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This is Gruesome? July 2, 2010

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again, here is something i accidentally viewed on the mainstream interwebs.  and again, its an xray of somethings insides.  yes, somethings insides.  bones and such.  but would anyone call this “gruesome”?  really?  why yes, yes they would:

Gruesome 3-D images of the insides of snakes, alligators and tarantulas have been captured with a new high-tech procedure.  The digital images show for the first time the complete digestion cycle of a Burmese python, including how the animal adapts its internal organs in preparation for a big meal and during digestion until the snack has vanished.

come on now.  gruesome?  its a snake digesting a rat.  it makes me think that there are people in this world who really dont know what gruesome *is*.  or at least, they draw completely inconsistent conclusions when viewing extremely similar material.

as i posted last week:

not gruesome.  fun!  taboo!  but not gruesome.  no, not at all.  even when this woman’s spine is misshapen, and she is clearly going to have foot problems later in life, if she doesnt already.  but the snake is perfectly healthy.  so is (or, was) the rat, really.  it lived a full life, free from objectification undoubtedly, with its little rat feet unbound, and its spinal alignment intact until the bitter end.  ew!

i grant you that something about the first one (the fresh-meat hue?) gives me that visceral “yuck” feeling.  but the contortionist in the fuck-me stilettos gave me pause for several days.  i feel manipulated!

this is a topsy-turvy world we live in, in case anyone missed it, or didnt get the memo.  up is down.  black is white.  pornography and the sex industry that harms actual women every single day is cool and refreshing (or something?)  but a snake having a meal is disturbing.  mkay.

speaking of inverted realities, heres something i lifted from berryblades place, although i have seen this sentiment other places as well (its completely normal in the funfem circles now, and i look forward to berryblade ripping it to shreds as promised):

Radical feminism is just as damaging to society as chauvinism and misogyny.

oh sure it is.  its just as damaging.  to society.  for anyone who needs them, i will give you two guesses as to what stone-cold insanity started this feminist-internet meme…but you really only need one.  it was obviously a TRANSWOMAN, or a MAN.  same thing.  because what is SO OBVIOUS (you are outing yourselves, darlings) is that whomever actually believes this shit cannot possibly have the faintest notion what misogyny even is…and they think that MEN are “society.”  see how that works?  granted, i dont have a fancy imaging machine to get inside the transwomens heads…but i dont need one.  heres whats clearly going on inside the mind of a man or a transwoman who is trying desperately to manipulate feminist language to achieve their own dubious ends (and its dizzying, truly):

MAN:  the feminists get really mad when men are being misogynist…therefore when feminists make *me* really mad, its because they are being misandrist!

TRANSWOMAN:  the feminists get really mad when men are being misogynist…therefore when *anyone* makes me really mad, they are being trans-misogynist!

fail, fail, fail, fail.  see, the important part of that sentence is “men are being misogynist.”  thats what feminists are responding to (well the radfems are anyway) with this whole feminism-thing.  the important part of this sentence is NOT “when someone makes me really mad.”  but the men and transwomen dont understand what misogyny is, and they cant replicate our legitimate offense.  the only thing they can replicate is the anger, and the words.  they are pissed off at radical feminists, sure, but they are just going through the motions when they act as if theres anything more to it, than that.  they are mad.  who cares?  not me.

i will leave you now with the best (worst?) example of mansplaining i have ever heard, and like most mansplanations, its the perfect example of an up-is-down, black-is-white reality: a sex-therapist on MSN mansplaining to women how porn is *really* just like a pedicure, so their husbands watching it shouldnt make these women feel like they want to barf their fucking guts out and divorce the bastards and never have PIV again…even though it does.

For many guys porn is basically a 30-second spa day, complete with happy ending: It feels good, relieves stress and functions as a quick little treat — kind of like scarfing down a bag of Gummi Bears in the middle of the day. It doesn’t mean we’re not interested in having “a real meal” with the woman we love, but sometimes we’re in the mood for a snack.

thanks for mansplaining that, doctor!  whatever you do though, dont make me post a shelley lubben video here, to restore the equilibrium to the room…okay youve twisted my arm.  here ya go:

i might dissect this skydaddy religious-nonsense someday (its trademark shelley lubben) but its not going to be today.  because what this woman is saying makes a hell of alot more sense than anything the fucking sex therapists, the mainstream interwebs, the MRAS, and the transwomen are saying, even though she is under the impression that theres a giant invisible man living in the sky, who has an opinion as to whether she does porn.  thats saying something.


