkers who mostly did not lie for a living (like the academics did and still do) and who instead told the unvarnished truth about men and what they are and what they do — all died early deaths after years of poor health, and i have to wonder why that was.  that is to say, i have wondered about it, and having done this “work” for several lifetimes now (several internet lifetimes that is, where most blogs only last 2-3 months before they fail, and i maintained several blogs for several years) i think i can answer my own question.  which is what this is about afterall, for women who cannot reconcile their subjective feelings female selves with patriarchy, we need to know why things are the way they are.  i always needed to know.

welp.  i now believe that radical feminism probably killed them.  and if it did, it means that gaslighting and being abused and gaslighted by “radical” and even well-meaning women, and purposely and callously tortured by men (of course), can actually kill you.  kill, as in drain the life out of, and die.  i think this is not only possible, but that it has actually happened.  and i think we ought to not let this happen to any more of us, and that we each should make sure this does not happen to us individually.  which is the only way we can do it by the way.  there is no other way except that.

The Obliterating False Equivalence August 7, 2012

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there is a special place in hell for writers who utilize the false equivalence when writing about radical feminists versus misogynists.  you writers know who you are — dont you?  for readers who need examples, try here and here.

its not just the intellectual laziness or even outright lying of the false equivalence generally that sticks in my craw, although those things are like sandpaper on my brain because they are, well, intellectually lazy.  and lies.  for real writers and thinkers, these things are the scene of a crime.  coming across one or the other while reading someone elses (or even your own — oops!) work is like stumbling upon a crime scene.  its a crime against writing and thinking.  i cannot overstate how violently criminal this is, like mens poetry which uses letters and words to obscure various truths, and to contort and obfuscate information rather than convey it.

in fact, men should not be allowed to be poets.  male poetry is obfuscating on its face.  there should not be any demand for this, being that the entire world is saturated with it — with males using words to obfuscate information rather than convey it — already.  and yet it still has value.  why?  plus, male poetry and all mens writing is almost always trite.  actually, if trite and obfuscating were negative criteria, men wouldnt be allowed to write anymore at all.

clearly, men using words to obfuscate information rather than convey it serves a purpose and thats where its value lies — its not that its in short supply, its that there can literally never be enough because of the size of the demand and the purpose it serves.  in the case of the false equivalence, when used against radical feminists, the purpose appears to be to wipe radical feminist work — and womens history, and the truths about what men do to us — from the face of the earth.

note the recent use of the obliterating false equivalence where moderators of an online forum — because they put an equals-sign in between a woman protesting rapey death threats from a misogynist, and that misogynist himself — deleted cathy brennan’s tumblr account.  yes, a woman protesting disgusting, misogynistic and likely psychotic and even criminal behaviors from a misogynistic male was said to be engaging in behavior that was equally violative of the terms of service as the rapey perv who threatened rape, and who dumpster-dives surveils, trespasses, loiters and stalks women and minor children to gain access to their discarded trash so he can perv on it, and writes about his exploits on tumblr.

these things are equal.

but obviously, the thing about putting an equals-sign after anything men do is that men do criminal things, violent things, in their global campaign to increase their own power at womens expense.  these criminal behaviors have misogynistic foundations and flavors, but they are criminal, and violative of the terms of service in many public and private places because of that.  because they are anti-social, and criminal.

so, when anyone says that womens response to what men are doing to us, is not only “just as bad” as what we are responding to but equal in every way — ie. not a response at all, but an ideology — and when the mens actions are criminal and violative of terms of service, the womens behavior suddenly becomes criminal and violative too.  radical feminism becomes a “hateful ideology” too.  and as we saw in what was probably a perfect example of this dynamic playing out in real life, in the case of cathy brennan versus the rapey perv, the mods at tumblr deleted both accounts.  rapey perv’s account was (later) deleted too.  because equivalence.

so now, but for screenshots which were smartly collected beforehand, there is no evidence of what this rapey perv actually did.  that history is erased, along with the response of the victim, as well as multiple other radical and pro-radical voices on tumblr and elsewhere who were calling attention to what this man and men as a class were and are doing and saying.  its all gone.  importantly, any posts that were made about this and other rapey misogynists (not just him!) which contained links to cathy brennans tumblr as evidence that any of it ever happened now contain only dead links.  our archivists will now have to go back and painfully recreate this history, with screenshots and links to screenshots if these posts are to maintain their integrity/credibility and historical significance, at all.  note to self: screenshots and links to uploaded screenshots — rather than links to original sources — from now on.  fine.

