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Fauxgressive Liberal Dickwads Strike Again, Satirizing Rape, Murder and Lynching of Women and Girls to Advance Their (Progressive?) Agenda September 3, 2009

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i encourage my readers to submit examples of self-identified liberal progressives acting like racist, misogynist assholes. heres a recent example i found, all on my own. it wasnt hard to do.

liberal male bloggers recently started an internet smear campaign against fox news host glen beck. which fundamentally i do not have a problem with at all.  fox news is certainly not advancing a feminist agenda, and they are no friend of mine.  what i do have a big fucking problem with, however, is the decidedly misogynist nature of said “liberal” campaign. specifically, those crafty, creative little liberal turds have decided that laughing at the rape and murder of little girls is an acceptable political tool, and that evoking misogynist hate (their own) is the perfect way to make their (progressive?) point. the point being, apparently, that they are socially-conscious, and have the moral high ground on issues of race and sex.


Barack Obama Chia Pet: Racist as Fuck August 27, 2009

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Good Morning, Mr. President.  Your hair is growing in nicely.

Good Morning, Mr. President. Your hair is growing in nicely.

call me crazy, but seeing as how there is no way that any chia will grow in fabio-style flowing locks…this was either just a really bad idea, or a really racist one.

not to mention the obvious problem of owning a black man (or a representation of one) as a pet.

interestingly, when i presented the question to the allegedly-liberal bastian newsvine, the vast majority of respondents answered that it was not racist. the standard racist-asshole diversions were deployed. its funny, therefore its not racist. i want one/i dont think its racist, and i am not a racist, therefore its not racist. and my all-time favorite, the golden-oldie “i didnt even consider whether it was racist or not, and i dont feel like considering it now, therefore its not racist.”

shameful. just horribly, fucking shameful.