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What Logistical Problem? January 9, 2013

Posted by FCM in pop culture, rape, thats mean.
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imagine with me.  whenever a woman is raped, every man within 20 miles of where the rape occurred is presumed to be a rapist, an accomplice, an egger-onner, an enabler, or completely disinterested (in protecting women from rape).  they are all rounded up and jailed.

because it would be stressful for all women involved if there were any uncertainty regarding whether the men would be released or not — if the men were “coming home” or if they would ever again be “walking the streets to rape again” — to relieve womens stress, the answer would be NO, none of them will be released, ever.  all the women would go on with their lives and never look back.  there wouldnt be any prison-visits either.  (feel the relief wash over you like a warm bath?)

if there was a problem of prison overcrowding (can you imagine the logistical problems we would encounter if we actually started punishing men for rape?) well thats easy — let all the newbies i mean “new fish” sleep in the recreational areas until a spot opens up.  start a “communication initiative” whereby all prisoners would be given a new mont blanc pen and a letter opener and instructed to write letters to other prisoners around the country, like a pen-pal kind of thing.  watch them all kill each other with the pens and letter openers.  overcrowding?  no longer an issue.

keep doing this for a few months, a few years.  what is “society” like now?  how many men would there be left in free society — im thinking a negligible amount if any.  so under these new circumstances, what happens when we go out at night (or stay in?)  what happens to us if we dont know how to run the factories, or universities, or the coal mines (because we were never taught, or not enough of us were)?  what happens if we *do* know?

in this new, free society, what would we throw away?  what would we keep?  what would we invent, or implement, or revive? understanding of course that we could learn *any* of mens values, systems and machines (if not their machinations) if we were willing to put the time and effort into it — if men did it, it cant be that hard.  i mean really.  but we dont *have* to — thats my point.  we would start anew.

if we actually punished men for raping girls and women, without regard for fairness to men, and *only* caring about fairness to women and relieving womens stress, and centering womens survival as a sexual class, including the complete eradication of rapey males and rape culture, female separatism would no longer present the logistical problem it once did — “mens culture” would become prison culture.  it already is, you see.  under conditions of zero tolerance for men raping women, we would have “womens culture” and female separatism by default.  it probably wouldnt take but a year at most for (nearly?) every single man to be rounded up and imprisoned for raping or contributing to the rape of a woman, if we actually punished men for rape, and contributing to rape.

thats literally all it would take to create female separatism: justice.  thats all.