of course, if the internet itself eventually goes *poof* and it well might, all of this history — the history of what men do to us, and the ways we respond — will be lost forever.  it will be like none of it never happened.  in the meantime, tumblr, and all mainstream internet forums and publications are doing what mainstream forums and publications always do, which is to write and rewrite history, and to erase mens misogyny and criminality and womens response to it now, in real time.

the obliterating false equivalence and putting an equals-sign in between radical feminism and misogyny and misogynistic violence is probably the best tool in the shed to use towards that specific ends, and anyone using it — and i do mean anyone — is guilty of the crime of propagandizing and falsifying history, and erasing womens history and womens work from the face of the earth.  you are in excellent company, arent you, with government censors, witchburners, and all manners of rapists and colonizers generally.  if thats not what you want, check yourself, and stop doing it.  if thats exactly what you want, then by all means.  continue.

On Creativity April 2, 2011

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there is a surge of energy lately in the radfem blogosphere, and i think its really terrific!  there are new blogs popping up all over the place, and new names and new voices and new ways to waste time at work i mean more afternoons well-spent perusing radical ideas.  its…well its amazing, is what it is.  i started here in august, 2009 and there were only a few radical blogs being regularly updated at the time…but they were going loud and strong!  oh yes they were.  and there were radical ghost-towns (abandoned blogs) full of amazing archived material of course, but the feeling at the time was that there was a serious drought of inspired radicalism, and indeed the atmosphere was unwelcoming, and outright hostile to those of us who dared delve into trans- and PIV-criticism.

and the women who were around to see the shitstorm known as “the terrible misogynistic razing of radical feminist blogs in 2007/8” and then surviving the fallout that has lasted for years (and years) realize even more acutely than i do that the radical drought is over.  or at least, the rain has come again.

meanwhile, i am feeling completely uninspired!  this happened the last time i finished a dworkin series actually, so i am assuming it will pass.  we have discussed the creative process here before, and i think its become relevant again…because as thrilled as i am to see so many radical voices sprouting up out of the shit and the muck, i am also afraid that its all going to end just as quickly as it began.  i know people get busy, and they become uninspired and pissed off and disillusioned.  BUT.  i hope so much that this is not just a fleeting moment, and i hope so much that its going to last, and that any of this actually means something.  i hope this is going to work.  and i hope there will be dozens of amazing radical blogs being regularly updated, as far as the eye can see, until the blogging platform is no more, and we have to think of something else.  i really do.

to that end, i offer the above videos, from two well-known writers who talk about creativity, and writing as a process.  just in case there are new bloggers here that have no experience with writing, or being creative-types or artists of any stripe…you are all artists now.  YES!  you are!  i mean…you can be, if you want to. connecting with radical energy, and letting the words come as *they* want to come can be very transcendent.  other times, you just have to show up.  put one foot in front of the other, and then do it again.  kind of like…a job.  one that pays nothing, where you are subjected to constant harassment and disapproval from all sides, and where no matter how successful you are, you will never, EVER benefit from any of this in real life, because any meaningful change that might actually occur will occur well after youre dead, and anyway, its all anonymous.  are we having fun yet?

here are two more videos on the “new social media” that i thought were interesting…the first one describes how “demographics” are becoming obsolete because of the anonymous nature of the internet.  apparently, instead, advertisers and others are favoring users actual “likes and interests” (instead of presuming them).  and (AND!) this video illustrates how women are driving the social media revolution.  hmm!  there has to be some way we can make this work for us, isnt there?  i personally am no good at strategy, afterall i just work here!  but still…even *i* can see that theres probably an angle that needs working:

and heres a doodbro take on the social media revolution…at the end, he claims that the “revolutionary” aspect is illustrated by obamas use of social media in his political career.  namely, that the revolution is about “convening” people, instead of controlling them.  BUT as i think most radical feminist bloggers agree, for women, its actually extremely important that we *are* able to exercise complete control over our radical spaces, to keep them radical.  to keep the mainstream, male-identified and misogynist view out, so that a truly unique and inspired woman-centered discourse can emerge, and flourish…and spread out across the interwebs like an unstoppable, fertile weed…like squash!

so just in case any of our new bloggers are easily distracted, or run out of things to say, or arent feeling inspired or whatever…heres a final nugget that you can take or leave.  when i am not feeling spontaneously creative or particularly tortured or inspired to write…i read, instead.

happy blogging everyone!