Actresses Were Harmed in the Making of These (Even Mainstream) Films January 10, 2010

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these actresses’ stories, and the movies they are referencing, have always bothered me.  now i know why.

in the above film clip, actress jobeth williams is seen to be sexually assaulted by a ghost, and then films a special-effects scene in which she was actually injured, IN REAL LIFE. in the “E-True Hollywood Story: Curse of ‘The Poltergeist’” documentary, jobeth williams states that when she was rolling across the “ceiling” of the bedroom set, the sadistic assholes set design crew had actually added a realistic popcorn-treatment to the ceiling that caused her to be cut and scraped when she slid across it.  she recalls that her knees and elbows were bleeding and blood was running down her arms and legs, and when she complained about it to the director, he said “oh dont worry about it, it wont show on film.”  thanks alot, dickwad.

and actress linda blair was a minor child at the time she filmed the mega-hit horror flick “the exorcist.” and as the studio and studio executives continue to make money off that movie, linda blair continues to pay the price for having had anything to do with them.  she was apparently subjected to extremely cold temperatures on a refrigerated set, working conditions which traumatized her: to this day, she “cannot stand being cold.”  and its pretty common knowledge that she suffered a permanent back injury on the set, in the famous “bed jostling” scene where she was thrown about violently until she was actually injured.  you know, in real life.

actress ellen burstyn was also permanently injured on the set of “the exorcist,” having

received a permanent spinal injury during filming. In the sequence where she is thrown away from her possessed daughter, a harness jerked her hard away from the bed. She fell on her coccyx and screamed in pain – this was caught on film and adds to the realism of that scene.  (emphasis mine).

what is striking to me as a feminist and someone who watches movies and television is that you can easily find footage of these women being violently mistreated, and seriously, permanently injured online.  as you will see for yourself if you search for three whole seconds on youtube, both the ceiling-scene above, and “the exorcist”‘s bed-jostling scene have been specifically isolated for your viewing pleasure as “favorite scenes” of each film.  you can rent the movie and watch the whole thing too, if you want some context with your footage of women being violently mistreated and seriously, permanently injured in the making of a mainstream film. 

actors and stuntpersons have even died on the set of mainstream films, but we insist on believing that porn is somehow different.  why?


Shelley Lubben’s “Lived Experience” as a Sex Worker and Porn-Actor November 24, 2009

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here is a video of ex-porn actor and anti-pornography crusader shelley lubben, sitting in the lobby of the los angeles hotel in which she had turned her first trick (and unintentionally conceived her first child) as a teenaged prostitute.

part 2 is below.

i post these here because, for one thing, i wanted to point out to all the sex-pozzies who frequent my blog that not all sex-workers’ “lived experience” jives with a liberal/libertarian sex-positive agenda, although they really like to pretend otherwise.

but my main point is in regards to personal testimonies, and the fact that many liberal and so-called “fun-fems,” including transpersons and transactivists give tons of credence to sex-workers’ and others’ personal experience, (you know, when this self-reported “lived experience” supports their agenda) and value personal narratives over feminist theory. they also claim that personal narratives of  sex workers and transpersons are inherently feminist, and should be deferred to by feminists in lieu of a critical analysis or examining lived experienced in context.

but feminists who favor theory over experience, or who dissect and examine lived experience in context of feminist theory are the only ones who are being honest, here, arent they?

for example, shelley lubben is an outspoken, anti-pornography and anti-prostitution crusader, who reveals the horrors she experienced while working in the industry for many years.  in a series of video testimonies, she reports that she became impregnated during her first experience with prostitution, and contracted genital herpes on the porn set, among other things.

to a radical feminist like myself, shelley lubben’s story appears to be consistent with my own anti-porn, anti-prostitution stance.  and i was moved greatly by her words, and by her experience of an industry that i fully agree is harmful to women, and anti-feminist.  i have watched these videos over and over, and have been moved to tears, and to write.  were i a fun-fem, my analysis would stop there:  shelley lubben is a feminist, and her testimony is unproblematic!  except that in many ways, thats not the case.  not at all.