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3 Women Show December 3, 2011

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the other day, i went to the movies with nigel.  we sat on the end of a row that was filled with 13-year old girls and three adult female chaperones that i saw, it was kind of dark and i actually think their group extended into the next row too.  so there were probably more adult women but i only saw three.  anyway, there were 2 empty seats on the end, and we were obviously about to take them: the three adult women looked at us as we were about to sit down.  nigel moved like he was going to go into the row and sit down first, next to the last girl, with me next to him on the end.  i could tell that the women did not like that, i could sense this easily, but even before i had consciously noted that, i had already decided that i would push past him and sat down next to the last girl, forcing him to sit on the end.  this was very fluid and nothing that wouldve been noticed by anyone observing, or even by nigel.  it really wasnt anything out of the ordinary at all, no more than breathing, really.  i had connected psychically with 3 women i didnt even know.

did i mention that im psychic?  cause i am.  i can also see the future, and alter the course of history: if nigel had sat down next to the girl on the end instead of me, i absolutely know that one of the women wouldve traded seats with the girl so no girl would be sitting next to an adult man in the dark for 2 hours in a crowded movie theater.

so anyway, the course of history having been altered, the women relaxed and stopped paying attention to us completely.  all women reading this anecdote know why.  the ones who dont want to believe it know why, the ones who love men know why, the ones who hate men know why.  the ones who hate me know why.  the readers who are men…well who knows what delusion they are privileged enough to live under.  women know the truth.  they can deny it at their peril, but thats not the same as not knowing it.

and as everyone who is being honest here knows, these 3 women did not want an adult man sitting next to one of the girls, because of what men are known to do to girls: men sexually abuse girls, and devastate girls and womens lives.  and men do this often.  this is obvious, its contextual, and its true.

the 3 women at the theater that day were not unusual women.  they were just women.  female-bodied persons.  with all the senses of human beings, and the memory of human beings too.  and the ability to cognate, synthesize, and make connections.  like all humans, and perhaps some other animals too although i dont know.  all women know this, all women have a shared, lived experience because they are female, they have these concerns and they maneuver and negotiate at all times so that they and the girls they are caring for can be as safe as possible from men because they know what men do.  this is womens reality.  all womens reality.

now, being your completely-usual woman, knowing what she knows and what all women know, i wouldnt be at all surprised if many or even most pregnant-women take a few moments to consider, once she realizes shes been impregnated and that the fetus is male, that this boy-fetus she is carrying is very likely to be the worst-possible thing to ever happen to another womans girl-fetus.  that this male child, even if he never abuses a person in his entire life, will end up ruining one woman or many womens lives by sticking his dick into them and wreaking havoc in their lives that will never compare to any other horror or any other trauma or any other tragedy: it will be greater, and more constant and worse, and it will never be remedied.  that this fetus will ruin womens lives, and thats a given, even if he doesnt do anything “wrong” because this is the paradigm under which we currently live, and thats the truth of it.

women know what we know.  women are watching and paying attention, and behaving in accordance with what they know, and altering the course of history one way or another, and this cannot be stopped.  like the women in the movie theater, they absolutely cannot be stopped.  they might nod and smile and pay lip service, but they will keep doing what they are doing and they will never stop doing it.  all women know what men do and what they are.  this gives me hope.

Is “Joe the Plumber” a Transwoman? December 19, 2009

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EDIT:  this video was removed from youtube but is available here.  its worth the watch.  click through to observe joe the plumber in his natural habitat (embarrassing himself and speaking out of his ass) and continue below:

heres a video of a male speaker demonstrating a facet of male-privilege: demanding respect.  he thinks that just because he is alive, and conscious, that he has the right to espouse his opinion (on a topic he clearly knows nothing about), and to be taken seriously, and to not be criticised, to boot! 

i think we can all agree that joe is male, and he is demonstrating male privilege in this video.  because from the time he was born he was never told otherwise, this man clearly thinks that hes not only entitled to his asinine opinion about *whatever* (insert any opinion on any topic) but also the god-given right to “not be chastised for it.” joy behar is no feminist, but she is an outspoken woman and she knows better. women are used to being criticised, chastised, silenced, and everything up to and including being threatened, raped, tortured and killed when we speak out, or “act up.”  men arent. FULL STOP.

so knowing what we know about male privilege and how it works, including who has it and who doesnt, watch the video.  then, read up on the behaviors and actions that make up transactivism, and utterly define transwomen to a “T” including agendas and communication styles, and tell me: is joe the plumber a TRANSWOMAN?  because thats exactly how many transwomen behave, when they arent getting the respect they want demand, and the freedom from criticism they have been used to, all their lives.

now, i dont really think that joe the plumber is a transwoman, but in all honesty, he could be. he could be a non-operative (ie. still has his dick); lesbian (ie. still fucks women with the dick he still has); male-sexed, male-gendered, and male-identified transwoman.  in other words, inside his own mind, he “feels” at odds with everything he says, feels, thinks, and sees in the mirror, but chooses not to do anything about it.  ok. now, for those of you who are still with me: should this person be allowed to use a womens restroom, if the desire overcame him to do so?  why or why not?

in other words, is the only thing that *makes* him *not* trans is that he self-identifies doesnt-not-self-identify as a man?  honestly.  what makes him a man, and not a non-operative lesbian male-sexed male-gendered male-identified transwoman?

but my main point is this, and it explains why transwomen and aggressive, entitled men behave exactly the same under similar circumstances, and the similarities are utterly uncanny.  joe the plumber isnt a transwoman.  transwomen are men.  period.