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Call out Sexist, Racist, Classist, and Homophobic “Liberals” Here August 26, 2009

Posted by FCM in liberal dickwads, politics, porn, race, rape.
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D'oh!  Someone's misogyny is showing.

D'oh! Someone's misogyny is showing.

self-identified liberal progressive men are fucking delusional.  and i absolutely cannot stand them for one.  more.  minute.

its privileged, white men who think they know everything there is to know about all the -isms, even though they have never been subjected to the effects of a single one, themselves.  frequently, its twenty-something, privileged white men who are the most self-congratulatory in that regard, despite the fact that their most recent experience with a ‘gender issue’ was that one time they got ‘conned’ into having menstrual sex with a one-night stand.  d’oh!

privileged, white men know all they need to know about racism…meaning, just enough to satisfy themselves that they arent racist, themselves.  they adopt certain behavior modifications like…begin every racist or potentially racist statement with the prefix “i voted for obama.”  or dont drop the N-bomb in public.  but they do not adopt the parallel and neccessary thought-modifications to go along with it.  the result is the perverse, unnatural disaster that feminist social commentators see every day: the misogynist, racist, classist, homophobic “liberal progressive” man.