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Evolution of Barbie…Be Afraid (And That Sound You Hear is the Space-Time Continuum Cracking as Darwin Comes Back to Life, Slaps His Forehead, Dies Again, and Richard Dawkins Gives Up and Finds Religion) October 26, 2009

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barbie has evolved…and its enough to make me wish i were a creationist.  i am literally afraid of whats coming next!

in the beginning…barbie was quite obviously a consumer product.  a way for sedentary little girly-girls to spend their time, and their parents’ money.  see above how barbie TM shamelessly reaches into your pocket with its new “skipper” creation.  skipper is slightly *smaller* than barbie!  so naturally, she needs a whole new wardrobe!  cha-ching! 

see below how barbie TM very helpfully tells you exactly how much everything costs and lays out all the available accessories in an attractive and functional pinwheel shape: