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Reflections on the Kennedy Memorial (It’s Not Too Soon, Is It?) August 30, 2009

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Sen. Edward Kennedy

Sen. Edward Kennedy 1932-2009

we have been watching the teddy kennedy memorial on and off all day, and i had a few thoughts.  its not too soon, is it?

first of all, i am far from a kennedy historian, and i know you can look that stuff up if you want to.  someone else can analyze the problems of william kennedy smith and mary jo kopechne, etc., etc.  i have just a few things to say about the memorial itself.

now, it was striking to me that the kennedy family is not just rich, but have successfully amassed elitist wealth.  not that profound an observation, i know, but it was striking nontheless.  the memorial service was moving, as it was meant to be, but i wonder whether the family realized how they looked, to an ordinary, educated, working american democrat who was an absolute outsider, and not a part of the american aristocracy?

case in point.  if they had mentioned the beloved family pastime of sailing in nantucket bay one.  more.  time.  do they not know how fucking elitist that sounds?  that they considered it so endearing that teddy’s favorite hobby was…something only a rich, white man has access to, and a virtue that he was so privileged, and had so much leisure time that he could just drop everything without any consequence, and go sailing to satisfy his elitist craving for the sea – was repugnant, on many levels.  i was shocked that they kept referring to it, and how insensitive it sounded.