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MRA Totally Pwns Domestic Violence! (Take That, Bitch!) February 10, 2010

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yeah, domestic violence, you bitch!  take my manly criticisms!  adore me while i make disingenuous parallels, and skew the stats in my favor!  and…make me a sammy!

these MRAs are something arent they?  even as they attempt to make a contrary point, all they really do is reinforce feminists observations about them.  basically, that they are aggressive, entitled assholes who only care about themselves, and how the vile, misogynist things men do affect *men* and not how *they* (aggressive, entitled men) affect their victims. 

according to the MRAs, for example, its “sexist!” to say that most perpetrators of DV are men…even though its fucking true.  and its “unfair” to paint “all men” as DV perpetrators, without qualifying that by also saying “but many men arent.”  who cares about you, dickwads?  sheesh.  get over yourselves already.  (and dont even get me started on their kindergarten-level understanding of what constitutes both “sexist” and “unfair”.)

of course, in the above video, this particular dickwadish MRA completely misses the point: that world-wide, women are brutalized at the hands of men, in ways and in numbers that simply have no correlate to female-initiated violence against men. 

perhaps most obviously, when this MRA dickwad focuses on the made-for-television bruised and battered faces (ooh, compelling!) he conveniently ignores the many sexual victimizations that happen constantly and arent even counted as DV (they are “merely” rape…resulting in unseen injuries including “mere” unwanted pregnancies and STD infections…and by “merely” i mean “doesnt affect men so who cares?”)

and whats “domestic” anyway?  how long do you have to be in a relationship with your abuser before its considered “domestic,” as opposed to just boring old “run-of-the mill” violence against women, by men?  is a month long enough?  how about a week?  how about a day, or an hour?  surely whatever time-period they are considering is long enough to include pissing off your GF to the point that she blackens your eye, but conveniently cropped so that all sex-work and “dating” violence wouldnt count?  how…disingenuous utterly unsurprising.

and like most MRAs, this asshole MRA’s western-privilege is coming through loud and clear, by including only stats from the american-government’s CDC on whatever they thought constituted DV at the time, instead of including findings world-wide of rape, torture and murder of women by their intimate partners AND MALE RELATIVES too.  again, bride-burning, villiage-gang-rapes and honor-killings dont affect men, so why count them?  i mean who cares about rape and murder, or what your father and brothers do to you, when that bitch blacked my eye, i feel so violated!!!11!1

and lets not forget for a single second that one of the biggest problems for women involved in DV situations is not even necessarily the batterings themselves (although these are absolutely not to be discounted).  the stress and fear that women live with every single day when involved in violent partnerships is conveniently ignored my MRA “DV activists” who only focus on “that bitch blacked my eye!” and dance around the cycle-of-violence inherent in true DV situations, which rises to the level of psychological and actual, physical terrorism, rather than the mutual combat bar fights and blackened-eyes that most men can relate to (and the MRAs ALWAYS AND EXCLUSIVELY REFER TO).  are we honestly supposed to believe that men are living in constant stress and fear for their lives, even if their GFs do slap them around?  i mean really.  are they constantly afraid that their wife will come home drunk and rape them to within an inch of their lives?  are they still having flashbacks and depression from the *last* woman that did this to them, or fear that their *next* sexual partner will beat and rape them, too?  this sums up the cyclical nature of true DV pretty well: